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Skin care, makeup, & weight loss all in one awesome company! We took out the middle man creating our


If money was no issue, and you could go on a shopping spree on the Acti-Labs website, what would you fill your bag with?🤔



Any order over £30, $40 USD, $50CAD = free brown mascara! Starts tomorrow til Sunday pm.

6 Reasons to wear Brown Mascara!

You may be thinking, “Why would anyone wear brown mascara when you can wear black?”

I am here to put that thought to rest, because there are quite a few makeup looks and trends that are far better when worn with brown mascara!


If you’re sporting newly lightened locks, it’s not a bad idea to go lighter with your mascara too. While blondes can totally rock black mascara, a brown shade will look less harsh against your pale strands.


Running out the door to pick up groceries or get the kids to school? While errands certainly don’t call for a full face of makeup, applying a few coats of brown mascara is a quick and easy way to accent your natural beauty without whipping out your entire makeup bag.


If you have brown eyes, brown mascara is a seriously easy way to accent their rich chocolate color. A brown hue will allow your eyes to appear brighter and richer with just a few swipes of your mascara wand.


Whether you barely wear makeup on a daily basis or sport a soft smoky eye every single day, brown mascara is perfect for any daytime makeup look. A brown shade is much more subtle than black, which can come across as harsh for an everyday makeup look. Whether you’re off to work or having a picnic in the park with friends, brown mascara will tie together your look.


Let’s not neglect your bottom lashes! While your upper lashes may be your main focus when it comes to applying mascara, coating your bottom lashes can help tie together your entire eye makeup look. A brown mascara is the perfect way to create bold bottom lashes that won’t overpower the rest of your eye makeup look.


Makeup trend alert: The no makeup, makeup look continues to be one of the hottest makeup looks on the beauty scene. Whether you’re going out and want to appear boho-chic or are heading to class and want to look a little more put-together, brown mascara is a necessity for a natural makeup look.

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There is a simple trick to have

Gently clean the face with a smooth cotton wet with the our Micellar Lotion, perfect for all you need to remove the impurities and let your skin breathe and renew the cells while you sleep.


We consider our products comparable to those 3X the cost. 💰💰💰

-Dermatologically Tested👩‍⚕️
-Clinically Proven👩‍⚕️

45+ Cream Clinical Trial Results

- Proven to reduce wrinkle depth by up to 22.3% after 28 days of use
-100% of people tested said they would buy this day cream
- 100% of people tested answered positive that their skin looks firmer and more elastic after 28 days of use
- 100% of people tested answered positive that this day cream reduced the visible signs of ageing after 28 days of use

Available for 3 different Skin types:
Oily, Normal, Dry

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Our patented Acti-Complexe is proven to get results.

From wrinkle smoothing to anti-acne to a glowing radiance.

PROVEN to..... not "we say it does".

It's 3 steps to the skin you deserve.

And don't forget....

Cosmeceuticals provide your skin with correcting and anti-ageing properties that you simply cannot get with your regular cosmetics.

Pick the cleanser for your skin type, the eye care for your skin type and a day cream for your age range and skin type ... then watch your skin dreams come true!!

If you want to be really can add the Night Cream for your skin type and a weekly Mask too.

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Compare us to products 3X the cost!!! We believe in our products so much that if you currently spend £75/$100/130 CAD or more on a single skin care product, we will send you our equivalent completely FREE to compare*. We believe you'll be converted and amazed!

Clinically Proven and Dematologically Tested, we are proud of the results achieved by our new skincare range.

Whatever your age, Acti-Labs has created expert nourishing formulas for your skin type.

Our latest skincare products all contain 'Acti-Complexe’ a new Proprietary Ingredient which has been developed by our research and development team. Clinically proven to maintain consistent moisturization together with a statistically significant increase in skin brightness.

All of the study procedures are carried out independently and in accordance with the Ethical Principles for Medical Research involving Human Subjects.

* We will need to see proof of purchase & a photo of your opened product. Our product will be supplied Free of Charge. You will need to pay for the delivery.

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HUGE things are happening !!!!

"Cosmeceuticals provide your skin with anti-ageing and skin correcting properties that you simply cannot get from your regular cosmetics"

Clinically proven results. 😍

Developed for your age range and skin type. This skin care lover is so excited right now!

My network can not wait to help you all get your hands on these products 💕

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We live in a "more is better" culture, but when it comes to skin care (especially skin care with active ingredients), you probably apply too much. There are negative consequences when you apply too much product to your skin, both physically and financially. Keep reading to learn how you can get the best results from your skin care.

Why too much product is bad

At best, applying too much skin care product can be ineffective and at worst it can be harmful to your skin.
Applying too much product can inhibit proper pe*******on, leading to less effective results.
If the product is highly concentrated or has strong active ingredients, you can actually damage the skin by applying too much.
If applied too heavy it can lead to an undesirable effect, like breakouts or irritation.
For example, if you use too much cleanser and don't rinse it off all the way it could lead to irritation. If you apply too much of a facial mask it can impair its performance (especially if it needs to dry completely).
Even if you're using a very mild formula that doesn't result in irritation, your skin will only absorb a certain amount of product. The excess skin care will sit on top of your skin without being absorbed and will eventually evaporate or rub off. This wastes product and money.
When you choose high quality, professional grade skin care, like Acti-Labs, you don't need to apply a heavy layer of product or use a large amount. See image to guide yourself on the proper amount to use.

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Not sure which products are right for you?

Let our Personal Shoppers help you to achieve full body confidence with Cosmeceutical Products at Lab Direct prices!!


My weightloss ebook comes out today... and its FREE!!

Who wants a copy?

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More black Friday sales added tomorrow!!!


Save 54% UK
Save 57% USA
Save 57%. CAD

Occasionally men need a little help when it comes to choosing skincare for themselves – And it’s not all ultra-masculine shaving creams and strongly scented creams anymore – Acti-Labs Pour Homme range is all about sleek packaging, effective formulas and minimal fuss.

1x Pour Homme - Eye Candy 15ml
1x Pour Homme - Face Food 50ml
1x Pour Homme - Shave cream 150ml

Cosmeceutical products are the bridge between regular cosmetics and pharmaceutical grade products. Cosmeceuticals provide you with skin correcting and anti-aging properties that you simply cannot get from your regular cosmetics.

We already consider our products to be comparable to those that are over 3x the price of ours so enjoy the even bigger savings in our Black Five-Day event.

PS sales start TODAY!!!!!


Half Price Eyelash Growth Mascara ????

Anyone who knows us knows that here at Acti, we don’t accept anything less than perfection.✨

Our NEW lash growth mascara has a lovely wide brush to allow you to coat every lash perfectly. 😍

However, due to the size of the large brush, the scraper inside the new style mascara tube is scraping a little bit too much product off the wand when you open the tube. 🤔🤔🤔

So ... rather than waste the formula inside.... we are offering you guys the chance to try it HALF price while we rectify the size issue.

Side note: you can purchase individual mascara wands at most Dollar Trees or Walmarts ;) so you can get the most for your money 💸💸💸

Who is willing to give it a try? Also available in Brown!!! 😮😮😮


. 🥥 ᴄᴀʟʟɪɴɢ ᴄᴏᴄᴏɴᴜᴛ ʟᴏᴠᴇʀꜱ 🥥

If you LOVE 😍 coconut then this little beauty will not disappoint 😍

Bath & Body set with a splash of purple, huge splurge of luxury and a heavenly coconut scent.

ᶜᵒᶜᵒⁿᵘᵗ ˢʰᵒʷᵉʳ ᴳᵉˡ ⁽¹⁸⁰ᵐˡ⁾
ᶜᵒᶜᵒⁿᵘᵗ ᴮᵘᵇᵇˡᵉ ᴮᵃᵗʰ ⁽¹⁸⁰ᵐˡ⁾
ᶜᵒᶜᵒⁿᵘᵗ ᴮᵒᵈʸ ᶜʳᵉᵃᵐ ⁽⁵⁰ᵐˡ⁾
ᶜᵒᶜᵒⁿᵘᵗ ᴮᵒᵈʸ ᴸᵒᵗⁱᵒⁿ ⁽¹⁰⁵ᵐˡ⁾
ᶜᵒᶜᵒⁿᵘᵗ ᴹⁱⁿⁱ ᴮᵃᵗʰ ᴮᵒᵐᵇˢ ⁽ˣ⁴⁾

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Reached a weight loss plateau?😣😣
You may be suffering with a toxic☣️
build up!
When your fat cells store these nasty little toxins your body finds it difficult to shed the extra pounds. This is where strip tea comes in! 1 cup 🍵 a day is all it takes to strip back the toxins and lose weight! ⚖️

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has added our Coconut Bath Set to their favorite Wish List this year!


Who has brown spots?
Uneven skin tone?
Freckles that you don’t love?!

I have a cosmeceutical solution which WONT break the bank!

This small but mighty cosmeceutical cream is your number one for fighting free radicals and brown really packs a punch! 🤛👊
This cosmeceutical skincare helps minimize the appearance of dark spots, and helps block the visible recurrence.
Rich in anti-oxidant ingredients, it strengthens💪 skin’s natural defenses to beautify the skin and improve its quality daily.
NoTox moisturiser saturates your skin with a potent blend of nutrients to fight free radicals and combat deterioration.


Holy moly!!!!

On Friday our Brand NEW kits are being released. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

This is just one of them.... They are all great so it is hard to choose!!!

Get 10 full sized items for just $52.50 PLUS recieve $40 to spend on ANY products too!

Friday can NOT come quick enough!!! 😍😍

If you want to make money for Christmas then we need to talk! 🤩🤩

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This is why I love Acti Labs foundation!!
Full coverage, lightweight, double pigmented, and acne fighting!

And it’s under $20!!

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✔️Safe for kids 2+
✔️No bleach
✔️No chemicals
✔️ Large tube
✔️Great for sensitive teeth
✔️ Dentist recommended
✔️ Works on wine 🍷 , coffee ☕️ & smoking stains 🚬
Way less expensive than whitening strips and other whitening products.
Only $4.50
Comment below for info or to grab some for yourself!👇👇👇

The pic with the hearts are my very own results from my first few uses!!! I'll never use another toothpaste!!!


Primer is essential during the Fall 🍃🍂 and Winter❄️🧥 months. It will help your foundation to stay put, even out skin tone and it works as a shield between the foundation and your skin – ensuring that there are no visible dry flaky patches on the face👍. Our Foundation Primer dramatically blurs and reduces the appearance of pores and simultaneously controls excess oil for up to 8 hours!




♥️♥️BIG NEWS!!!!!♥️♥️
We have a new Mascara coming which also contains 🎃 CUCURBITA PEPO (PUMPKIN) SEED EXTRACT to encourage lash growth 😲😲 and synthetic 🐝 Beeswax instead of real....this is in preparation for our registration with cruelty free organisations.👐👐
The new version will be available SOON!!!
P.S I also know we will have black AND brown now!!!! I can not wait!!!

I apologize to any of you waiting but I will keep you posted when I know more 😘

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So you know our soothing cleansing milk is fantastic right? I was surprised when I was doing research that it had Apricot Kernel Oil in. I haven’t heard of that before in skin care! But look what I found on how awesome that ingredient is! I can see why this ingredient is used in this product with all its awesome qualities.

Apricot Kernel oil is well suited for skin care products because it is a mild, moisturizing oil, and is readily absorbed into the skin without leaving a residue behind. It is recommended for mature or sensitive skin.

Emollient – Apricot seed oil is an excellent moisturizer
Anti-Inflammatory – It reduces inflammation
Anti-Aging – It provides nutrition and support to the skin so that aging is reduced.
Anti- Bacterial – Keeps bacteria away.
Antiseptic – Reduces risk of infection in open wounds and cuts.
Antioxidant – Prevents the skin from damage by free radicals

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Oh my GOOOOODNESS.... Someone “Control” me ... I’m “Dazzled” with excitement!
Who has already grabbed their EXCLUSIVE mask offer?
Available NOW for ALL VIP’s!!


In a single day, most people face exposure to hundreds of unique synthetic chemicals - filling our body with toxins! Hydra-Slim is a delicious blend of powerful weight loss super-fruits and botanical features containing pure natural extracts designed to re-balance, restore and rid our body of toxins.

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Still wondering if you should sign up to be a FREE VIP? 🤔🤔🤔

Here's your answer!!! 👐👐👐

VIP's ONLY can get our BRAND NEW Dazzle or Control Rebalancing Masks with collodial gold FIRST!!!!

Ambassadors can't even get them on Monday!!!!


VIP is live!!!
Be sure to check that you are a VIP and claim your 10% off your first order 😍😍😍

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♥️♥️♥️Acti-labs ♥️♥️♥️
We ARE the labs providing Cosmeceutical Products at Laboratory Direct Prices!
Cosmeceuticals are professional skincare products, which bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Backed by science 'Cosmeceuticals' provide the most effective active ingredients for improving the skin and treating skin conditions.


Thanks Dee Zieser Weber for your order please let me know if you have any questions!!!!

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