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The 2021 Bike library Crew. Thank you for helping us grow and expand and offer more sustainable and affordable transportations options to this stellar community.
Iowa City Bike Library just got a new amazing decal on their trailer! Decals are an eye-catching way of drawing attention to your business. Just Imagine how many passersby will see it. Vinyl decals are not only great for business promotion but for having remarkable versatility. They can go just about anywhere, from walls to windows and even floors and ceilings. No need to worry if you have a curved or painted surface, our vinyl decals are highly conformable to any curve, surface, or shape! 😎
We are honored and excited to be a part of the Racial Equity Connect Collective along with our friends from Astig Planning LLC, Multicultural Development Center of Iowa, Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit, LULAC Council 308, Banjo Knits Empowerment LLC, Iowa City Bike Library, Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa:: Centro de Justicia Laboral, and Dream City. This is important work and we are committed to playing a role in advancing racial equity and inclusive economic development in our community.
Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of partaking in the Iowa City Bike Library’s β€œRaise It Up Ride,” a thoughtfully curated interactive ride focused on racial equity. The 8 mile ride takes you to historic and modern milestones while telling stories of pain, struggle, joy, and hope, all the while urging you to take action in the fight for justice.

Major props to the incredible people who helped make this ride possible. There is still time to take this journey, whether self-guided or with a group. I highly recommend it!

Learn more at:
Double double toil and trouble. The Witches Take Flight tonight! πŸ§™β€β™€οΈπŸ•·

Join the witches of #BikeIowaCity tonight for a short β€œflight” around the area. Snacks and drinks at 7, rides leaves the Iowa City Bike Library at 8.
Cool views and incredible food at this year's Farm Cycle with the Iowa City Bike Library celebrating the idea of bicycle touring small-scale farms, and immersing our community in the local flavor for the 10th year!πŸŽ‰

🌞 The weather was incredible, folks were all smiles, and the day was filled with gorgeous rural Iowa views, humble family farms, and some of the best food to bring it all together. There's a real connection to the land, the people that steward its fertile soil, the winding dusty roads between them, and the beautiful flavors from the food at the end of this cycle that keep us coming back every year. ❀️ Thank you, @audreywied + @bikelibrarian for giving us this incredible experience! 🌽πŸ₯•πŸ…πŸ·πŸŒ» #farmcycle
Thank you so much for allowing us to participate in the Farm Cycle - 10 Yr Anniversary! We had an amazing time and could not be anymore grateful for the amazing people we met while doing it. Huge shout out to Audrey Wiedemeier , Bonnie at Calico Farms, Corbin at Rainbow Roots and Forrest at Onion Grove! The attention to detail that needs to occur for Farm Cycle is off the charts, Audrey puts her heart and soul into this event and it shows. The produce we used for our dish were truly top shelf, I am so incredibly proud of the local produce this town has going on. Thank you to all the participants, everyone was an absolute joy to serve!
What's up in the neighborhood this weekend!?

Hands down, our favorite ride of the year, Farm Cycle - 10 Yr Anniversary! with our friends Iowa City Bike Library is making its return this Sunday, Sept. 19th, and celebrating 10 years of riding to the farm for beautiful food, ferments, and the best energy and we couldn't be more stoked to get in on the action. Tickets are almost sold out so ya better hustle if you're hoping to team up! 🌽 πŸ₯• πŸ…

Also wanted to show some serious ❀️ for our Cedar Rapids community organizing the first annual Bever Park Neighborhood Association (BPNA) Bike Parade happening this Sunday, Sept. 19th at Bever Park. Bring the whole fam and your bikes for an easy afternoon getting to know our neighbors and celebrating this historic corner of Cedar Rapids! 🌊

Whatever your plans are, we truly hope you find some time to celebrate this cozy late summer Iowa weather, your closest people, and the beauty of a bike ride.

⚠️ A heads up that our bike shop will be CLOSED this coming Sunday 9/19 to ride Farm Cycle and we would love to see you all out there! ✌️
Thanks to the Iowa City Bike Library for the interactive Raise it Up ride, featuring history and current events as we work together to make Iowa City a more equitable place. Grab a map at the Bike Library at 1222 S. Gilbert Court.

(Bonus sighting of endangered sandhill cranes in the off-road section on the southeast edge of the Sycamore Greenway!)
Hi. I am looking to check out 3 bikes, two adults and one 6-year-old, for the month of July. I sent an email to you, but got no response. I just hope that you are all still alright and in operation.
Hey there. Glad this place exists - it didn't when I live there many years ago. I need bikes for my family for the month of July (we are test driving Iowa City). I sent you an email, but didn't get a response. In these covid days, people just drop out of existence, so I wanted to be sure someone was still there.
Hi Bike Librarians!

The bottom bracket on my 1980 Trek 412 is feeling kinda crunchy.... Is there anything I can do to make it run a little smoother?


The Bike Library is a volunteer-run community bike project located at 1222 S. Gilbert Court, in Iowa City, Iowa. The Bike Library is a volunteer-run community bicycle project located at 1222 S.

We repair donated bikes and check them out to the public. Bikes are priced with a deposit (ranging from $50-$300). If a bike is returned in good condition within the six-month checkout period, the deposit will be returned to the user, minus a $50 processing fee and damage to the bicycle, if any. Alternatively, patrons can choose to keep their bikes and forfeit their deposit.

Operating as usual


Bike ride to the @coralville_food_pantry and picnic dinner this Friday, anyone? Meet at the Bike Library Friday at 5:30. Five mile ride to pick up community meal, picnic, then you're on your own to get home so remember to bring lights!!

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 02/24/2022

Major Taylor + Black Cycling Orgs to Check Out and Support + Saturday Ride 🚲 -

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 02/17/2022

Saturday Ride + 2022 + New Bike Time 🚲 -


Next Wednesday Night @7PM: our Board of Directors invites y'all to the shop for the Bike Library's Annual Meeting.
Meetings can be a drag, and here at the BL we're always trying to funk things up where we can, while still pushing forward on enacting big ideas for this community bike shop.
If you're interested in chatting about future plans or want to step forward as someone willing to help lead our initiatives--join us.


There's a first time for everything! Next Wed. at 7PM join us for our first board meeting that's open to the public.


10mi ride this Saturday, Feb. 19 at 2pm w/ ride leader, volunteer mechanic, and overall rad-to-the-bone human Michelle Voss! Meet us at the Bike Library this Saturday at 2pm. Comment below of you plan to go so we have an idea of who's showing up! If you're interested in leading some rides this year from the BL--give Audrey a shout.

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 02/09/2022

Thanks y'all for coming out last Saturday for a chilly ride, chili dogs, a few history lessons, and a lotta love.

Timeline photos 02/04/2022

Saturday Ride & Lunch to Celebrate Black History Month -


One year ago or board chair Nadia Juneja and VP Mike Haverkamp signed the loan documents for a mortgage with @hillsbank's Tim Finer for 1222 SOUTH GILBERT COURT. We couldn't have done this without the support of @lkriowa Jeff Edberg and the past 4 years of support from the @johnsoncountyia board of supervisors.

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 01/27/2022

We are wrapping up the End of a year Giving Campaign this week. Many of our donors are volunteers too. Noa--thank you for giving quality time & bucks, and also sprinkling those sparks of joy, laughter, and knowledge everywhere you ride your bike around this community. It's folks like this that make us shine bright.

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 01/26/2022

Fearless leader, Ameri, at Terry Trueblood leading one of the Stay Cozy Winter Biking rides. Ameri's mentorship and generosity to share time, tips, and skills with new winter riders makes her a standout community member--these past two months alone she's mentored 16 new folks. This past year she's been leading WTF Nights & bike backing adventures, retrofitting bikes to suit her needs & pushing boundaries of what's possible on two wheels; all the whole towing tot Xerxes in the kiddy trailer. πŸ“Έ@trevorlee007 @noafromtheinternet

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 01/25/2022

Choosing the bicycle for short trips around town is one very impactful way individuals can help combat climate change. Save car trips for longer trips and help reduce congestion in your own neighborhood. The @cityofiowacity is helping us to do our part in reducing dependency on fossil fuels here at the shop too. Just this past year we've increased natural light, made the switch to LEDs, and are getting a comprehensive energy audit of our new building all thanks to the Climate Action Grant we received in 2021 from the City of IC.

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 01/24/2022

Polly staying cozy on one of her many outings this winter on the cleared trails β„οΈπŸŒˆ ❄️@cityofiowacity @icparksandrec . πŸ“Έ By her partner Jim. They ending up getting a flat recently and luckily we're able to walk to @worldofbikesic Shout out to y'all--Jim said you were amazing and thank you fixing the flat right away.


Our neighbor Nancy at Friendship Yoga across the street snapped this last night. Lots of warmth here in the shop even in deep winter.

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 01/20/2022

From beginner to elite-level racers! πŸ’› Donate in the next 12 days to help us reach our goal and receive the 4th annual letterpress poster. -


So sad, no WTF tonight--FYI. See you next Tuesday folx! Playing things COVID safe.

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 01/04/2022

Announcing the Winter Workshop Schedule πŸ”§ View the Care and Repair Clinic schedule and register on our website. -


Happy New Year Bicycle Glam Fam! A toast to all that we've come together and accomplished this year. Thank you for your donations of time as volunteers, bikes to be upcycled to reclaimed streets, and bucks that support our efforts to make cycling not only more accessable, but more inclusive, vibrant, and joyous.


Women/Trans*/Femme Night- Every Tues 6 to 8. Wrenching on bikes, working on art projects, and you never know who's gonna show up. Bike need a little love? Winter is the perfect time to tweak and tune it up. Come on down!

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 12/23/2021

Another impressive brake hack! Amrei updated her old GT by designing and then machining on a disc brake adaptor. Digging this ultimate hauler πŸ’₯πŸ’ŽπŸ’₯

Photo Gallery: Locals paint a mural by the numbers for Iowa City Climate Fest - Little Village 12/20/2021

Photo Gallery: Locals paint a mural by the numbers for Iowa City Climate Fest - Little Village

We are excited to announce our 2021 poster inspired by artist Erykah Danner, and painted by you all!

Photo Gallery: Locals paint a mural by the numbers for Iowa City Climate Fest - Little Village moreCommunity volunteers helped paint a by-the-numbers mural on the Resource Management Center building Thursday as part of Iowa City’s second annual Climate Fest. Local artist Erika Danner designed the mural with a climate and environment theme, featuring worms, centipedes, fungi and plants. The ...

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 12/16/2021

The '21 Stay Cozy Biking Crew. Let them inspire you to get out this winter. We are here to help! -


Stay Cozy Winter Biking Lily & Adams! Panniers, lights, racks, and custom fenders + hand-me-down cold weather cycling clothing + World of Bikes gift certificates = The Ultimate Outfitting to support this stellar group of 16 folks who are biking through winter for the first time.


πŸͺ΅ It started out as a racket ball court at Robert A Lee Rec Center. The Salvage Barn saved it. Lisa & Mike Haverkamp bought it for the Bike Library's forever home house warming present. It was a runway for most of this year, and dispite Audrey's best effort to make every day a fashion show, we finally decided it was better encompassing the lounge Sam built. At the volunteer disco party last night, this salvage hardwood maple floor, we believe, fulfilled it's destiny being transformed into the Friday night dance floor for the South Gilbert Court neighborhoodπŸ•ΊπŸ½


2021 BL Volunteers πŸ“Έ The Bike Librarian crew has grown! Last night we celebrated everything that our volunteers do to make cycling more accessable. If you've leant a hand in helping to build out and build up our new home in 2021, and didn't get to make it down, don't worry, we partied enough for everyone. And we'll get you your thank you gift soon. Together we moved a massive shop, got 718 Johnson County, Iowa residents bikes, and conducted 16 social-conscious programs to empower folks to ride more this year. Lots of love coming at you from 1222 S. Gilbert Ct in The City of Iowa City Government . Thanks Marcella, Tracy Jon, Blake, John, Matt & Jose, for helping with the details πŸ«”πŸ”₯🍺 We also decided that the theme for the next fiesta will be salsa.


Dress warm tonight! And be sure to add some disco flare for the dancefloor. We'll be opening the garage doors for covid safely FYI. Turn up!


Stay Cozy John, Hai, and Adam
Love Jon, Amrei, Drew and Auds

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 12/07/2021

Shindig this Friday - Peek at the 2021 Poster! -


Rachel and @olupentane roundin' out the first week of Start Cozy Winter Biking. Fenders, knobbies, panniers, and some really sweet, gently used clothing thanks to the bike community--we set!
#reducereuserecycle then #shoplocal @worldofbikesic for that one special, much needed piece of gear that will make each trek out in the snow all the more fun.


A sea of all kinds a winter equipped bikes: Polly's all-terrain trike, Laura's zippy e-bike, and Jim's dialed hybrid.
Our mentors Jenna and Michelle meet with Cozies for two hours to discuss the sport of winter cycling while Drew and Audrey get the bikes ready for snow and ice.
People who have never biked in the winter before get individualized support to get up and get out even as the temp continues to drop thanks to @worldofbikesic and everyone who donated winter cycling gear! Thank y'all.


Stay Cozy Winter Biking program starts tonight and we're ready. We got a lotta excellent donated warm biking clothes that will find a good home with the 17 participants!! We're excited to be partnering with @worldofbikesic to give out gift certificates for new gear too that will keep cozies riding strong throughout the winter!


Dec. 10th 7-9pm we're celebrating Bikes Librarian volunteers and y'all are invited to join us. RSVP link in bio.

Photos from Iowa City Bike Library's post 11/27/2021

The dynamic duo of Kathleen and Kristian! They're always showing up when we need volunteers most, and they're always willing to get whatever job done--no matter how dirty. Today they cleaned and painted the drain cover in preparation for a volunteer art project we're scheming. Thank y'all so much! It's been such a pleasure to work with you this past year πŸ˜»πŸ”§πŸš΄πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

2021 - What a year!! 11/15/2021

Growing a strong, inclusive, and vibrant community with a little help from Johnson County, Iowa The City of Iowa City Government and the bicycle. 🌎

This year as we sit down to write and submit our Quality of Life Block Grant application, and reflect on this past year as a whole, we wanted to share with you all some photos to showcase how bikes create a strong, inclusive, and vibrant community.

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Our neighbor Maurice who owns Creative Printing Plus at 1024 S. Gilbert Court is having an Open House this Thursday, Fri...
Happy New Year πŸŽͺ🀑🚲


1222 South Gilbert Court
Iowa City, IA

Opening Hours

Friday 12pm - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm

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