Change Sports Physical Therapy - Huntington Beach, CA

Change Sports Physical Therapy - Huntington Beach, CA


Change Sports PT staff getting in our partner workout! Change SPTI is a place for rehabilitation, athlete development, injury prevention, and more... Huntington Beach physical therapy clinic with a focus on getting to the cause of the issue and not just treating the symptoms.

We love what we do and it shows! We are a clinic that believes change is good and you can get back to doing what you love. Come in to see some good change in your life.

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Change Sports Physical Therapy - Huntington Beach, CA updated their address. 05/09/2022

Change Sports Physical Therapy - Huntington Beach, CA updated their address.

Change Sports Physical Therapy - Huntington Beach, CA updated their address.


Meet Reese! @reesewoodson She’s one of our amazing patients coming back from a . She’s been working hard in the underwater treadmill and the functional training. She’s getting close to getting back on the field and is in her Return to Play phase of recovery!


Here’s a twist🔀 on a basic exercise. Perform a step up with a resistance band in one hand and attached behind you. This gives a rotational force your hip and pelvis need stabilize against. 👏🏻👏🏻 Which equals = a great functional exercise for gait and running.


Meet Jack! He had a knee replacement 6 weeks ago and is LOVING the underwater treadmill!

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Our new Hyperice products are on!🎉 @gregtmurphy is the first one on our new @hyperice Hyperice X knee contrast. This thing is amazing- 🙀you get heat and cold at the press of a button- ▶️. We have our Christmas sale going on now- hypervolts, vibrating foam rolls, etc. DM us if you are interested in buying some Xmas 🎁🎁 at Change


🚶🏼‍♂️Walking in water 🐳🐳 has many benefits. Today we are working on some general upper extremity light conditioning with the benefits of the warm water and buoyancy assisting


After several years of watching from a distance, to considering it as a possibility to actually stepping out and committing to this, it is finally here! The Hydroworx EVO by @hydroworx It’s been a journey getting it here, but we are proud to be the first physical therapy clinic in California to have a Hydroworx EVO. Much more content to come, so stay tuned….


Can you guess 🕵🏻‍♀️ the mobility issue going on here? It was a pleasure to see @jellieg4g in the clinic today. On his way out he mentioned some squat pattern issues. We found the main culprit! 🖐🏻 Do you know what it is? •


Frozen shoulder? Probably one of the most painful issues to go through in the shoulder. It is an issue which takes time, patience and some low load passive sustained stretches. 🥸 Big words meaning- don’t kill your shoulder stretching to the max and re-irritate it. Take it slow and make small gains.

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Ready for DAY 1 in our new office location! I really want to thank everyone who played a part in making this happen. Blessed to be in a new home. This is our “soft opening” (still some projects to finish- but functional 😄) Grand opening coming one month away! 🥳🥳


Our first “quadrapus” tape job for swelling in the ankle with our new Change Sports PT kinesiotape! Of course we had to continue with the googly eyes! 👀👀 •

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Very first CHANGE kinesiotpae!! It has arrived! 🥳🥳 @megankelley9657 you are the first one with the epic tape!


Question for Parents of Young Athletes?
When your son/daughter has a sports injury, where do you look for first for help with getting the injury taken care of?
What about that choice makes it your go to choice? (For example: trust the source, money, location, ease of access, etc)


A little short clip on using Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization on your axle for Achilles Tendon issues. Soft tissue mobilization is one of the 5 pillars of athletic health that we review in our Athlete 101 online course for young athletes ••••••


Looking for Physical Therapists to help with Ortho Screening at Marina High School's Physicals this Saturday, May 15th - 8am-1pm. If you are interested in volunteering to help this program out reach out to me and I'll get you in touch with their Athletic Trainer!


🏃🏻🏃🏻 The simplicity of some good eccentric strengthening of the hamstring for rehab. As the muscle is contracting it is also lengthening = best form of strengthening for recovery •


💥💥Here’s the unveiling of our newest therapy equipment coming soon! That’s right...... an underwater treadmill! No one guessed it? We are excited for the new potentials for rehab this will open up for our patients. From quicker recovery for post-surgical patients to sports training post-injury- we are excited for the potential! 😮 Oh and did we mention this will be the first unit of its kind in CALIFORNIA 🥳🥳🥳


We are looking for 20 people to pilot our brand new DIY Knee Rehab Self-Help Health Course!

If you or someone you know has knee pain and wants to learn how to get rid of it themselves, then this is the course for you! I've created a phase by phase progression in getting out of pain and back to doing what you love.

We are offering this for FREE to the first 20 people who want to pilot the program for us. In exchange all we ask is some feedback on the course.

This is a great resource for someone who is active and knows about exercising, but has some knee pain keeping them back. Check out the link in the post.

***IF you want to sign up for the FREE pilot program, then click on the link in the comments

More info on the courses:


So.... unfortunately there is a very large difference between what is done in some physical therapy clinics vs others. Some people say, “I tried PT. It didn’t help.” However, when we ask a few more questions we find out what they mean is “I was given a sheet of exercises and told to go do them, then they did that heat pack and electrical stimulation TENS thing”. I’m our approach there are 5 Main components to GOOD👏🏻 physical therapy. 1) Evaluation: finding not only the symptoms but the movement issues which cause the symptoms 2) Patient Education: Empower you to take care of your body 3) Corrective Exercise Prescription: A continually changing set of exercises as you progress through your healing phases 4) Manual Therapy: An array of different manual techniques and lastly 5) Modalities: heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, etc... If you aren’t getting all these, you aren’t getting PHYSICAL THERAPY

Post-Injury - Now What? How to Increase Healing After Injury 10/19/2020

Post-Injury - Now What? How to Increase Healing After Injury

Here’s a great article from. Dr. Koutures addressing important aspect of recovery from an injury which many can forget or not even know are affecting their healing.

Post-Injury - Now What? How to Increase Healing After Injury You’ve just crashed and burned with a major injury. You realize this will keep you out of action for a long time or even need surgery

Change Sports Physical Therapy on Google 10/16/2020

Change Sports Physical Therapy on Google

A lot of people come in thinking they need strength.

But is that what is really needed?

Check out the post.

Change Sports Physical Therapy on Google Do you think you need to gain strength to get rid of the pain you are having? Most patients come in believing all they need is to get stronger. This may very well be the case.. However..... strengthening is the 3rd Phase of recovery in the Recovery Roadmap- not the 1st! I would say that most of the....

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Had a great time this week with @fcpremier97hb! Taking these amazing girls through FMS testing, speed and agility, endurance and power testing. All part of the VIEW ANALYSIS to give coaches and players an inside view of their athletic heath and fitness. These screens are amazing at pulling out information which players and coaches can use to prevent injury and thrive in their sport. It’s a pleasure to work with this club- they invest in the well being of their athletes.


Post ACL Surgery Recovery Roadmap! Getting to that fun phase in rehab where we can start incorporating some sport specific drills to work on change of direction, single leg stability and light plyometrics.


Timeline Photos 06/03/2020

Here’s to getting back to life. Got goals? We are here to help you meet those goals. Our treatment approach is to come along side you and show you how YOU can meet your goals. Got knee pain or shoulder pain keeping you from meeting your goals? Over the past 11+ years we’ve been helping people get out of pain and back to doing what they love. What’s your goal?

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