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Abréu Interpreting

Spanish-English/English-Spanish Interpreting and Translation Services
Legal Interpretation
Medical I To unite interpreters who know their role is vital to the justice system because reliable and impartial interpretation and translation are important to ensure due process of law and adequate representation by counsel for linguistic minorities and the hearing impaired.

Operating as usual


For my Interpreting/Translation customers, I have expanded my travel radius to 250 miles. Which covers Minneapolis,Omaha, Kansas City, St Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee and points in between from Iowa City. I will make few exception right outside the area(Indianapolis,Lincoln, and Green Bay). Note travel is $0.58 per mile. Legal in state and out of county is Time travel is same as interpreting time.


American Translators Association

Stop California's AB 5

ATA is a professional association founded to advance the translation and interpreting professions.


It takes a little bit effort to interpret and translate.


We are still learning new words.......


American Literary Translators Association (ALTA)

"The translator literally becomes a guide, taking me by the hand and leading me across the borders of nation, language, and culture." Man Booker Prize Winner Olga Tokarczuk, in translation here by her fellow Man Booker winner Jennifer Croft, describes the relationship between the writer and translator. https://koreanliteraturenow.com/essay/musings/olga-tokarczuk-how-translators-are-saving-world

fifa.com 06/27/2019

FIFA Women's World Cup 2019™ - News - Bringing the deaf and hard of hearing closer to France 2019 - FIFA.com

fifa.com Keep up to date with all the latest news from FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™


American Translators Association

Language wars: the 19 greatest linguistic spats of all time

"Words are ever evolving—but not without controversy. From creative applications of an apostrophe to the overuse of literally, what makes you rage?"

Read on—


Calliope Interpreters

Saturday's celebrations to mark the feast of Kalliopi the martyr are a good opportunity for us to celebrate the name behind our network.
In Greek mythology, Calliope (in Ancient Greek "beautiful-voiced") was the Chief of all Muses, the most respected, wise and assertive one. She was the firstborn child of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who was the Titan responsible for memory - one of the most important intellectual gifts possessed by humans (as all interpreters know!).
Calliope is the Muse of Eloquence and Epic Poetry, as well as of music, song and dance. Various artists have depicted the Muse Calliope holding scrolls and manuscripts of Homer's epic poems, as it is said that epic writers invoked the Muses in order to find inspiration for their work. #xl8 #interpreters #1nt #terps #leadership #ConferenceOrganizers #events #eventprofs


Working it.

Calliope member Gisèle Abazon is proud to have been behind the scenes at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, helping to make it the most accessible in the event’s history. Thanks to a unique partnership between AIIC Israel and the Institute for Cognitive Accessibility, Gisèle and a team of AIIC colleagues provided a Simultaneous Simplification service, making the event accessible to people with cognitive disabilities. This service was offered alongside interpretation into Israeli Sign Language and audio description for the visually impaired in an effort to reach a wider audience. Stay tuned for more on this groundbreaking endeavour. #1nt #terps #xl8 #ConferenceOrganizers #eventprofs


Calliope Interpreters

A unique film: the dialogue is in Haida, a highly endangered indigenous language spoken fluently by only 20 people in Haida Gwaii, off Canada's west coast. Determined to save its language from extinction, the community is also making recordings of local voices and has produced a new dictionary.


Calliope Interpreters

Made in America and dedicated to all our colleagues who speak ... "foreign".


Iowa Interpreters and Translators Association - IITA

Dear Fellows,
Here is the link to IITA 2018 Conference video. Please enjoy and plan on coming this year on June 21-22!


Calliope Interpreters

Fascinating facts from an anonymous colleague. Can this be purely accidental?

In many Indo-European languages, the word NIGHT is composed of the letter "N" followed by the sound of the number 8.
Have a look at a few examples:

PORTUGUESE : noite= n + oito (8)
GERMAN : nacht= n+ acht (8)
SPANISH : noche= n+ ocho (8)
ITALIAN : notte= n+ otto (8)
FRENCH : nuit= n+ huit (8)
DUTCH : nacht = n + acht (8)
SWEDISH : natta = n + aetta (8)
ROMANIAN : noapte = n + opt (8) with a minor variation

Regional languages
WALLOON : nut = n + ût (8)
OCCITAN : nuèch = n + uèch
CATALAN : nit = n + vuit (8) again with a minor variation
GASCON : nueit = n + ueit
PICARD : nuit + n uit (8)
PIEMONTESE : neui = n + eut

But it does not work for

RUSSIAN : Night = Ночь, while Eight = восемь
CZECH : Night = Noc ; while Eight = Osm


Upper Midwest Translators and Interpreters Association - UMTIA

Registration is still open for the computerized ATA exam on Saturday, April 27th at 9:00am in Minneapolis. Register soon if you're interested!

ATA Exam Registration: https://www.atanet.org/certifica…/upcoming_exam_sittings.php

najit.org 03/29/2019

When your “check interpreter” becomes your “team interpreter” - NAJIT

najit.org Can we shape our professional future? Janis Palma shows us the power of a few, well yielded words and how a check interpreter can become an ally.


Upper Midwest Translators and Interpreters Association - UMTIA

See this touching tribute to the three UN interpreters who were among the 157 passengers and crew who died on board Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, on March 10th.



MIC (Máster en Interpretación de Conferencias)

La semana pasada en el Máster de Interpretación de Conferencias contamos con la presencia de Jacques Salvador, intérprete freelance de cabina francesa con una larga trayectoria profesional. Jacques trabaja para Naciones Unidas y otros organismos internacionales y su combinación lingüística incluye, además del francés como lengua materna, el inglés, el ruso, el italiano y el español. Ha colaborado con nosotros ofreciendo discursos en francés para el alumnado, evaluando sus interpretaciones e impartiendo un seminario sobre su experiencia en el ámbito institucional. A cambio, aprovechó su visita en el MIC para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes y practicar el español, una de sus lenguas pasivas de trabajo.

Gracias a estas colaboraciones con intérpretes visitantes, el alumnado del MIC tiene la oportunidad de practicar con oradores distintos, recibir feedback por parte de alguien que no les ha escuchado nunca o recibir consejos de un intérprete en activo.

Además, su visita fue de lo más inspiradora. Jacques es ciego y nos enseñó las herramientas que utiliza para desempeñar su profesión. Una prueba más de que la interpretación no tiene fronteras y con pasión, práctica y voluntad, todo es posible.
Si quieres conocer un poco más a Jacques Salvador puedes ver el vídeo que hemos colgado en nuestro canal de YouTube.



Upper Midwest Translators and Interpreters Association - UMTIA

There is a vacancy for a F/T English>Spanish Translator position at the U.S. Census Bureau Headquarters in Washington, DC. Check out the details here: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/527205900


Calliope Interpreters

In this International Year of Indigenous Languages this article gives an insight into some of the most endangered.


Weaving Cultures LLC

Attention Interpreters / Translators:

Join us in Minnesota on June 1st for the 1st Annual Conference on Meaningful Language Access at St.Paul RiverCentre.

Here's your opportunity to obtain more CEU (Continue Education Units) and network with leading experts in the field of Interpreting, Translation, Healthcare, Education, Legal & any profession who work directly or indirectly with LEP clients or patients who are in need of your expertise.

Seats are limited so purchase your ticket(s) online for best pricing. To learn more, click on this link http://mncmla.com/

nbcnews.com 03/04/2019

A lot of Spanish, a little bit of Hebrew: Ladino is an ancient language at threat of extinction

nbcnews.com The language rooted in Spanish with connections to Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, Arabic and other languages is in danger of being lost.


A must have!

calliope-interpreters.org 08/13/2018

How remote should interpretation be? | Calliope-Interpreters

calliope-interpreters.org Although Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) technologies are developing rapidly, they are not yet capable of replicating the conditions laid down in ISO standards for in-situ interpreting. For the highest quality interpreting performance, it is therefore desirable to have your interpreters in th...


Nebraska Association for Translators & Interpreters Annual Conference.


Highly recommend it’s like an interpreter bible.

theatlantic.com 07/22/2018

The Third Men: The Strange, High-Pressure Work of Presidential Interpreters

theatlantic.com During meetings like the Trump-Putin summit on Friday, someone has to bridge the language gap. But who are they, and how do they do their work?

nytimes.com 07/21/2018

Who Heard What Trump Said to Putin? Only One Other American

nytimes.com Marina Gross, the American interpreter during President Trump’s meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, is facing calls from Congress to testify.


I recommend.

npr.org 06/12/2018

The Pressures Of Being An Interpreter At A High-Stakes Summit

npr.org President Trump doesn't speak Korean and little is known about Kim Jong Un's English skills. The best interpreters serve as both linguists and diplomats. They understand the politics behind the words.

slator.com 04/18/2018

AI Interpreter Fail at China Summit Sparks Debate about Future of Profession | Slator

slator.com Tencent’s attempt to showcase their latest AI voice recognition and real-time translation engines backfired. Netizens screenshot and circulated embarrassing mistakes, sparking off an online debate on when and what jobs will be replaced by AI.

earthporm.com 06/21/2015

See The World’s Most Spoken Languages In One Eye-Opening Infographic

earthporm.com One interesting infographic represents the world’s most spoken languages.



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