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We are a family owned company located in Huntsville, Texas (about an hour north of Houston).


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Check: PO Box 136, Merrimac, MA 01860

Photos from STAR - Safe Tails Animal Rescue's post 11/23/2022

Photos from STAR - Safe Tails Animal Rescue's post


PayPal: [email protected]
Credit/debit card: www.safetails.org, click donate
Check: PO Box 136, Merrimac, MA 01860

Photos from S & T Couriers, LLC's post 11/21/2022

This is Ralph. He was run over by a car while eating chicken in the road in Dallas. The shelter was going to kill this 1 year old sweetie, so STAR - Safe Tails Animal Rescue stepped up and saved him. I transported him to Houston and we are on our way to the vet now. Can anyone help? He will need surgery and rack up extensive vet bills. Can anyone foster or donate toward his expenses?

PayPal: [email protected]

Pay A Rottie Rescue, Inc. using PayPal.Me 11/21/2022

Pay A Rottie Rescue, Inc. using PayPal.Me

As many know I work with many rescue groups transporting and A Rottie Rescue Inc. is one of the first Rescue groups I transported for.

Hi Y'all,

We want to take a minute to ask for your help in Fundraising reserves for A Rottie Rescue, Inc.

We pull Rotties from the entire State of Texas not just the convenient shelters to us in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

In our history, the vast majority of our pulls have been from deep South Texas. These are shelters on or in very close proximity to the Tex/Mex border. The shelters are small very rural shelters without Veterinarians, This means the dogs come out unvetted. In larger shelters they will be released to Rescue with vaccines and spay/neuter, but not in the shelters without Veterinarians. That cost is on the shoulders of the pulling Rescue. These shelters have no little to no money are often times run by a Volunteer rather than a paid staff.

Only one deep South TX shelter has a transport out of the area to the c;losest 229 miles away major City of San Antonio TX. We are fortunate to have a Volunteer who is willing to drive from Dallas TX to the deep South TX shelters unable to provide a transport to help us save a Rottie. The drive one way is over 7.5 hours.

It's a very very easy pull for a Rescue to pull from a close by convenient shelter to save a perfectly beautiful Rottweiler. There is little to no financial risk in these pulls and the Rottie is adopted quickly by and large thereby significantly reducing the financial risk and need of the Rescue.

The great majority of our pulls are not the perfectly beautiful Rottie and close to us Rottie. Rather a great number of our pulls are from San Antonio TX and Houston TX. These Rotties are almost always severely injured or critically injured. This means we must have resources for their medical treatment. It means they will be very costly financially and will be in Rescue much longer than the perfectly beautiful easy to pull, easy and fast to find a Forever Home for Rottie.

A Rottie Rescue, Inc. was founded over 6 years ago with same Vision then as today. That is to help the Rotties in high kill shelters most likely to die in the shelter due to critical injury or illness.

Are we able to save all the critical medical cases we pull. That's a big NO. Do we save 98-99 percent of them? That's a big YES!

We have a goal to raise $2000 for Rotties we want to pull from the Deep South Texas shelters as well as the San Antonio TX and Houston TX shelters.

We can only get to that big YES! with your help in Donations.

We are 100 percent dependent on Donations to save the Rotties needing us the very most.

So, we wanted to take this moment in time, to revisit who A Rottie Rescue, Inc. is and always has been, but most importantly, to share what sets us apart from many other Rescues whose services also very valuable and critical to the breeds they serve are very different from ours and the Mission we serve to save a Rottweiler life in some of the very worst and most dangerous areas of Texas. Sometimes, Rescues made by us have been done with nothing more than a wing, a prayer and faith that all would be well.

Our Founder, Sherri Green, has worked hand in hand with the Deep South Texas shelters for over 10 years. Often times, years ago, meeting those transports from deep South TX in Dallas TX in the middle of the night or the weest of the early morning hours. The transports were local folks, animal lovers, driving all that way with no pay, with no motive other than to get dogs out of danger and to the safety of Rescue. Much has improved snce those days. Please, let's all work together to keep the Mission alive and bring the Rotties to safety that otherwise stand little to no chance of getting out of a shelter alive.

Your Donations to A Rottie Rescue, Inc. are tax deductible, very much needed and always very much appreciated regardless of the amount.

Our paypal link is paypal.me/arottierescue or our website accepts credit cards by clicking the "Donate Now' button at www.arottierescue.com

Pay A Rottie Rescue, Inc. using PayPal.Me Go to paypal.me/ARottieRescue and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.

Photos from S & T Couriers, LLC's post 11/20/2022

I transported Julia to Louisiana earlier in the month.

From STAR - Safe Tails Animal Rescue

We saved Julia from BARC Houston with minutes to spare. We were in for a surprise because we found out she was expecting 5 puppies! This sweet mama gave birth to 3 boys and 2 girls yesterday. Due to this unexpected but happy surprise, we have a lot of unplanned expenses. If you can help us out by making a tax deductible donation, Julia and her babies would be so grateful ❤

PayPal: [email protected]



This is Caddy! 💗💕💗

The volunteers who made her post have her age listed as 6 years, but her kennel card says she is 8 months old! Someone has made a mistake, but either way she needs out of BARC in Houston Alice today! 💔💔💔

This girl was found tied to a fence and she appears to have bite wounds on her body! 💔💔💔

There are no volunteer notes for Caddy, but just from the shelter notes you can tell this is a very sweet girl who is scared in her kennel!

This poor girl trembles in her kennel and is described to have a worried face! 💔💔💔

Outside of her kennel she is a little more comfortable! She walks on her leash with a loose body, swaying tail, and closed mouth! 💗💕💗

It is heartbreaking to know that Casdy will most likely be getting killed at anytime now! 💔💔💔

Isn’t there anyone to save her today?! ❤️🙏



From Journey Home GSD Rescue

I have attempted to create this post three times and it just continues to disappear so I hope 3rd time is a charm!

This beautiful Shepherd is one of the many dogs on JaNell Mitchell’s feeding route. She posts pics of the dogs from each day, I’m sure hopeful that someone will step up and save these dogs from the hell they are living. 

On this particular day this shepherd was being mounted by another dog and followed by an entourage, who I’m sure all had their turn with her. I know how this goes. Stray female gets pregnant. She has her puppies on the street. They disappear one by one. Repeat. 

I just couldn’t look the other way. There was no other choice them to bring her into our rescue and change this course she was on.

JaNell looked for her for several days and once found, JaNell made sure she safely made it to boarding where she was vaccinated, heartworm tested and eventually spayed. And given the beautiful name Eva.

We didn’t really have any business taking another dog. We did not have funds to board any others. But the look on Eva’s face says it all.

Please, if you can donate anything towards boarding and eventual transport to Missouri, we would appreciate it! Eva thanks you too!

PayPal: [email protected]

Not sure why we are not coming up in the list of charities :(

Oh and we need a foster for her in Missouri when she arrives!

Photos from S & T Couriers, LLC's post 11/13/2022


Ollie is safe at a boarding facility tonight! He gets a 2nd chance at life.

This is Ollie! Not only is this sweet boy still just a puppy, he also doesn’t have a mean bone in his body! ❤️💜💙

He was in the bay dock yesterday at BARC in Houston waiting his turn to be killed! A miracle happened when a rescue asked for an extension, but he still has nothing!

He will be killed first tomorrow unless we find a foster and a rescue or an adopter for him! 💔💔💔

I am hand copying his volunteer notes here because they say it all!

Ollie is a beautiful brindle boy! His coloration is so sharp and distinct that he stands out in a crowd. He leashed very easily and happily! When walking out to the runs, he maintained a loose leash and patiently waited to be granted access through each door. He was keenly interested in the hustle and bustle of the shelter and marked everything before kicking up the grass. Throughout our time together, Ollie maintained a wagging tail and loose body. He took treats very gently and cleanly, was incredibly affectionate, and gingerly climbed into my lap for hugs and pets. He settled into a confident relaxed “down” position when he and I both had enough. When a big horse trailer drove by, Ollie retreated to the far end of the kennel anxiously watching it maneuver out of the parking lot before attempting to paw his way out of the run. ❤️💜💙

Even Ollie’s shelter notes are good! Please read them in his original post that is attached here.

Are we really going to let them kill this puppy?! He barely got to live on Saturday, so he needs a miracle! ❤️🙏



Thank you to all who have served in the military. S & T Couriers, LLC will always support past, present and future service members.

Photos from A #teamferal Cat Rescue -teamferalhouston-'s post 11/09/2022

Photos from A #teamferal Cat Rescue -teamferalhouston-'s post


As some of you know I work with many rescue groups transporting shelter pets that have been saved. Over the next few days I'll be sharing the groups, pages and/or website links.

STAR (https://m.facebook.com/256727414824559/) took over Astro rescue when the original rescue group abandoned him. While he is still with me and my family, he is thriving and happy.

These rescue groups run on donations, if you are interested in fostering, adopting or donating please reach out to them on their page or the link below.



This sweet boy Monty is still looking for his forever home! ❤️

Photos from S & T Couriers, LLC's post 10/27/2022

This is Julia and she was saved from BARC by less than 2 hours from being put down. If you remember Popeye from earlier in the month, they are now siblings living in Louisiana. ❤️


Rossi is an absolute sweetheart! She’s so easy to love. Unlike most Mals, she’s a medium energy girl. She loves affection—just look at her soak up the belly rubs and hugs and kisses in the video in the thread. She’s eager to learn and ready to build more confidence. She’s ready for her foster or forever home! Rossi is currently boarded in the St. Louis area.

Photos from S & T Couriers, LLC's post 10/15/2022

This is Popeye and he was saved from death row at BARC in Houston. He is less than a year old and is with his foster mama near Lafayette, Louisiana.

Photos from S & T Couriers, LLC's post 10/01/2022

October is both Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as Pregnancy and Infant Loss. Prayers to all those who have dealt with either or both.


Happy Rosh Hashanah 2022

שיהיה ביתך מבורך, מלא בשלום ואהבה.

May your home be blessed, full of peace and love.

Photos from S & T Couriers, LLC's post 09/24/2022

Photos from S & T Couriers, LLC's post


Did you know that S & T Couriers, LLC offers tracking for all trips, big or small. As soon as I have the precious cargo in my possession, you will receive a picture and a link from Life360 for the entire duration of the trip.

Photos from S & T Couriers, LLC's post 09/12/2022

This is Ms. Roger and Ms. Johnny, they had a long journey from Hawaii that started on September 10th and they finally made it home last night. They left Hawaii, had a layover in Seattle then finally made it to Raleigh yesterday evening. Then another 4 hour drive to Tennessee but after 24 years in the military their mama has retired and can spend the rest of their days on vacation in the mountains! Welcome home and enjoy your retirement!


As always at S & T Couriers, we want to thank our service members for all they do!

Photos from S & T Couriers, LLC's post 09/06/2022

This is Tiego, his parents share custody between Kansas and Texas. He was so laid back the entire trip and loved the pets from my kids before we started our trip.

Photos from S & T Couriers, LLC's post 09/06/2022

Another fun filled trip with some rescue babies for Journey Home GSD Rescue Zuma, Gemma and Piper are really good travel puppies.


Happy Labor Day to all the hard working men and women from S& T Couriers, LLC!

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