Dai Gwilliam-Attorney at Law

Dai Gwilliam-Attorney at Law

Dai is an experienced Divorce, Bankruptcy, and Criminal Defense attorney who lives and practices in Iowa City, and the surrounding counties.

After fifteen years or so of developing my legal skills, benefitting from the advice and support of my colleagues and learning the ins and outs of the local practice in Johnson County and the surrounding areas, I decided to open my own law firm. I found a cute little office in an old house on the Northside of Iowa City, bought computers, a printer, and a coffee maker and opened the doors. My main

Operating as usual

[07/30/18]   It is with mixed emotions that I have to announce that I am retiring from practicing law, and closing down the practice. My emotions are mixed in that I have met a lot of interesting people from all walks of life, and have had the privilege of assisting them with significant events in their lives. I will miss all the people that I have worked with day to day over the past 20 years or so. On the other hand, practicing law can be stressful and hard work. So I will be glad to take a little break and see what new adventures await!

If you have any specific questions about your case, or files, or your own personal situation, you can call, e-mail or message me. The office will be active until August 31st.

You should also know that this beautiful little office is for rent at reasonable rates, with the garage and parking, in what you know is a splendid location. So if anyone is looking for an office space let me know.

I want to thank all my former clients for trusting me with your important issues in the past, and wish you all the best in the future,

Cheers, Dai

[01/28/18]   I'm looking to hire someone to help me with online marketing for my lawfirm on an occasional basis - website maintainance, Google ads, that sort of thing. Anyone interested or know anyone who might be? My website is on Wordpress, I think.


If you get any phone calls about jury duty it may be a scam - be careful, don't give out any informationn, and give us a call if you're not sure.


[05/15/17]   Due to budget cuts imposed on the Iowa Court System by the legislature in this past session, no Iowa courts will be operating on May 26, 2017.

[02/25/17]   http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/opinion/editorials/2017/02/19/editorial-when-iowa-cuts-courts-budget-we-all-pay/98050224/

Here's an article from the Des Moines Register about what is happening in one Iowa Courthouse since the Iowa Legislature has been underfunding the judicial branch for several years. We have similar problems here in Johnson County where it can take up to a year or more to get a date for a simple two-day divorce trial. Our judges and court staff work very hard to try to keep the judicial system running efficiently, but they need more support from the legislative branch and our governor.


Here's my new pal, Iggy!!

[02/10/17]   I'm very pleased to say that I'm lucky enough to be going on vacation starting Saturday, February 11th for a week. The office will remain open and Micah will be in charge! If anything comes up that needs attention you can contact her at (319) 354-6000. I will be checking in regularly. We are headed down to Mexico so that I can thaw out these cold old bones and do some snorkeling. Here's the hotel where we are staying.


It should be quite a week!


Elise was my assistant at the office for over a year. She really was a huge help in getting the office established and functioning smoothly. And, as many of my former clients know, she was helpful and supportive to them too, always ready with a smile and sound advice. I wish Elise could have stayed longer, but she had bigger adventures in mind. So she left us to spend a year exploring Australia. As you would expect, she has taken the Aussies by storm. Here are some pictures of her exploits:

Elise was my assistant at the office for over a year. She really was a huge help in getting the office established and functioning smoothly. And, as many of my former clients know, she was helpful and supportive to them too, always ready with a smile and sound advice. I wish Elise could have stayed longer, but she had bigger adventures in mind. So she left us to spend a year exploring Australia. As you would expect, she has taken the Aussies by storm. Here are some pictures of her exploits:


We will be closed on Friday, December 23rd and Monday, December 26th. Happy Holidays to all!!


For those of you who haven't met her yet, I have a new assistant at the office, Micah Stevens. Micah is from Sigourney, Iowa, and graduated from Grandview University in Des Moines. She has already proven to be a big asset, keeping the office running smoothly, preparing and filing your legal documents with the court and, providing assistance to callers and visitors to the office, and making a fine cup of Joe. (I'm also so glad that she has a strong grasp on Quickbooks accounting - not my strong suit!) So next to you call or stop by, say hi.

And here she is, putting the finishing touches on our decorations as we try to add a dash of holiday spirit to things.

wevorce.com 10/27/2016

Divorce Attorney Search - Wevorce

I have joined a new organization, Wevorce. The purpose of the organization is to guide divorcing couple to resolve their differences as amicably as possible.

wevorce.com Find certified divorce attorneys in your area. Search by cost, speciality and more.



"Divorce, like an amputation, is a tragedy, but sometimes it's the right thing to do."

theguardian.com 10/13/2016

Marriage advice and bullet holes: lessons from my mother, the divorce lawyer

Here's the third in the series - from the perspective of the child of a divorce attorney.

“Every time you walk down the aisle with a man, you need to ask yourself, Is this the man I want my children spending every other weekend with?” LOL.

BTW - I haven't been shot at yet!
BTW2 - I'm afraid your divorce will cost more than $250 these days. :(

theguardian.com Mom and Dad practiced law in our family home and while my childhood was happy, the specter of divorce haunts my own marriage – but that’s OK

desmoinesregister.com 10/12/2016

Editorial: Iowans should vote 'yes' to retain judges

Here's one issue that is receiving little attention during this election season - choosing our judges here in Iowa. In our fair state the judges are appointed, so they don't have to run political campaigns as they do in most other states. I feel that it is important to keep things that way, so that judges don't have to engage in the same kind of lobbying and fundraising as other political office-seekers. But, as voters, we do have a voice in who our judges are, and we can vote to retain them or remove them on the election ballot. I also recommend that we vote to retain all the judges on the ballot this year. I have worked with many of the judges on the ballot and they work hard to ensure that we have a fair and impartial court system in Iowa.

Here is a Des Moines Register opinion piece on the subject.


desmoinesregister.com Courts should not be influenced by politics and special interests

icbeacon.com 10/10/2016

Vote No on Public Measure C

Iowa City people, what do you think about this measure? In some ways it's more democratic, but we could end up with a lot of bad ideas on the ballot.

icbeacon.com Iowa City faces a proposed amendment to its charter to lower the required number of signatures for initiative and referendum measures. This proposed amendment is a concern. The current requirements ensure that a significant level of citizen support be attained for a particular measure to be consider

theguardian.com 10/09/2016

The moment our marriage was over: 'I saw a complete lack of kindness'

Here's the second article in the series from the British Guardian.

theguardian.com I found myself asking him to be nicer to me – he’d already vacated our partnership without realizing it – and I knew that something had changed

theguardian.com 10/06/2016

Seven things I wish I'd known before my divorce: an optimistic guide to the future

Here's one woman's account of her experience wrestling with the emotions of facing her divorce. Despite the pain, her message is one of hope: It will get better.
Watch for more articles in this series from the British Guardian newspaper.

theguardian.com The abrupt end of my 18 year relationship left me traumatized. But as I round out the first year, I wish I could hug that poor woman and tell her these truths

Dai Gwilliam--Attorney at Law Office Location 07/08/2016

432 E. Bloomington Street

432 E. Bloomington Street

press-citizen.com 06/30/2016

Iowa Supreme Court upholds ban on felons voting in Iowa

"The 4-3 decision upholds what critics have said is one of the harshest felon disenfranchisement laws in the nation. Iowa's constitution bars persons from voting if they've committed an "infamous crime," a term long understood to mean a felony under state or federal law."

Read about the latest Iowa Supreme Court ruling below.

press-citizen.com The Iowa Supreme Court ruled against a wide expansion of voting rights for convicted criminals on Thursday

desmoinesregister.com 06/08/2016

New Iowa law on court debt aims to keep drivers on road

"The Iowa DOT typically suspends or revokes about 140,000 to 160,000 driver's licenses annually, and about half are suspensions because of nonpayment of court debts." A new Iowa law, effective July 1st, will lower the number of these license suspensions.

desmoinesregister.com Thousands of Iowans threatened with the loss of driver's licenses because of court debt could legally stay on the road under a new state law.

press-citizen.com 05/09/2016

State Supreme Court rules in favor of Tenants' Projects

This Iowa City Landlord & Tenant case made it to the Iowa Supreme Court, where "[t]he court ruled that, based on its interpretation of the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, it is illegal to include provisions in leases that charge tenants carpet-cleaning fees without an inspection and to hold tenants financially responsible for damage caused by third-party vandalism."

press-citizen.com A pair of rulings made by the Iowa Supreme Court Friday make automatic carpet cleaning and vandalism costs illegal lease provisions.

law.justia.com 04/06/2016

In re Marriage of Harris

Here's a recent family law case regarding modification of a divorce decree that went to the Iowa Supreme Court. See the decision below:

law.justia.com Mother and Father were divorced pursuant to a decree that called for the continuation of a rotating custodial framework that the parties had followed during the previous two years. The Supreme Court affirmed, concluding that that parties’ children were thriving under the joint physical care arrangem…

desmoinesregister.com 01/20/2016

Iowa commissioner shares body camera policies

The Des Moines Register takes a closer look into Iowa's body camera policies.

desmoinesregister.com Iowa mandates on body camera policies should be carefully written, says Commissioner Ryan.


Iowa Supreme Court Decisions 2015

As the year draws to a close, here's a look at the Iowa Supreme Court Decisions that happened in 2015.

law.justia.com Iowa Supreme Court Decisions 2015

press-citizen.com 11/09/2015

Tenants gain greater strength in numbers, lawyers say

Local article in today's Press Citizen about Landlord and Tenant law in Iowa City.

press-citizen.com One tenants' concerns aren't shared by others on Des Moines' east side

forbes.com 11/06/2015

Bankruptcy Differences: 50 Cent Is Opting For Chapter 11 Instead of Chapter 7

Rapper 50 Cent filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy instead of Chapter 7. Look at some of the differences between these two types of bankruptcies below!

forbes.com 50 isn't the first to go down this financial distressed path, but what stands out is the type of bankruptcy his lawyers are filing.

tuition.io 10/13/2015

Can Private Student Loans Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

In order for student loans to be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have to pass the Brunner Test. Read more to find out the requirements, as well as other information regarding filling for bankruptcy.

tuition.io If you owe more in private student loans than you can hope to pay, depending on your circumstances, bankruptcy may be an option to get them discharged.

hg.org 10/06/2015

Steps to Take Before Getting a Divorce - HG.org

Here's a general guide with some helpful advice if you're considering divorce.

hg.org As much as getting a divorce is an emotional decision, it is also a financial decision. Once someone has made the decision to pursue a divorce, he or she should immediately take steps to safeguard his

reuters.com 10/02/2015

With next term looming, U.S. top court's justices mull new cases

October 5th marks the start of the next term for the Supreme Court. New cases ranging from insider trading to Major League Baseball antitrust laws are up to bat.

reuters.com The U.S. Supreme Court's nine justices met behind closed doors on Monday ahead of the Oct. 5 beginning of their new term to consider cases to add to a calendar that already includes significant cases on affirmative action and labor unions.

Dai Gwilliam--Attorney at Law Office Location 10/01/2015

432 E. Bloomington Street

432 E. Bloomington Street

bigstory.ap.org 09/28/2015

VW facing 'tsunami' of legal trouble in emissions scandal

Legal News of the Week: Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

"Legal experts say the German automaker is likely to face significant legal problems, including potential criminal charges, arising from its admission that 11 million of its diesel vehicles sold worldwide contained software specifically designed to help cheat emissions tests."

bigstory.ap.org WASHINGTON (AP) — Who knew about the deception, when did they know it and who directed it? Those are among questions that state and federal investigators want answered as they plunge into the emissions scandal at Volkswagen.…



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