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[04/29/21]   "Dance with the one who brought you" 😉🙏🏻


[04/29/21]   You have divine permission.

You are allowed my love.

Even when (especially when) the energy can go in all kinds of directions, and you must choose.

(*words in my head allll week, so I felt maybe you could use them too, love you!)

Before a new chapter can fully begin, the old one must be finished.

Think back to what was going on for you 6 months ago, back in late October of last year?

(By the way, this was when Sun and Uranus were OPPOSING each other in the sky, over the Scorpio new moon).

Now, this is where astrology can be so interesting as if there is a magical orchestrated sense to it all because this week over the Scorpio FULL Moon, the Sun is now CONJOINED Uranus making the last 6 months in some way, come to resolution.

Much less all this Pluto action we are all feeling amongst the transits lately (and Pluto retrograding today) showing us to uncover what has been keeping us STUCK...

Yes, the energy right now is pushing through to the surface whatever has been holding us down in old patterns.


Even when the intensity and the unexpected shows up...

> What it really means to love yourself < and end the old trauma pattern.


Allowing YOU to love yourself in the way you always needed.

Not punish yourself.

Allowing YOU to forgive yourself for whatever that is.

Forgive yourself for leaving you.

And learning to return to love inside you.

“Even when unresolved past traumas and issues arise, I do my best to hold them in love and look forward.”

To open your physical body and being, to trust and guide your life from here (*only if you are in a physically safe environment of course).

To do the work of being a creator and showing up for yourself (and knowing whatever you go through IS YOU CREATING IT AND IS YOU BRINGING YOU HOME TO YOURSELF)

To do the work of Loving yourself-in-action...

= in BEING.

To trust your own body and to give yourself what you need to flourish!

To make the difficult decisions to stop “charging” and entertaining what really isn’t really YOU; what does not turn your soul on.

Recognizing what is really your HEART speaking over what the TRAUMA is saying.

And to forgive yourself for abandoning you—for not knowing how to trust yourself...

For believing someone else's truth when you knew better...

And Yess, of course...

Forgiving others.

Forgiving life, in the ways that caused you to hurt.

And learning to allow what must DIE, to rest in the earth, to fertilize the new…

This means knowing how to close out cycles in your life ready to be closed out.

Knowing when a way or a situation or stage has come to an end.

Closing cycles, shutting doors, ending chapters – whatever name we give it, what matters is to leave in the past the moments of life that have finished.

Did something happen or end not as you expected?

Did you lose a loved one or a loving relationship come to an end?

Did you lose a job or have to move?

Did you travel to a new place?

Has a lasting situation or friendship suddenly ended?

You can spend a long time wondering why this has happened.

You can stay frozen and not take another step forward until you figure out why what was once so stable has now turned to dust.

You can keep watching that same sad movie over and over that makes you cry (ya know, the one that shows how much you suffered from a certain loss yet that is only poisoning you, and nothing else.)

Or you can stop turning on your emotional television to watch the same program over and over again and GET OUT of the swamp.

You can cling to the worst of times with your whole identity because you don’t know what it’s like to “not fight” …

Or you can try a new way...

Choose to love yourself.

You can forgive...

And Life moves forward.

If you are feeling called to this message know you may have a deep choice point moving forward.

Are you going to be driven by love or driven by loss?

It’s time to either resurrect it and burn its embers hot into flames. Or release it.

Everyone is finishing chapters these days...turning over new leaves, getting on with life, and it’s a pivotal choice to stay standing still.

Yes love, you can let go and forgive.

No matter where you are, you can CREATE something new and WAY MORE FULFILLING to your physical life and your soul...

Like I’ve written in the past, RADICAL Forgiveness is not JUST about learning to let go and creating something new outside of the old pattern.

It’s about choosing what you LOVE MORE and making room for the miracle…

Even realizing the things you go through that you didn’t quite expect may eventually bring you deep and profound life changes that you didn’t always know you needed but those changes you are very grateful for in the end.

It’s about self permission and provisioning self-love over victim, shame, and entitlement.

So be open to it.

Seeing the perfection from a higher heart place...

Yes, this isn’t the old model of forgiveness. Traditional forgiveness is based on old programming that puts you in a state of co-dependency.

And if you always believe that “life happening to you” and that you are always the victim in every situation, and that other people are responsible for your discomfort, then anger will almost always be the default response.

Many don’t even know that they still cling to “victim” from a place of NOT being ‘trauma informed’ and instead completely colored by trauma usually feeling justified in feeling this way (self-righteous).

If, on the other hand, you are grounded in your body and coming from the root of your own wholeness (singularity)...then you are more aware that you are always accountable for what happens in your life and in spite of how things appear, nothing wrong or right is happening.

And from this place, your emotional response will be very different, of course after a little reflection and calming down!


Radical Forgiveness.

There’s nothing to blame or suffer or escape or bypass away from.

There’s “no punishment to have.”

Only unlocking what you REALLY need and showing up all the way for it.

Only collapsing the old by directly facing it in your present nervous system and BODY so you can receive the embodied “ah hah” and GIFT from the situation, just as it is.

This is where YOU step into being a CREATOR…

This is where I am learning right now that no matter what life throws at me I am recognizing it as a divinely aligned opportunity for me to love and accept myself, deeper.

We all share a story of unworthiness deep down.

We’ve all been conditioned to attach our sense of self to our work, or our knowledge, or our bodies, appearance, achievements, other people, roles, material things, etc...

Yet uprooting these beliefs and coming home to the truth of who we really are and how inherently lovable, beautiful, worthy, sacred, and precious we are—naked and stripped just as we are— IS the REAL work.

This is how we liberate ourselves and each other from so much needless suffering and how we know real love and truth in our life.

So it’s time.

Facing and embracing all of the painful feelings and being courageous enough to walk through these fires of our own self permission.

It’s time to keep letting go of this mask of unworthiness.

This mask of choosing fear and thinking it’s more tangible and real, than in-the-body love.

And choose…

To let go of what no longer supports your growth and path to love from here.

Here’s a simple exercise for you to try where you can collapse old timelines from a body-level awareness ...

This is where you ...

1. Tell the story until it’s ALL out

2. Feel the feelings somatically ALL the way

3. Collapse the story (reclaim forgotten power)

4. Reframe the story (acknowledging higher gift)

5. Integrating the new “healthy story...”

Now let’s break this down into short paragraphs and talk about each one...

Stage 1: Telling the Story

This is where you tell the story of what happened, why you it hurt, who hurt you, why you feel victimized, who is to blame, and so on.

The aim is allowing your story to be witnessed and validated from within you. You can also share with a loved one who honors you.

Stage 2: Feeling the Feelings

This is where you give yourself permission to feel the full range of feelings associated with the story, no matter what they are.

There’s so many (somatic) practices out there to help you feel fully in your nervous system and body.

Yet even allowing sensations in your body on a daily “check-in” to flow, is intelligent and healthy when it comes to self-regulation and inner standing.

Stage 3: Collapsing the Story

In this part, you take a step backwards and try to understand the person’s motives for doing what they did, bring some empathy, mercy, and compassion into the mix, and try to cut them some slack in spite of what they did to you.

You also try to cut out all the stuff that isn’t quite true but you added to the story to make it seem more than it was, and so on. But this is as far as conventional forgiveness can go.

It still identifies you as a victim and even though you are making an effort to forgive the person, he or she is not let off the hook. He/she is still seen as the perpetrator and responsible for your unhappiness.

Stage 4: Reframing the Story

It’s at this point that Radical Forgiveness takes us where convention forgiveness can never go and where few of us have ever been before. But it is the key to a whole new way of thinking…

It’s where YOU begin to see that at the spiritual level there is nothing to forgive because everything that occurs happens not TO us but FOR us.

Stage 5: Integrating the New Story

The old victim story lived in every cell of our body. Having dissolved that story, the new (reframed) story has to be put in its place. For that to happen we need to do something physical for the integration to take place. It can be done through writing, speaking it out, dancing, music, and best of all, breathwork…

Okay, love...

The new paradigm of Radical Forgiveness and process outlined above offers you the opportunity and space to not just be the “effect” in a cause-and-effect world, but the CAUSE ...


You Truly Are A Creator.

And I see you!

Do you see you?

What do you see when you look at you?

Can you celebrate you?

Even in the setback-detouring and difficult times?

Do you see the ever-changing you?

Can you feel the deeper you?

Today I am simply inviting you to be conscious of your “I am” presence.

In other words, watch what you are defining yourself as and molding yourself into with your “I am” statements and thoughts.

I invite you to repeat after me:

“I am love”

“I am connection”

“I am whole”

“I am sovereignty”

“I am pure God living divine light”


Daft Punk Fans

Daft Punk Fans

Mr. Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit) 04/23/2021

Mr. Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit)

Drifting AWAY

Mr. Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit) Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/WavesRSrmx Listen on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/WavesSpotify Download the Original Version on iTunes: http://smarturl...


[04/19/21]   Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.

Dmv 04/16/2021


Dmv Provided to YouTube by CDBabyDmv · J4ckm00nIXXI℗ 2017 J4ckm00nReleased on: 2017-09-11Auto-generated by YouTube.


[04/13/21]   Your Charon sign is Leo
The Planet Moon Charon: The Cosmic Ferryman and You
Charon is the largest of Pluto’s moons and is locked in a unique orbit with Pluto, like a spinning dumbbell in space. It is the largest moon in the solar system as a proportion of its planet’s size, being just over half the size of Pluto.

This enigmatic moon has a violent geological past, and now wears a distinctive reddish-brown cap, made up of red methane, filtered and trapped from Pluto’s atmosphere.

In mythology, Charon was the Cosmic Ferryman of the Dead, taking new souls across the river Styx to the underworld, ruled by Pluto. Known as the Dark Stranger, he has a mysterious, often changing appearance hidden beneath his heavy robes. For some, he may appear as a haggard old man with a fierce demeanor; others may catch a glimpse of a young, beautiful face with alluring blue eyes. In the shadows of the underworld, one can never see quite clearly.

Astrologically, Charon represents death, rebirth and spiritual progression. Not death in the sense of a loss of one’s life, but the closing of one door and opening of another. Charon illuminates the aspects of your life that are no longer serving you and helps pave the way for a more spiritually fulfilling future.

Charon’s sign position in your chart also speaks of the life you had in a previous incarnation -- your past life -- and the lessons from which you must carry forward into the here and now. Metaphysical reincarnation, psychic connections to lost loved ones, visions of the past -- all of these things are connected to your Charon sign. Finally, Charon influences how you personally can guide others in this life, taking on the role of teacher and companion.

Just like its planet Pluto, the moon Charon gives us insight into the inner transformation we must undergo in order to progress spiritually. The mythical Charon would only take souls back to the living from the underworld if they possessed a golden bough, symbolic of the wisdom they had acquired. Through understanding Charon in your natal chart, you can obtain the golden bough you need to transcend earthly bonds.

Charon in Leo
Charon in Leo signifies the spirit of royalty and leadership. In a previous life, you were a prince, a princess, a king or a queen, a noble or a lord. Perhaps an adored actress, actor or entertainer. You were loved by many and you expected – and got – almost unquestioning devotion and loyalty. On the surface, yours was a life of privilege and riches, but beneath was a complex story of heartbreak, love and sacrifice. With all of your power and means, you could not save the one person that mattered to you most. But their memory lives on, and inspires you in ways large and small.

In your current incarnation, you still have this ability to inspire love and adoration -- and you love being the center of attention. You naturally attract the loyalty of others, a key skill you use today, hopefully for good and whole purposes. When you want to, you have charisma in spades, and are a joy to be around. Yet, below the surface, those who know you best can sense a deep well of emotion within: pain, loss and profound love, all feelings carried over from the events of your past life.

Your role as a Cosmic Ferryman or spiritual guide is to inspire others to lead, find their inner strength, and connect feelings they may have repressed. You use your creative abilities to show what is possible, and to encourage people to work through earthly traumas via creativity and introspection, in some form, perhaps even as a therapist. You also help others find their special qualities that make them a leader. Finally, you can help guide people to explore their innermost feelings, forgive those who have wronged them, let go of lost loves, and heal from the past. Especially near the end of life, this will be your greatest gift.

Your golden bough of wisdom relates to the earning of respect. Because your previous incarnation received automatic respect, you sometimes forget that it should be earned. You will spend much of this lifetime learning this, sometimes the hard way, but having gained this knowledge, you will be well placed for ascension.


The Spirit Molecule

Cheat Codes & Daniel Blume - Who's Got Your Love (Official Music Video) 04/09/2021

Cheat Codes & Daniel Blume - Who's Got Your Love (Official Music Video)

Who's got me? YHVH 🙏🏻😘

Cheat Codes & Daniel Blume - Who's Got Your Love (Official Music Video) Cheat Codes & Daniel Blume - Who's Got Your Love is OUT NOW! Download on Beatport or add it to your favourite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE: ...

VIZE, Felix Jaehn - Thank You [Not So Bad] (Official Audio) 04/07/2021

VIZE, Felix Jaehn - Thank You [Not So Bad] (Official Audio)


VIZE, Felix Jaehn - Thank You [Not So Bad] (Official Audio) Felix Jaehn & VIZE 'Thank You [Not So Bad]' out now!Download & stream here: https://umg.lnk.to/ThankyounotsobadFollow Felix Jaehn:→ Instagram: https://instag...

[03/30/21]   Taking A Leap Of Faith

You must be courageous in order to follow your dreams, and with The Fool energy surrounding you, there might be a lot of unknowns standing in your way.

This is the perfect time to surrender to what you can’t control, and get excited about what is possible. Give yourself permission to dream this week, and enjoy not knowing what might happen next.

The pathway forward depends on listening with your full heart and being honest with what you feel.

You know it’s good for you when your body responds with positive feedback, such as feeling relaxed, happy, or excited. Seize that awareness and use it as leverage to move upward and onward.

Pay close attention to the people and opportunities that strike a chord with you. If you find yourself researching something over and over again, maybe it’s time to take another step towards that place of interest.

Ultimately, you need to stay grounded in your current life, but that doesn’t mean you have to be bogged down by it.

Take on the tasks in front of you with diligence and commitment, but save time for the curious passion that might arrive at your doorstep.

Altogether, you have an exciting week ahead. Who’s to say what might occur at any moment? You’ll just have to wait and see. Revel in the anticipation!

And remember: Listen to your heart, above all.

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