The Millet Seed Farm

The Millet Seed Farm


Thank you CSA farmers for your hard work feeding your members week after week during the growing season. You are a vital part of our community food system, and our region is lucky to have a long list of fantastic CSAs to choose from.

To learn more about CSA options serving the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area, visit or check out the farms listed below.
🍅 Abbe Hills Farm
🥦 Bountiful Harvest Farm
🥕 Buffalo Ridge Orchard
🌽 Cultivate Hope: Matthew 25 Urban Farm
🍅 Echollective Farm
🥦 Garden Oasis Farm LLC
🥕 Iowa Grown Market
🌽 Jupiter Ridge LLC
🍅 Kroul Farms
🥦 Local Harvest CSA
🌽 The Millet Seed Farm
🥕 Morning Glory - A Community Harvest Farm
🍅 Rainbow Roots Farm
🥦 Trowel & Error Farm
🥕 Walker Homestead Iowa City
🌽 Wild Woods Farm

Happy National CSA Day!
Sweet potatoes are a popular fall storage crop, and as part of the

morning glory family offer a nice agronomic and culinary alternative to winter squash.

But because they are both a vining crop and a root crop improved by curing, sweet potatoes can present challenges for w**d management and harvest and washing, depending on soil conditions.

Farmer-cooperators Kate Edwards, Emily Fagan, Jordan Scheibel and Jon Yagla tracked expenses, labor, yields and revenue for sweet potato production on their farms during 2019.

Wild Woods Farm Humble Hands Harvest Middle Way Farm The Millet Seed Farm
Salad greens are prized crops for vegetable growers. During 2017 and 2018, farmers conducted variety trials on head lettuce to search for the most heat-tolerant varieties for their farm.

Jordan Scheibel from Middle Way Farm in Grinnell and Jon Yagla from The Millet Seed Farm in Iowa City were interested in a similar variety trial comparing production of Salanova varieties with Eazyleaf varieties for mini-heads and salad mix, particularly during the hot summer months.

Click here to read more about how varieties from both series performed in this one-cut lettuce variety trial:
Did you watch our Facebook Live: Establish a Pollinator Garden event today, but can't remember all those resources mentioned?

A wealth of information on connecting with our wild pollinating friends awaits! Please feel free to add more resources to the comments on this post.


*The book that Fred mentioned in the Live Pollinator Garden event, a great guide to designing an ever-blooming pollinator garden:

*A basic guide to pollination and pollinator garden design principles:

* Brush up on the specifics of plant pollination here:

*Reiman Gardens, famous for butterfly gardening, has this wonderful guide:

*Host plant info:

*Nectar plant info:

*DIY puddling pools, to provide butterflies and other pollinators with minerals and water,

*How to attract butterflies with fruit:

*For a complete and scholarly list of pollinator plant characteristics, as well as a pleasing video, visit this native plant nursery website:

....or this list from local nursery Beautiful Land Products

*Looking to co-exist peacefully with deer as you plan a pollinator garden? Laurie Crawford mentioned these great resources:

*Want to share the magic of pollination with your whole family? Here are some great education activities for kids from Lidija Stojanovic with Bur Oak Land Trust:
-A pollinator scavenger hunt: :
-Help kids grasp the concept of pollination: :
-Check out the Bur Oak Land Trust Kids Corner page for more nature guides and activities for the family!

*Check out our free, online publications:

These plants make up the 330 square foot Creekside ever-blooming garden and were discussed during the event.
Anise Hyssop (25)
Bee Balm (25)
Butterfly W**d (25)
Sullivant's Milkw**d (25)
Lupine (25)
Purple Coneflower (25)
Sky Blue Aster (25)
Wild Columbine (25)
Wild Strawberry (25)
Prairie Dropseed (54)
Little Bluestem (54)

*View the Creekside Park Edible Forest design:

Many thanks to the Creekside Gardeners and the Creekside Neighborhood Association. Their generous time and energy laid the groundwork for this gardening project.

Join the Creekside Gardeners Facebook group if you would like to get involved with the Creekside edible forest and pollinator garden.

Beautiful Land Products :
The Millet Seed Farm :
Echollective Farm :


To find other plants locally, research your local nurseries or order via a nursery located in your eco-region, such as Prairie Nursery or Prairie Moon Nursery.

For Iowa City, check out curbside pick-up options at Earl May Garden Center, Iowa City Landscaping & Garden Center, and Forever Green.

We hope that you will join us for more virtual gardening education with Garden Guru:

Garden Guru at the Edible Classroom
Garden Guru at Creekside Park Edible Forest
Garden Guru at Wetherby Park Edible Forest

Get inspired by a heart warming story of nature connection for a boy and some toads:

Help us honor pollinators with gratitude and love ... and find lots of wellness and peace while digging in the soil!

This project was created in conjunction with the Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department and would not be possible without these sponsors and supporters. Please frequent these generous organizations to thank them for donations of materials and funds.
* Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department:
* Bur Oak Land Trust:
* Hills Bank:
* Collins Aerospace:
* Earl May Garden Center:
* New Pioneer Food Co-op:
* #IowaCityClimateAction:
* #FeedABee:
* Rapids Reproductions:
* Green Iowa AmeriCorps - Energy & Community:
Have you figured out which pollinator supporting plants speak to you, seem helpful, and are suitable in your habitat? The next step is to install species from your lists that are available to you.

To find plants locally, research your local nurseries or order via a nursery located in your eco-region, such as Prairie Nursery or Prairie Moon Nursery.

For Iowa City, check out curbside pick-up options at Earl May Garden Center, Iowa City Landscaping & Garden Center, and Forever Green.

Don't forget about the Curbside Plant Sales, with plants from Beautiful Land Products, The Millet Seed Farm and Echollective Farm.

Share your experience with finding starts and/or seeds with your gardening community.

We hope that you will help us honor pollinators with gratitude and love! Explore the process of installing a pollinator garden, with plants from Beautiful Land Products. Gather virtually for Facebook Live: Establish a Pollinator Garden at Creekside Park.
#iowaneedsvegetablefarms like Morning Glory - A Community Harvest Farm The Millet Seed Farm and Garden Oasis Farm LLC.

The growing season is well underway for these farmers and many others. Support local producers by purchasing a CSA share, shopping in online stores, and asking them how to otherwise buy their products. Now is the time to lean in and support those who are growing our food.

And you can support Grow by purchasing one of our snazzy tees from RAYGUNshirts. A portion of all sales during the month of April goes directly to sustain our mission of growing #goodfoodforall.

Grab yours today at

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**Sustainable** foraging for wild mushrooms, such as these chicken of the woods, is a happy place for some of us. Finding them is pure magic. Furthermore, these wild foods provide yet another local food resource (and one that can replace meat nicely.)

Growing mushrooms in the home garden could make the experience more sustainable. Small farms are more commonly offering fungi, such as the farm-grown mushrooms offered by Turkey River Farm, Juniper Ridge Farm, Destiny's Garden Herbs, and The Millet Seed Farm.

Are you trying to grow mushrooms in your garden? Have you considered it? If not, what other unique things have you grown?

Sharing your garden endeavors could earn you a **$25 GIFT CARD** to Earl May Nursery & Garden Center!

This week's #ClimateFriendlyGarden contest ends at midnight tonight.... and the contest will go on through October 29th.

Just post a photo to YOUR social media page that shows you having fun gardening. Include #climatefriendlygarden and "@backyardabundance".

Inspire others, promote climate action, and win some garden supplies in the process.

Learn more at

The Millet Seed urban farm's vision is to provide healthy food, sustain the land, and empower our community through a CSA and education.

Operating as usual

Photos from The Millet Seed Farm's post 09/04/2021

Grow your own fresh figs! Trees for sale starting at $25. These Chicago Hardy figs can be grown in pots and brought inside over winter or planted in the ground in a south facing location. After a couple of years trees bare dozens of delicious fruit with proper care. Contact me to purchase your trees at 319-471-0807 or [email protected].


Egyptian walking onions are probably my favorite perennial allium to date. The most versatile, reliable and productive providing green onions spring, fall and winter. Plus tasty Shallot bulbs in summer. All of these were harvested from one massive plant! A limited number of bulbils will before sale this August.

Photos from The Millet Seed Farm's post 07/03/2021

Hardy Iowa white peach trees for sale! $20 each or $15 each when you buy four or more! These trees have gorgeous pink blooms in spring and are loaded with small tasty peaches that are great fresh, frozen, or dried! Contact me to purchase your peach trees today. 319-471-0807 or [email protected]


The praying mantis hatch begins! I saved this egg sack found on a ginger stalk from the fall harvest. I tied it to a volunteer red bud in the low tunnel with hope that this day would arrive.


Friends and CSA folks, stop by for some early spinach on the house! Just give me a text to let me know you are swinging by. I still have a few CSA shares available too so let me know if you would like to join! Happy spring...


Hey folks! Now is a great time to start thinking about signing up for a CSA. The Millet Seed has shares available for the 2019 season. Visit the website or contact me to learn more about the farm and to sign up for a share. A link to can be found in the bio. Thank you and stay warm!


A wonderful display of foraged mushrooms and home grown ginger. I am ready for mushroom ginger tea and gravy to keep me warm during these cold winter days.


Timeline Photos


CSA members were treated to neighborhood wild plums last week, as well as seedless concord grapes from our neighbor. Loving the bounty of fruit this year! 08/06/2018

2018 WFAN Annual Conference - WFAN

Wren works for the Women, Food and Agriculture Network and their awesome annual conference is in Des Moines November 2nd and 3rd. The theme this year is Stepping into Action: Changing Foodscapes through Individual and Community Power. If you're a women involved in food/agriculture at any level, please attend! Registration costs increase after August 20th, so the earlier the better. Feel free to contact Wren if you have questions.   Conference Statement WFAN’s mission is to engage women in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system through individual and community power. Our members work every day to fulfill a vision for a food system that supports farmers, eaters, and the environment. This two-day annual... 07/02/2018

Come Pick!

Super exciting, it's time for blueberries at Blueyah Organic U-Pick Blueberry Farm in Oxford. We just finished our last batch of frozen berries from our picking last year and are pumped to be going to stock up. Contact them soon to pick-up a time to go out! Check out our calendar and contact us to set up a berry-picking time.


Experimenting with planting sweet potatoes into a bed with a pea cover crop! 6 rows of peas planted per bed in early spring. All rows terminated after three weeks except the outside rows nearest the paths (this clears a nice space for the single row of sweet potatoes which are planted in mid to late May). When the peas got large they flopped towards the paths where they rest in ‘peas’ after they were cut down with a diamond hoe in mid June. The goal is to keep living plants in the ground for as much of the season as possible to keep the soil biology thriving, build organic matter, and fix nitrogen. I hope to try this with rye and vetch as well! #covercrop #notill


The beets are ready! Right out our front door. #foodnotlawns


Over wintered cilantro left in the tomato beds are filling in the paths beautifully! Attracting wonderful insects and providing a huge crop of coriander. #cilantrolove


Any ideas about what may be causing these pepper flowers to abort? This is happening to all of the plants in the tunnel. The plants are not as vibrant green as usual either.


Broccoli coming soon! Thank you Wren for finally convincing me that broccoli is worth the effort by growing it for us last year.


Full vent on the new cat tunnel. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to grow tomatoes, ginger, and peppers under cover like the pros. I am an amateur. It was great to have for spring starts but I am already regretting having this hunk of plastic out here in the heat!


Last week was our first CSA pickup. It feels great to start the season off with a bounty of fresh greens and spring mushrooms!


Hey folks! Wren’s been brewing a bunch of water and coconut water kefir and now has a bunch of extra water kefir grains to share. Let us know if you’d like some.


Come visit us at the Back Yard Abundance plant sale this Saturday, April 28, from 9-11:30 at the Robert A. Lee Recreation Center. 04/16/2018

About Us

Two exciting positions are open with Field to Family in Johnson Co., Program Associate and Food Hub Manager. Applications due April 20th. A great opportunity to be involved in making a more vibrant and sustainable local food network! OUR MISSION: Field to Family works to create a more local, healthy and sustainable regional food system. We envision a region where people eat with the seasons, where farmers make a living, and our…


Wren helps plant our favorite leeks, King Richard. It is feeling like spring!


Waiting for spring! I finally broke down and gave the starts some supplemental heat on these chilly nights. These cool weather starts are double covered (under row cover in a hoop house). Extra blankets on top of the row cover keep it about 12 degrees above the outside temperature with out any extra heat. 02/04/2018

Farm Life Isn't Nearly As Idyllic As It Looks On Instagram—But I Still Wouldn’t Trade It For Anything

A good and honest article written by friend and fellow farmer Adrian at Jupiter Ridge Mushrooms & Veg. Those idyllic photos don't tell the whole story—here's what you don't see.




The last transplants of the season are in the ground! This is two of the four rows. Perfect conditions for plugging spinach into the no till beds. I will admit I do not love transplanting spinach and will continue to work on ways to improve.


Joe's long cayenne. I have a bad feeling about how this is going to end. I can already feel my hands getting warm through my gloves!


Looking for a fun Sunday activity? Check out this great farm crawl, hosted by Johnson Co. Women, Land & Legacy. Three farms will be on the route where women are at the helm and the day will conclude with ice cream at Dan & Debbbie's creamery.

More details at 09/12/2017

Edible Classroom Equinox Celebration - 9/16/2017 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The Millet Seed farm has been invited to hang-out with Backyard Abundance this Saturday for their edible classroom equinox celebration! Stop by and munch on garden produce, get pollinator seed, learn about cover crops and help plant them in the garden beds, and say hello to Jon! Environmental presentations, classes, and events hosted by Backyard Abundance and partners.


Practical Farmers of Iowa

Hey folks. We had a great field day back in July with Practical Farmers of Iowa. Read a re-cap of the event at the link below if you're interested in hearing more on how the farm operates, from finances to seeding.

If you missed the excellent field day at The Millet Seed Farm on earning a living with urban farming, you can get the details in our blog. Says farmer Jon Yagla, “CSA makes sense for us because we already want to grow a diversity of food for ourselves, and I just needed to scale up to do the CSA. We also have a lot of support in this community, so CSA made sense."


The Millet Seed Farm's cover photo


New farm truck at work! Thanks Steve Thirtieth Century Bicycle for parting with this beauty.


Grateful for these terrific CSA pick-up photos from amazing photographer Kierra Zapff!


The Millet Seed Farm's cover photo


Timeline Photos

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The "hut" garden is three miles south of our place right along the Iowa river.
We will be providing quality plants for a great cause on April 29 through the Backyard Abundance plant sale! This is the...
No till bed preparation when everything goes as planned. This bed was mulched with leaves last fall after a late carrot ...




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Opening Hours

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