Earl's Feed and Supply Inc.

Earl's Feed & Supply Inc. is a Big Gain Feed dealer located in Iowa City, Iowa. A feed dealership selling a variety of starters, grow/finishers, premixes, concentrates and minerals for cattle, swine, sheep & goats.

We serve producers in the Eastern Iowa and surrounding areas. If you may be interested or have any questions, please feel free to message or call us!

Operating as usual


To all our customers, family & friends:
Happy Thanksgiving!
We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating all there is to be thankful for!
Earl’s Feed & Supply, Inc.

To all our customers, family & friends:
Happy Thanksgiving!
We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating all there is to be thankful for!
Earl’s Feed & Supply, Inc.

Photos from Iowa Hereford Breeders Association's post 08/15/2021

Congratulations!! 🤗

Each week we do a hot spot product to let everyone know some of the different things we carry! 09/17/2020

This week’s hot spot product is our:
Kid Milk Replacer 24-25 🐐
24% Protein & 25% Fat
This is one of our most popular products and have seen great results with it!


We would like to congratulate one of our very own: The Rife Family!!! Kennedy has worked really hard this year with her heifers! She had Champion Polled Hereford heifer and Champion AOB heifer (Horned Hereford) at the Louisa County Fair 2020. Fed with Big Gain & Earl’s Feed & Supply!! Keep up the great work K!! We’re so proud of you!! 🤩💕


We would like to congratulate one of our own: The Rogers Family!! Chloe has put so much work into her projects this year. Congratulations on your Champion Maine Anjou Steer, Champion Medium-Weight Crossbred Steer and Reserve Overall Champion Market Beef at the Johnson County Fair 2020 fed with Big Gain & Earl’s Feed
& Supply!! 🎉 Keep up the great work!!


We would like to take a moment to congratulate one of our very own: The Totemeier Family!!
These kids have put in so much work into these projects this year!
Absolutely amazing fair for them..Grand Market Beef, Supreme Breeding Heifer, and Reserve Grand Market Hog at Louisa County Fair 2020 all fed by Big Gain and Earl’s Feed and Supply.
Hard work really pays off!! Congratulations Drew & Gabe!! Also Good job to Kate, Paige & Joel for all your hard work with your bottle calves and helping your brothers!! It’s a true family thing 🎉😁


Prime time for Calf Creep feed. Let us know if you have any interest or questions!

Here are our 2 most popular creep feeds that we offer!
•14% Calf Creep is a complete pelleted feed
•Calf Creep Concentrate is a supplement put into a grind and mix option
See pictures below for more information on those products ➡️


🔶Hot Spot Product 🔶
Is our 16% Egg Mash for chickens! 🐓
A 16% protein complete feed for in a crumble form for laying hens!
Contact us today to learn more!!


Meet our team 😁


I have a customer who raises ALL NATURAL & NON GMO pigs. No antibiotics used. He has 8 head available for sale. Various sizes. If you have any interest or know someone who may be, please let me know! 319-321-9771

Each week we do a hot spot product to let everyone know some of the different things we carry! 06/25/2020

💥Today’s Hot Spot product(s)💥
*Elite HRCS-D #1748 (High Risk Calf Starter)
*Elite Feedlot Starter-D #1710
These are both very good products we use a lot for incoming cattle! Any questions please let us know!


It's always nice to learn something new so.... when it comes to feed quality, we want to offer the very best.
Big Gain is the ONLY feed company in America using Annular Gap Expansion technology!
This has many advantages:
-Increases Rumen by-pass protein
-Enhances digestibility of carbohydrates
-Allows higher fat levels while maintaining flowability
-Less damage to vitamins
-Better hygienic treatment, reducing the potential for mold, salmonella, and other harmful bacteria.
-Improves the overall pellet quality

Contact us to learn more about our expanded feeds!


Iowa Cattlemen's Association

The show WILL go on! Plans are underway for the 38th Annual Iowa Governor's Charity Steer Show (GCSS) to be held on August 15, 2020.

The event, which raises money for the Ronald McDonald House of Des Moines, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Iowa & Western Illinois and Ronald McDonald House Charities of Siouxland, would typically be held at the Iowa State Fair. However, with the postponement of the 2020 fair, show organizers are actively making adjustments to plans.

“The Governor’s Charity Steer Show is a long-standing tradition and benefits a very good cause,” says Tanner Lawton, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association staff member and co-chair of this year’s GCSS. “We’ve known for the past few weeks that the show and auction probably wouldn’t be the same as it has been in years past, but our priority is making sure that we have a successful fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Iowa.”

This historic philanthropic event has raised over $3.8 million to help provide a home away from home for families of children who are being treated in nearby hospitals. Ronald McDonald Houses are located in Des Moines, Iowa City, and Sioux City. The location for this year's show is yet to be determined, but we should have more information in the coming weeks.

Twenty-five steers from across the state will compete for the championship designation, showmanship honors, and the People’s Choice award. Each of the steers has been raised by an Iowa youth involved in the cattle industry, and celebrities will accompany the young steer owners.

Immediately following the competition, the steers will be sold at auction with proceeds going to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Iowa. Last year’s auction raised more than $284,000.

Each week we do a hot spot product to let everyone know some of the different things we carry! 06/15/2020

Today’s Hot Spot product is:
Product number #882
*Intake Stimulator*
This is used to stimulate the appetite in stressed cattle/incoming cattle! Full of chelated vitamins, yeast culture and B-vitamins! 🤩🐮


Iowa 4-H Livestock

Regarding the 2020 Iowa State Fair postponement, there are plans to still have 4-H and FFA livestock shows. Details are still being worked out for scheduling. We will let everyone know the plan sometime next week.


Photos from Earl's Feed and Supply Inc.'s post


Here are our 2 most popular creep feeds that we offer!
•14% Calf Creep is a complete pelleted feed
•Calf Creep Concentrate is a supplement put into a grind and mix option
See pictures below for more information on those products ➡️


Iowa Corn

#PlantingUpdate As the good weather streak continues, so does our state wide planting progress. With 91% of Iowa's corn crop officially in the ground, we are happy to be nearing the end of planting so soon into the season.
The five year average for planting across the nation is 56% and we are currently at 67% complete.

#PlantingOutlook 31% of corn has emerged across Iowa, with colder weather and frost expected over the upcoming week. #Plant20
The weekly report is also available on the USDA’s site at nass.usda.gov/ia.


*To all Cow/Calf operations*
It’s prime time for Calf Creep!!
We offer a full line of options when it comes to creep! Texturized, Complete & grind/mix options available!
Contact us today for more information!


Predator X

Nothing like the protection of a mama! 🙂

Cattle van be VERY unpredictable!
I've seen one cross a pasture on a dead run after a coyote that was responding to my call.
And then I've watched another lay next to it's week old calf in the middle of a field as a coyote bit at the calf.
This jackal was lucky enough to find an aggressive heard of cows! 👀
Cool video!

~ JJ

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Hungry jackal wants to steal a calf, but the herd won't allow it. Captured in Namibia
- #regrann


Feed-Lot Magazine


Source : Agri_Graphics

thecounter.org 04/29/2020

A new lawsuit accuses the "Big Four" beef packers of conspiring to fix cattle prices | The Counter

thecounter.org The plaintiffs say companies like JBS and Tyson Foods illegally plotted to force desperate ranchers into selling their animals more cheaply.


These big guys were so eager to enjoy their 12% Equine lick tub! 😜
Retired work horses. So we opted to this all natural product.
•Consumption is anywhere from 0.75 - 2.0lbs per head per day.
•Contains all vitamins, trace minerals, chelated trace minerals (more available to the animal) and some added electrolytes for added water consumption.
• Meant for use for horses on dry lot or pasture.
•These tubs are manufactured in an unique patented cooking process, creating a hard block: animals will have to lick it to get it.
•Overconsumption is limited since they cannot bite them.
•Convenient & easy to feed 👍🏼

Big Gain offers a full line of Horse feeds, contact us today for any interest or further information!! 🐴


Iowa Cattlemen's Association

Unfortunately, we are seeing the domino effects of COVID-19 in our beef supply chains. Illness has shuttered packing plants while decreasing demand in food-service combined with an over-supply of protein has also slowed processing and even caused some sale barns to cancel fed cattle sales.

We have a link on our website to the most recent sale cancellations and plant closures, but if you have information to submit, please message us or call 515-296-2266.



Today’s lesson: “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” ☺️


“Finally Agriculture is recognized for how important our contribution is to our country's survival in this pandemic. Hoping people will be grateful for the most abundant and safe food supply produced by the most efficient industry in the world-AMERICAN AGRICULTURE."
Good article to read about our service that helps during this time. Thank you to all workers & everyone who is involved in the whole food chain industry, we all have to work together to feed the world! ✅


A first time Meat Goat Sale for the surrounding Midwest area!!
June 26, 2020
Located in rural Kalona, Iowa.
Helping advertise for some fellow customers, please feel free to share amongst all your goat people, breeders, buyers, etc!


Help find these lil girls a FURever home! ☺️


Here’s a sneak peek on our Bottle Calf Program~These little guys come in at about a week old and go on a strict diet of Milk Replacer and Surstart 18%! This diet will help them grow & gain till they are about 180lbs. After that they will be moved to a grower feed lot. Raising baby bottle calves can be a challenge. Luckily we try to work closely with our customers to help with any difficulties that may come along the way! 🐮🤩


Merry Christmas everyone! We hope your day is filled with love, laughter & good food! 🎄❤️


Iowa Pork

Did you know that pig farming (in Iowa alone!) employs over 141,000 people?!


Iowa Pork

Our neighbors need confidence that the food pig farmers provide is safe and nutritious. Proud to see one of our Iowa Pork Youth Ambassadors, Isaac Wiley and his family representing our industry so well and showing that #WeCare!
#IowaPork #RealPigFarming


Just a little humor for this fine Tuesday 😁


Attention all cattle farmers near and far: we have our fall promotion going on of lick tubs right now! 🐮 You aren’t going to want to miss out on this great deal! Not only are you going to get an excellent product but they are at a great price!! 💰Get ahold of us today for more information!




Iowa City, IA
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Lavender Flowers, product line made from Lavender buds, essential oils of Lavender.

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RadTour produces bicycle tours of local farms, food and fermentation. Ride on.

Johnson County Farm Bureau (IA) Johnson County Farm Bureau (IA)
2130 Mormon Trek Blvd
Iowa City, 52246

Johnson County Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization committed to serving Johnson County residents and the farmers who feed them. We actively support youth and education, health care programs, agricultural legislative issues, and rural development.

Rapid Creek Angus Rapid Creek Angus
5224 280th Street NE
Iowa City, 52240

Rapid Creek Angus is a small high quality bull and replacement heifer cattle operation. We are constantly trying to improve our herd through genetics.

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Farming Forward. Family Focused.

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