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Hey, artists, can you clearly remember the first color you ever used in a painting? If you're not sure, it may be a pigment of your imagination.
Mention this poster and register by recital day this month to receive a 20% reduced price on registration and fees. Not valid with any other offer.
Tabitha Samuel
Thank you Emilie for continuing to teach and cultivate the love of music to Jamila.

Our company provides a quality educational experience in art, music, and much, much more.

Operating as usual


3D printing capos for the guitar students? Sure thing! They are helping us test out the print process and getting useful items in the process. Thanks to Lobo CNC for the wonderful design!


We are installing 3D printers in the Pearland recording studio as we gear up for new tech classes. Rather than use robotics kits, we want to teach children and adults how to design, build and program their own.


Good things are coming in May as we increase our focus on online learning. We will still be doing in person lessons at our west Houston location but will be working to provide more online services. Stay tuned.

Why Hand Size Matters (Piano's Darkest Secret) 02/12/2022

Why Hand Size Matters (Piano's Darkest Secret)

We think this should be mainstream. What do you think?

Why Hand Size Matters (Piano's Darkest Secret) There's a dark shadow in the piano world, an unspoken acknowledgement that having small hands is a deadly curse for a pianist. Whenever the topic appears, pe...


We made it through the past two years where others failed because we love people. What a testimony to carry into 2022!


We have a great Christmas idea for you! Give the gift of music! How about $70 off the list price of these fabulous, low-cost, electric guitars? Well, through Christmas, buy one of these guitars from us and we will throw in a $35 registration for lessons for free! We only have one of each color in the studio right now, so grab them before they're gone!

Price does not include sales tax and is not valid with any other offer.

Art Music & More - Home 11/05/2021

Art Music & More - Home

We've been working on the company website, finally updating it from the old, Art and Music Lessons page. Check it out! There are some handy tools there for music students, including musical flash cards that they can use for free. Teachers, even if you don't work at our studio, feel free to have your students come practice their note reading. We're here to support you and your students.

Art Music & More - Home Guitarpeggios are arpeggio exercises for the right hand that help the classical or fingerstyle guitarist develop proficiency with the right hand. View arpeggios randomly or choose the arpeggios you use in your practice session.

Ode to Joy | David Peterson Harvey on Patreon 11/02/2021

Ode to Joy | David Peterson Harvey on Patreon

Our guitar teacher, David Peterson Harvey, just uploaded his three string arrangement of "Ode to Joy" for free download on Patreon! So, guitarists and students, download that PDF and enjoy! It's in both standard notation and tablature, so you'll be comfortable playing it even if you don't read standard notation.

Ode to Joy | David Peterson Harvey on Patreon Official Post from David Peterson Harvey

Photos from Art, Music & More's post 06/14/2021

We just found out from our suppliers that there's a national guitar shortage. We got the last of this stock of electric guitars and we have a good deal, over 20% off the list price. Call or text me at 713-703-4338 to find out more.


Then there's Tchaikovsky.


Happy New Year! We are available for remote and in- person lessons with safety procedures in place. For the quickest response, please call or text 713-703-4338.

Photos from Art, Music & More's post 12/19/2020

Thinking about a guitar for Christmas? Contact us! We have a great deal that includes free registration for lessons!

Art and Music Lessons - Flash Cards 12/12/2020

Art and Music Lessons - Flash Cards

The web page is being revived with the content of the old art and music lessons web page. We plan changes but the tools are working. Here's a link to the musical flash cards so your music student can have fun testing their knowledge of note reading.

Art and Music Lessons - Flash Cards There are only seven note names used for the entire grand staff. They are the letters A, B, C, D, E, F and G. As you move upward from a line to the next space or from a space to the next line, the notes simply move one letter at a time. When you run out of notes, you start over. For instance, the bo...

goldfish sister revival | telefunk 12/11/2020

goldfish sister revival | telefunk

AM&M owner, David, has a new music video available on YouTube. The wild thing is that he created an entire band of instruments from a short recording of electromagnetic noise as part of a producer's challenge. It's very musical and we hope you enjoy it.

goldfish sister revival | telefunk Every sound in this song was made from a single, short recording of electromagnetic noise using Ardour5 and samplev1 in Ubuntu Studio. The complete sound pac...


We are looking forward to a busy day at the learning center, teaching art and music to lots of kiddos. We are closed Thanksgiving Day but open the rest of that weekend. Come see us!

How Oscillators Create Sound (fixed audio issue) 11/20/2020

How Oscillators Create Sound (fixed audio issue)

David has fixed the low audio issue with the video we posted earlier. Here's the new link.

How Oscillators Create Sound (fixed audio issue) I've fixed the low audio on the video, still getting used to this new workflow. I'll delete the original video later. This is a demonstration of how oscillat...


Our own David Peterson Harvey has a video premiering at 8 a.m. about how oscillators create sound on synthesizers. You'll actually get to hear the electrical discharges on an oscillator as they move up in frequency and take shape as actual notes. David is demonstrating using a Behringer Model D synthesizer. Please tune in and enjoy! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


Don't ever do this, even if the notes are correct. It will prevent your music student from learning.

Stairway To Gilligan's Island - Led Zeppelin - Classic TV theme 11/03/2020

Stairway To Gilligan's Island - Led Zeppelin - Classic TV theme

My sends of reality just exploded.

Stairway To Gilligan's Island - Led Zeppelin - Classic TV theme Get this single here: This mash up was created by Little Roger and the Goosebumps. I asked Roger Clark if he would be cool with me...


Arty is is trouble. We came to work today and found him riding the robot sweeper, Bob. Who knows what else he was up to while we are gone.


Notice to patrons: Ft. Bend County is requiring you to wear a mask until the end of the month when visiting businesses. If you are coming into the studio and don't have a mask, we have one for you, free of charge, asking with a plastic glove to remove it when you are done.

How to make Polytonal Lo-Fi Hip Hop (with science!) 06/19/2020

How to make Polytonal Lo-Fi Hip Hop (with science!)

Getting a bit advanced with polytonal composition in popular music.

How to make Polytonal Lo-Fi Hip Hop (with science!) Get started with your FREE Nebula Subscription bundled with Curiosity Stream here! Using some ideas pioneered by our ma...


They're not lying. LOL!




Just a reminder that we are open and following CDC and Texas guidelines. Please message or call for an appointment.


Remembering those who gave their lives so we could all enjoy a Happy Memorial Day and every other day free from tyranny.

Carnaval de Venice ( Madame Sidney Pratten), played by Heike Matthiesen 05/23/2020

Carnaval de Venice ( Madame Sidney Pratten), played by Heike Matthiesen

When Coronavirus makes you stay inside but you have mad skills.

Carnaval de Venice ( Madame Sidney Pratten), played by Heike Matthiesen Rough and dirty home recording with an impressively out of tune guitar...Madame Sidney Pratten (1821 Mülheim/Germany -1895 London) aka Catharina Josepha Prat...


The studio will be openting at 50% capacity next week in accordance with Texas guidelines. Please call 281-741-8520 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

Beginner Guitar Method 05/05/2020

Beginner Guitar Method

Our studio owner has published his beginner guitar method on Kindle and is offering a special deal for those who purchase the Kindle edition through the month of May. Please contact us for details.

Beginner Guitar Method Beginner Guitar Method

Timeline photos 05/04/2020

Hair Star Wars Day!


Arty the Art Monster sometimes dabbles in music. Visit and like his page and come visit him at our studio once things are open again.

Playing and singing out loud at Art Music & More!! Happy that May is here.

Beginner Guitar Method 04/20/2020

Beginner Guitar Method

Great news, friends and fans! After three years work, David Peterson Harvey's "Beginner Guitar Method" is now available on Kindle Unlimited for free. Unlike a standard guitar method, this follows the standard format but is packed with a lot of additional musical knowledge for the serious student

It can also be purchased with your regular Kindle account for $9.99 or in full color print for under $19. A special black and white edition will be available within a few days for $9.99. We've created it because printing costs are much lower and we want to give you the best value available.

This book will be available at our learning center for purchase once the stay-at- home orders are ended. Until then, talk to us about remote lessons and get David's book titles online.

Beginner Guitar Method Beginner Guitar Method


Although we are seeing the vast majority of students remotely, we're are still here to serve your needs. Thank you to all our wonderful customers who are maintaining support during this crisis. Please call if there's anything we can do for you.

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