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Photos from Longshadows Ranch's post 12/29/2022

Strawberry jelly and tomato sauce, including two pints of sauce for our neighbor who was kind enough to give us some of his tomatoes this summer.


Looking out my kitchen window this morning, just as the sun was coming up. The ducks taking a bath and the chickens watching.

Everyone survived but we had to deal with frostbite after the bitter cold last week. Homeopathic Agar, 30c, worked for all but one. Her comb developed blackened areas so I used Ars 30c and it is clearing up!

We have had no oven since Thanksgiving, and so we have learned how to make most things on the stove top, including pizza. In fact, we like it better.

We are 2 weeks post C and doing really well. I'll update the hours now for those of you who pick up bread and eggs every week. Basically, M-F, 9-6, Sat 9-12. But always check out posted hours, they are updated whenever there is a change.

Wishing you all New Year Blessings.


One of our teachers of the Cherokee ways, Gus, shared a thought, well some thoughts with me today. I actually called him to ask how we Cherokee wish someone a happy new year. What words we use, is there any custom, things like that. But, true to the way of Gus, we ended up talking about life on the ranch and how we are adjusting.

"We are doing pretty good, overall," I said. And he just kind of grunted. And then said nothing. So I added in that I was feeling like time is so short, and there is so much to do, I was fretting a bit. This time I got an "Uh-hum". And silence. I just kept talking and he kept uh-humming. And then I was silent.

Minutes went by, but I have learned to wait for those minutes, in silence, he was thinking.

And he said, "What is the smallest tree on your land, right this moment?" And I answered a sugar maple, one we planted this past fall.

And he asked me what I thought that tree would look like when I left to be with the ancestors. So I thought about it. I know how fast trees grow. But then I had to ponder how many years I have left and then I had to stop. No one knows how much time we have.

So I answered, "I have no idea when I am going to leave here!"

And he laughed, "Exactly my point. You have today, you know what needs to be done, today. That is all you can do. Make the picture in your mind of what it can be, but know that it can only come together piece by piece. You water the tree, you give it food and love, and it grows. It does not go in the ground and overnight become a full-grown tree."

We chatted about a few other things. Including what we could say to wish people goodness in the new year. There isn't a specific phrase, just Happy New Year. But it could be anything really, any blessing of goodwill.

And then, just before I set the phone down, an email came in for guests a Longshadows Ranch. A family would like to arrange a stay next Sept with us. I cannot tell you the impact this email had on us. We had just spent that morning, as a family talking about our journey so far and if everyone is still on board. I reminded everyone that at the minimum, all we have to do is live here. We could sell the chickens, re-home the horses, sell the bee hives, turn over the garden and life would pretty much go back to the way it was until July 2021.

But, no surprise. We continue! It will happen, piece by piece. We are all feeling blessed and joyous in the work we are doing. We have people reaching out to us, we are putting our picture together, and we are making a difference. We are ready to travel through the coming year, teaching what we are learning with those who seek that knowledge.

Our blessing for everyone in the coming year,
May your moccasins find adventure in the year to come.


Feeling better after a week of some viral thing!

This is step 1 of making ricotta salata cheese. Heat milk to 185, add vinegar, strain, and press.


Good morning!

Brian will be in Hulbert today, around 11, in front of city hall with

Sourdough bread
Farmers bread (plain, Mediterranean and rosemary garlic)
Chicken eggs
Duck eggs

Come stock up for the holidays!

Photos from Longshadows Ranch's post 12/09/2022

We are headed to the Ramona Christmas Market tomorrow!

And do we have goodies. Tea gift sets, herbed cooking oils, breads, eggs, lip balms in tubes and tins, Dreamcatchers made by Eli and more. Stop by and say hi.

Donate - Longshadows Ranch 11/28/2022

Donate - Longshadows Ranch

We are on a journey to teach coming generations how to live with the land, grow, harvest and preserve their food, sustainably manage livestock in small numbers, use alternative power and to leave the Earth better than they found it. We teach and share successful Cherokee life ways as we learn them.

We invite you to donate to our endeavors and projects so you can be part of this with us.

For sponsorship opportunities and for larger, corporate donations, reach out to us on our contact page.

Donate - Longshadows Ranch For 25 years we talked about buying some land and growing our own food. But until 2 years ago, talk was all it was. It took a world-wide pandemic to shake us

Photos from Longshadows Ranch's post 11/24/2022

Guess who is Spring Valley's newest volunteer fireman?

#23 Brian Kuhn

Photos from Longshadows Ranch's post 11/23/2022

Today we have been busy here at Longshadows Ranch ...a day of prep for tomorrow. As wonderful as having farm fresh eggs has been, one of the biggest downfalls is how hard they are to peel when hard-boiled- you lose almost half of the egg because it sticks.

We finally decided that today that would change. Little Brian from the Birds & the Bees did a quick google search and found an interesting article about steaming eggs. (https://www.peteandgerrys.com/blog/how-to-peel-hard-boiled-eggs)

We tried it in a little pot with 6 eggs for 12 minutes and wow, were they easy to peel.


So excited to be a vendor at the Ramona Christmas Market. We have some amazing gifts including authentically created dream catchers.

We will have our breads, duck eggs (coolest gift ever!), teas, tea gift sets, seasoned olive oils, salves, lip balms, and so much more! All homemade!

Dec 10th.

See you there. Feel free to pre-order on our web page and stop by to meet us and pick it up while you are at the market.

Not your typical homestead... - Longshadows Ranch 11/20/2022

Not your typical homestead... - Longshadows Ranch

Our first greenhouse - what a hoot!

Definitely a learning lesson. Check it out on our blog.


Not your typical homestead... - Longshadows Ranch The other day, Sophia got a fortune cookie that said, "Don't start anything new unless you can see how to finish it." It got me thinking. When we set out on


Howdy neighbors... just letting everyone know what we still have for tomorrow morning if you want to come by our ranch.

5 sourdough loaves, 8
5 Farmer's bread, different flavors, 6
8 doz chicken eggs, 4
6 half dozen duck eggs, 4

We have all our permits!

Come on by!


Time saving cooking tip - Beans.

Even tho we meal plan, and at least 1 meal a week has beans (bean burgers, bean soup, refried beans with avocados, etc.) often dinner is an hour away and we find no one remembered to soak the beans. The fastest way I know is the 2 hours hot water soak and an hour cook time. So - here is what we started doing.

We cook 3 cups of beans at a time, black and pinto mixed together, and this yields 6 cups cooked beans. When they are done we drain and rinse them, divide them into 2 cup packets and freeze them. Tonight I made pasta fagioli in less than an hour because the beans were ready to go.


This is our second fall here at Longshadows. We had to sit back and take a moment to appreciate all we have done. We also made plans to keep moving forward with good winter projects.

We meant to blog every single week with details, things that we had to really dig and research to find out about. But guess what? We are always busy. It is not too much, and our spirits are soaring with the eagles, but it leaves little time for recounting and telling the story.

And yet, true to the experience we have been having since we landed here, the path led to some teachers. I - Eli - have befriended several members of my Cherokee tribe, elders who are now in the time of their lives to be teachers. They are closer to the ancestors than I am and I have learned it is my responsibility to generations coming after me to hear what they have to say.

They say I must tell our story, that it is more important now than ever. Tho we used to gather around the fire to hear the stories of our brothers and sisters, of our elders and our ancestors, now we type on a machine and write books. It matters not they tell me, what is important is the telling of the story.

And so, we are going to start from the beginning on our blog, and recount everything that we have done, how we have done it, how we would do it differently, what we plan to do, and all that. Every week on Sunday afternoons. We will be caught up by the new year and so it will go forward live time.

I don't know what they know or why it is so important, but I have learned they speak with wisdom not of this world. Every time I am not sure which step to take next I simply quiet my mind, center on the moment, and before too long the answer tumbles across the path.

I believe this feeling I am experiencing that no matter what, where, and when, it is the right path, well, I think this is faith.

Have a wonderful week and see you Sunday with the story of our first greenhouse.


Making Farmer's Bread for tonight's dinner...

Photos from Longshadows Ranch's post 11/11/2022

Hey folks who enjoy our food from Chouteau Farmers Market!

We will be there with lots of goodies tomorrow (11/12/22), including some excellent gift ideas:

☼ French Quarter Sourdough Bread
☼ Beer Bread! A family favorite. We have 4 flavors: Garlic-Rosemary, Plain, Mediterranean and Cinnamon Swirl Dessert
☼ Eggs: Chicken, Duck and a carton of double-yolkers
☼ Teas including Tea Gift Sets and Sampler tins
☼ Herbed oils, Italian and Mexican
☼ Olive Oil Dip Mix
☼ Salve of the Ancients
☼ Roasted Cinnamon Almonds and Peanuts
☼ Brownies
☼ Popcorn Balls for the kids (young and old alike)
☼ Heat Packs (rice)

See you tomorrow!


We are here at Go Ye Village holiday market if you need your fix of bread and eggs... last time we will be in Tahlequah this season!

Photos from Longshadows Ranch's post 11/02/2022

Just a quick note we will be at the Go Ye Village AND Backroads vineyard this Saturday with our yummy breads, eggs, teas, almonds, peanuts, brownies, struffoli, herbed oils and other goodies!

Go Ye Village from 9 am -2 pm in the Great Hall.

Backroads Vineyard in OKay from 9:30-5:00.

Hope to see you!


So, after a great conversation with a friend, we realize that we need to share not only our successes but also our challenges. She said we made it look easy, although she was sure it isn't always trouble-free. And that things seem like they have come together so fast, which we have heard from lots of other people too.

We are blessed and grateful but it isn't always roses.

You should know that sometimes we fall into bed so tired that we don't even have time to pull up the covers before we are fast asleep. Tho sleep is refreshing, sometimes the mornings come too quickly and the days whiz by in a blur.

There have been bumps, bruises, bites and stings as we learn how to co-exist with the land and creatures who came with it.

We watched almost everything in our garden die from the summer drought and lost a hive of bees who found better places to live than the hive we prepared for them. Maybe they left for someplace cooler and with more flowers about.

We know we have done a lot but there was so much more we needed to do this year - like water catchment and wind power, a well, and the fences. But things take time, money and resources, all of which ebb and flow on our homestead farm.

The question at the end of our day, every day, is, "Do we do this tomorrow?" And so far, every day, that answer is yes.


Come see us today at the Tahlequah Farmers Market. We have all your favorites. Bread, teas, eggs, snacks and 2 new items

Cinnamon peanuts and Duck eggs.

Happy fall.


Chickens enjoying some farm-fresh yoghurt.






how about some farm fresh persimmons? Well have some with us tomorrow at Market!


We have a new bread! Italian Artisan and we will have 6 loaves of it, along with all our other yumminess at tomorrow's Tahlequah Farmers Market from 8-12 under the pavilion. Only 2 markets left - come see your favorite farmers, bakers, flower growers and market friends.


Look at this! Our very first cheese press. We thought about making one instead of buying one...and we will make others, but some of us wanted to make cheese sooner than later :-) Our first attempt is going to be cheddar. Wish us luck and send along any pointers and tips for us newbies!

Crock Pot or Slow Cooker Yogurt Recipe | How to Make Homemade Yogurt 10/20/2022

Crock Pot or Slow Cooker Yogurt Recipe | How to Make Homemade Yogurt

We have been on the yogurt and cheese-making journey for over a month. And finally! we found an awesome yogurt recipe that was easy, worked the first time and the taste, well, it is awesome and not too tangy (sour).

We used this recipe. Modifications included having to put crock pot on high for last 25 minutes of the first step and we put the inner crock in the oven, with no heat, with the light on, overnight. Woke to creamy, thick and tasty yogurt.


Crock Pot or Slow Cooker Yogurt Recipe | How to Make Homemade Yogurt Slow cooker yogurt is an easy, healthy and inexpensive way to make homemade yogurt without a yogurt maker. Prepare in five minutes, go to bed, and wake up to a freshly made breakfast!

Photos from Longshadows Ranch's post 10/19/2022

Well, the market season is coming to an end but it's not over yet!

We will be at Chouteau Farmers Market tomorrow night, 10/20 from 5-8 pm.

We are bringing goodness from the ranch!

☼ French Quarter Sourdough Bread
☼ Cool Down Tea, The Elder Tea (immune!) and Warming Fall Blend
☼ Salve of the Ancients
☼ Spiced cooking oils (Italian and Hot & Spicy)
☼ H-Flu - natural homeopathic remedy for flu support
☼ Eggs
☼ Cinnamon Almonds (perfect for movie night!!!)
☼ Our family Struffoli

See you tomorrow!


Plants are covered for the freeze. Last tomato, eggplant and peppers harvest!


We met lots of new friends today at the Tahlequah Farmers Market including a potter of 50+ years who lives around the corner. Sophia made a new friend, her age, who loves horses and is coming for a play date next weekend! Making a friend is a big deal when you are home schooling and always weighs on my mind.

Folks loved the struffoli, oils, teas, eggs, and bread, so thrilled to share our homemade goodness with people.

With our new way of living life we have a way way lower cash need. So when we earn a couple of hundred dollars at the market it is like earning a couple of thousand in our old life. But we have more time and loads more fun. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who buys something, you are supporting a good thing when you buy from us.

Now...on to securing the chicken run (they keep escaping), building the compost pile (we are making dirt), digging the duck pond and harvesting persimmons and pecans! Just a little light homestead farm work for the weekend.

Photos from Longshadows Ranch's post 10/13/2022

We will be at the Tahlequah Farmers Market Saturday with a surprise Italian pastry, Struffoli! Typically a holiday treat, we wanted to share them with all of you since there are no markets in December.

They are gluten free but you would never know it.

Well have all our other goodies as well including 10 loaves of freshly baked French Quarter sourdough bread.

Photos from Longshadows Ranch's post 10/11/2022

We made lasagna from scratch, pasta and all. Full of goodness from our farm and garden.


This week the kids and Big Brian moved in about 1/3 of the hay we will need over the winter for chickens and horses (thanks Deep Roots Farm). We started the project of covering the chicken run and collected our first duck eggs (ummm, huge).

Now on to planting onions, garlic, kale and other fall crops.

Photos from Longshadows Ranch's post 10/07/2022

We are looking forward to Tahlequah Farmers Market tomorrow from 8-12!

We will be there with:

☼ French Quarter Sourdough bread
☼ Tea Blends (Cool Down, Warming Fall and The Elder Tea)
☼ Spice-infused olive oils (Italian and Mexican)
☼ Just add oil! Spice packets to make your own dipping oils.
☼ Italian Seasoning Spice Bag (oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme)
☼ Homeopathics
☼ Fishkeeping for Kids book

As always, feel free to chat with Dr. Eli at the market about any basic health and wellness questions.


Hi everyone!

Just a note that we will be at Chouteau Farmers Market Thurs night 5-8 pm.

We are bringing goodness from the ranch!

☼ French Quarter Sourdough Bread
☼ Cool Down Tea, The Elder Tea (immune!) and Warming Fall Blend
☼ Salve of the Ancients and SOI Salve (Poison Sumac, Oak and Ivy)
☼ Spiced cooking oils (Italian and Hot & Spicy)
☼ H-Flu - natural homeopathic remedy for flu support

See you Thursday night!


Longshadows Ranch has farm fresh eggs at $4/dozen (ranch pick up).

We have some alternate locations you can pick them up. If you want to get them from somewhere other than one of the farmer's markets, let us know the day before if you want some so we pack them up for you :-)

☼ First Wed of the month from 9:15-9:45, Tahlequah library. The next time we will be there is THIS coming Wed.

☼ Fridays 11-11:30 Zomac music, Muskogee.

☼ Oct 6 and 20 at Chouteau Farmers Market, 5-8 pm

Until Oct 29:
☼ Sat 8-12 Tahlequah Farmer's Market

☼ Sat 8-12 Wagoner Farmers Market

At the markets we also have our French Quarter sourdough, spiced infused olive oils for cooking and dipping (Italian and Spicy), herbal tea blends from Dr. Eli (Warming Fall, Cool Down Tea and The Elder Tea), homeopathic remedies and when the season has been good, fruits and veggies.


Super cool idea!

Good idea

Photos from Longshadows Ranch's post 09/30/2022

We are so excited to see everyone at the Wagoner Farmers Market this Saturday! We are splitting our time between Wagoner and Tahlequah as many of our customers have requested.

We are bringing:

☼ French Quarter sourdough bread
☼ The Elder Tea
☼ Eggs!
☼ Warming Fall Blend
☼ Cool Down Tea
☼ Spiced organic olive oils (Italian and Hot & Spicy)
☼ Topicals: Salve of the Ancients and SOI Salve (Sumac, Oak & Ivy)
☼ A super clean sunscreen lotion
☼ Fishkeeping for Kids book

And our happy smiles!


We have so many adventures here, and this weekend it was cheese making for the first time. We had 4 gallons of raw milk. 2 had started to turn and 2 were fresh. From those 4 gallons we made soured cheese curds for the chickens, 2 pounds of farmers cheese, one lightly salted and one spiced with garlic, onion, salt and basil, 10 oz of cream cheese, 1 cup of butter and 1 quart of buttermilk. Plus, 3 gallons of whey. We will culture some of it and use it in a variety of foods.

Next week we'll move on to yogurts and hard cheeses. Some cheeses like parm have to be aged for months!

Overall it went well, learned a few valuable lessons and now cheesemaking is simply a part of life.

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