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Did you know posting content on social media 2-3 times a day is crucial to keep you in front of your customers? Learn why during our next Breakfast Smart Series as Kody Fitzjerrells, Owner of Omni Digital Group, shares his strategies for digital marketing. To register: Thank you to Mediacom Business for sponsoring this event.
Are you currently utilizing a marketing agency to help you with your Facebook and Instagram advertising? We have one basic question for you.

Do they show you reports that track the exact ROI of your advertising dollar if you are a brick and mortar retailer?

If the answer is no, hold them accountable. Or, give us a call and we can help you see this ROI and hold ourselves accountable to help you grow your business.

If the answer is yes, fantastic! Keep going.

Do they show you reports that track the exact ROI of your advertising dollar if you are a brick and mortar retailer?

If the answer is no, hold them accountable. Or, give us a call and we can help you see this ROI and hold ourselves accountable to help you grow your business.

If the answer is yes, fantastic! Keep going.
Congratulations to MERGE members Omni Digital Group on their growth! This is why we have MERGE; to provide entrepreneurs like Kody Fitzjerrells with affordable office space, connections, and resources to help them grow and succeed in ICR IOWA.

We help retailers grow using the data in their POS system. At Omni, we help retailers scale their business through data. We integrate with their POS system and help them get back in front of these people again and again.

We do this in 3 easy to understand strategies.

1. Increase the number of YOUR customers
2. Increase the average transaction value of YOUR customer
3. Increase the number of transactions of YOUR customer

Operating as usual

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One of the largest struggles that brands have with their retailers is the messaging they send to the brand and retailer's mutual customers. With Omni Lightning, we bridge this disconnect and create audiences with in-store POS data and then perform these ad campaigns in partnership with brands co-op dollars.

Check out the case studies below to see how we've helped retailers grow their business in a 30 day period ‡️


Omni Digital Group is a big user of Klaviyo with all of our email and texting clients. On average, we produce a 17x return for our retail clients.

How can we help you grow as a retailer?

Photos from Omni Digital Group's post 04/13/2022

Designs for a boutique in Pittsburg we just partnered with. We were excited to create and deliver such fun, colorful designs for them that really emphasized their brand!


We asked our President and Founder, Kody Fitzjerrells, one word he would use to describe Omni Digital Group. This is what he said.

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With a product feed, we are able to pull product information from your ecommerce integration and display this information in an email template. We use this feature in both flows and mass email campaigns!

Reach out or visit our website to learn more:

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We love helping retailers grow and we want to help you next! If you're interested in our SMS and email marketing capabilities, reach out to us!

Grow as a retailer, with Omni Digital.

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Profiles are something we are able to use and create in our email and SMS marketing platform. With the data we have and through personalization, we can see purchase history of an individual, key metrics, predictive analytics, and so much more.

Interested in ways you can use your data to drive revenue? Reach out or visit our website to learn more:

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We want to give a huge Happy Birthday shoutout today to our CEO, Luke Barta! On behalf of everyone at Omni Digital, thank you for everything you do and we hope you have a great day ⚑

Photos from Omni Digital Group's post 04/05/2022

Designs for Shoe Country Warehouse... simple yet effective and we are loving it! With minimal details in these, we really got to highlight the shoe and its different angles.

Timeline photos 04/03/2022

Meet the team: Scott Schafer, Lead Software Developer

Here's what Kody Fitzjerrells, President of Omni Digital Group, had to say about Scott: "Scott has been a tremendous asset here at Omni since day 1! He has helped us build our Omni Lightning software that powers our core mission which is to help retailers leverage their data to grow. Scott is an amazing person who cares passionately about his work as well as those around him. Thank you for everything you do for the company and for myself personally, Scott!"

Thanks for everything, Scott! We appreciate you πŸ‘


How are you utilizing mass SMS/emails vs. automated messages to grow your business? If you're interested in learning more about SMS and email automations, reach out with any questions!


Congratulations Kody & Rachel!πŸ₯³


Do you use the same software for your email and SMS marketing? If not, take a listen as to why it's so important and reach out if you're interested in learning more! We are helping retailers grow daily with our strategies ⚑

Photos from Omni Digital Group's post 03/30/2022

Recent designs created for a North Face campaign we launched for a client πŸ”₯

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Today's comes from David Ogilvy who was known as the "Father of Advertising." At Omni, we have created a culture of individuals who strive to be their best both professionally and personally. We work hard and have FUN!

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Check out these results using our customer win-back email automation over the last 30 days. This automation is used to target individuals who have not shopped in a while by showing them new products. The results speak for themselves! πŸ”₯


Tiktok bloopers make every day a little bit betterπŸ˜‚

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Digital marketing is ever-changing and although our processes are always improving we maintain our consistency by keeping it simple!

Photos from Omni Digital Group's post 03/23/2022

New designs for our client, Mason Brothers Footwear & Apparel πŸ”₯

Timeline photos 03/21/2022

We began working with Tindell Shoes a couple of weeks ago and are really appreciating the partnership we created with them!

With stores in both Oelwein and West Union, IA, they are a family shoe store with a goal to maintain the service, integrity, and quality started by Glenn Tindell and continued by Clarence and Lavera Tindell.

Timeline photos 03/20/2022

Huge thanks to Jordan Montgomery for coming and speaking with our team last week! We appreciate the mentorship and look forward to his visits every month. He also showed up with David Nurse's new book, Breakthrough, for each of us! We're looking forward to this new read!


We want to give a huge congratulations to our President & Founder, Kody Fitzjerrells and his now fiancΓ©e, Rachel Shrode on their engagement yesterday! From all of us at Omni, we are so incredibly happy for the both of you πŸ’

Timeline photos 03/17/2022

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." -Seneca

Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us here at Omni Digital! πŸ€

Photos from Omni Digital Group's post 03/16/2022

We're excited to partner with Tindell Shoes and kick off their first campaign this week! Check out some of their graphics ⚑

Timeline photos 03/14/2022

We are extremely excited to welcome Chiappetta Shoes in Kenosha, WI as our newest client at Omni! We're looking forward to doing big things with them!

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Meet Maddy Osland, Digital Strategist intern at Omni Digital Group! Working with retailers in the shoe space, Maddy handles our client services in social, texting, and email.

"Maddy has been a huge asset for us since the day she started! Her willingness to help in any way and drive to continuously learn more is what sets her apart from most! I am extremely lucky to be able to work side by side with Maddy and can't wait to see what she does in the future." - Kelli Denlinger, Director of Client Services

Thanks for everything you do, Maddy πŸ‘πŸ€©

Omni Digital Group updated their address. 03/13/2022

Omni Digital Group updated their address.

Omni Digital Group updated their address.

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Congrats to our client, Peterson Shoes, on their feature in the NSRA magazine! Well done to Dawn, Ana, Jenna, Sandra, and the entire team.


Canva for the win! 🀫

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Real Talk Retail Episode 1 is live! Listen to us touch on 3 major points in retail... DTC brands, cross platform marketing, and industry growth πŸŽ™οΈ

Photos from Omni Digital Group's post 03/09/2022

Some of our latest designs for Tortoise & Hare featuring Hoka and Brooks πŸ‘Ÿ

Timeline photos 03/08/2022

Welcome our newest employee, Chandler Dunn, to Omni Digital! We are ecstatic to have Chandler joining our sales department and can't wait to see all he accomplishes.

Welcome to the team πŸ‘

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Meet the team: Joel Hurt, Sales Executive!
"Joel has been a major asset to the Omni team. His passion and his dedication to his work show when he is talking day in and day out with potential clients. It is an honor to have you on the team and continue to pursue big goals!" - Kody Fitzjerrells, President & Founder

Thanks for everything you do, Joel πŸ‘

Timeline photos 03/05/2022

How can we help your retail business grow?

Our Story

Omni - All; of all things or in all ways or places. This is what we help your business accomplish. We want your customers saying... "I see your company everywhere."​

Helping you become present in all customers minds and get out of obscurity. If people do not know your company, they can't buy from you.

3 Main Goals of Omni Digital Group

Increase the number of YOUR customers

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