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Hoppy the Cab Driver says, "We're cheap and easy!"


Hoppy is settling into his surroundings and making plans to reopen the cab company in Arizona where the regulations are much more relaxed. The Old Capitol branch may be gone, but Independent Taxi will be back on the streets somewhere.


The cab company is gone. We won't ever be able to reopen at this point.


The landlord for the office is selling the cars he has for the back rent, so it looks like we won't ever be getting back into business.


Our number 13 car disappeared from the ramp across from the police station last night. That eliminates any possibility of our being able to open again.


I just found out a couple of minutes ago that one of our drivers, Nick Pressley died. You weren't with us for long, but you will be missed, Presto.


Happy Birthday to Independent Taxi's own Nick Trimbell. He'll be at the Deadwood later, if you want to go help him on his way to the train-wreck that we all know he can become.


Hoppy has finally lost his mind. On his birthday he climbed into number 13 and just went out to work. He said that since the cars have no meters and that means they're not cabs, he was going to just take people home for free until the insurance runs out.


We have been closed for 10 days and the phone was still ringing off the hook at bar closing time. We need to get this moving...


We were approached by a very loyal customer wanting to do something to help us get back in business and back on the road. Since then there have been three offers of a venue to host fundraising/benefit gigs to get the cheap cabs rolling again.

iowawatch.org 06/10/2014

Iowa City Seeking Tighter Regulations On Taxi Drivers After Recent Assault Reports

In case you missed it in the Gazette, Press Citizen or The Register, http://iowawatch.org/2014/04/20/iowa-city-seeking-tighter-regulations-on-taxi-drivers-after-recent-assault-reports/

iowawatch.org Earlier this year, three women reported that Iowa City drivers — two from unmarked cabs — made unwanted sexual advances, and police are investigating. Many city officials in the home to the University of Iowa agree that changes to taxi regulations would reduce chances that a cab ride in the city wil…


Nick and Hoppy are about to hit the streets for one last time. At midnight tonight, the company's licenses expire and the paperwork to renew them couldn't be filed on May 1st, so this is the end. An appeal couldn't be made because we still don't have the paperwork required by the city from the investor. Her name is Wendy Barth and she can be reached at (319)363-5345. Give her a call if you want to complain about the price of taxis in Iowa City after tonight.


We weren't able to file the applications for the next year's licensing because the paperwork requested from our investor couldn't be delivered in time for the city's deadline. On the 31st of May, we will be closing permanently unless we can figure out some way to either file the applications after the city's deadline, fight the city's policy of not allowing renewal of the license except on that date or we find another company to bootstrap us for a year.


We got the insurance problem sorted out and we'll be on the streets tonight, but with the bad weather it's going to be slow going. We'll get to you, but it will take time.


We may be closing our doors permanently. Hoppy is scrambling to get the money together to get the finance company for the insurance, but our investor has lost faith in the principles and ideals of the company because she wants to see bigger profits.

If you have five or ten bucks to throw at seeing the cab companies in this town learn that the people won't tolerate ripping people off anymore, find Hoppy.


We at Old Capitol Independent Taxi encourage everyone to spend your money locally this holiday season. Every dollar we spend in businesses started and run in our community strengthens the economy we have here at home, instead of being added to the mountains of money owned by the national chain stores. Support your friends and neighbors by keeping as much of the money you spend here in our community.


My response this morning to the complaint received through facebook that we "need 2 have all cars except cards":

I apologize if it offends you that we do not accept credit or debit cards. We have chosen, as a company, to forego the ability to accept them in order to offer our services to the entire public for a much cheaper rate and that meant having to remove the cost of the machines to accept, the fees to establish the accounts and the fees on every transaction. If you must use a card, both Marco's and Yellow will be glad to help the credit card companies f**k you over.


With the addition of a few new faces behind the wheel and more than a few new customers, We are having difficulty keeping up with the demand for our services. I ask for your patience in the time that we're growing and expanding to meet that need.


We're in the middle of a hiring rush. We picked up a couple more day drivers and we may have added another night driver. Thanks to the word on the street from our customers, we're going to be adding additional cabs very soon.


We will try to stay open as long as possible during tonight's blizzard, but the safety of our drivers is also a concern, so if you can avoid venturing out, please do.


Sterling Strang has joined our happy little family on the day shift. It's a bit sparse for the moment, but as he's out there more it'll pick up for him.


Still hiring full-time and part-time drivers. If you've ever driven a cab before, ever wanted to drive a cab or want to see if you can hack it, give us a call. Hoppy is a pain in the butt, but he knows how to train real cab drivers.


Now licensed to operate in Coralville!

icgov.org 09/12/2012

Taxicab Company Listing with Vehicles

See, even City of Iowa City says so!

icgov.org City Clerk » Taxicab Company Listing with Vehicles Taxicab Company Listing with Vehicles- All vehicle decals should be BLUE. - ICgov.org HomeCity ClerkOnline Request For Public RecordsUnder 21 FAQ - PDFServicesCity CouncilTaxicab Company Listi...




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Cars into Cabs Phase 2:  Playing with Stickers 09/08/2012

Pretty Stickers


13 in color


Hey, if you're thinking of driving for us, now would be the time to hand us your certified motor vehicle report.


If everything goes as planned, we should be open on the 15th of august. I'm about to go pick up the meters and toplights from the UPS depot in Coralville.


Dear Likers,
We now have a phone number: (319) 351-3166. Save it!


Hello, everybody,
Like us and you'll know as soon as we open.





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