Het wordt weer lekker weer om te fietsen! Een enthousiaste Duitse gast van ons kasteel heeft een prachtige fietstocht ontwikkeld van 50 km. Deze ligt bij onze balie en is ook te downloaden via de app 'Radtouren meinRheinland', leuk voor Duitse gasten maar eigenlijk gewoon voor iedereen die van fietsen houdt! Bij ons staat de koffie met vlaai klaar!


RadTour produces bicycle tours of local farms, food and fermentation. Ride on. RadTour Productions LLC organizes bicycle rides that specialize in featuring local farms and fueling riders with healthy, sustainable food en route.

We started out in 2011 organizing the Culinary Ride in Iowa City, Iowa. From Iowa was born this tradition of celebrating and educating sustainable agriculture by bicycle. Our aim is to contribute to local food and transportation movements, obliterate the obesity epidemic and heal our broken food system. Radtour is the German word for bicycle ride. Rad meaning: wheel. It’s a tour by wheels and, per


RadTour Bike Ride

Radtour Iowa City online sales are SOLD OUT! We have 10 spots available first come first serve at check in beginning 9AM at New Pioneer Co-op


Hydrate Jirate

Gunnar be sunshine, lollipops and sweaty tomorrow! We ain't got plastic cups.

BUY THE SONG RIGHT NOW HERE: http://lesliehall.bandcamp.com/track/hydrate-jirate-demo-2 From the coming soon album called DESTINATION FRIENDSHIP. This is a s...


RadTour's cover photo

eventbrite.com 05/07/2017

Radtour Cedar Rapids 2017

eventbrite.com Radtour promotes the bicycle and real food movements with intimate, community-oriented bicycle tours of small farms. Each farm is paired with a chef serving local food tastings. We are proud to feature the Superhero Farmers that grow our food and Rockstar Chefs who source local ingredients.  Riders…


RadTour Bike Ride

Registration now open for RadTour Cedar Rapids happening May 14. Save some dough by taking advantage of early bird ticket pricing available for a limited time.

radtourbikeride.com 09/15/2016

RadTour Bike Ride


littlevillagemag.com 09/07/2016

Iowans to bike in Iowa City Culinary Ride for farm-to-table food - Little Village

thanks for the great write up Courtenay Bouvier!!

littlevillagemag.com Iowa City Culinary Ride New Pioneer Co-op — Sunday, Sept. 18 at 8 a.m. On Sunday, Sept. 18, RadTour LLC will bring the Culinary Ride back to Iowa City for a 37-mile harvest bicycle ride that perfectly exemplifies what’s most magical about Iowa: community, bicycles and farm-to-table values. Riders wi...


RadTour Bike Ride

Look at these beautiful brews. 2 weeks until we ride from Somerset on get signed up and plan to enjoy some great beer after a day in the saddle.

itunes.apple.com 08/27/2016

The Fermentation Podcast by The Fermentation Podcast on iTunes

If you've adopted a kitchen pet before, you know that being a new parent is exciting and a little scary too. Good thing it's bacteria and yeast you're experimenting with! I love listening to this podcast as Pauls voice is soothing and he's got wonderful guests on the show to help you through the process.

itunes.apple.com Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of The Fermentation Podcast by The Fermentation Podcast for free.


RadTour's cover photo

radtourbikeride.com 08/13/2016

RadTour Bike Ride

Who has tried out a new ferment this year? A new bike route? Planted a home garden or singed up for a CSA share for the first time?

It is Kris Estergaard and my extreme honor to introduce folks to farmers and chefs and other cyclists who inspire us get stronger together by growing, sourcing and bicycling locally.

Ride on.


radtourbikeride.com 08/10/2016


Earlybird tickets are still available for ALL THREE of RadTours BICYCLING LOCAL FARMS, FOOD & FERMENTS events! Just a few weeks away from kickin' off the grand harvest tour.



RadTour Cedar Rapids Spring 2016 06/06/2016

Cedar Rapids, Mt. Vernon, Ely


The Undercurrent

Sound delicious!


Biking local farms, food and ferments this Sunday.
Ride on!



Photo contest!!!

Celebrating with a photo contest. We want to see you on those bikes during this beautiful spring weather!

Post your bike pics with hashtag on our page or instagram for a chance to win this Goldfinch Cyclery jersey or a free ride on RadTour Cedar Rapids

Two photos with the most likes will win. Winners announced Tuesday May 10.

goldfinchcyclery.com 05/03/2016

About |

Welcome to May! We are stoked to partner with Goldfinch Cyclery for RadTour Cedar Rapids! Celebrate bike month with us Sunday May 15.

Stop by Goldfinch Cyclery and get those bikes in shape for a rad season of biking!

Sign up for RadTour Cedar Rapids: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/radtour-cedar-rapids-registration-23121161015



2016 RadTour T-shirts! This year we're producing them with mostly recycled materials and YOU dear riders are going to help. Bring your favorite blank used T-shirt, canvas bag or un**es to Check-in. We're printing on-site!

Let's see how this turns out ;)


Robyn O'Brien

It's going to get very interesting.

theatlantic.com 04/14/2016

The Absurd Primacy of the Automobile in American Life


theatlantic.com Considering the constant fatalities and rampant pollution, there is no better word to characterize the car’s dominance than insane.


Tip Número Diez y Siete

Say Hola, wave, ask for directions, or stop for a chat with local farmers.


We have seen a lot of lawn mower engines attached to bikes, but this my favorite example of Cuban ingenuity by bicycle.


Tip Número Doce
Get accustomed to eating pork and fried chicken. I went veg.

The best place to eat was at our Casa Particulares. Breakfast costs $4-$6 and dinner $6-$15. We had breakfast half the time and dinner twice. Fish is usually a good option.
Because we were on a tighter budget we ate where the Cubans do. For $1.50 you can find lunch called completos- complete with rice and beans, salad and chicken or pork.


Field trip with the kiddos to Antlers Ridge Elk Ranch for some smoked elk.

Spring is here and by May 15th these guys will be rocking gigantic antlers.


Kroul Farms, we're excited to announce, will be a Featured Farm on RadTour Cedar Rapids springtime bike ride.

Tickets available: radtour.us


Tip Número Diez

Cuba might be one of the safest countries I've visited, but unfortunately, it is the most machista.

A bit of advice to the men and boys of Cuba: treat women with respect. Please, stop the harassment.
To the men who treated me with kindness, right on.
To my Latino boyfriend, thank you for being my equal.


Tip Número Nueve

If you are in Havana and in need of mechanical assistance, check out the bike shop Taller Velo.

This was the most professional bike shop we came across. Equipped with real bike tools!

Most shops aren't exclusively bikes. Go to any mechanic and they'll have some idea how to jerry-rig what needs fixing, and have some old parts if you are lucky. Remember this is Cuba and QBP might as well be in the moon.

This place is special for two more reasons. Firstly, the owner and lead mechanic are female. Right on! Secondly, they have a pretty strong connection to Iowa City, Iowa. Both World Of Bikes and the Bike Library made donations of tools and supplies to them recently. So when we stumbled upon this shop and they were like, "You're from Iowa City? You know Ryan and Mauro then?" Right on!!

At any given time there are at least four mechanics as the place is pretty busy. Lots of locals stopping by for quick adjustments and it's the go-to shop in Vedado. Twice we needed parts so they looked until they found something that would work off of their own used bikes stock.

Taller (workshop) VELO (Vente Energía Loisir Opportunité) which roughly translates from Spanish and French as: come energy and leisure opportunity.


Tip Número Ocho

Wash clothes whilst showing and hang to dry upon arrival!

Only once did I make the mistake of not washing my riding shorts. It was only 20 miles, but under the sweltering sun I was a salt-lick in no time.

Within two minutes of securing a Casa for the night I was in the shower. It was the first thing I wanted to do after riding 100 km. Washing my clothes was the last. Paying someone to wash my clothes every night was out of the question.

Dr. Bronners soap is best.


Tip Número Siete

Stay in Casas Particulares!

This is one of the best pieces of advice for
Had we planned ahead or reserved a hotel we wouldn't have enjoyed this killer room on the water in Playa Larga. Every house we stayed in the hosts were amazing.

Casas Particulares are a network of people across the county who rent out rooms for $20-$35 a night to travelers. There are some Casas you can find online, however given that there is very limited Internet most Casas host's are not well connected.

The best thing to do is simply roll into town and spend a little bit of time scoping out the scene. All Casas display a large blue sign in the shape of a cross or ice pick. Just go knock.

Find a quiet neighborhood, a Casa close to the bar, one on the water. Inquire within as to cost, check if the toilet is equipped with a seat, and feel the bed for any springs poping out before making a final decision.

More on Casas later!


Tip Número Seis

Coco Frio!

Fresh coconut water is super hydrating. When finished you can always find someone with a machete to open it and snack on the meat (masa).

Keep an eye out for Coco Frío signs, fruit stands that might have coco, or if you spot green cocos in a tree simply ask the owner if you can buy a few. And if they will open it.

We always tried to buy 5L H2O as it is so much cheaper. Ask around where they are sold.

Carrying more than six liters of water for 100km day in the saddle isn't always possible, nor is finding water en route. Cocos are a good option for mid-day or rehydration after reaching the destination.


Tip Número Cinco

Have a way too carry fresh fruit!

I took cheap, collapsible panniers that I gave away with the bike. It didn't matter if the fruit got a little smashed. Eating fresh fruit rather than only processed foods was important. Sometimes buying whole papaya or pineapple was the only option, and cheap at that. At times fresh food seemed scarce so I loaded up at produce stands. We crossed paths with some bike-campers; their nice Ortlieb panniers caked on the inside with fruit juice. My front wire basket also worked great for keeping cheese and fruit cooler than in my plastic luggage would out in the sun on the road all day.


Timeline Photos

thegazette.com 03/11/2016

Ground Floor: Cedar Rapids business partners share cycling passion | The Gazette

Four friends who share a love of cycling have opened a business to spread the love to others...




To answer your question Kris... Yes!

www.humanhabitat.dk 01/14/2016

Human Habitat | The Impact Farm


www.humanhabitat.dk The Impact Farm is intentionally designed to take advantage of under-utilized urban space for resource-efficient production of high quality and pesticide-free greens. It combines the latest and most innovative technologies and food production methods with sustainable building materials and design fo…

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Field trip with the kiddos to Antlers Ridge Elk Ranch for some smoked elk. Spring is here and by May 15th these guys wil...
Kroul Farms, we're excited to announce, will be a Featured Farm on RadTour Cedar Rapids springtime bike ride. Tickets av...




Iowa City, IA

Other Farms in Iowa City (show all)
Lovely Bunches Lovely Bunches
2915 Newport Rd NE
Iowa City, 52240-7837

U-Pick Flower during business hours or by appointment.

Country Camp, LLC Country Camp, LLC
3418 Osage St SW
Iowa City, 52240

Country Camp, LLC has year round programming. An academic year and and summer camp for children ages 5-13. www.thecountrycamp.com

Fae Ridge Farm Fae Ridge Farm
Iowa City, 52240-8036

Spinning Wheels, fiber, yarn classes, weekly knitting group.

Mane Event and New Victory Gardens Mane Event and New Victory Gardens
5359 Highway 6 SE
Iowa City, 52240

Mane Event and future New Victory Gardens

The Berry Basket Farm The Berry Basket Farm
2683 HWY 1 SW
Iowa City, 52240

Strawberries! A Pick-Your-Own Farm for everyone near Iowa City, Iowa.

Wilson's Orchard & Farm Wilson's Orchard & Farm
4823 Di*******ry Rd NE
Iowa City, 52240

Open Wednesday thru Sunday from 10AM - 8PM, Wilson's Orchard offers u-pick & pre-picked strawberries, apples and pumpkins, homemade baked goods, and craft beverages.

Johnson County Farm Bureau (IA) Johnson County Farm Bureau (IA)
2130 Mormon Trek Blvd
Iowa City, 52246

Johnson County Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization committed to serving Johnson County residents and the farmers who feed them. We actively support youth and education, heal...

Winds Reach Farm Winds Reach Farm
4427 Kotts Ln NE
Iowa City, 52240

Official Facebook Home of Winds Reach Farm

Cardinal Flower Farm Cardinal Flower Farm
4495 Freund Road SE
Iowa City, 52240

Stunning local flowers grown with tender loving care by Ed Furnish

JCS Family Farms JCS Family Farms
4670 Taft Ave SE
Iowa City, 52240

Farming Forward. Family Focused.

Wilson's Beverages Wilson's Beverages
4823 Di*******ry Road
Iowa City, 52240

We grow over 100 varieties of apples at our orchard and choose each cider variety to ensure the best end product for you.

Lucy David/Silverlightworks Lucy David/Silverlightworks
2418 Towncrest Drive
Iowa City, 52240

Silverlightworks includes my healing work and art disciplines. I practice Reiki, Healing Touch and Cell-Level Healing®. I am deeply moved when people place their trust in me. Tog...