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Gardening for kids. Hand painted sand boxes, raised garden beds and sq**rt gun stations.

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Start 28 cauliflower on 11-17. Transplant on 12-8 to Small Hydroponic unit. This will be transplanted again into dutch buckets. I'll be tracking how many make it all the way to harvest.


I'm installing a 36 unit hydroponic rack for my Dad. I think it's just the right size for a single senior. I'll be planting 2 green onion, 2 basil, 2 oregano all on the top row. buttercrunch lettuce, little gem romaine in the next 2 rows. Bottom row will be used for succession sowing lettuce or new plant idea.. 4 weeks later! Anyone interested in this service $180 Flat charge includes hydro unit, timer, pump, bucket, All parts for assembly! beginner pack of nutrients, 27 plants of your choice and setup of unit. This can be set on a table by a window or lights can be added but not included.


Cauliflower started on 11/17. This will be grown indoors on a cold porch with grow lights. Beto bucket method but using recycled icing buckets. indy


The lettuce on the left was transplanted a month ago from outdoors. The lettuce on the right was left outside to fend for itself. Both were planted from the same seed at the same time..same location.


My favorite cake

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I need help identifying this tree

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Yes this looks like a mess but I rescued as many peppers as I could from the freeze. These will go back out when the weather warms up in a couple days. I will eventually give up, trim the tops to 12 inches and store on my inside porch to get ahead of next years production. I only saved the smaller peppers 3 yellow cayenne, 1 black cayenne, 3 habanero, 3 jalepeno, 3 anaheim, 3 eggplant. It was a mad scramble last night getting the hydro in, pothos and snapdragon baskets.



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The first tiny greenbeans. Planted Aug 1st..Sep 8th photo and now Oct 14. All in the hydroponics. The joke is on me because I thought I planted Wax beans.


Saving the yellow cayenne for next year..dehydrating


How to cook hotdogs


Hydro bok choy..we will enjoy this all winter long

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Hydroponic update for Oct. Growing Wax beans, Basil, Bok Choy, Buttercrunch lettuce. I also have pothos and geranium cuttings in the hydroponics. Cauliflower as another experiment. This is located outside but will be moved inside as late as weather will allow.

Photos from Bitners Sunflower Urban Garden's post 10/04/2022

Oct 2nd Tomatoes hanging on but not much longer.

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Marigolds from seed. They are lovely..grew to about 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide. I've started collecting seeds to grow for next year. The flowers look different on the same plant.


Indiana weather..rescued some of my peppers. I put them in my enclosed porch for the night. The next 5 days 40 degree weather at night


The grandkids took one butercrunch lettuce plant that went to seed and sprinkled it in this raised bed..This is a close up of 2x8 bed. What am I gonna do with this much lettuce.

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1 oz yield on 1 plant..1 time pick..about 18 to 24 habaneros. 1 hour in the dehydrator

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When kids cook from last nights sleepover, hotdogs and s'mores . Didnt need that grill when you have a fire


Hydroponic wax beans..will it work..follow until harvest to see.

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Zaras habanero peppers. Dehydrating them to make crushed..same with the black cayenne. I turned it on went to bed. Woke work is done


Too cute


Planted cantaloupe and orange Hubbard squash


IT HAPPENED AGAIN. Where did we get the peaches? (Daughter) I planted most of the fruit trees the first 2 or 3 years when we moved on over 10 years ago. I bought clearance trees at Walmart as the season ended. It just goes to show it doesn't matter how poor you think you are.. if it matters to you...make it happen


"Mom do we have any tomatoes?" # indy


Progress on the cauliflower in the homemade hydroponics. I have a few cayenne peppers as well. Going into the orange containers will be Purple cauliflower.


Lost 3 zucchini plants..but the survivors have lost their minds..


I'm letting each squash and zucchini grow to 1# so it can be a meal! Also seeing how much food from each plant so I know how much to grow next year


Expanding my experiment

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Starting my cauliflower in


Sprinklers are saving my plants! Since my real job keeps taking me away from my garden job


My yellow strawberry patch grown from seed


2 years ago..added many more raised beds since then


Front Garden


First tomatillo. So starting early inside does pay off.

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Trying something new this year with my squash. I've been spraying with neem oil every 2 weeks as well as the pots

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Alot of work for 4 c of tart cherries.🥰


The year of the mulberry here in zone 6..what a year. I picked almost 4 lbs. It fills a 5# bucket. I used recycled strawberry buckets from Dairy Queen

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How much to grow to feed my family. Isn't that what we all need to know.2 plants of Rhubarb in total picked. Yielded 1 # 13 oz. Usable product. Which turns into 1 pint of pie filling. How many pies per year? Let's say 5. So I need to grow 10 plants..exhausted yet. Wait I need some for pancakes, oatmeal or yogurt..another 5 pints. 20 Plants!

Photos from Bitners Sunflower Urban Garden's post 06/03/2022

It's a great mulberry year. I picked almost 4 lbs today. You cant neglect this free fruit option if its growing in your yard.

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How to cook hotdogs #urbanfarming #homesteadlife #urbangrower #farmersmarket #homestead #homesteading
Hydroponic set up outside..needs to be moved..winter is coming
Sprinklers are saving my plants! Since my real job keeps taking me away from my garden job
Front Garden
Update on hydroponics.




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