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Platinum Star Games


Direct Challenge & Lunch with the Old Guy at noon. "Vlad the Transparent#02707"
Anyone want to school a n00b this week in Magic?
While passively scrolling I came back up, believing this to be a post about a DS Lite game! XD
Do you guys carry dust 1947 table top game
Frank Bovasso Peter Byrnes
Friday night magic!!!!! 16 land mono black rush
Getting ready for fnm!!!! Bradley Updegraff Peter Byrnes
another friday night Magic
Looking for this game.
I heard there might be some AoS players around this store so I thought I would drop a line that I will come by tomorrow with my AoS models and would be open to a pickup game.
Come join in the fun!! We hope to see you there!

Platinum Star Games is a catch all gaming store located on Rt 9 in Howell, NJ. We specialize in retro gaming, Magic: The Gathering, D&D, as well as hosting tournaments of all kind.

Friendly, Clean, Welcoming!
$5 per hour to play any game in house!

Operating as usual


Open, sell, or store away for later? What do you think?


Great turnout for our double masters 2022 draft! Thank you to everyone who came out to play!


Happy July 4th to all! We are closed today. We will be back tomorrow at 2pm. Double masters this Friday!


Remember everyone, starting this Friday, July 1st, spend $50 on sealed products and get a sol ring promo! First come first served.


This week's FNM will be a Baldur's Gate draft! Tomorrow, 6/24 @ 7pm!


How are we feeling about these new Double Masters spoilers so far?


Anyone else excited about this dropping tomorrow? We will have a copy in store on Saturday if you want to try it out!


If I draw sol ring....


Pre-release continues tonight! Looking to start around 5 but that can be pushed back. Plenty of kits left!


It's here! 7pm tonight!


Friendly reminder that tomorrow is our monthly Super Smash Bros tournament. We will not have space for much open play. Feel free to come in if you need some cards or games though!


Starting next Monday at 7pm we will have Pioneer starting up as our Monday magic event!

Photos from Platinum Star Games's post 04/23/2022

Great turnout for todays pre release 41 players we have 28 kits left for tomorrow’s pre release at 5pm if you didn’t have a chance to make it out tonight!


New Capenna Is in prerelease starts at 7pm tonight.
We will also be having a prerelease tomorrow at 5pm!


Don’t forget to come out for legacy and casual commander today!

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Unreal collection just came in! Tons of boxed n64 goodies. Come in and check it out or message for prices!


Great turnout for our Tuesday night modern!


26 years ago this is the game that got me started with Pokémon. What was your first generation? I can't believe the 9th generation will be coming out this year.


In honor of President's day we are open for gaming!


Neon Dynasty release day is here! Come in tonight to grab your pre-orders and draft the new set!


Ninjas always have removal. How was your pre-release weekend?


Come out tonight at 5pm for more ninja pre-release action!


Tonight @ 7pm! See you here!


This coming Friday 2/11 @ 7pm! Pre-release time! Who is excited?


Is this my new favorite art on a magic card? Yes. (Not counting Godzilla cards of course)


We will be closed today due to the weather. Stay warm and have a fun safe snow day!


We are OPEN today normal hours. Fireplace is on so we will stay warm during this winter storm. If it gets too bad tonight we will close up. As always, use you're own discretion when driving we want everyone to stay safe.


Double feature comes out tomorrow! Bring your popcorn!


Giant mech suit commander? Who else is excited for this?


There are some solid games in our front case. Come check out our inventory!


Merry Christmas everyone! We will be closed today and tomorrow. Enjoy the time at home and I hope you get everything you wished for! Here is me (Dean) getting my first video game console.


Happy turkey day everyone! Enjoy the day. Tomorrow the 26th will be our annual Black Friday roll a D 20 and get that percentage off!

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Some of the new spoilers that look pretty cool. Any new favorites of your own?


Check out the changes to our tournament schedule!

Nickelodean All-Star Brawl at Platinum Star Games 10/08/2021

Nickelodean All-Star Brawl at Platinum Star Games

Come on out tomorrow as we host our first All-Star Brawl tournament!

Nickelodean All-Star Brawl at Platinum Star Games Nickelodean All-Star Brawl at Platinum Star Games

[PlatinumStarGames] - PSG FGC Saturday #2 06/25/2021

[PlatinumStarGames] - PSG FGC Saturday #2

We're happy to announce another event that is launching starting this Saturday! If you or someone you know is looking for a Guilty Gear Strive scene in central NJ, this is the place!

[PlatinumStarGames] - PSG FGC Saturday #2 [PlatinumStarGames] - PSG FGC Saturday #2


Attention MTG players!
We are excited to announce that we are re-starting our Tuesday Modern nights!! Come out this Tuesday and get some games in!!

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Anyone else open these walmart commander cubes? Unrelated, anyone need a dockside extortionist?


Happy Memorial day everyone! We are closed today so everyone can enjoy their day with family and friends. In other exciting news our hours will be changing starting tomorrow! Moving forward we will be open every day EXCEPT Thursdays from 2pm to 10pm! You've asked for more hours so we are delivering. Masks are still recommended at this point but they are no longer required. We are going to have another special Smash tourney on Monday at 7pm on June 7th. Wizards is back to allowing in store play also. We are ironing out the details still but we will be holding an in store pre-release of Modern Horizons 2 for sure! As always, thank you all for sticking with us and we are excited to get back into some normalcy!


Uh, ok this is pretty interesting. Thoughts?

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2396 Rt 9
Howell, NJ

Opening Hours

Monday 2pm - 10pm
Tuesday 2pm - 10pm
Wednesday 2pm - 10pm
Friday 2pm - 10pm
Saturday 2pm - 10pm
Sunday 2pm - 10pm

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Summer of Splatoon begins June 1st. Book your party today. Call 732 330 7618 or 732 330 4261.