Catalpa Corner Horse Park

Catalpa Corner Horse Park


Thank you for a wonderful HT! We missed this event last year and are so thankful to have it back! Running my first Training at Catalpa this year was the goal and we were successful! Thank you for such a wonderful, fun, and family friendly event!
Hi all- I captured some photos during the weekend. Riders listed have photos, anywhere from 3-30. Some all three phases, some only one. Please contact me for more info😊

Adelyn Rinehart
Alexis Amberg
Andria Pooley
Anna Banks
Anna Sornberger
Annika Weisjahn
Aris Tarras
Ashley Sabo
Avery Prelesnik
Becca Roth
Briana Johnson
Brit Vegas
Britni Taylor
Bryanna Jovanavich
Camila Saenz
Carly McGown
Cassie Bethea
Cecily Scovin
Chelsea Kang
Chris Heydon
Cigi Sutrick
Ella Wegerich
Elise Bell
Elise Fern
Erin Hansen
Gavin Nielsen
Grace Barger
Hadley White
Jaelyn Comer
Jana Lyle
Janey Kiryluik
Jennifer Selvig
Jessie Ackley
Jillian Treu
Julie Simmons
Julie Wolfert
Kaela Rudolph
Kate McGown
Katie Sisk
Kelli Rose
Kelly Jensen
Kelly Maloch
Kristi Salter
Kristin Kubsch
Kristina Whorton
Kyra Layton
Lauren Miller
Lauren Schiller
Lilian Cederlund
Liz Lund
Lyndsey Humpal
Madeline Dale
Madison Bonamarte
Madison Solomon
Makena Layton
Mallory Huggins
Margo Short
Margo Wottowa
Max Bachvarova
Meg Schmitz
Megan Ochoa
Melissa Hensel
Mia Herrera
Michele McCarty
Morgan Cooper
Nicole Ayers
Nicole Carlone
Paula Frasz
Rachel Marsh
Rebecca Hunt
Sabrina Hagstrom
Sandra Barclay
Sara Fox
Sonja Henze
Stephanie Caston
Sydney Burlage
Tania Riske
Taylor Rieck
Todd Wulf
I had the best time watching the show last weekend and taking pictures of the wonderful riders and horses.
Congratulations to all of you, and thank you to the Catalpa Corner team for putting together this wonderful show! 🐴 🏆 ❤️

Hi all-
I attended Catalpa 2021 with my mare this past weekend.
While there, she was recognized by someone who knew her breeder. We chatted a bit after stadium but I realized I failed to get any contact information or a name.

If you are following this page please PM me or comment!!!
My mare is Esther “Fooled You” black & white Shire/QH pony:)

Image attached of her
Thank you for joining us at the 2021 Catalpa Corner Charity Horse Trial!

We loved having you and hope you enjoyed your time at the park. Kindly fill out the easy, online event evaluation form to share some love and give some feedback. Thank you!

Will there be any possibility of any cross country schooling before the recognized in Aug?
Good evening!

We are so looking forward to seeing you all for the Catalpa ODE at the end of May. Just a reminder to check out the entry status sheet to make sure your entry is complete prior to closing on May 18th.

Remember that in order to receive a ride time entries must be complete. Complete entries are as described on the entry form and below.

Payments sent by mail MUST BE postmarked by May 18th (ideally earlier!) to avoid a late fee.

1. Completed online entry form
2. Payment for entry
3. Payment for stall deposit (separate checks please!)
4. Signed and dated Catalpa Corner release form
5. Signed and dated USEA Educational Activities Release Form

If you pay by PayPal, you may present your release forms to the show office upon arrival to receive your number. If you are only missing the release forms, you will receive a ride time. No I will NOT mark your entry complete in the meantime.

Changes to entries can be made fee-free prior to May 18th.

Withdrawals will be refunded (or checks ripped up) if done prior to May 18th MINUS a $25 office fee

After May 18th veterinarian/farrier documentation will need to be provided in order to be eligible for any refund.

Again can't wait to see you all!

What's up, Catalpa episode 3 finds the movers and shakers doing some big time moving:
Catalpa ODE is over half full in the first day! Limited to 80 entries! Make sure you get entered quickly!

For those who are entered here is the Catalpa ODE Entry Status - I will do my best to keep this updated daily. REMEMBER an entry must be complete to be fully entered. That means payment must be paid in full. Waivers can be turned in on the day of the event. Email [email protected] with questions, concerns, changes. Looking forward to seeing you all!
What's up, Catalpa episode 2 is posted. In this episode, Susan erases 50 years of course builder hoarding and moves the heck on:
It's opening date for the May 30th ODE! Go get it, eventers!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Catalpa Corner is an equestrian facility in rural W. Branch, Iowa, 15 minutes outside of Iowa City, owned by Susan Brigham and Dr. James McNutt DVM

Operating as usual

[08/11/21]   Thank you for your patience. I had a death in my immediate family and I am just back in Iowa.
Refunds based on Event Entries financials were mailed and monetary prize monies also went out this week.
Prize monies were given to the top three low scores per LEVEL
Pre - PR Kristin Whorton, PR Rebecca Hunt and PR Rebecca Roth
Training - TR Katie Sisk, OT Anna Bank, TJR Lany Widimer
Novice - ON Maura Daughtery, NR Miriam Copeland, ON McKayta Mattison
BN - BNR Julie Simmons, BNR Sandra Barcaly tied with BNH Lauren Shiller and OBN Amanda Steffen


Event Entries

Thanks for coming to CCCHT! Official results:

Event Entries


Tomorrow’s schedule

Tomorrow’s schedule

Photos from Catalpa Corner Horse Park's post 07/31/2021

First rides of the morning, good luck competitors.

[07/30/21]   This year we will be selling Catalpa tee-shirts for $15 to go towards our jump renewal fund. We will begin selling around 11 am in the office on Saturday. We have multiple sizes and colors. And Volunteers you willl each be given one as a thank you for your time spent. Cash and checks accepted.


Important Info:
Have had some updates to Stall Assignments - there will also be ride time updates - keep an eye on that link.


Calling all Young Riders and Junior Competitors to enjoy some ice cream with your fellow riders. Saturday at 6 pm in the party barn (same place as dinner Friday), Area IV Young Riders will be sponsoring a get together and serving ice cream. Hope to see all YR and Juniors there!

Calling all Young Riders and Junior Competitors to enjoy some ice cream with your fellow riders. Saturday at 6 pm in the party barn (same place as dinner Friday), Area IV Young Riders will be sponsoring a get together and serving ice cream. Hope to see all YR and Juniors there!


Ride times are out!

[07/28/21]   Courtesy all-level XC course walk with course designer Dave Taylor at 5 p.m. Friday. Learn what the course designer is thinking and asking of you and your horse on Saturday. Maybe pick up some pizza in the party barn at 4:30 and join your friends at the start box a few minutes before 5.

[07/28/21]   Huge ask!! We had some last minute changes to our volunteer list for cross country on Saturday and we have a few spots we need to fill. We need two full day volunteers to jump judge. If you cannot do all day please still reach out as we can split it among 4 people for half days of necessary. Please PM Ali Hayford or email [email protected]. Thank you in advance!!

[07/27/21]   To all of our great volunteers. You have received or will be receiving by end of day tomorrow an email or facebook message from Ali Hayford about the logistics for volunteering this upcoming weekend. If you have not received something by the end of day Tuesday please reach out to Ali and let her know. We cannot say thank you enough for spending your day(s) supporting our horse trial. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

[07/27/21]   Good evening competitors,
We are super excited for the upcoming event and it looks as though we may get a break in the weather back into the 80's. A quick update concerning our competitor dinner. We had originally announced a competitor dinner on Saturday evening for all riding participants. As we thought more about this it makes more sense to move it to Friday night where more people can take advantage. Each competitor receives one dinner ticket in their packet as part of their entry. Catalpa will be providing pizza and salad again from Maggie's to start serving around 5 pm. For those of you who were here last show in 2019 we used the same people and they did an amazing job of accommodating all types of pizza flavors. We will also be supplying water for dinner and Katie Greenfield has graciously donated Hard Cider (for those over 21) for competitors to enjoy. If you purchased extra tickets for dinner you may use them towards dinner Friday night or we will refund the extra tickets if you will not be able to attend. We understand after a long day of riding on Saturday it is sometimes hard to stay late to enjoy the dinner or return after a visit to the hotel. Thank you again for supporting Catalpa and we can't wait to see all of you.

Susan, Ali and Megan

[07/24/21]   Looking for one more jump judge and one finish timer. Anyone available? Date next Saturday 31st. I promise to provide xc jumping to watch, food, a tee shirt and guaranteed warm weather. Contact Ali Hayford.


A weekend with Jay Stockhausen means the CCCHT prep list is immensely shorter. The key to success - take out lime margaritas - our new Gatorade. Jim and I thank you for your company and hard work.

A weekend with Jay Stockhausen means the CCCHT prep list is immensely shorter. The key to success - take out lime margaritas - our new Gatorade. Jim and I thank you for your company and hard work.

Photos from Catalpa Corner Horse Park's post 07/20/2021

The nuts and bolts of the operation! Thank you to these two dedicated park volunteers Raul and Jay for putting
together and placing awnings to shade our stadium judges from the bright lights of our eventers!


Thank you Lyse Strnad for sprucing up our dressage judges booth, and staining, log, after, log, after log! Killer outfit too!

Thank you Lyse Strnad for sprucing up our dressage judges booth, and staining, log, after, log, after log! Killer outfit too!


DL Hammond Thank you Donna for making sure our dressage arenas are ready for our competitors. Donna spent hours carefully mowing this area and we still have one more round needed before the show.

DL Hammond Thank you Donna for making sure our dressage arenas are ready for our competitors. Donna spent hours carefully mowing this area and we still have one more round needed before the show.

[07/20/21]   Very special thank you to all of the great volunteers that have been jumping in to help us get ready. We still have lots to do so if you have time to pick up sticks, fill in holes, mow, w**d whack, etc, please reach out to Susan Brigham or Ali Hayford.

[07/16/21]   GOOD DAY!
If anyone has any free time to MOW Catalpa Corner X country courses this weekend or next, please give me a holler! The grass is just too green and grows and inch a day or more. Compensation offered. Please call or text Susan Brigham at 319-930-1209 or email at [email protected] Thank you!

We welcome you and your family to CCCHT 2021. This year we have experienced a dramatic shift in our medical concerns surrounding COVID, as vaccination for adults and teenagers has allowed our families to return to a modified new normal. However, we still have a vulnerable population of young person’s not approved for vaccination, and individuals who chose not to obtain vaccination. USEF requires that we convey to our staff, volunteers, officials, eventers and spectators a COVID plan which will be adhered to during our July 30th - August 1 eventing dates. We have contacted USEF, Iowa Department of Public Health, and CDC to assure your health and welfare receive our utmost priority.

The state of IOWA does not require face covering/masks, but as an Iowa business CCCHT can and, will ask that those individuals who are NOT VACCINATED for COVID to wear a face covering/mask as they enter the park and to maintain coverage unless riding or eating. Fully vaccinated individuals for COVID are welcome to enter the park without a mask. Any individual may choose to wear a face covering/mask regardless of vaccination status.


When in a group setting - office visits, reviewing scoring, meals, spectating, or barn endeavors please self-distance.

Please use hand sanitizer judicially which will be located at barns, rings, warmup, food venues, and toilets.

Signs will be posted as a reminder to monitor for COVID symptoms, personal hygiene and safe distancing.

Let’s kick off a SAFE and FUN event at CCCHT 2021.

Per USEF Guidelines:
• all participants, licensed officials, and volunteers, provide emergency contact information and execute state-specific Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement required by USEF, as a condition of participation.
• All persons entering competition grounds are required to self-monitor their temperature once daily prior to entering the competition grounds. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4° F (38° C) or higher may not enter the facility.
• The following individuals are not allowed to enter the competition grounds:
o Anyone who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, including a temperature of 100.4° F (38° C)
or higher,
o Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within last 10 days,
o Anyone who has tested positive outside of the past 10 days, but is still symptomatic,
o *Anyone who has been exposed to or has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19 within either the last 7 or 10 days.
Any individual on competition grounds who tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the conclusion of the competition, is required to report such result to the Competition Organizer.
o Competition Organizers will direct the reporting individual to contact the local public health authorities (and provide the contact information) for the purposes of having the local public health authorities perform contact tracing.


Site to check status:

Entry Status URL:

[07/01/21]   Good evening riders. We have great and bad news. Great news is we have 230 entries but the bad news is we have only room for 180 riders. Our secretary has a waitlist going right now. As always, people drop out for multiple reasons so we will still have people on the waitlist that can get in. We are working on getting something on event entries to let you know. Thank you for your understanding as we work through this. We are humbled by all the support of the riders in our Eventing community.

[06/29/21]   SHE'S BACK - Ali Hayford!!! We delighted and so thrilled to announce ALI will once again reign supreme on the DAYS OF CCCHT, coming July 30 - August 1! She is the aplomb of calm and humor among the insanity of the organization. Hear Hear!

Our prep in is full swing painting, and primping our courses and rings. This is a FULL CRY for VOLUNTEERS for the event weekend. We are in need of scribes, stewards, timers, cross country judges, hospitality, score runners and more....We are so grateful for any hours you can donate to the park, but know you will be well fed, clothed and have plenty of entertainment - usually in 3 minute intervals!
If you are interested in jump judging please contact JAY STOCKHAUSEN at [email protected]. Otherwise, please send an email to Ali Hayford at [email protected] with your requests and offers.
Thank you again, and see you soon.

[05/25/21]   Memorial Day Weekend schooling, Field Day Clinic, Ride-A -Test, and ODE are CANCELLED. We have had persistent rain for the last two weeks, and with predicated rain this week, we can not offer safe, or reliable footing. We are beyond disappointed, but grateful for the volunteers who helped prep and volunteered for the event.
Monies have not been cashed and will be returned in a timely fashion. Your patience is appreciated.

[05/19/21]   Special Announcement: Due to footing concerns, XC schooling on Saturday May 29 will be limited to those with completed entries for the ODE on the 30th. Entry status will be checked at the gate.

Catalpa Corner Horse Park – Iowa's Place for Eventing 05/19/2021

Catalpa Corner Horse Park – Iowa's Place for Eventing

What's Up, Catalpa? We're offering a Ride-A-Test Clinic with USDF L Judge Kate Kostenbader on Saturday, May 29, which is the day before she will be judging the dressage in the One Day Event.

Catalpa Corner Horse Park – Iowa's Place for Eventing Ride-a-Test with Dressage Judge Kate Kostenbader admin May 18, 2021May 19, 2021 Saturday, May 29, 2021 USDF Dressage L Program Graduate, Bronze Medalist, riding instructor and competitor Kate Kostenbader with her horse Wildorado’s Serenade Need a little dressage polish before show day? Join Kate K...

[05/11/21]   Catalpa Corner is a buzz with activity prepping for our Memorial FUN Weekend with Open Schooling May 29 as well as Field Day Clinic with Camie Stockhausen. We are in the final planning stages for our ODE May 30th, and would like reach out to our horse community for a few volunteers. All of our volunteers are fed with tasty meals/treats and will go home with CCCHT T shirt and hat as well as a coupon for further open schooling at the park for a day's donation.

We are in need of about 7 cross country jumps judges coordinated by Jay Stockhausen. Please reach out to him at [email protected] if you can help for an afternoon.

We are also looking for a dressage and stadium scribes, a golf cart runner and 1-2 checkin person for open schooling May 29th. Please email Susan Brigham at [email protected] if you can share your expertise!
Thank you and we are so looking forward to seeing our old and new friends.

[05/05/21]   Catalpa Corner Horse Park will open for schooling this weekend May Jumps are staked and mowed and first glance to find holes, filled. Jumps not available for safety reasons are x'ed with jump poles. Woods obstacles and any jumps on the edge of the woods are newly seeded, and still have holes and sharp stumps, so please off limits. If you are schooling prelim, please email or messageSusan Brigham. Water complex filled.
Ground conditions are soft from lovely and much needed rain. Weather person is predicting Saturday afternoon rain, so please review before travel.

Catalpa Corner Horse Park – Iowa's Place for Eventing 04/15/2021

Catalpa Corner Horse Park – Iowa's Place for Eventing

"What's Up, Catalpa?" is a new feature on the CCHP website to keep you current on what is happening at the park behind-the-scenes. It takes an amazing village to make the magic (disguised as work) happen and what happens can be fascinating – if we can only get the movers and shakers to stop moving and shaking long enough to take pictures and write about it. Catalpa's owner and Force of Nature, Susan Brigham will be making occasional posts, and the entire blog will live on the homepage. Side reminder, next Tuesday at around 7 a.m. is the opening date for the May 30th ODE.

Catalpa Corner Horse Park – Iowa's Place for Eventing What’s Up, Catalpa?, #1 admin April 15, 2021April 15, 2021 Derecho Damage and Clean Up – Thank you FOREVER, Jay Stockhausen Jay Stockhausen jumping one of the birdhouse rolltop jumps he designed and created for Catalpa, on his mare, Better and Better, The Derecho of 2020 seemed to pick and choos...

[02/10/21]   Finally - Catalpa Corner has received USEF approval for the coming July 31-August 1, 2021 USEA recognized Catalpa Corner Charity Horse Trial! We welcome back some our favorite officials, and extend enthusiastic greetings to the talented, Dave Taylor, MD course designer, and William Robertson, KY stadium designer. This April, Tommy Neneman, FL will be coming to Catalpa to build a few natural obstacles and update our current inventory. If you have any requests, please let us know.
During these winter months we have had extraordinary efforts by Jay Stockhausen who has cleared our woods from 15 plus large down trees from the Derecho. The professionals lowered the last few, and we have a few weeks of clean up and reseed.
Other park changes include grass seeding of the large hill west of the covered bridge which should allow for a greater sweep of galloping lanes.
We will be open for schooling as soon as weather permits, and look forward to the Memorial Day Weekend open schooling, clinic and show. Thank you for your patience and patronage!

[01/17/21]   Horse friends with a trailer, I am looking for someone to haul a friends horse (very well mannered) from Maple Plain, MN to Peotone, IL so we can get him on a transport down to Florida. Would love to still have it this week if you can help me out. Please reach out to me via email [email protected] or pm Ali Hayford. 09/09/2020

Single Family/Acreage for sale in Iowa City, Iowa, 202005476

Ever wanted to live next to the Catalpa Horse Park? Now is your chance. The neighbors are moving and have put their beautiful home on the market. Check out the listing below for more details. The farm field views and sunsets are stunning from this location. This classic take on a modern farmhouse is nestled into an idyllic setting with sweeping countryside views on 1.89 acres just minutes from IC. Skilled & thoughtful craftsmanship is showcased in the post & beam construction & passive solar design. Gorgeous light streams in from the wall of windows wh...

Videos (show all)

Heads up!  Susan and I (Camie) took a hack around the park tonight. It is continuing to dry but is still pretty soft. Sh...
Steve making sure our footing is amazing.


5350 Elmira Rd NE
Iowa City, IA
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