Asian American Coalition (UIOWA)

Asian American Coalition (UIOWA)


Revelation 12:9
And the great dragon was cast out — that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan, who deceiveth the whole world. He was cast out onto the earth, and his angels ...
The question is how did satan and his angels deceive the whole world?
FIRST: The easiest way is to change the name of or CREATOR and HIS Son. The name of our CREATOR given to Moses on Mt. Sinai (Mt Oreb) were the four letters YHVH. During Moses time there were no vowels and when we supply the vowels we pronounce it and write it as YAHUAH. The Jehovah’s Witness claim it was Jehovah. But there was no letter “J” during Moses time. Some people claim it to be YHWH and they get Yahweh. Again there was no letter “W” during Moses time.
Now, how do you get Allah, God, Jesus, Christ Buddha, Krihsna, Shiva, etc. from YHVH? You cannot.
I would venture to say 99% of the people on earth worship Allah, God, Jesus, Christ, Buddha and other deities.
God is a generic pagan deity. Lord according to Strong’s Concordance and KJV of the Bible is Baal, the god of the heathen.
Christ was coined and popularized by Constantine the Great from the Hindu god called Krishna. And Jesus was taken from Zeus also coined and popularized by Constantine the Great. These happened around 270 AD.
There you have it. Satan is able to deceive the whole world by using Bible translators because they do not do their research and just follow Constantine. Wow. And churches use the Bible as the Pillar of their faith (beliefs).
SECOND: In 1859 an angel of satan appeared in the person of Charles Darwin with his theory of evolution. Challenging the very fact of YAHUAH’s creation.
So the 99% increased even more.
For all practical purposes satan is able to deceive the whole world.
The true name of our CREATOR is YAHUAH (YHVH), the true name of HIS Son our Savior is Yahusha meaning YAHUAH SAVES.
The name of HIS Holy Spirit is Ruach HaKodesh.
The three are co-existent but not co-equal. ELOHIM YAHUAH is the King of Kings. HE is the King of Creation. HE created the whole Universe, HE owns it and HE controls it. HE created every living and non-living thing. HE owns them all and HE controls them all including our life because HE can take it anytime HE wants to. HE controls the fate of nations and the destinies of people.
Man sinned and because King YAHUAH so loved the world HE created HIS Son to be the propitiation of our sin. HIS Son’s name is Yahusha which means YAHUAH saves. Yahusha reports to YAHUAH His FATHER our FATHER if we accepted Yahusha as our Savior. No one comes to the FATHER except through HIS Son, Yahusha. That is why we ask and we pray in His name.
King YAHUAH’s Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh is the one who does the work. He also reports to King YAHUAH. He is the one who seals us so that we may live a victorious life.
This is how it works. A person prays to King YAHUAH in the name of our Savior Yahusha. If King YAHUAH likes your prayer HE commands HIS Holy Spirit Ruach HaKodesh to do it. King YAHUAH does not do anything. HE commands Ruach HaKodesh to do whatever needs to be done.
REMINDER: The prayer of a person who does not obey King YAHUAH’s Commandments are abominations to HIM and HE will not hear the person’s prayers.
Please share with your families and friends.
Your friendly Yahushian Missionary, Rudy

We are dedicated in building a stronger Asian American community both on and off campus by motivating YOU to immerse yourself in becoming more active in an ever growing diverse world.

University of Iowa 03/28/2017

Q***r @ Work

University of Iowa Come hear from recent LGBT alums about work life after graduation. Taco bar from Chipotle provided as well as informal mixing and mingling.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa–sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonab...

Dinner With AAC (2-26-17) 03/02/2017

#TBT to last sunday when we had a successful and fun dinner at AAC. Thank you to everyone who came and cooked with us! We hope everyone had fun learning about new cultures and left happy and full!

#TBT to last sunday when we had a successful and fun dinner at AAC. Thank you to everyone who came and cooked with us! We hope everyone had fun learning about new cultures and left happy and full! 02/22/2017

Reza Aslan - University Lecture Committee

February 22, 2017 7:30pm
Englert Theatre On February 22: Zealot is that rare pop culture phenomenon—a serious book on a serious topic that has been embraced by a wide readership. As Publishers Weekly says, Zealot is “compulsively readable and written at a popular level . . . highly recommended.” On a speaking tour to promote the book, Asla...


On Location: Iowa Edge

Folks, if you are available, the On Location: Cultural & LGBTQ Resource Centers video will be recorded today at 2:30pm to 3:30pm, starting at the Afro House and go to the other centers from there. It's similar to the On Location: Iowa Edge video (


Happy Birthday to our Director of Communications, Cody Tran! This cool cat writes all the fun emails you guys get and is probably eating all the food at our Sunday meetings. Thank you for everything that you do and we wish you the happiest birthday ever!


Your favorite future dentist and other AAC members will be at the library this Sunday having a study sesh. It is indeed very boring and not technically a meeting, but due to the overwhelming pile of exams we all have, we decided to just let everyone study. Don't worry! Next week's meeting will be super fun: hint, it involves food and you cooking. YES YOU. Study hard and good luck on exams!

Message us if you can't find us or if you need a study buddy!


Happy Valentine's Day! Love, AAC


University of Iowa Police

#UIPDBehindTheScenes University of Iowa Police was cordially invited to the Latino Native American Cultural Center (LNACC) open house. Watch the video and learn more about their cultural center. Thank you LNACC for the hospitality!


Did you know that one lucky food eaten during the Lunar New Year are noodles because they symbolize happiness and longevity?
If you want to be happy, live a long time and eat some noodles, come to APAAC tonight to celebrate with us! We don't guarantee our noodles will look that professional, but it'll still taste good!


It's the year of the Rooster and AAC wishes everyone and their families a Happy Lunar New Year! Wishing you guys a year of happiness and prosperity; who doesn't love getting red envelopes? #chinesenewyear #yearoftherooster #aac


Asian American Coalition (UIOWA)'s cover photo

[01/22/17]   Hi everyone! There is no meeting tonight but don't you worry because we have a fun meeting planned out for next week in celebration of Lunar New Year! See you then!


Thank you to everyone who came to our Thanksgiving Potluck last Sunday! We wish everyone a great thanksgiving break! 11/12/2016

RSVP: AAC Thanksgiving Dinner on Nov. 13th @ 6:00 PM

Hey everyone, our Thanksgiving pot luck is tomorrow, so if you wanted to bring a dish of your own, or just eat food with some nice people, here's your chance! All of the details regarding the pot luck is in the following form, please fill it out as soon as you can. Sweet and simple form to ensure that we bring enough food and/or don't deplete AAC funds :) 11/06/2016

Secret Santa Form: What do you want?

Hey guys, here is the link to the secret santa form if you want to participate. You will have 3 weeks to find your gift. On the gift exchange, we will be guessing who our secret santa is! Fill out the form and on Nov. 9th AAC will send your match to you via email. Gifts should be between $15 - 20. If you have any additional questions, email Cody Tran at [email protected]

Kickoff BBQ (9-4-16) 09/07/2016

Thank you to everyone who came out to our 1st meeting! Besides some difficulty with the grill, we hope everyone had a good time!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our 1st meeting! Besides some difficulty with the grill, we hope everyone had a good time!


Interested in AAC? Want free candy? Wanna meet new friends? Come chat with us at the org fair in Hubbard park!

[03/03/16]   Are you interested in viewing media from other cultures, perhaps cultures of the Persian variety? Then come join us at the APACC at 5pm this Sunday for a viewing of a movie that the Persian Student Organization is presenting.


Asian American Coalition (UIOWA)

Dumpling Night (2-7-2016) 02/09/2016

Thank you to everyone who came over to make dumplings! We hope everyone had a good time and left with full and happy bellies

Thank you to everyone who came over to make dumplings! We hope everyone had a good time and left with full and happy bellies

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Festival 01/20/2016

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Festival

Apple Picking 01/20/2016

Apple Picking


Stressed out? Come to the APACC December 10 at 6pm! This event is hosted by APACC and University Counseling Services.


Asian American Coalition (UIOWA)

AAC Thanksgiving '15 11/16/2015

We're lacking photos because all our wonderful members are also great chefs.... plus Lauren was super hungry ;)

We're lacking photos because all our wonderful members are also great chefs.... plus Lauren was super hungry ;)

[10/30/15]   This Sunday is a simple dinner outing! Where and what we're eating entirely depends on who shows up as we're putting it to a vote. Think of eating locations you think are the best and meet us at the McBride Cambus stop (the one between the McBride building and the Pappajohn business bulding) at 5pm!

[10/24/15]   We are having a collaboration with University Counseling Services tomorrow! Come join, discuss, and explore cultural identities with us! As usual, it will be at the Asian Pacific American Cultural Center (U of I) at 5PM!

[10/16/15]   Hello All!
We present a message from the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB):

Interested in sharing your perspective about the racism seen on Yik Yak and social media? ISAB will be making a video to market to all students this week! Check out the details below and feel free to email [email protected]
On Sunday we will be meeting at 12:30pm at the Old capitol mall(beside T-spoons and outside ISSS office), then we will go to the Pentacrest after telling people about the details and we might finish filming by 2:30pm depending on the number of people that show up, if necessary we plan to stay till 4:30pm.(if the students cannot fit this into their schedule)
We will also meet others who could not meet us on Monday at 5pm, with the same plan. We will try to finish this by 7pm or 8pm.


Our delicious scallion pancakes and pineapple tarts are live at Celebrating Cultural Diversity Festival ! Come visit us from now until 5 pm!


Come visit our table at the 25th Annual Celebrating Cultural Diversity Festival TOMORROW from 12 - 5 PM at Hubbard Park! We will be selling scallion pancakes and pineapple tarts!

[09/21/15]   Our Thai Flavors fundraiser is TONIGHT from 5 - 9 PM! Stop by and enjoy some dinner with us! :)

[09/19/15]   Update on orchard trip. We will be meeting outside the south library entrance facing the CRWC at 3:15 pm. Please show up on time. We will leave at 3:25 pm sharp.

[09/18/15]   Hey everyone! We will be carpooling to Wilson's apple orchard so don't worry about transportation. Hope to see everyone there. It's going to be a great day.

Kite Flying Fall 2015 09/18/2015

Kite Flying Fall 2015


AAC, FASA, KASA, OASIS, VSA Welcome Back BBQ 2015



Iowa City, IA

General information

Come check out our meetings on Sundays from 5:30-6:30 PM at the Asian Pacific American Cultural Center! 2012-2013 Executive Board: Co-Presidents: Mary Feng, Ting Chen Secretary: Deborah Waddick Treasurer: Susan Voong UISG Representative: Alick Feng PR/Activities Coordinator: Stephanie Chin Historian: Emii Le Advisor: Yiming Qin, Deborah Yu
Other Museums in Iowa City (show all)
Pentacrest Museums, University of Iowa Pentacrest Museums, University of Iowa
Intersection Of Iowa Ave And Clinton St
Iowa City, 52245

The University of Iowa Pentacrest Museum is the overarching organization maintaining the Old Capitol Museum and the UI Museum of Natural History

Plum Grove Historic Home Plum Grove Historic Home
1030 Carroll Street
Iowa City, 52240

Plum Grove was the home of Iowa’s first Territorial Governor, Robert Lucas and his wife Friendly. The seven-room Greek Revival home constructed in 1844 was originally part of the Lucas family’s 360 acre farm just southeast of Iowa City.

Secrest Octagon Barn Secrest Octagon Barn
Iowa City, 52358

The University of Iowa Museum of Natural History The University of Iowa Museum of Natural History
17 N. Clinton St.
Iowa City, 52242

Admission is always free!