Kodim Inc.

Kodim Inc.


Ty for giving me a chance & giving me a job I can learn & grow with! I adore you both & think this will help me with so many things I've had issues overcoming in the past. I am excited & happy that I'll be working with you both. Ty again!!! XO

Kodim Inc. is the premiere cleaning service provider of Iowa City, Iowa. Kodim brings know-how and energy to every client's home or business.

We take pride in being the premier cleaning company and we provide that a cleaning service that his better than the rest. Safety is of the utmost concern during these trying times. We take the care of our team members and your family to heart. The use of face guard equipment is used at all times, and we are practicing safe social distancing guidelines. We specialize in both residential and commercial locations.


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Home Cleaning | Kodim Cleaning Services | Iowa City 11/11/2022


Home Cleaning | Kodim Cleaning Services | Iowa City Kodim Cleaning Services specializes in residential and commercial cleanings of homes, and small businesses. Apartments, houses, offices spaces, and everything in between. We get it done right the first time.

Apartment Cleaning | Kodim Cleaning Services | Iowa City 08/03/2022

Get your "clean" on, by calling us today!



Apartment Cleaning | Kodim Cleaning Services | Iowa City Kodim Cleaning Services has been leaving clients with cleaner, and happier homes/businesses since 2016. Accepting phone calls, and emails 24 hours a day.

Kodim Cleaning Services would love your feedback 05/01/2022

Kodim Cleaning Services would love your feedback. Post a review to our profile.

Kodim Cleaning Services would love your feedback Post a review to our profile on Google


Spring Cleaning is upon us!


Kodim Cleaning Services turns 6 today! Thank you all for continuing to support the little business, in a big way!


The holiday season is now upon us! Wishing you all the very best holiday!

Timeline photos 10/21/2021
25% Off All Cleaning Packages! 10/02/2021

25% Off All Cleaning Packages! Show us a "spooky" jack-o-lantern during our consultation and receive an additional 5% OFF! OFFER VALID 10/01/21-10/15/21


Very excited to announce that Kodim's website has gotten a facelift. Check it out! Be sure to let us know what you think of the new look!





Visit www.KodimInc.com, or email us at [email protected] to schedule your free home assessment today!


20% OFF all month long for new clients.


Happy Mother's Day!


Wishing all of you mothers, a wonderful holiday. Treat yourself to something nice. Like a cleaning from Kodim Inc.


"Thank You!" Unsung heroes of 2020. Remember what wonderful things people do in their darkest moments.


Receive 20% OFF your first cleaning and then 10% OFF every cleaning after that... for life!


I am pleased to announce "Contactless Consultations"! Because we know that the most important parts of your life, are just as fragile as the love you share.



For long as I can remember there has been an ongoing belief the snowflakes are one of the most unique creations in the scientific world. While their beauty and the symbolic connection with humans as being as unique may be eligant, it got me to wondering, so I searched for an answer. In my online travels, I found that recently, researchers discovered that there are only eight different variations of snowflakes, with multiple variations in each of the eight categories. So needless to say, snowflakes are not as unique as we first thought. However, I also came across something else. There are other things on this planet that are just as unique as snowflakes once were. Take for instance each person and their respective body. Fingerprints are something that we all know is unique to each individual on Earth. But what about other parts of your body? Did you know that every person's ear is for example is just as unique as their fingerprints. They are fully developed at birth, and afterwards continue to grow with the body without really changing. Another example is there gait. I am 31 years old and I have never been asked if I have seen how someone gaits, so with a little further online traveling, I came to the answer of what exactly is.Someone's gait is that pep in the step, or the certain way that someone walks and carries themselves. While some of us might seem to know exactly how someone walks or moves, it is extremely difficult to mimic exactly how someone carries themselves. The reason is because their gait is extremely unique to that person and that person only.

Each one of us, regardless of snowflake shape, ear shape, or gait is unique to ourselves. Out of 7 billion brothers and sisters on Earth we are all unique in our own way. However this got me to wondering if all of us are so unique, then what is it binds us to one another as a species.

In the spirit of the holiday, I believe I have come to the answer. Some might respond with explanations of our connectivity by stating scientific facts that we are all born with the capabilities that only humans can be born with, I have a more simple answer. If we were walking down the street oh, and heard that ever familiar ringing of the bell it has a company this holiday for many years now, we would all find it difficult to not give a second thought is throwing a quarter or two into the bucket. On the same note, we all would have trouble walking by someone who is sitting on the street covered in a blanket hand holding a small tin can that said "need food". The one thing that binds all of us together that cannot be taken away oh, and the thing that makes us all unite as one, is something that cannot be seen. This holiday season, remember but the one thing that makes all of us common, is also the one thing that brings us all together a meal this time of year. Remember to help spread the joy, help spread the love. And Above all... "Be Clean, Be Kind, Be You!"

Coady Whitsel
Kodim Inc.


Looking for a last minute holiday gift that will leave someone with a smile. Give them the gift of peace of mind with Kodim Inc. Cleaning Cash. Hurry! Get $250 in Cleaning Cash for only $200! Offer ends 12/24/2019!

Kodim Inc.|Cleaning Service Provider|Iowa City|KodimInc.com 12/06/2019

Don't forget to visit www.KodimInc.com for your cleaning needs this holiday season! Currently offering new clients a 20% discount off of their first two cleanings. Not to mention, our current holiday promotions!

Kodim Inc.|Cleaning Service Provider|Iowa City|KodimInc.com Cleaning Professionals who get results.


Get ready for an exciting new way to clean your home or business. Starting in February, we will begin the "Lord Of The Cleans" Contest! More details to come....


We just got word from the vet over in cedar rapids. Kobe had a very bad digestive bacteria that was in his system. Apparently he was severely dehydrated and if we had not taken him and he would have died tonight. Fortunately for us, and thanks to your support and prayer, Kobi should be able to come home tomorrow. I'm so happy I can't even describe it to you. He's my sweetheart, he will always be my sweetheart, and I'm going to kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy him all day tomorrow. Kissy kissy kiss. I'd also like to send a big kissy kiss to all of you for your generous amount of prayer. Apparently some of you have some pretty big pole with the man upstairs. And I appreciate you putting in the good word. However there's also another side note that I thought worth bringing to everyone's attention as to how this turn of events is working for us. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or say that I have any more pull than anyone else, but I think it's probably because I said behind closed doors in the privacy of my own home that if God did not make him better than I was going to wage war on him. LOL it's not really a joke but it is kind of funny when I look back on it. Anyway thank you to all of you for your support. Kobi said he will drink a "Pup-si" in honor of all of you when he gets home.


To update everyone, I wanted to let everybody know what's happened so far. We just got back from cedar rapids, dropping off the little baby guy at the Eastern Iowa Specialty Veteranary Clinic. They're going to keep him there on IV and medication.

I think all of you for your thoughts and prayers if you have sent them. And if you haven't yet, please keep him in your thoughts. he is truly one of a kind. As we were sitting there waiting on the doctor, I saw a large lab come out of another room. I said "look Kobi, a puppy." he immediately turned his head almost a hundred and eighty degrees completely around to see what I was talking about and to gaze at that lab. he truly is one of a kind. And he truly is my little boy. So any kind of karma, or positive thoughts, or prayers, that you can send towards Kobi that would be so appreciated right now. But just to tell everybody the honest truth, he's not in good shape. I knew that if we didn't take him tonight to the animal Clinic, that he definitely would not make it till morning. I hope that I get to give my little Greenie monster another kiss really soon. Love you pumpkin. Sweet dreams and we'll see you as soon as your feeling a little better.


I never asked for much from people. I always found myself to be quite independent, and resourceful. However today, I feel like I may be asking for too much. This is the first very serious post that I have posted on Facebook for Kodim. And it is because it is about a very serious issue that has recently happened.

Yesterday Kobi Paul Whitsel, the Kodim mascot, and not to mention my little Greenie monster and son, was okay. Happy as ever, and ofcourse demolishing Greenies because it needed to be done. He laid in bed with me and slept, and when we woke up he ran outside, went potty, and then I brought him back inside to go to his daddy's house. Last night after I dropped him off, Kobi had started to vomit red, and was having irregular movements in his bowels that were increasingly dark. Since then , it seems, Kobi has been continuing that process. I'm asking all of you the please do something for me that you would rarely ever hear of a company asking anyone to do for them. But I'm really not asking you as a company, I'm asking you as a person.

Please pray for Kobi. He is the sweetest little guy in the whole wide world. Quite literally the type of soul that you would hear old women say "Bless his heart", when referring to him. He needs it. Please do this for me and I won't ask anything again. Thank you.

Coady Whitsel


The nights have gotten colder, the days have gotten shorter, and the goblins and ghost have once again invaded our streets! This Halloween be mindful of the little spooky visitors that come knocking at your door. And while we must remain scary on the outside, remember to "Be Clean, Be Kind, Be You!" Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Kodim Inc.


Our family seems to be growing rapidly. This is Anzac. The name was chosen by one of the Kodim Family's extended members. Welcome Anzac! May you always be happy, and share that wealth of joy with the family!


I would like to introduce everyone to the newest addition to the "Kodim Family". This is Rosie. She is the newest furry family member welcomed into one our clients homes, and that makes her... "family". Welcome to the team Rosie!


You were brought into this world, with the calming voice of the one who gave you life. Show mom how much you care, with cleaning services to give her some time to take care of herself for a change. On top of the feeling of good you will be filled with for helping her to relax, will be the added bonus of a 15% promotional discount, so that you have a care free experience too. Call today for your free initial consultation.

Offer only valid May 1st. 2019 - May 15th, 2019.
To schedule your free initial consultation, call (319) 800-1607, or email us at

[email protected]


Three years ago today, two men began a journey. It was a journey that they themselves were not prepared. But when asked the question 1,095 days ago, whether or not they had both feet planted firmly in the ground, were ready for the greatest relay race in their lifetimes? I say, with very little hesitation, the answer would have sounded naive, resembling a new high school graduate's relinquished dreams of the future.

Yes, we had no idea as to the twists, turns, bumps, and potholes that were just around the bend, and the devastating costs that come with the repairs. And yet, the price of the damages that we had to pay, and all of the moments of second guessing ourselves, does little to our measured self importance when we stand back and view the greater picture.

There have been so many moments in which we have found ourselves looking for the light, as we seemed to have fallen into a large, deep container. Times were rough. Even to the point that both Kim and myself, had stayed awake, far beyond our personal limits, just so we could fit in our last client and finish off our night. Yet still, the moments of doubt, and fear, never won over our willingness to succeed.

It never ceases to amaze me, when clients seem so grateful for their service, and insist on giving us a hug, or a smile as an unexpected perk of the job. It's something that leaves you with a smile on your face, and a memory that will last a life time. If you can remember the last time you made someones day, then you can say with pride, that you are making a difference in your chosen career path.

When I was finally able to leave fear behind, and fling my individuality onto the current professional path, was the moment when we were able to help a sweet woman, a woman who is no longer with us now, out from beneath the avalanche of clutter that she had become immersed in, into the daylight. She had fallen victim to the type of clutter that you might expect to see on television show with titles that remind us of hoarding. And yet, she was ready to get our from the debris, and find her way back on the road to her former self. After the better part of three months, she found herself free, and both Kim and myself, could not have been happier for her. We miss her talks, we cared for her personality, and we loved her spirit.

Now, three years later, and nearly 300 homes later, and Kodim Inc. has shuffled off one extremely bad review on Google, one former business name, and a whole lot of calories.

So when we mention that today is Kodim Inc.'s Third Birthday, remember that in three years, we may have had many detours and off-road mishaps. But we also have had countless smiles, hugs, and friendships that will last a life time.

Thank you to everyone who has stood by our sides! We love all of you as if you were our own family! We look forward to making our future each and every one of you!

Coady Whitsel


March and April,
May and June,
Oh my goodness,
March has come far too soon.

For when we look back,
At the past three years,
We will see many things,
Joy, loss, hope, and new careers.

Our story begins,
With two men we have come to know and love,
The ones who are always joking around,
And fighting over who gets the last rubber glove.

They have been through rough times,
Difficult to say the least.
Then there was Kobi,
Their favorite little beast.

The idea had struck,
The 26th of March in twenty-sixteen,
To start a new service,
Where every home was left pristine.

For the next three years,
They busted their rears,
Without any hint of fear,
Where some nights ended in tears.

Yet through thick and thin they waded,
Pushing doubt to the side,
For optimism is the answer they needed,
Where smiles and know-how would collide.

Endless hours cleaning,
And many nights spent lying awake,
They knew that fate was on their side,
The rewards where theirs to take.

All at once,
The ground shook with rumble,
As Sue and Aiko entered the picture,
To help keep the two men from a tumble.

The two new helpers scrub-a-dub-dubbed,
With pleasure and delight,
They would work at the sorority,
Without even putting up a fight.

When the two men had found themselves,
burning wicks at both ends,
They knew it was time again,
To find Kodim's new friend.

When from the dark,
came a thumping from a far,
It was a new friend, Ray,
Driving up in his car.

He had moved into the same area,
As the two men seeking friends,
All of them had decided,
That hiring people was a great, new trend.

The four of them had tackled,
Just about everything they could,
When it had struck again,
The wall made out of stone instead of wood.

Their business was booming,
Which is amazing and grand,
But now arose the problem,
Making gold out of sand.

They pondered and questioned,
The appropriate move to make,
When in walked Kami,
Oh, thank Heaven's sake.

We have at last arrived,
To the next part of the story,
It's being written by you and I,



Be safe and and responsible this St. Patrick's day!

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Kodim Inc.

Kodim Inc. has made a name for itself in Iowa City, Iowa and it’s surrounding communities by doing what we know best. We are able to clean a clients home/business with absolute precision and accuracy to deliver a quality of service unlike any other cleaning service you are likely find.

We use only the finest cleaning solutions and biggest smiles to help you down the path to true cleanliness. Find out why we are the most recommended cleaning service provider around by calling us to schedule your free initial consultation.

(319)800-1607 or (319)214-7439

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The holiday season is now upon us! Wishing you all the very best holiday!
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Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day!
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