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Special thanks to everyone that joined us today at the Game Cafe 40K event, at Game Cafe, hosted by Away Games. It was a great event and the competitors had a blast. Special shout-out to Capko who won the event with Iron Hands.

Thanks again for the support to both the store and community and hope to see you at the upcoming Grand Tournament Topeka Open on Jan 7-8, 2023!
Don’t forget, this Saturday, Away Games is hosting another great event at Game Cafe! Still a few spots left if your interested. Come on out and support the store and local community. Hope to see you there!

Good afternoon everyone! Just a reminder, next week is the Game Cafe 40K event at Game Cafe.

Half the spots are already filled! Come on out and visit the fabulous store and area. Away Games will be hosting with our premier setups.

Hope to see you there!

Good afternoon everyone! Don’t forget, in two weeks Game Cafe will be hosting another fantastic event at their store. Tickets are on sale and we already have people signing up. Hope to see you there!
Good morning! Wanted to showcase and highlight some of the terrain and layouts competitors can expect at the upcoming Game Cafe event.
Game Cafe and Away Games have collaborated again to bring another event to a great local store. The Game Cafe 40K Event will be on 19 November 2022, located at 107 W Lexington Ave, Independence, MO with doors opening at 930am. The store has the capacity to comfortably have 18 competitors and tickets are $25.

Tickets are available at

Come out and support the local store and the surrounding community. There are many things to check out in the area, with local restaurants for lunch within walking distance. Information about the entire event is provided in the player packet.

The event will utilize premier customized terrain in the "GW" standardized format, in the lead up to the inaugural Topeka Open in January.
On my way to do some great gaming at this awesome place... See yall soon!!
Can't wait to see everyone at Doggie Date Night and Fort Waggin' Tail. Say "hello" to our volunteers at the restaurants as they help serve you and your dog. After dinner please stop by our booth to meet some of our sweet seniors.

Event is September 15th on The Independence Square!
Proceeds benefit Shep's Place Senior Dog Sanctuary!
Reservations and tickets required for you and your dog at Ophelia's, Cafe Verona & Courthouse Exchange.
Visiting shops & booths at Independence Square for Fort Waggin' Tail is free.

Brookside Barkery & Bath Square Pizza Diamond Bowl Studio on Main - Pilates & Yoga Game Cafe Cafe Verona Ophelia's Restaurant & Inn Under the Awning Courthouse Exchange Black Lemon Boutique By Brandy Up Dog Wild About Harry on the Square Sarah's Little Workshop Co.
Looking for 5 ed D & D players for a weekly Saturday morning game. PM if interested
Wantting to start a Digimon Card game night at Game Cafe. Open to what days and time.
Hey folks.. I havent been in for awhile... dealing with estates... Is there any MTG format you guys are playing that is Pre 6th edition ruleset?
I cannot stomach the hasbro version.
Do you have your tickets for our Nursery Rhymes after Dark trivia event next Friday? You can win prizes like this prize pack from Level One Game Shop, or our other sponsors Brookside Toy and Science and Game Cafe! Tickets at
this place is one of the best places I've been on the [] ppl in the store are nice and help full and the staff here is like ask any thing a bout a card game and they have a answer and if they dont they will find the answer for you

I just started playing magic and this place is what got me started to play the game 💖❤️
Any local Castles and Crusades players? I'm just a newb
Today we're giving a shout out to a few of The Independence Square businesses that will be open during the festival and most importantly who are here 3️⃣6️⃣5️⃣ days a year. Be sure to check out these Square businesses and many others when you're at the festival!

Game Cafe
Flying Horse Flatbreads- Independence Square
Gilbert Whitney & CO
off work early! Anyone up for Resident Evil 3?

Board Games, Card Games, Tabletop Games, Role Playing Games, Miniatures Games, Multiple Event Halls.

We are a brick and mortar game store in the historic heart of Independence, MO. We believe good times with friends and family are what is really important. Browse our site to catch a glimpse of all the facets that make Game Cafe and come see us!



Brothers War draft on Saturday at 1:30.



What is the greatest board game of all time?



Game Cafe will be CLOSED on Monday 12/12/2022 until 5 pm.

The store audit is upon us once more. The tax man is coming...


Enter the world of... DRAGONLANCE 🗡🛡🔥

New D&D releases this week! Pictured here is the hobby exclusive Dragonlance book, the real-life Teeth of Dahlver-Nar, and the glowing Demilich skull!

As always, supply is limited, and the Holidays are right around the corner... 👀


Long video is long

Carpet is darn near completion so time to get some organized play events up. Stay tuned for updates on X-Wing, Legion, Warhammer 40k, YGO, MTG, and more!


Come by the store to pick up an after-dinner game for the whole family! Easy to play, super fun, & great for the holidays!

Photos from Game Cafe's post 11/19/2022

Game Cafe is at the Nativity of Mary Holiday Mart today until 3pm! Shop stuff, see us with some holiday deals, and eat delicious food. No entry fee!


40k and shadow realm

Warhammer 40k Tournament hosted by Away Games this Saturday.

YGO OTS Championship this Sunday.

Looking like it's going to be a busy weekend folks and hopefully you all have a chance to catch a piece of the action. We cant wait to see you!


Brothers War Prerelease Events all weekend! We also opened a ton of singles too, so shop on our website!


Brother’s War singles are now AVAILABLE!

Time to build that new deck of your dreams ✨


New carpet looks soooo niiiicee!


Board Game Night they have Mosaic at on of the tables being played. If you want to see the game in action, come down tonight. If you want to see a You Tube Video of a game we play, mention so in the comments. 😁


Front retail area is still closed while we finish carpet, but any of you that want to come play tonight in the event halls or come in just to buy some thing, come on down.


I goof

Hey friends! We will be opening a little later today as we are still installing the carpet in the main retail area. Currently we are on track to open close to 5PM so board game night should still be a go.

Edit: at the end of the video I goof and say the prerelease is next week. Jokes on my of course because all you guys already know Brothers War drops tomorrow. Wakka wakka wakka


Last night carpet removed in front retail area and working on the new carpet now. Make sure you visit Game Cafe to purchase Brothers War, Soulforge, Board Games, Miniatures and more! Your support helps pay for the new carpet!


Hey 40k Friends! We have another Warhammer 40k tournament hosted by AwayGames just around the corner and the Emperor wants YOU to participate! Please feel free to just follow the QR code or go to their main site to sign up before hand as all registration is done online.


Neat pull today! Wonder if it’s special or something 🤔


ATTENTION! As we are getting new carpet today (yay!), we won’t be pulling any card orders until tomorrow morning. The store is still open and operating, we’ll just be temporarily moving some things around :)


Boxes in boxes in...

Brothers war prerelease starts this Friday friends! We cant wait to see you all.



YuGiOh! Friends, Magbificent Mavins releases later this week. We are still waiting on OTS20 but will be using that as prizing as soon as we receive it in.

MTG secret lair drop has arrived. They will all be priced at the same level you could have found on Hasbro's direct site.


We hope your weekend is terrifying and fun!


Last minute tempest

Pokemon Silver Tempest prerelease this weekend friends. We will have in store play as well as take home prerelease options.

If you requested a Charizard Ultra Premium Collection you should be hearing from us sometime later today or tomorrow going over the details of that. I'm very happy with the quantity we are receiving and looking forward to giving a large number of you the good news.

We look forward to seeing you all Saturday.



Time Wizard is an officially recognized format in Yu-Gi-Oh. Game Cafe is going to be adding this to our weekly organized tournament schedule, and would love to hear the community's opinion on what day of the week this should take place.

Please comment below with your thoughts!


Just another manic wednesday

Dungeons and Dragons organized play night is once again upon us. This is an open invite to any and all who are interested in checking out D&D this evening between 5:30 and 8:30. Any and all age groups and experience levels are welcome.

Additionally YGO Darkwing Blast was a huge hit this Sunday so feel free to get in on the action with the set release later this week.

Commander night at Crane brewing starts later this evening as well. We will have promotional support for those who attend.


Commander players! Did you know we host commander nights at Crane Brewing Company the third Wednesday of each month?

Come by, grab a pint, and play a few games with us! Players will receive a fun surprise for coming along!

We'll be there tomorrow, October 19th, from 5pm-7pm


Cuz dats my fun day

Yugi set premiere this sunday friends. The field center participation promo is actually pretty rad. See you cool cats on Sunday Sunday Sunday!


Hey friends! We will have a local facebook celeb hanging out at the store this evening. Jackson County Michael Myers will be hanging around the Independence square for some photo ops. Swing by around 7:30 tonight to say hi and get your picture!


YGO Players— This Sunday is our Darkwing Blast Premiere!

We have a whopping SIX playmats to give away, as well as field centers, promo cards, and a fabric poster. Excited to see you all there!


Warhammer and such

Warhammer 40k decks and Unfinity available today folks! The rush has begun!


Just in time for the holidays… 😉

Army Painter sets are in stock. Whether it’s the hobby set for a beginner painter, the Speedpaint set for those wanting to try it, or the mega set for those feeling a little wild!

Also new in stock, Army Painter’s GameMaster terrain set! With this kit, you can paint and assemble the dungeon for your adventuring party the way you want it.


Unfinity box opening at the Game Cafe! Just for funsies.

Hi, I’m Zoe, and I haven’t actually played Magic in about two years. I will be judging this un-set purely on aesthetics. This is the way


To boldy draft where none have drafted before... 🚀

Get ready for a busy weekend as we prepare for the releases of the MTG Unfinity set and the Warhammer 40k Commander Decks.

Starting Friday, we will have Unfinity singles for sale.

See you on Friday! :)


Brudda War

Brothers War and Unfinity preorders are up! Just hop on down to our website and click on the preorders tab to reserve your stuffs today.


🌟 New arrivals at the Game Cafe! 🌟

The big one this week is the new Structure Decks for the Yu-Gi-Oh folks! They are now available for purchase :)


You got a friend in mat

Magic the Gathering: FNM is tomorrow and we had 12 players last week just for standard so we are really looking forward to seeing you guys all back tomorrow. Additional we have started to uncover so products that have been out of stock for a while. Time Spiral Remastered, Mystery Boosrers, and Modern Horizon 2 boosters are all once again gracing our shelves in limited quantities.

YuGiOh: we have a VIP Qualifier coming up next Sunday October 9th. Details can be found on our events page. Also Crystal Beast structure decks will be available for purchase when you join us for locals tomorrow at 6PM.

Photos from Game Cafe's post 09/27/2022

It’s that time of year again…! 🎃👻🌙🔮

Clowndra and Wizzt are ready for the season 😂


Incoming: Restocks of the popular Exit series by Kosmos! An escape room in a box 🗝🔓

Jonathan and his wife enjoy this series, so it must be a good game.


Yu-Gi-Oh Players! We finally have the thing you have been asking for: ✨ Oversleeves ✨

They’ll be waiting for you next to the other YGO sleeves!


Recruits Convention at Lee Summit

Recruits Convention at Lee Summit South Highschool today and tomorrow remain.

Photos from Game Cafe's post 09/24/2022

Recruits Comvention now Sept 23 to Sunday Sept 25. Game Cafe is there! 400 SE Blue Parkway in Lee’s Summit MO. Students are free and everyone else is $5.

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Last minute tempest
Just another manic wednesday
Cuz dats my fun day
Warhammer and such
Unfinity box opening at the Game Cafe! Just for funsies.Hi, I’m Zoe, and I haven’t actually played Magic in about two ye...
Brudda War
You got a friend in mat
Recruits Convention at Lee Summit
Eevee is best pokemon
Blood bowl




107 W Lexington Avenue
Independence, MO

General information

We have a large inventory of roleplaying, board, card, and miniature games and lots of gaming supplies! Don't forget we have a full menu of demo games to try, and ample table space so you can stay and play! Come check us out!

Check out a list of all our events at!

Check out our blog at

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Monday 12pm - 8pm
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