Down A Country Road

It's front porch and 11 rooms, located on 2 floors, are filled with everything from gourmet coffees, cheesecake mixes & dips to curtains, wrought iron & lamps.

Since opening in 1994, Down a Country Road has always strived to bring the best of country-style home decor and gifts to area shoppers in a pleasant & relaxed atmosphere. Seasonal displays & decorating ideas are abundant throughout this 1940 two-story brick home and assistance is readily available for those with questions. With a year-round Christmas Room and Autumn Room, one can purchase a scarec


One of the main advantages of visiting our gift shop is that you can often find unique and handmade items, such as cards, sculptures, and even clothing that are not available anywhere else.


When you buy handmade goods from your local boutique, you are putting money directly into the pocket of the person who has made the item, unlike buying goods from a big box store, where much of the profit would go to the store.


When you're perusing our boutique for the perfect gift, you get to see what everyone has made and contributed to the store for you to purchase. It's almost like going to an art show while shopping for those you love.


Some of the earliest "Greeting Cards" were woodcuts which were used in Europe during the 1400s. The woodcuts were traditionally used to offer New Year's wishes, and shortly thereafter Valentine's Day handmade paper cards went into use.


Handmade, artesian gifts are becoming more and more popular lately - especially as shoppers are focusing on one-of-a-kind gifts with an eco-friendly and personal touch such as handmade cards, pottery and artesian jewelry pieces.


When did the tradition of the greeting card really begin to take off? In the year 1840. During this year, the postage stamp was introduced - and so cards no longer needed to be delivered with costly private delivery services.


Instead of just sending flowers or chocolates to that special someone, search out something that will be meaningful to the person in your life. You'll want to please that person with a unique item instead of the same old same old.


When you visit a gift shop, one item you always expect to see is, well, gift bags. These not only allow you to present your gift to your sweetheart in a beautiful package, but also can be an essential part of the gift itself.


Did you know that people did not start giving gifts for 1st, 10th, 20th, and 70th anniversaries until the 1930s? The logic behind this was that stability deserves a reward.


While it may seem a bit boring initially, giving your love a beautiful set of stationary for your first anniversary is an excellent way to symbolize the strength that comes from the interlaced connection of two individuals.


Historians and psychologists have extensively studied gift giving traditions, benefits and effects. The results of these studies? Gift giving helps to strengthen emotional and social ties between families, friends and even different cultures.


If you're like most people, you never have a clue what to get others around the holidays or a birthday. Try keeping an ongoing gift list. Any time someone mentions wanting something, add it to the list.


The gift you give your love for your eighth anniversary should be bronze or pottery. Bronze symbolizes the joining of two people who not only love each other, but who also place a high priority on their time together.


Have you ever heard of potlatch? Potlatch was a gift-giving ceremony which originated among the peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. During some potlatch ceremonies, wealth was shared with neighbors, family and friends through gifts.


Did you know that the traditional gift for your second wedding anniversary is something made of cotton? The purpose behind this type of gift is to remind your love that marriage, like cotton, is both durable and versatile.


Did you know that the initial purpose of tissue paper was to help sew clothing that could fit different body sizes?


With handmade items, you tend to see a lot more culture put into the items, as the culture of the person who makes them shows through in their construction. For instance, if a jewelry maker has Native American roots, you might see a lot of beads and feathers in the jewelry.


Knowing that you've purchased a handmade item from a real person out there that you could pick up the phone and call and tell them how much you love it makes a huge difference in how much you can appreciate something you've bought for yourself or someone else.


Do you often find that several people on your gift list tend to request gift cards? While the gift card may be the main gift, consider getting a supplementary gift that's a little more unusual to help present the gift card.


Ask questions about what the person you're buying for might want because the more you know, the easier it is to find a unique gift. We carry unique gifts that can help you find something that no one else will have.


Do you have a friend who always has the perfect gift, wrapping and cards for any occasion with little notice? Chances are good they stock up in advance to avoid making last-minute trips to the store.


For your 25th wedding anniversary, a great gift to give your love is a silver frame with a picture of you on your wedding day, since silver is both radiant and brilliant.


When you're looking for a gift to give to someone, don't just buy something you would like and then give it to someone else. That's a thoughtless way to give a gift, and if the person is close to you, he or she will likely see through it.


Buying from artisans who make things by hand contributes to entrepreneurship, which is what the United States' economy is founded on. Small businesses are a vital part of the economy and need to be supported.


Giving handmade gifts is an excellent way to show someone they're worth the effort to create something extra special for. When you don't have time to make something yourself, we've got what you need.


Planning ahead is the best way to avoid gift giving stress - at the holidays or any other time of year. If you know you'll be buying birthday and holiday gifts for specific people each year, it's never too early to start looking.


Sometimes, you need inspiration to find just the right gift. Unfortunately, it's not inspiration you can always find at your local department store. For more creative gifts, stop by and we'll help you find what you need.


If you have someone on your gift list that's impossible to shop for, ask them for suggestions. To make it feel less like being a delivery service, ask for several suggestions so they won't know exactly what they're getting.


Although the traditional hostess gift to take to parties is a bottle of wine, there's no rule that you can't mix things up a little. You may need a more unique hostess gift when it's a close friend or family member.


You don't have to drive all over town to hunt for the perfect gift. Consider us your one-stop-shop for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or really just any day!


When it comes to weddings, it can be difficult to know when you're supposed to give presents as a guest. If you're invited to the engagement party, taking a gift is thoughtful for sure, but not an obligation.


In countries like Indonesia and the Philippines, the process of giving a gift is just as important as the gift itself. The time, place and manner in which a gift is given are carefully planned, as is the way the gift is presented and wrapped.


Did you know that tissue paper has been around since 1863 when tailor Ebenezer Butterick and his wife Ellen developed it? However, tissue paper has come a long way since its invention.


The goal of the gift for your fourth anniversary is to represent the blossoming partnership of a couple at this point in their marriage. If you are looking for the perfect present, some great ideas are a floral paperweight or floral-scented candles.


The traditional item for your six-year anniversary is wood, which symbolizes the strength of a solidified relationship. Some great wood ideas you can find are a pine-scented candle or woodcarvings.





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