There are indeed dozens of events happening all this month and next month! Check out a few below that BeHereNow has mentioned, if you can always check our Events page, or for the FULL list of all things Independence, visit The Independence Square to see who is doing what and when - some events require tickets, so get yours early to ensure you have a spot for whatever might be going down this week, next week, and onward!
Today we're giving a shout out to a few of The Independence Square businesses that will be open during the festival and most importantly who are here 3️⃣6️⃣5️⃣ days a year. Be sure to check out these Square businesses and many others when you're at the festival!
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Game Cafe
Flying Horse Flatbreads- Independence Square
Gilbert Whitney & CO
It's a rainy day outside (better than snow - we love snow, but it's still the start of November so we can do without 😆), so why not snuggle up in some blankets (grab a fuzzy one from BeHereNow!), whip up a cup of amazing cocoa, and plunk down for a favorite movie marathon!
Speaking of Best Of's - there's been some hubbub about The Examiner's nominations as well. There are a lot of Square places included, such as BeHereNow for Best Furniture Store, Under the Awning for Best Gift Store, Black Lemon Boutique By Brandy for Best Women's Apparel store, and SO MANY MORE!

And guess what? We couldn't help but take a peek and we've been nominated for Best Yoga Studio! So go take some time and check out all the categories and places and vote for all your favorites!
Beautiful window displays that make you have to go in when on the Square, but even virtually, the style and beauty of home furnishings never disappoints. Shop local and shop virtual.
“There are a million ways to kiss the ground. The way that you will honor your spirit animal is best just to come from your heart.” – Sarah Bamford Seidelmann

Shamanic healer Sarah Bamford Seidelmann joins Chris Grosso for a conversation about finding the wisdom and healing that are available through spirit animals.

Listen to this podcast here:

Become the king and queen of Mardi Gras this year - with cookies! Snag a mask from BeHereNow, throw on some beads, and cook up some delicious Mardi Gras inspired cookies with these crown cookie cutters! And do it all while you sip Mardi Gras themed The Roasterie Kansas City Air Roasted Coffee!
Been looking for a high quality backgammon set? Set in a stunning storm-blue case that feels great underhand, it neatly tucks away until the next game, or can easily be carried to a relative or friend's house for a round or two.

If you're wondering about other colors, BeHereNow carries a vivacious pink version!
You know what sounds good after all that Christmas dinner? A couple of chili dogs. A nice change of pace, gets you out of the house a bit, and hey, maybe see a movie afterward? (Or grab some of that 50% off merch at Gilbert Whitney & CO and BeHereNow.)
Holiday Open Houses are happening now! What does that mean? It means that on the Square places have sales, Christmas stuff, samples, and other fun things. We recommend you take a look and grab some gifts while you can get some savings, and maybe note a few things you'd like to have for yourself.

And in case you're wondering where this awesome-looking deer came from, go check out BeHereNow! Their Christmas goods are 20% off!
If you want a chance to win some free movie tickets, check out BeHereNow's post! (And if you haven't been in their place before, you should check it out - it's pretty cool!)
Check out our Business Directory listings for these fine small businesses and many more at

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BeHereNow makes a house a home. We believe that our home space should be the place where we want to

Operating as usual


Did you know that we have jewelry, too? Not only are we helping your home look pretty…we’re helping YOU look pretty, as well! Stop in and see what we have! (shop our inventory online!)

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?


Sometimes life gives you...eggs? No, wait - lemons! Whether you put them in a basket to make lemonade or plant them to grow lemon trees, the fact remains, a long as you keep on going, you can make something wonderful out of them. Or at least get them out of your way. Add a few faux lemons for color or as a reminder of your ability to overcome obstacles in your life!


Just a quick heads up - we will be closed Monday for Memorial Day!


Maybe you can't make it in today. Maybe you don't need any decor or delightful candles or fun soaps right now. That's okay - there are all sorts of other ways you can help support small businesses that you love (like us!). Any time you don't need to shop, you can always do one of the following:

☑️ Follow our pages (if you don't already)
☑️ Like our posts (it helps extend our reach to others!)
☑️ Share our posts (helps us reach even more people!)
☑️ Comment on posts (social sites *love* us when you do this!)
☑️ Tag friends who would like them (you never know - you might help them find the perfect item!)
☑️ Post photos of our products (did you buy something? We'd love to see it!)
☑️ Tell friends about our products (word of mouth is POWERFUL!)
☑️ Write reviews and give feedback (anywhere you can - Facebook, Google, and more!)
☑️ Share our website (especially for those that don't live here locally!)

When people do a few of these, it really does help our business, and any other small businesses that you love. After all, we are only as strong as the customers that love our stores!


Speaking of green - how about a beautifully springy green couch? Decorate it any number of ways! We decided to throw a few delightful tasseled cream pillows on it, along with a simple throw. On the rustic table in front? A large brown vase to compliment the green, and a round white stone bowl filled with artichokes (because why have apples and oranges when you can have artichokes?). Plenty of different ways you can go about decorating - tell us what you would do with a couch like this!


A bit of green, a bit of white, a simple combination but oh so perfect for spring and summer. Together they bring a bright look to any room, and you can spruce bottles and vases up even more with fresh or faux flowers in any number of colors! What's your summer style?


Ever wish you had a bookcase that fit neatly in a corner? We might have one of those. 😉 Tuck it right in and then decorate it how you want. We've gone with a bit of a farmhouse chic look. Very simple with a few succulents, votives, small horse containers, and simple repurposed wood signs. What would you put in your corner bookshelf?


Mondays take courage. It's the start of a new week, new challenges to face, work to be done, etc.

You know what else takes courage? Being a pig. Everyone wants your bacon, on in other cases, the money you're carrying. 😆 🐖


Gaze upon our magnificent pillow wall! We have even more scattered throughout the store on our chairs and sofas to help give you ideas for your own home! What colors/patterns do you like best in your pillows?

Photos from BeHereNow's post 05/19/2022

So you've picked up a beautiful tray with a woodland scene etched into it - now what do you do with it?

Answer: Anything you like! Bowl of lemons (real or fake?) Sure! Simple catchall tray? Sure! Maybe you'll want flowers. Or use it as a breakfast in bed tray. Plenty of possibilities - what do you think you would use this lovely tray for?


Reading Glasses Ahoy!

Everyone loves to read! Make reading a little easier by picking up a pair of reading glasses next time you're out. Especially handy if you plan on relaxing at Cafe Verona with a good book and forget yours!


A few lovely ladies, a few fabulous bird houses, and several ways to make your walls fantastic - that's what we've got here! And then some. These are just a few ways you can make your home a little brighter, more sparkly, or more dramatic. What are you feeling like lately?


Heads up everyone! BHN will be closed today (5/16) and next Monday (5/23).


Go a little black and white in your decor if you're not feeling the va-va-voom of color this season. Black and white can be quite the stylish and bold look. Do you think it's something you'd like to try?


What do these make you think of? Magical crystal balls? Simple, stunning home decor accents? David Bowie (bonus points if you get the reference)? No matter what they put you in mind of, you can't deny that they're very pretty and mesh well with fabulous flowers in equally sparkling vases. Is this an arrangement you could see in your home?


Bright, sun-shiny days call for bright, fun displays. Fruits, delightful bowls, and a frame featuring friends, pets, and family can all come together in a sunny shelf for a lovely summery look. Don't have a sunbeam colored shelf or cabinet? You can paint one - or always get one from us!


Yikes - don't know about the rest of you, but a trip to the beach sounds good today! Unfortunately, we're a little far from there. So maybe deck out your home in beachy fashion to give you the seaside vibe and then kick it on the couch with some ocean wave sounds playing, the AC on, and a nice margarita in your hand. 😎🍹

Photos from BeHereNow's post 05/09/2022

Want somewhere to wander today? Why not wander into our store? Digital or physical - either way we've got the good stuff. A small taste of Independence, Missouri awaits - from our classy coaster tiles to unique home accents, and so much more! Get your purchases shipped directly to you, or if you're nearby, pick up in store for free! Don't forget to join our rewards program, too for extra discounts, freebies, and more!


Beekman 1802 for Mom!

Maybe create your very own gift basket for your momma this year? Fill it full of the best Beekman goodies so she can indulge in every way possible. 🥰


Where would you like to sit today? Cushy chairs with nice armrests? Chill, laid back chairs with free movement? Classic styles? Modern looks? We have a sprinkling of everything - take a look today in store or at and get your style on! (Don't forget to get something for Mom, too!)


Little red truck goes beep beep! It's carrying with it all the bright green goodies for spring. Dress up your home with succulents or flowers - or perhaps mom would like something that lasts a little longer than the traditional flowers in a vase? Mother's Day is the 8th, don't forget!


What do you do when life hands you lemons? Easy! Put 'em in a bowl and make a pretty display out of them with stylish dishes. Show life that you know how to make light of any situation!


What does your mama like? We have all sorts of Beekman 1802 goodies here for her to treat herself. Soak in the tub. Get soft skin with lotions and lip balms. Smell fabulous with goat milk soaps. Check everything out here in store or online at And if these don't work - maybe you'll find some delights place that will!


We love our Pickwick & Co. candles so much, we just restocked them! New scents now available! Order online and we will have it ready when you get here, or have them shipped!

Home Lifestyles | Home decor | BHN Home | BeHereNow 04/29/2022

Home Lifestyles | Home decor | BHN Home | BeHereNow

You can always stay inside today. Read a book. Cozy up on the couch with a plush throw. Or get crafty with something you've been meaning to do for a while. Whatever the case may be, kick back and shop our store from the comfort of your couch so you stay out of the rain. is waiting - get it shipped or simply pick up your purchase in the next day or two!

Home Lifestyles | Home decor | BHN Home | BeHereNow Shop hand-picked curated home décor featuring furniture, table top, art, seasonal items, apparel, garden, gifts, and more at BHN Home. Let your home be the place you want to be.


Anyone in need of a gorgeous rug? We've got some real beauties here that you'll love to see in your floor. What style are you going for? Rustic chic? Farmhouse? Minimalist? Take some time to browse - and if you can't come to the store there's always (and don't forget to sign up for the rewards while you're there!)


Need to keep a few fortunes around? We've got just the right boxes for them! We can't get over these pretty fortune cookie boxes! Available in gold or silver, they're the perfect way to contain something special or leave a loving note to someone you care about. So many fun possibilities! Check them out at


How Do You Mantle?

How do you like to decorate your mantle for spring? From faux fruits to bushy greenery, there are plenty of ways to make it a delightful bit of decoration so you smile every time you see it!


We have a lot of items in our store that give you springy, earthy vibes. Perfect for Earth Day. But did you also know we carry vintage things that are fashioned out of reclaimed materials like wood, metal, and more? Or repurposed things such as old cans into cute pails and planters? We also have delightful tree seed packs that you can plant and watch grow! Stop in or check for all things Earthy today!


Mother's Day is right around the corner (May 8th!) so now is definitely the time to start thinking of getting her something that you know she'll fall in love with. We have plenty of delights to choose from, and you can easily shop everything at if you don't have time to come in! Candles, bath and body, and some truly unique jewelry await, along with all sorts of other goods that mom might love!

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Whether you’re shopping for a one­-of-­a-­kind piece of furniture, or want the ability to order something specific, Be Here Now combines the best of both worlds. The store features lighting, furniture, home décor, tabletop accessories and other items to enhance the style and comfort of your home. The Design and Resource Center at the back of Be Here Now offers a variety of tools like large worktables, room templates, office supplies and paint chips. Together with our expert consultants, you can create the perfect look and feel for your home.

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Beekman 1802 for Mom!
How Do You Mantle?
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