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Merry Maids of Independence is a residential cleaning service serving Jackson County, MO. Established locally in 1991. If life seems like it is passing you by and you never have enough time to enjoy the things you love most, you need to make a change.

Merry Maids® is here to restore balance to your life and put the extra in your ordinary™.

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Timeline photos 04/08/2022

Spring cleaning can be an overwhelming concept, but taking on small tasks one at a time will leave your home and brain feeling less cluttered.

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The messiest memories are often the best memories. Don't stress the mess. Enjoy the moment and let us take care of the rest.

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Working for Merry Maids means being part of something. If you are interested in joining a team of determined and energetic people, Merry Maids could be the right fit for you.

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How do you stay organized while you travel? Our favorite ways to keep things tidy while jet setting...

1. Only pack what you need.
2. Pre-plan outfits. Use packing bags to keep each outfit separated and organized.
3. Pack a laundry bag and keep it outside of your suitcase to keep unworn outfits fresh.

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Think of all the things you can do on your clean floors... Did someone say dance party?

We are ready to refresh your home so you can turn it into whatever you want!

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Adulting is hard... we can make it a little easier. Let us take something off your plate.


We have self-driving cars so why not self-cleaning houses? Until then, we have you covered. 😉

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We know you are so much more than an employee. We work hard to ensure our team members have the flexibility and resources they need to be successful.

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Did you know that germs are hiding on your walls? Cleaning your walls is an important way to keep your home free of unwanted bacteria and viruses.

Mix a few drops of dish soap into a bucket of warm water. Take a microfiber towel, Swiffer or something similar and scrub down the walls in your home. It will look cleaner, smell cleaner, and be safer! ✨

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After a long day at the office or taking care of errands, the last thing you want to do is come home and clean. That is where we come in. Let our team give you back your free time by taking care of your home.

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Struggling to stay focused? Here are a few productivity tips:

1. Set 30-minute to 1-hour alarms and then give yourself 5- to 10-minute breaks in between each workflow session
2. Put on a podcast in the background to keep yourself alert and engaged
3. Clean your workspace prior to working to allow for clear thoughts and reduced distraction

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Dishwasher smelling a little funky?

Step 1: Empty the dishwasher
Step 2: Clean out the filter at the base of the dishwasher. Wash with soap and water
Step 3: Place a dishwasher safe bowl full of white distilled vinegar on the bottom rack of your dishwasher
Step 4: Run the dishwasher through a normal cycle

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Take time to talk with friends or family to share self-care practices. Talk with each other about how to help manage the stress of the world around us. 💕

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While the kids are at school and you focus on work, we turn your home into a sparkling oasis. ✨ Use the evening to enjoy time as a family instead of trying to catch up on all the household chores.

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Is there an organization trick you use that isn't common practice? Share in the comments! 👇

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On average, developing a habit takes 65 days. Start a small daily cleaning practice today, and by May it will be second nature.

Habits to try:
🛌 Making your bed
🧽 Cleaning off the kitchen counter every evening
👔 Hanging up your clothes after trying them on

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March madness means something different in our world. Who is ready for the madness of spring cleaning? 🌼

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Small, everyday habits can result in big changes! Take these daily decluttering tips to help keep your home in order.

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Did you receive new cookware over the holidays? Cleaning care is an important part of maintaining items like dutch ovens and cast iron pans.

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Weekends are a balance of decompressing from the previous week while preparing for the upcoming week. Pick part of your weekend to tidy up your home, grocery shop, and do laundry. Use the remainder of the weekend to do your favorite activity, spend time with friends, pets, and family, or to simply relax.

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Reach for your phone, give us a call, and go back to bed. 😊

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Don't underestimate the power of your couch tag when it comes to cleaning your sofa. The tag will usually have instructions from the manufacturer written specifically for your piece of furniture.

The Best Valentine’s Day Subscription Boxes 02/14/2022

The Best Valentine’s Day Subscription Boxes

The gift that keeps on giving! Sign your partner up for a subscription box this Valentine's.

The Best Valentine’s Day Subscription Boxes V-day is coming quickly; have you thought about what your significant other might want? No need to stress! Merry Maids® will help you impress the one you love with the best online subscription gifts.

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Make sure your laundry is as fresh as possible by first making sure your washing machine is clean. Find out the best way to clean your washing machine. ⬇

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Do something special for your partner this year.

🍫 Go all out with the over the top Valentine's gifts. Grab a teddy bear, box of chocolate, and red roses.

🍴 Plan dinner at their favorite restaurant. Maybe stop by their favorite dessert cafe or ice cream shop after dinner.

🧹 Hire your local Merry Maids. Give your partner a break from the daily chores.

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There are so many ways to show your home love. 🏡💗

1. Are there projects around the house that have gone unfinished? Make it a priority to finish tiling that bathroom.

2. Add plants to your space. Plants not only enhance the aesthetic, but they can also reduce pollutants in the air.

3. Hire Merry Maids. There is no underestimating the positive impact of a clean home. Routine cleaning will keep your house in its best condition and it will boost your mood.

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We spoke to your partner; they let us know they are hoping for a Merry Maids gift card this Valentine's Day. ❤️

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Do you have what you need to successfully clean your home? These are some of the must-have items.

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Can you relate? 😂

Let us take over the cleaning so you can have some "me time."

Timeline photos 01/26/2022

Can you relate? 😂

Let us take over the cleaning so you can have some "me time."

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We know that you have a life outside of work, which is why we offer our team members flexible schedules that work with their lives.

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Make sure you keep these items cleaned all year long!

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Birthday? Anniversary? Just because? Give a Merry Maids gift card to a special someone!

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Ready for another cleaning hack?

Is there a lingering smell from a stain on a rug or carpet? Pour baking soda over the area that needs attention and let sit for a minimum of 3 hours (overnight if possible). Vacuum it up and the smell should vanish!

Timeline photos 01/18/2022

Would you live here? We would. 😍

Our Story

A completely clean home. Just the way you want it!

Cross a major chore off your to-do list by letting us take care of the house cleaning. Then savor the pleasure of knowing your whole home has been cleaned by a professional team member(s) you can trust.

Our cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized. If you would like to request a special service, change your cleaning schedule, or skip an area in your home, just let us know! We are happy to fulfill every request in order to exceed your expectations.

Merry Maids home cleaning services are available weekly, every other week, monthly or one-time. On every visit, your Merry Maids team dusts, vacuums, washes and sanitizes each room. Using our equipment and specially formulated products, they clean from left to right, top to bottom, so no detail is overlooked.

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12418 E US Hwy 40
Independence, MO

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 5pm

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