Pierre Bazile Esq.

Pierre Bazile Esq.

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631-271-6596 Pierre Bazile a retired Police Oficer brings a lifetime of law enforcement experience into the courtroom in defense of you criminal matters, ranging from traffic violations to a serious felony.

Operating as usual


Suffolk County District Court

People v. Russell E.



My client poses no flight risk whatsoever!

My client poses no flight risk whatsoever!


Law regarding an employer’s vaccine mandates.


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The demand is for equal treatment under the law. If they won’t give it, then done be surprised that we seek to take it!

Bill Cosby´s s*x assault conviction overturned by court — Daily Mail 06/30/2021

Bill Cosby´s s*x assault conviction overturned by court — Daily Mail

Stunning Legal Development


Bill Cosby´s s*x assault conviction overturned by court — Daily Mail Pennsylvania´s highest court overturned Bill Cosby´s s*x assault conviction Wednesday after finding an agreement with a previous prosecutor prevented him from being charged in the case.




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I just want to assure all my clients that I’m not a cat.

I just want to assure all my clients that I’m not a cat.


I do not recommend this method.



People v. FM. Driving while intoxicated: NOT GUILTY!!!!!


New York Daily News

JUST IN | Controversial constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz and former independent counsel Ken Starr joined Trump’s Senate impeachment trial legal team.


New York Daily News

Holy Taking s**t too far Batman!

A central California couple who’d been victimized by robbers is accused of taking matters into their own hands by putting bicycles on their porch, laying in wait for would-be thieves, then pummeling them with baseball bats.

Neighbors said the pair began their vigilantism after they moved into their Fresno-area neighborhood and twice had their car broken into.

necn.com 01/03/2020

Don’t Abbreviate 2020 When Signing Documents, Maine Police Warn

Excellent advice. 3/3/20 could easily become 3/3/2001 to 3/3/2019 to unscrupulous types.


necn.com With the new decade upon us, police in Maine are advising people to write out the year 2020 when signing legal documents.


Steve Raiser Discusses Attorney-Client Privilege Violation By Nassau County DA's Office

This is why I don’t talk over the phone ever! And advise everybody else never discuss sensitive issues over the telephone. PERIOD!


Steve Raiser, of Raiser & Kenniff, PC, was featured on NBC, discussing the attorney-client privilege, and a violation that was uncovered when the Nassau Coun...


New York Daily News

Evidence: Fox News is on Crack!!!

A member of the crack reporting team at Fox Business was busted with a drug pipe in his sock, authorities and sources said.


In the Case of People v. Harris: 13 count Bronx County indictment Charging Criminal Possession of loaded fi****ms and Ma*****na, defendant found Not Guilty of all charges after trial.


New York Daily News

That had better have been one hell of a hotdog?

Memphis cop arrested for assaulting woman over hot dog 🌭

A medical tech spotted officers having a cookout and was approved to have a hot dog

... but one cop repeatedly said no — and allegedly slapped the BBQ treat from her.

dfw.cbslocal.com 09/30/2019

Judge Rules Jury Can Consider Castle Doctrine In Amber Guyger Murder Trial

Terrible Ruling: The Castle Doctrine applies in Your own home. This is admittedly NOT HER HOME!
Absurd ruling.

dfw.cbslocal.com A number of developments Monday morning as the Amber Guyger trial in Dallas entered its 7th day.


I’ve been involved in a couple of these cases. It would have been better to have said nothing at all then to have said that. School districts and law enforcement take these things very seriously, it’s a zero tolerance issue.


NBC News

Justifiable Homicide!

A father chased after a car thief who stole a vehicle with his children inside and then beat the thief to death, with help from bystanders, Thursday night in Philadelphia, police say. - NBC10 Philadelphia

nytimes.com 06/04/2019

Paul Manafort to Be Sent to Rikers, Where He Will be Held in Isolation

State charges now pending for Paul Manafort.

nytimes.com Mr. Manafort was indicted on state charges, which prosecutors brought to ensure he would go to prison if pardoned by President Trump. High-profile inmates are often held in protective custody.

news.yahoo.com 05/30/2019

Trump: ‘I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected’

This is why I advise people to remain silent! This buffoon just made an unwitting admission!

news.yahoo.com The president has long downplayed Russian interference in the 2016 election. But for the first time Thursday, Trump briefly admitted Moscow’s involvement aided in his victory.


New York Daily News

Just because somebody is deranged, doesn’t mean they can’t feel remorse.

Man, 24, who tossed little boy from third-floor Mall of America balcony unexpectedly pleads guilty — agrees to serve 19 years in prison

The boy fell almost 40 feet and suffered serious injuries.

thesun.co.uk 05/01/2019

Mum who slept with friend's son, 14, cleared because she thought he was over 18

It may be a defense in England, but not here in NY.



So, we have a novel theory in defense of a child neglect: Can you neglect a child, if that child’s conduct preceding the neglect would have been sufficient to constitute constructive emancipation?

This is a trial. Maybe make some new law here!

longisland.news12.com 02/07/2019

Prosecutors: Deer Park man r***d, impregnated 16-year-old

Defending the accused person’s right to fair treatment under the law.


longisland.news12.com A Deer Park man pleaded not guilty Wednesday to ra**ng a 16-year-old girl.


People v. Dowling Suffolk Count District Court. DISMISSED!!!!

longisland.news12.com 12/22/2018

Police arrest driver who fatally struck pedestrian


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nydailynews.com 12/11/2018

Jury recommends sentence of life in prison plus 419 years for white nationalist James Fields Jr. in connection with Heather Heyer's death

I support and approve of this sentence!


kcur.org 10/17/2018

A Federal Prosecutor Listened To Multiple Attorney-Client Phone Calls, Evidence Shows

This is why I don’t discuss anything over the phone! EVER!!!!


kcur.org A former federal prosecutor listened to multiple recorded calls between an inmate at Leavenworth Detention Center and her attorneys, documents disclosed at




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