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We invite you along on our journey.

Farmhouse and Whimsy is a small business dedicated to creating beautiful handmade and vintage up-cycled home decor and furniture while focusing on living a simple, intentional and authentic life.

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 11/17/2023

This has been such a nice week, I have actually been able to work outside! The girls and I took this antique vanity apart to create the adorable night stands that are really popular.

We removed the mirror which partially broken when I got it, removed the harp or mirror frame and that center piece that attaches it together. This one was all nails not one screw holding it together.

Next steps will be to apply bondo to the sides where they were attached to the center, sand, and paint.

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 10/28/2023

Happy Friday Friends!! Where did the cold come from???? Wow!!

When you decide to redecorate, do you gravitate to a certain color or style??? For me I have always been drawn to more creamy whites, chippy, vintage styles. I never really thought I liked green, but after painting a few pieces, it has really grown on me and wow the green is a hot seller right now! The little half table was completed in Bayberry, and the nightstands were done in Wellington. Both colors are part of the Fusion Mineral Paint line. It is my first choice, and has never failed me! I buy mine from Meredith at Salt & Light Market she has the best selection and I inventory.

These are a few of my pieces that were refinished and sold. Thankful is an understatement!!!

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 10/10/2023

What a beautiful fall day here in Iowa. It sounds like our warm sunny fall days maybe coming to an end for awhile!

(Warning Long Post)

So can I ask you if you have ever just kinda quit doing something you used to enjoy??? Or have your ever felt stuck and uncertain of where to take things? What was the outcome, did you ever go back and try it again or did you move on to something new?
Not long ago I was stuck! Unmotivated, my creativity was at a all time low. I didn’t enjoy painting or creating new things, I wanted nothing to do with it. My painting/ creative side gig had been my salvation! It was therapy, it relaxed me and above all was fun…until it wasn’t! I just couldn’t figure out why!
After over a year break and dealing with some health issues a wonderful friend ask me to find and refinish a dresser for their new baby. I was hesitant but this family is so sweet and I was honored they asked me. So one evening as I am painting and sanding it really hit me that I did really enjoy this and I had missed it. I had missed the fun, the part of taking something from blah to wow! What I didn’t miss was the overthinking, the making my business grow and reaching more followers on social medial the trying to create the perfect post for social media, and trying to please everyone. I knew then that I had to focus on my why!! I had to go back to the beginning and simply focus on what started me creative journey and it has always been the fun and the satisfaction of creating, the therapy and stress relief it brought.
This is my focus now it’s not about having more followers on social media expanding or making a living. It’s simply sharing my work with you, teaching some shortcuts and hopefully inspiring others to remember their own why. I have started painting again and although I still love chippy white vintage pieces, I’ve experimented with new colors styles and techniques.
Thanks for taking the time to be here, it may not be perfect but I hope it’s fun. Never forget your why!

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 01/30/2022

This beautiful solid walnut Duncan Phyfe style table is getting updated! The solid walnut wood table top is simply amazing! I painted the skirt and legs in Fusion Mineral pains Ash. Ash has beautiful depth and dimension, perfect for this piece! I will add Fusions Stain and Finishing oil to the top which will seal it and add the perfect sheen also making it durable. I agree that some antique pieces shouldn’t be painted, HOWEVER if it’s a piece that has meaning to you but you just don’t love the color or style it’s ok to give it a makeover and love it it again!!


Happy New Year!!! It has been awhile!! But sometimes you just have to take a step back and regroup! I’ve come to realize it’s a much stronger person that says I need a break and it’s perfectly fine to admit and follow through to regroup, rest and reflect. This fall I came down with a nasty virus (not covid) that lasted a month. We also lost John’s completely healthy, strong, amazing Uncle Joe to Covid. Uncle Joe was a father, a husband and one of the most faithful people I will ever know! When trying things happen, I try and focus on what is important and want to thank each and everyone of you that has supported our small business! Thank you and please know you are treasured!! Let’s make 2022 the best year ever!

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 11/24/2021

Without a doubt these cute vintage vanitys turned nightstands will go down as my number one seller for 2021.
** This is the sixth set for the year!
I painted these with Raw Silk from , and lightly distressed the edges bringing out the rustic glam beauty. This set is sold and the vanities are getting more difficult to find, but I just love the simplistic beauty!! ** I am glad I could make your wish come true!! If you don’t follow Bethany, you really should she takes amazing photos!!

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 11/22/2021

Making progress on our table!!! After I put two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Chocolate on and let it dry, I came back and painted over the chocolate with Picket Fence. Picket Fence is a bright, pure white, and is one of my favorite whites!! I will repeat the Picket Fence tomorrow and we will be ready to distress. * I’m loving the color of stain on the top, and will seal it with Satin Polyurethane. The stain is a mix of Minwax Ipswich Pine and Dark Walnut, I also added paint thinner, which makes the stain more transparent. I find that I often end up mixing colors to get the look I want. * Tomorrow we will be distressing and sealing.


Finishing my farmhouse table!! I buy my Fusion Mineral Paint from !! Meredith can ship or you can pick it up in North English!


It’s Rural Roadtrip Day One!!!!!!

Everyone has THAT one friend! You know the one — you have an instant connection, you are always laughing and you just can’t wait for the next time you get to see each other!

Lynne from Barnstorm Traveling Coffee Company is THAT friend for me! And it doesn’t hurt she makes one of the best cups of ☕️ in Eastern Iowa! My love language of course 😉

North English, Rural Road Trip and Salt and Light Market are lucky to have her pop-up with us this Saturday! Come grab a cup and shop til you drop, open 9 am to 5 pm!

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 11/18/2021

Finally!! It’s no secret around here that we make and sell a lot of farmhouse tables and each time one leaves I’m always happy for that person, but I might be a little jealous as well, BUT not anymore, this set is all mine!!! This table is big, but the legs are my favorite, they are salvaged!! The door bench will sit on one long side and we will also have 2 Captains Chairs and 2-3 regular chairs as well. I would love it if you would follow along as I finish this beauty! #


If you need holiday decor or gifts head to North English!!


Rustic and vintage with your sparkle and glitter?? My favorite style and mix!

Gold and Silver Bottle Brush Trees attached to a vintage, chippy architectural finding, and these cute little potted Christmas Trees headed to for the upcoming holiday markets and Rural Road Trip Holiday Edition.


Stop in and see Meredith!!!

Salt & Light Market is open tomorrow and Saturday, 10am to 4pm! Come shop of huge selection of Fall pumpkins, candles, home decor, signs, cards and vintage.

Look for a FB Live tomorrow morning with a shop preview!
Its going to be a great day! Stop in and say hi!

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 10/13/2021

What’s you style?

Touches of BOHO

I’m completely cottage! Distressed pieces, chippy white paint, vintage accessories, mismatched furniture.

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 10/12/2021

Cleaning Out The Trailer Sale

Cool 1 Gallon Jars Pampas Grass, beaded tassel with key. One jar has 2 handles the other has one.

Each jar with grass, and tassel is $30

Pick up between Iowa City and Solon or make arrangements for local meeting or Delivery

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 10/11/2021

Another farmhouse table created and delivered. We try and use reclaimed wood when we can but if we cannot, we do our best to make it look reclaimed. Favorite tools for the project are hammers, screw drivers, and scrapers. We also use nuts and bolts; we hit them with the hammer to create unique marks and indentation in the wood. The stain then really accentuates the created imperfections. If you are looking for a farmhouse table we will be making 3 more soon!!

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 10/11/2021

Happiness for me is creating together with my husband, joy is delivering the finished project especially to good friends. We finished and delivered another beautiful farmhouse table.

We try to use reclaimed wood when we can, and when we cannot, we make it look like it is! My favorite tools for the project are hammers (all kinds, large and small) screw drivers, nuts and bolts that I actually hit with a hammer to make unique indents and marks in the wood.


I have had a crappy cold which completely tanks my creativity and motivation, but it’s a great time to be lazy, check out the beautiful work of others and be inspired!! These were the screenshots that really inspired me! Show me your screenshots!!!!


I want to congratulate my friend Sheila who is the owner of Lucky Find Redesign, she will be opening up a pop up shop in Solon between E’s Floral and Dairy Queen!! Sheila paints beautiful furniture and has a great selection of vintage finds! Stop in and see Sheila this up coming weekend!!


It's Saturday, let's give a shout out to some of my favorite small town businesses. It's true when you buy from a small business, real people dance!! Enjoy the weekend friends!

Wilson's Orchard & Farm
Dodge Street Coffeehouse
Salt & Light Market


Happy October!! 🍁🍂 I’m so excited to share that I have several new followers and would like to do a fun introduction. We are going to play “2 Truths +1 Lie” See if you can guess which of the below statements is the lie!! Guess in the comments and I will reveal the correct answer tomorrow!
1. I am a Registered Nurse.
2. I love all things Vintage, especially pieces that White, Chippy and Distressed
3. I love to shop

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 09/24/2021

We will be making a few more of these big beautiful Farmhouse Style tables. We can also make the backless benches that go well with them. They can be customized to your desired size and colors. The most popular is the wood and white. They are heavy, solid and very sturdy. We add oil based polyurethane for added protection to the table top.


I will be working at the store Friday and Saturday. Get out there and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!! This is such a fun event, shopping for home decor,clothing, furniture, candles, vintage and so much more!!!!

24 Hours and Salt and Light Market is open for the Rural Road Trip after taking a month away!!

Come celebrate the start of a new season, shop lots of new inventory and create lots of fun fall memories during our favorite event of the year!

New this road trip we are a Photo Op Stop 📸 Take a photo at our stop, tag Rural Road Trip and Salt & Light Market and you will be entered to win a prize after the event!

Friday & Saturday | 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday | 10 am to 2 pm


We are finishing up another one of our farmhouse tables that will be going to next weekend. A discussion that always comes up is what should be used for seating??? I love the look of good mismatched or “orphan” chairs and some sort of a bench. My Mr. Whimsy prefers matching chairs. What are your thoughts??


This unique piece has sold and is off to its new home! I just want to thank all of you who shop with small business owners, we really do celebrate, laugh, cry and dance when each piece is sold. I’m also forever humbled and want to thank all of you for supporting a girls dream! Let’s celebrate fall and count the many blessings we have been given!

Photos from Farmhouse and Whimsy's post 08/30/2021

I love fall! All things fall!! The colors, the smells, the cooler temps, Pumpkin Spice, sitting around the camp fire with family and friends, football and lots of cozy! This unique piece is a fun basic to start decorating around. The body is painted in one of my favorites Goddess Ashwagandha (since retired) by , the top is stained with Fusion’s Stain and Finishing Oil in Cappuccino. New hardware and some distressing complete things. The smaller drawers on top are all actual individual little drawers, What would you use this piece as? I think it would make an awesome coffee bar with the small drawers serving as storage for coffee pods, cups and lots of other coffee supplies!! It would also be a great console for the family room. .


I think I’ll be forever on team chippy and white! I love the look against the pallet wall or even against a creamy white shiplap wall. And because I can’t throw anything away, I took a discarded mirror harp, painted it white, distressed, and added a wreath to create a bigger wall decor piece that is also interchangeable seasonally. I love pieces that can function well all year round! I love adding seasonal decor but find I’m usually limited on time! I’m also ready to start adding fall decor in. Anybody else adding fall in ?? #

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Our Story

Hello from the Whimsy Farmhouse! Since we are rather new to social media we wanted to introduce ourselves to you. We are John and Angie Scott creators of Farmhouse Whimsy, a husband and wife team that has developed a fondness for creating cool re-cycled vintage furniture and other home decor. John is the muscle and the one who makes it happen. I am the one with the vision, and the finisher! Together it works!

It was a struggle trying to come up with a name for our little side gig until I went back to the original what and the why...I have always had a passion for creating, crafting and home decor! If you ask my children they would tell you there was always something being re-done in our home. My style has really always been Farmhouse Whimsy, which means I love the traditional older and more modern Farmhouse style but with whimsy touches added. Whimsy to me is fun fabrics, hounds tooth, buffalo and any and all plaids, gingham, burlap, cow hide (faux of course). Texture, soft throws and rugged accents. It's glitter and rust together, it's chippy, layered and distressed paint. It's mixing old and new, and adding florals and greenery. So with a little grit and sass thrown in you have Farmhouse Whimsy.

We invite you along on our journey to create quality home decor and re-loved, re-recyled pieces that can help you make your house a home. I will be adding some live videos and demonstrations that can hopefully serve as inspiration for you or at least provide you with entertainment! Again like in life it's not always pretty or perfect but it works! If you have enjoyed what you’ve seen so far, we would love it if you would share our page with your friends and family!!

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Happy Friday Friends!! Where did the cold come from???? Wow!! When you decide to redecorate, do you gravitate to a certa...
Finishing my farmhouse table!! I buy my Fusion Mineral Paint from @saltandlightmarket!! Meredith can ship or you can pic...





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