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Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas Broken Spoke!
Congrats to Sam and Maddie for being our raffle winners for rider participation and photo submission! They will each be receiving a tune up from The Broken Spoke in Iowa City! Thanks again to all our riders for making this unusual year so special!
18 hours left to register for Ride 4 Youth! Sign up at

Thank you to our Silver and Bronze Sponsors for making this year's virtual ride possible. Fin & Feather , Yotopia : Iowa City's Original FroYo , Scheels , GreenState Credit Union , Hills Bank , The Broken Spoke , Hawkins Wealth Management , Sugar Bottom Bikes, Lammers Construction, Iowa City Bike Library , and Basta.
Support your local bike shop - always, but especially in these times....... The Broken Spoke is now providing curbside service! Michael came out to my car, found out what I wanted and took care of it. This is a good time to get your bike ready for spring, if you haven't already. And biking is a great thing to do now - good weather, no crowds, social distancing, stress relief. AND FUN. I have appreciated the great help I get from the Broken Spoke for the past 18 years. YAY.
🎉We're celebrating Bike Shop Day tomorrow, Saturday, Dec. 7th all day long, friends! This is the third year of Bike Shop Day and we're joining 100+ shops from around the world to celebrate the positive impact a local bike shop can make in our communities. We're pretty dang fortunate to have so many great bike shops to support in our backyard. Be sure to stop in and show them some ❤❤❤ tomorrow! We're throwing in a FREE Goldfinch bottle + $10 gift card with any purchase $50 or more. . (🔗with details below! - ✌ 718 Cyclery and Outdoors ) See you this weekend! w/ Hall Bicycle Company, Northtowne Cycling & Fitness, Sugar Bottom Bikes, Iowa City Bike Library, The Broken Spoke, World of Bikes, Geoff's Bike and Ski Y'ALL ARE THE BEST!!!
Thank you to all of our Ride 4 Youth riders who braved the rainy weather yesterday in support of the youth and families served by United Action for Youth! Also, big thanks to all of the community volunteers and the volunteer med students from the Lois Boulware Learning Community for pulling off another big bike ride! Finally, we couldn't host this event without the help of our sponsors: Thank you to Ben Reinking, Lynn Geick and family, Wertz & Dake Attorneys At Law, The Iverson Family, World of Bikes, The Broken Spoke, West Music Coralville, River Products Company, and our wonderful host, Coralville Public Library!
Have your heard? The 7th Annual Ride 4 Youth: A Charity Bike Ride for UAY has a 1980's theme this year! That's right, show up on September 29th in your favorite 1980's workout gear and win prizes for best costume! In the meantime, we're going to need to see more photos like this. Send us a photo of yourself or a family member with their bike in the 1980's and we will put your name in a hat to win a free bike tune-up from The Broken Spoke! (*post in the comments section below!)

Our ride has 5 routes ranging from 12-70 miles with rest stops and snacks along the way! Register here:
Mark your calendars for the 7th Annual Ride 4 Youth: A Charity Bike Ride for UAY coming up on September 29th! This fully supported ride begins at the Coralville Public Library and features 5 different routes between 12-80 miles. 100% of Ride 4 Youth proceeds benefit United Action for Youth. Special thanks to our amazing sponsors, Wertz & Dake Attorneys At Law, World of Bikes, The Broken Spoke, West Music Coralville and The Iverson Family! Registration available soon, follow on Facebook for updates!!
This is an invitation to join in a bike ride for a good cause! My name is Denny Behm, and I’m a retired French horn professor and a proud kidney donor. To help bring awareness to Living Kidney Donation, I, along with four of my former French horn students, will be riding from Iowa City to the Hennepin County Medical Center in downtown Minneapolis. The ride will begin in Iowa City on September 2 with overnight stops in Grinnell (9/2), Iowa Falls (9/3), Mason City (9/4), Waseca, MN (9/5), Jordan (9/6) and into Minneapolis on Saturday the 7th. We’re calling the ride YONOK (You Only Need One Kidney)! We’ll be riding on paved, county roads until we reach Minneapolis. At that point we’ll be on bike paths and trails. I’m an 80 year old former French horn player with one kidney riding a Catrike, so the pace is going to be modest, 10 to 12 mph. I’d love to have others join us, even if it’s just for a few miles out or meeting us a few miles from each destination. Want to ride the entire way, or an entire leg of the trip? Great! You will need to secure your own accommodations if staying overnight in any of our overnight stops, and you’ll need to make arrangements for transportation back to your starting point. For more information, including departure times and locations, please email me at [email protected] and check out my page. Hoping to have some company on this ride!

Bikes as transportation! New & used bikes. Full selection of accessories. We sell new & used bicycles with the largest selection of used bikes in town!

We are also a full service repair shop & have a good selection of accessories.

thank you…! 02/14/2023

thank you…! it is with so much gratitude that i am officially announcing my semi-retirement…! i want to thank everyone who has helped make the broken spoke an absolute success over the past twenty years&…


register today for a chance to win a free tune-up from yours truly...!

We 💙 our Ride 4 Youth volunteers! Check out Lois Boulware Learning Community students from Carver College of Medicine modeling this year's Ride 4 Youth t-shirt!

If you register before midnight tomorrow night (Wednesday night), you will be eligible to win a free bike tune-up at The Broken Spoke in Iowa City. *If you have already registered for Ride 4 Youth, your name will automatically be entered into the hat!

Everyone who registers will receive a free Ride 4 Youth t-shirt and a free meal at our post-ride celebration with live music at Terry Trueblood from 11am-2pm on Sunday, October 9th!

Don't miss out...register here:

Ride 4 Youth 09/27/2022

one of the best rides of the year...!

Ride 4 Youth Ride 4 Youth is a charity bike ride that supports United Action for Youth. The ride is hosted by the students of the Boulware Learning Community in the Carver College of Medicine at the University of Iowa in partnership with UAY and our presenting sponsors: United Iowa Financial and Java House. The....

update… 08/03/2022

update… with no notice & without any regard of allowing previously stated access to the parking lot…the current situation has changed & parking on gilbert street is still maybe a possibility&…

Section of S Gilbert Street will be closed to traffic until mid-August - Little Village 07/27/2022

as of today...the building's parking lot can still be accessed from folks coming from the south via maiden lane...conveniently pictured intersecting with gilbert street...!

coming from the north...?
iowa city civil engineer ethan yoder has approved parking on gilbert street...

Section of S Gilbert Street will be closed to traffic until mid-August - Little Village A short but busy section of S Gilbert Street will be closed to traffic for almost a month starting next week to “facilitate the reconstruction of the CRANDIC railroad crossing and street pavement repair,” the Iowa City Public Works Department [...]Read More...

Gallop Courier delivers, by bicycle 07/21/2022

Gallop Courier delivers, by bicycle Business offers delivery by cargo bike throughout Iowa City


just did a sweet fork swap for a sweet titanium mountain bike...!


full admission of guilt from the defendant...judge rules not guilty

Ambassadogs Of Kona! 04/18/2022


Ambassadogs Of Kona! Visit the post for more.

Used Bikes 03/16/2022

just updated the used bikes page on
take a look-see & make an appointment to take one for a test ride...!

Used Bikes A current inventory of used bikes at the shop. All used bikes are fully repaired before being sold & come with a month of free adjustments. We’re pretty picky with what we sell for used, …


happy holidays...!
the shop will be closed until january seventh...
be well everyone...!


lazy chill saturday in the sun...


& just like that...december fifteenth destroys the former record holder of november twenty-second for riding to the shop shirtless...🚲❄🚲❄🚲🤨


a wonderful holiday gift package arrived from kona today...-=D

So, 'some jackass' stole your bike? Welcome to Iowa City. - Little Village 11/03/2021

my point of 'nobody _gets_ their bike stolen because that puts the blame on the victim & everyone should change their vernacular to 'some jackass stole my bike...'' wasn't conveyed...but this is still a very good in-depth article...
thanks to adria for taking the time...!

So, 'some jackass' stole your bike? Welcome to Iowa City. - Little Village Robert Henderson bikes to get around Iowa City. It’s his main transportation. He works at Carlos O’Kelly’s cooking, washing dishes and bussing tables. He locks his bicycle behind the building by the dumpster. There’s a locked gate, too, just in case. But one night after finishing his shift, ...


React and share if you share Bart’s pledge.

Bike Iowa City Ambassador Program - Bike Iowa City 10/02/2021

Bike Iowa City Ambassador Program - Bike Iowa City The Bike Iowa City Ambassadors program will highlight innovative, creative, community-minded people who are enthusiastic about cycling in the Iowa City area. Johnson County residents (or those who spend the majority of their time here) will share their passion for cycling in our community by showcas...


The Broken Spoke is proud to support the 9th Annual Ride 4 Youth that benefits United Action for Youth (UAY)! UAY supports over 2,500 local youth each year and this ride helps them deliver a range of mental health services and programs that promote social and emotional wellbeing in young people, young parents and their families. Given what we have all been through this past 18 months, their services are more important than ever.

You can show support by registering today at Ride 4 Youth kicks off with an out-door, in-person celebration THIS Sunday, September 26th! There will be food, music, and free Ride 4 Youth swag. The first 200 riders who sign up will get a free Ride 4 Youth t-shirt and a free drink at Big Grove. Come on out and support a good cause!


Ride any five days!

Ride 4 Youth kicks off this weekend! Our kick off celebration is from 8-11am this Sunday (9/29) and riders can ride that same day or anytime between 9/29-10/3. The kick off celebration will take place outside the MERF building on the UI campus and this is where riders can pick up their t-shirts, swag, and enjoy some food/beverages provided by Java House.


yes...i will install a golf ball onto the end of your kickstand if you ask nicely...-=D


was half an hour late to the shop today...but when an altercation with a harassing motorist ends with them being issued a $460's worth it & that's at least a small victory for cyclists...

hopefully this guy will think twice next time before incessantly honking & tailgating & then passing & jamming on the brakes while swerving in front of a cyclist that 'wasn't riding on the shoulder' 'where they are required to ride...'

Photos from The Broken Spoke's post 04/13/2021

when the art gallery rolls by right in front of your shop...🥰😍😘


What's making this cyclist's tail wag? Go to our website to find out:


What's going on here? O__O Go to our website to check out the third in our eight part series of bicycle safety posts:


there's no safer place to ride than where motorists will see you...
now if only iowa city would implement all of them properly in the center of the lane like on gilbert street...

Peter Flax, among others, claims sharrows are worthless because they don’t have legal effect and nobody knows what they mean. Why is he so threatened by these simple stencils that he has to tweet about them?

“Sharrows are complete BS, literally extending no new rights or protection. Drivers don't understand them, or if they understand them it makes them think they don't have to share the road elsewhere.

“Sharrows are purely performative, a way of using signs and paint to do nothing.”

(If that link fails try right-click/open in new incognito or private window)

What Flaxulence! He is completely wrong, of course. Sharrows are reminders that the law allows bicyclists to use the full lane which a cyclist can demonstrate for emphasis by... using the full lane.

Sharrows encourage people on bikes to position themselves where their conspicuousness to others, in all directions, and vantage to potential hazards ahead, are maximized.

What Flax doesn’t get is that it’s not the sharrow itself but the cyclist’s assertive lane positioning, which is encouraged by the sharrows, that improves motorist attitude and behavior towards the cyclist. Seeing the rider take a clear and predictable position is appreciated by motorists, as countless riders all over the USA attest.

The positioning encouraged by sharrows greatly improves the safety and comfort of cycling in traffic. Many riders find it to be transformational when they adopt it. That’s not nothing. That’s something. Really something.


regrettably...the shop will be closed today as we say goodbye to maggie...the best 'not-a-dog' that has ever been...


Click through to our website to check out the second in our eight part series of bicycle safety posts, including a link to the DI article that inspired it and the rest of this picture!


Michael always says if he could tell every cyclist one piece of advice that would benefit the most, it would be "raise your saddle!" Your knee should be ever so slightly bent at the bottom of a pedal stroke with the ball of the foot over the pedal spindle. You should not be able to put your feet flat on the ground while in the saddle.


We are back in the shop for 2021 as of yesterday! Hours for this month and February are Thursday 12:30-6, Friday 12:30-6, and Saturday 12:30-5, still curbside only. We're willing to work around those hours if need be, just call, message, or email us and let us know what you need. We will be happy to help!


We were recently interviewed for a Daily Iowan article on the new bike boxes in Iowa City, which inspired our own series of posts. Click through to our website to check out the first, including a link to the DI article and the rest of this picture!


Happy holidays, folks! We will continue to be open as usual tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then closed for the remainder of the year. January plans soon to be finalized... ❄


Check out Michael's pro technique in action!


Buddy system!


happy thanksgiving to everyone that keeps the broken spoke pedaling along...your support is greatly appreciated year after year...!


Time to winterize your bicycle! We have studded tires, cleaning supplies, fenders, covers, Bar Mitts, and more. You and your bike will both last longer protected from the elements. ❄️☄️🚲🧡

Photos from The Broken Spoke's post 10/31/2020

Happy Halloween! Be safe out there. 🎃

Photos from The Broken Spoke's post 10/29/2020

Not only is the current workload of the shop close to ideal, it allows time for previously neglected tasks:

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