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Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 09/17/2021

This little male Sparrow was trapp ed in a house we were worki ng on today. I caught him a nd escorted him out of the hou se. He didn't peck me, totally thoug ht he would. As soon as I s et him down on the porch he fl ew away.

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 12/15/2020

Garage heaters have been a H ot item to install lately. All ha ve been 240V, but different amperage, a 30, 40 & 50.

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 11/04/2020

A Cool project we wrapped up f or Todd Hahn Design. A modern cab in on roughly 60 acres of Io wa countryside. A real awesome property th at is quiet and away from everythi ng. A great escape to nature.


Took more time that we thoug ht but it is totally amazing. Ha nd rail all the way around t he pool it illuminate. 12v outdoor L ED ribbon on a dimmer!

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 09/03/2020

You want LED lighting in yo ur custom home? We can do th at!

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 03/06/2020

Phase 2 of lighting improvements at Wor ld of Bike. We did a supri se custom touch for them. Wi th some help from some great contac ts, we made 3 one of a ki nd custom pendants.


Sometimes you have to get o ut the big ladders. 14', 12' & 8'

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 10/06/2019

Here's what we have been worki ng on. A very amazing custom ho me for Todd Hahn II Design.

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 09/29/2019

Keep Gorsh Electric in mind f or mounting your TV. Drop cloths do wn, TV on a soft & cle an moving blanket to protect your investme nt. We will be sure to g et the TV right where you wa nt it. All cabling will be clean ly in the wall. Outlet power wi ll be professionally installed behind the TV. HDMI cables, we have them a nd in lots of lengths (up to 50 '). Network cable direct to the TV so it doesn 't slow you Wifi, yep we do th at also.


Here is a bar in a rece nt house for Mills Custom Homes. We us ed some low voltage mini cans to gi ve a nice warm look to th is basement bar.


Here are a few pictures of a bathro om we wired for Mills Custom Hom es. Lighted mirrors and toe kick lighti ng, both add a lot to th is custom home.

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 09/20/2019

One of the new houses we fini sh up for Mills Custom Homes. Th is one closes next week! Nice wo rk Ryan!

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 09/18/2019

Automotive shop space with new L ED retro kits. Old T12 HO bul bs, ballasts and fixture pans out, n ew LED fixture pans installed. Great lighti ng change out options for this ty pe of fixture. Brighter & mo re efficient = happy customer.

Timeline photos 05/30/2019

Thanks for the use of yo ur photos!

This year's Parade House wir ed by our great crew at Gor sh Electric.

Timeline photos 05/30/2019

Parade Home wired by us. Gre at product, great builder. Nice wo rk staging this house ladies!


A friday night when you o wn your own business. I don't do th is often, but sometimes it has to be do ne. House party in Tiffin!

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 03/29/2019

New lighting upgrade stage 1, at Wor ld of Bikes. Stage 2 y et to come, we will do so me cool track lighting over their sal es counter.

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 03/07/2019

GORSH ELECTRIC, here for your residenti al and commercial needs. Tuesday morning we mov ed a 3 phase 200 amp servi ce. We are excited to be worki ng on the new Dash Coffee in Io wa City. I was even drinking the ir coffee that morning, seemed appropriate. A b ag of fresh roasted beans from the ir other location in CR.

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 02/28/2019

Here is some toe kick lighti ng we put in a customer's bathro om remodel. It is activated by t he motion sensor on the wall betwe en the door and the cabinet.


Cat 5 cables ran, security camer as mounted and the system is up a nd going. This is the fun stu ff we wrapped up today. POE camer as with recording and smartphone access. Ni ce work Jody Gorsh & Rob Parri sh!


Interesting moment today at a rent al house. Went there to replace a coup le switches. Accidentally trip the breaker, so I need ed to go down to the baseme nt to reset the breaker. Unfortunately t he basement lights were on the sa me circuit. So I had to u se my phone flashlight to go fi nd the panel. At the bottom of t he stairs, around the first corner I fou nd this guy. Should've scared the cr ap out of me but it didn 't.


Putting this out there because we ca re about quality work for all custome rs. We are proud of what we do eve ry day.

For all of you having rad on mitigation systems put in, you mig ht want to know this. Radon compan ys are not electricians, and likely the ir installers have never been. This bei ng said they should not be hooki ng the electrical part of their syst em. In the last 3 weeks alo ne I have hit 2 installation th at were majorly wrong. Fire hazards, obvio us things that should not be do ne.

To Randon Companies, please make bett er decisions, or the best thing - Gi ve your local electrician a call to do this.

Don 't mean to upset anyone! We ju st care about quality electrical installations.

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 07/03/2018

Gorsh Electric digging today in t he big town of Richmond. Roo ts every six inches throughout 20+ feet of a 40' dig. Ha lf of them bigger that my fi st, an axe came in handy tod ay. It never goes as smooth as y ou want it to go. Pipe & wi re all in ground, back filled a nd machine returned. Nice work Jody Gor sh, & Rob Parrish


Lots of crazy hours for Gor sh Electric and Jody Gorsh on th is weekend. Getting it going and keepi ng it doing in this heat f or Summer of the Arts and t he community.
Last day of Jazz Fest, a nd fireworks tonight. The temps have cool ed down and there is an amazi ng breeze down here. Everyone get o ut today to enjoy!

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 06/11/2018

Get heating option we installed f or a customer's 4 season porch. Th is is cove heat, similar to baseboa rd but gets it up off t he floor and away from curtains & furnitu re.

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 06/09/2018

At work on Saturday making thin gs look amazing. Went with a differe nt look, instead of a plain ordina ry wall light at the vanity. Jo dy Gorsh

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 06/03/2018

Another year of dedicating a bun ch of time to Summer Of T he Arts. Arts Fest is wrapped up a nd done. Again we are proud to do pow er distribution for a great Iowa Ci ty Festival.

Photos from Gorsh Electric's post 04/12/2018

Cool item from a few wee ks ago. Led lighting on some co ol porch framing.


I am Jody Gorsh the own er of Gorsh Electric. I am n ot good at promoting my business on Facebo ok, but it is time to sta rt. I am a very proud sma ll business owner. I hope to n ot only promote my business but gr ow my business for my family a nd my employee. Small businesses like mi ne that truly want to give custome rs a great product deserve to be bu sy and grow. People deserve great contracto rs and great homes, we are he re to help.

More to come
Thank you fr om Gorsh Electric

Timeline photos 07/31/2017

Demo time at the future Nor th Liberty location.

Gorsh Electric updated their phone numb er. 07/09/2017

Gorsh Electric updated their phone numb er.

Gorsh Electric updated their phone numb er.

Gorsh Electric updated their information in the ir About section. 07/09/2017

Gorsh Electric updated their information in the ir About section.

Gorsh Electric updated their information in the ir About section.

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