Wood Creations By Clinton

Wood Creations By Clinton


Could you please call me
Christmas is around the corner is there anyway my gift????
Buenos días un día llenos de bendiciones y amor en Cristo Jesús Dios los bendiga ok
Do you make shadow boxes

No Description At This Time Inspired by my family, specifically my son, (who's initials are the "WTF"... Yes, that is the truth. I want to share my enjoyment and passion for creativity and in doing so also offer enjoyment and excitement for others.

Most importantly, I am fair and want to instill that characteristic in my son as he grows up. My prices are low and my attention to detail is high. The importance in overall customer accommodation, satisfaction, and appreciation is what I strive for.

Operating as usual


Wood Creations By Clinton


Ok... so I wont even attempt to waste anymore of anyone's time like I unfortunately did last Christmas to a few of the customers that quite honestly had every right to be angry. The long and the short of it is this... I never had an intention on being a SCAM or a liar, cheat, etc... I truly was moving along and loving what I was doing. Truth is I was battling a failing relationship with the mother of the child (whom the business was named for originally) and several other members of the family. I struggled with gambling and recreational drug use. Not while being Westons "dad" so much as it was right before Weston was born. But in the end when I knew it wasnt going to work... I relapsed. The only thing I thoroughly enjoyed doing were the flags. I started it during all the shootings and the dallas incident bc I didn't want Weston growing up and not hearing how great or law enforcement and veterans etc... truly are. I not only failed to be a stable and good enough parent in his life, I contradicted the very message I was wanting him to learn. LOYALTY, HONOR, SACRIFICE, etc... I read back through my responses to legit complaints and I'm beyond disgusted and ashamed.

Anyway... fast forward to now. I'm on my own, different state, sobered up, a healthy relationship, and an understanding that I need to address that whole flag/return/refund situation. Some I did refund, some I genuinely believed were given refunds back via PAYPAL (I know that wasnt the case now) Some I made an additional flag for even after I refunded bc I felt that was best...but a few really great customers had to deal with poor service. I was rude and angry about so many outside things and I was grossly out of line, both in writing and in action. I cant make up for the past and the inexcusable behavior I portrayed. All I can try to do is reach out and tell everyone that was part of this group... PM or text me 616-848-8767. I just need the name of the person you want a moneygram sent to and the amount of what you initially paid. I dont expect forgiveness, I dont expect the reviews to come down... I just hope you can one day accept my apology. Once I have the wheres and amounts of each refund I owe... itll take 10 minutes for me to transfer it online and you'll each get a screen shot with tracking info etc. Thank you for your time and once again... I'm sincerely sorry.


Clinton Petersen


First official post with the name change... hoping to stay improving for past, current and future customers. And just so I know that I said it... every piece made still came from Weston 😊 🇺🇸 miss ya bubs.

I am organizing the site to be better, more accurate and professional in regards to timing. At any point in the process of wanting to buy and having it in your hands I will make it a point to be more accessible and thorough. However, I’ve heard some amazing feedback about the quality and precision of these items matched with very reasonable pricing...I will make sure that it continues that way.

Love the support and encouragement everyone... truly means the world. ❤️❤️ Day 1 on your left... and as of tonight that’s what it looks like now. Back to pull saws and handmade tables to work on ... I love it!


Love for the flag and love for motorcycles... pretty much says it all. Enjoyed making this piece! Now all I need to do is learn to ride a bike. 🙄


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Wood Creations By Clinton


Newest addition to the wide variety of choices in flag design we offer! Check back shorty to see what the blank half becomes. 💙♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸


It has been quite the eventful evening... but ultimately still managed to get some work done on my newest piece.

[10/21/17]   Weston standing and saluting the Red, White, and Blue.


Largest flag to date!! 45” x 72” had a blast making it.


Most recent pieces.


So my lesson learned today... while using a torch for long periods of time and holding it by the bottle, not the neck like you’re supposed to. You can in fact get frost bite. 😩


Another satisfied customer! 🇺🇸🇺🇸


For all of you patriotic, motorcycle riding, open road loving people out there... this newest piece went for auction at a charity event recently. Comment your thoughts and let me
Know what you think!


Far from any fire will I be for awhile but day 1 was a blast. Didn’t know I could crawl through a hole that small 😊 here’s to learning the trade and hopefully one day serving with the department ❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸


As the middle of October soon to come I really just loved looking at this pic taken a month after starting Weston’s Wood Creations. It was January and there was snow blowing in the garage that literally repelled heat no matter how high you’d get from the propane heaters going all night. Thank you to everyone that’s allowed me to keep going and continue learning as well as perfecting talents I’ve actually had never thought of as talent until your reactions came pouring in. My fiancé who would come outside every hour to remind me that I said 10 more minutes 14 hours ago lol. She would spend a majority of the nightly parenting duties without ever once making a fuss or did she ever get mad when I’d bring the jeep home with 34 different kinds of pallet wood scratching and nails randomly on the floor just to have that mess go from the jeep to the garage... then to another part of the garage... then outside, and she never
Once made it an issue when we were first starting and I needed to buy just the basics of basics to not be out there forever trying to use what hand tools I had. She believed in what I was doing and Weston will forever be the name behind the passion. Thanks again to all and especially to Courtney Fisher.

[10/07/17]   Well my dremel and I can at least still work together. I’ll get the real torch and use this damn thing to burn other important things... like sock fuzz, bugs... but no bigger than an ant... p**s off a ladybug and I have nothing to defend myself with lol. Connected with this guy who’s doing the same al the way in California. I mean... damn... now I’m looking at sides of houses like that’s a decent size
For a flag. Haha. Keep doing it big brother... maybe dremel will come out with a ladder for me to stand on to make one that size 😂 Dave David is this mans name. Check his stuff out... just wow!


Most recent flag with a different play on the traditional color scheme. Let me know your thoughts!


Wood Creations By Clinton's cover photo

[10/07/17]   Orders are now back to normal with many lessons learned to prevent recent instances from not happening again.

Change #1 All orders from here on out will not be required until your requested item is in your hands or about to be shipped. The only exception to that would be it there was a high price lumber preference.

Change #2 Regardless of what may come up in life that understandably so cause things to slow down and sometimes stop until things are back to normal. I have decided to set a structured time each day that focus on order or questions... anything related. For those I did not communicate with on a professionally expected basis I will never let that happen again.

Last change I will be implementing a new system in soon... you’ll see 🙂 take Care everyone.

ebay.com 09/07/2017

Thin blue line handcrafted wooden display | eBay


Just branching out to an eBay setting and for this particular piece 100% of the proceeds I'm allocating to a Kalamazoo charity. Thank you for your time

ebay.com Assembled, engraved, and hand torched to perfection. Weather coated for protection from natures elements. | eBay!

ebay.com 09/07/2017

Thin blue line handcrafted wooden display | eBay

Setting up an eBay store now and decided that this item will be the first placed in an auction type setting. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to a Local charity here in Kalamazoo. Info about which organization is included in this link below. Let's get some bids going for a great cause!!!

ebay.com Assembled, engraved, and hand torched to perfection. Weather coated for protection from natures elements. | eBay!


Weston's pick for the $50 visa gift cards!!! You have 24 hours to message me if your name is called. Thanks to everyone's participation!!! Good luck!


Another well deserving officer presented with a tribute


Wood Creations By Clinton

Over 500 Likes!!! Thank you for all the support!

No Description At This Time


A special thank you from Weston himself


Wood Creations By Clinton

No Description At This Time


Getting ready for the weekend event. Got all the help I can ask for.


Weston showing his appreciation to the police officers keeping him and his family safe. It was an honor to meet Officer Shaffer. It just came natural to the Officer to make it all about Weston when in fact this was about his service to our community


Thank you to all of those that have come to my page and have helped spread the message Weston's Wood Creations is trying to put out for all of those serving our communities. I love the feedback! Thank you and as always thank you to all those keeping us safe.


Traditional Stars and Strips. 21"x37". On sale for only $50!!! I have 12 left. Get them before they are gone


No one is ever left behind.


Dedicated to every officer, past and present... this thin blue line is what ensures my family's safety from those that that threaten it. Thank you for your selflessness and to the family members of those serving, our appreciation is with your sacrifices also. Message me or call/text 269-290-2292 for details.


Weston and I were walking by Courtney's work and he saw several police officers. Without hesitation he high fived and talked his way into the drivers seat. A special thank you to the officer with the Kalamazoo Public Safety. Our business started with only one thing in mind. And that's to show our appreciation for those serving our families and communities. He was so excited!

etsy.com 07/12/2017

Handcrafted Wood USA Flag

Now opening up for buyers at etsy.com!

etsy.com Handcrafted tribute flag with a burned base and hand painted all weather protective paint. Great piece for almost anywhere inside and outdoors.

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Weston's pick for the $50 visa gift cards!!! You have 24 hours to message me if your name is called. Thanks to everyone'...
A special thank you from Weston himself
Getting ready for the weekend event. Got all the help I can ask for.
Thank you to all of those that have come to my page and have helped spread the message Weston's Wood Creations is trying...
Special thank you!



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