Coralville Lake Marina

Coralville Lake Marina


No power, no phones, no gas, no internet!!!! My friends own this business and I wanted to make everyone aware how much the marina has been impacted. Please be patient and kind 💙😊
Thanks Coralville Lake Marina for supporting Liberty High Girls Soccer!!
Thank you so much Coralville Lake Marina for taking such great care of our group this weekend! The customer service is always excellent and the pontoon was fabulous! We loved our day on the lake!!
I have been trying for over 2 years to sell our canoe, with 2 good as new paddles. It is a Dolphin Princess, model 14. It is 39'" at beam, 72 lbs., with a full length metal keel. What ideas would you have? I've tried newspaper ads, neighborhood ads. and word of mouth with no luck! Any help or suggestions you might have would be appreciated! Pr. Dave Young, (319)396-2537. email: [email protected]

Coralville Lake Marina, Inc. is one of the largest full service marinas in Iowa. We are located on 23+ acres of beautiful timber right on the water.

Operating as usual

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Stop out for the second day of our Annual Open House!!! We have the Iowa game playing, food and drinks available and boats ready to be purchased!!!


Just a friendly reminder that we do have our annual open house this weekend. We will have boats on display, food Catered by Charlotte, drinks and snacks. We hope to see you all!!

Just a friendly reminder that we do have our annual open house this weekend. We will have boats on display, food Catered by Charlotte, drinks and snacks. We hope to see you all!!

Photos from Coralville Lake Marina's post 02/26/2021

Come see us at the Cedar Rapids Sportshow this weekend!!! Friday 3-8pm, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-4


2021 Godfrey Pontoons Virtual Boat Show 01/08/2021

Experience Monterey

We have officially taken on Monterey Boats and we are excited to offer another brand to our area. Please check out our website to see the boats we have on order or stop by the marina and we can show you the details. Enjoy! Monterey Boats began from day one with a commitment to focus on quality, design and overall ease of maintenance, and has continued to stand firm in that comm...


The lake is nearly frozen over but we are still open for all of your boating needs! We are open 9-3 this Saturday and 9-5 Monday-Thursday next week and then we will be closed until the 2nd of the new and hopefully better year!! We can get any last minute Christmas gifts within a day if we don't have it in stock. Just stop out before the holidays!

[12/02/20]   Awesome bass boat with a 2020 Mercury 200. Get it before it's gone!!


Be sure to come see us this month! We do have new and used boats in stock!!

[10/02/20]   Just another reminder with the end of the season approaching....If you are finished for the year we would love to get your boat winterized and/or stored away for the season. Please give us a call if you are finished, otherwise we will be in touch in 2 weeks. Thank you all!!


We have started winterizing and storing boats for the season. This does not mean that we are closing or anything. We are simply trying to get a head start on the busy winterization season. If you are done for the year and need your boat winterized please let us know so we can get the whole process started. Thank you!!


Thank you for all the phone calls, emails, texts and those that stopped by this week wishing us well! We are blessed to have such amazing customers! We wanted to shoot out a quick update before the weekend for those who we haven’t talked to so far. Here are some important things to know:

1. The marina had a major storm come through Monday afternoon that crippled our fuel dock and caused the roof to come off a dock and significant dock movement on others.

2. Fortunately although the docks took a beating, we had no boats sink, grounded, or with significant damage. The majority of boats in the marina thankfully were not damaged although we do have some with canvas issues and some cosmetic damage. If you have not checked your boat, we do now have access to all the docks and please let us know if you need an estimate or if there is anything we can help with. We know many of you have issues of your own at your homes and businesses, so there is no rush as all boats are safe and accounted for however.

3. If you do go on the docks PLEASE BE CAREFUL. We have the docks back in position and have done everything we can this week to make them safe for the weekend but the last thing we want is for someone to trip on a loose board or screw head that is popped up.

4. FUEL AND CREDIT: As of now we still don’t have electricity so we cannot pump fuel or run credit cards. Our showroom is open normal hours so if you do need something we can only accept check or cash. We will post again when this changes.

5. VALET SERVICE CUSTOMERS: because of the gas dock damage we will not be running the valet service this weekend but will resume starting Monday. If you would like to boat this weekend you can page us as normal and we can pull your boat out of the building for you to pick up and launch at the public boat ramp across the dam using your personal vehicle. We are extremely sorry for this!

6. BOATS ON HOISTS: Since our electricity has not been restored your hoist will go down so you can go boating but it will not go back up. However, starting Monday morning we will raise all boats that are down daily until power is restored. So if you go boating tie your boat up in the slip so it doesn’t bounce around and we will put your boat back up starting Monday.

7. BOATS ON B and C DOCKS: These are the docks immediately to the left and the right of the gas dock if you are coming down the hill. These docks did have roof damage and for those boats that were under those damaged sections we have pulled your boat out and put them in our buildings so they are safe. The majority of boats on these docks were NOT affected so this only affects about 20 boats. If you are one of these customers we have likely already talked with you and don’t want your season to end like this! We will keep your boat in a building and put it in the water for you when you want to go boating until your dock is repaired. Just give us a call.

8. PARKING: Because we had to pull boats out of docks and put them into the parking lot building this building is not available for parking however the lower parking lot by the docks is available and outside of the building is available to park. Since parking is already tough in normal times, if it is possible to car pool with your guests that would be appreciated.

9. RENTAL PONTOONS: our rental fleet sustained significant damage in the storm so rentals will not be available this weekend. We do anticipate being able to get some boats back in service next week to resume renting. If you would like to make a reservation please give us a call.

10. THANK YOU AGAIN for your patience, understanding, and thoughts! It will be a long process to get the marina back to 100% and the year 2020 has been a challenge for all of us. If there is anything we can do to help or if there is something you need please reach out. We will do everything we can as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience as we work to get things back to normal. 08/04/2020

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We all need a good dose of Blue Mind more than ever.

What's Blue Mind? It's the effect of being on, in or near the water to calm your mind and appeal to your senses. #YourBrainOnaBoat #BlueMind 🌊 07/11/2020

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Don't miss the Cobalt R6 reveal tonight at 7pm CST!!! Come in and get your order in asap!!

Tonight is the night!

Tonight at 7:00pm CDT, we will kick-off the reveal and walk-thru of the new R6 live on Facebook from our Corporate Headquarters in Neodesha, Kansas!

Click the link below and enter our contest to win a $200 Sportswear gift certificate before the 7pm deadline, and register now to get all the latest communications about the new R6 as they are released! #CobaltR6reveal 07/07/2020

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Now More Than Ever

Please Enjoy!

Now more than ever the water is calling. 06/30/2020

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Leave worries in your wake.


Nothing like calm waters to relieve some stress. 06/16/2020

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Share your favorite moments from on the water in the comments below—let's bring a sense of tranquility and "wind-in-our-hair" feeling to our feeds!

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2021 Godfrey Pontoons Virtual Boat Show
Leave worries in your wake.
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The Eastern Iowa Sportsshow has been CANCELLED today due to the community spread of COVID.  Sorry to all that were plann...
🚤⚓️🚤.   THE SHOW GOES ON!  We are here at the UNI Dome for the Eastern Iowa Sportshow today and tomorrow and look forwar...
Being on the water calms your mind and appeals to your senses. In fact, research has proven that...
Because there's nothing better #onlyacobalt
The A-10 Warthogs on their way to the fly over at Kinnick gave us a sneak peek first at Coralville Lake Marina!
Boating Memories
The water is gnarly coming out of the outflow tube at 10k CFS!  If you’re having Spring Fever you should take a drive an...
Snow, snow, go away!  Come to Hawkeye Downs today!#cobaltboats
The Cedar Rapids Sportsshow just opened its doors!  Come check us out at the show today!



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