Push Crank

Push Crank is the only way to cycle. Created in America, the push crank brand is an exciting new way to show your originality and ride at peak performance!

A little over 18 months ago, wristbandconnection.com founder started researching cycling jersey manufacturers and tested samples. After hundreds of off road rides, hitting trees, the ground several times, gallons of sweat and hundreds of washes, we are ready to offer top quality custom jerseys with NO MINIMUM ORDER at affordable pricing. Push Crank is going to hit the scene in an awesome way and we hope to change the way and quality of riders of all kinds. Likes us now, but love us later!

Operating as usual


We're looking for people to share the wealth with. If you would like to sell custom jerseys or add them as a product line to your store call us today 800-451-9711.

Timeline Photos 03/05/2016

There's nothing like a badass beer after a bad ass ride!!

Mobile Uploads 08/16/2015

What do you do with your old chain s?

Photos from Push Crank's post 07/21/2015

Photos from Push Crank's post


Get out there this weekend and PUSH CRANK to the max! Have fun and please, share your coolest biking moments with us.


Making Jerseys! Whether you ride road or off, we are your finest choice! You have not seen this quality of jersey in your local bike store and what's more is that you can send us 5 sizes for a 10 piece order for example and you will get the 10 piece price! (and so on)


Our # of likes is small, but our hearts are HUGE! We really want to hear from anyone who has a design concept they would like to see on a jersey. We might just make that concept an open design that many riders could buy. Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you and we'll start posting some new designs soon.


Hey guys, sorry for the poor management of this page. We are designing our program and hope to launch by next spring. We're changing things around a bit and hope to be able to have a much further reach and impact on the cycling and mountain biking community. You can still call us @ 800-451-9711 to order custom jerseys. Ask for Victor Rey

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Who can tell us exactly what this is


Flat Rock Ranch

If you love the outdoors and mountain biking, you have to visit Flat Rock Ranch.

Flat Rock Ranch We have mountain bike trails to ride. You can ride 31 miles without doing anything twice. We also have completion tested Enduro down hill trails.

Photos from Push Crank's post 04/02/2014

We enjoyed Mel's juicy and delicious BBQ. We

Timeline Photos 03/30/2014

Flat Rock Ranch was a blast. The weather was beautiful and the people were just incredibly great too! We can't wait for the next event!


Well, PushCrank got off to a slow start, but we're gearing up for 2014. We'll be at Flat Rock Ranch this weekend (weather permitting) We may even be creating Strong ID bands on site! More to come.

Timeline Photos 12/25/2013

Remember to count your blessings and leave the rest behind! Make 2014 a year to remember!

Drew Bezanson vs Joyride 150 11/28/2013

Drew Bezanson vs Joyride 150

"Pro Athletes" ain't ***t compared to this dude. Stop wasting your time watching the same o'l crap year after year and support truly amazing people who PUSH CRANK like Drew!

Drew Bezanson vs Joyride 150 Watch the Behind the Scenes Clip: http://youtu.be/8BLBzR8PLy4 For more BMX, pedal over to http://win.gs/1graAL1 Canadian BMX rider Drew Bezanson has lit up t...


What bike event would you like to see us at next? We will be announcing more soon, it's just beeb a crazy end of 2013

The Thinking Tree 11/18/2013

The Thinking Tree

We'll Share More Thoughts Than Images With You, But Here' Both Now "Ride the Line, Not The Path." ~anonymous

The Thinking Tree What is life? Is life happens just when somebody else know about it? I mean, if nobody knows you're there, you might as well not be there, or even be dead. Am I right? People search for the pe...


We want to thank all the great people who came out to HTX Bikefest for supporting us! We look forward to seeing you out there in your Punisher jerseys too. Push Crank Hard and let us know how your ride has improved!

When Real Meets Unreal. So Amazing! 11/07/2013

When Real Meets Unreal. So Amazing!

We love anything cool that involves a bike!

When Real Meets Unreal. So Amazing! Click to watch the video and write a comment

HTX Bike Fest Sponsors | HTX Bike Fest 11/06/2013

HTX Bike Fest Sponsors | HTX Bike Fest

Planning everything for Nov 16 at the HTX Bike Fest and gearing up to launch our temp site at least. NP, we are not official yet anyway. Check out the link to see what's happening.

HTX Bike Fest Sponsors | HTX Bike Fest The sponsors of the HTX Bike fest are comprised of local Houston bike industry businesses, vendors, and organizations

Riding A Bike Over 72ft Canyon - Amazing! 10/28/2013

Riding A Bike Over 72ft Canyon - Amazing!

Warning! Your Hands Are Going To Sweat! Ride Hard!

Riding A Bike Over 72ft Canyon - Amazing! Click to watch the video and write a comment

Timeline Photos 10/18/2013

Hey Ladies! We Know Some Of You Want This Bad Ass Jersey And They Will Be Avail at 50% off As A Promo On Nov 16 At The HTX Bike Fest in Downtown Houston As Well As On The Site. It Will Be Up!

Timeline Photos 10/17/2013

130 Promotional Punisher Jerseys on the way for only $35 BUCKS ea. We will be debuting them downtown Houston on Nov 16th at the HTX Bike Fest. It is going to be a killer day! These are $80 retail.

Timeline Photos 10/11/2013

Although This Is Not Our Jersey, We Want To Point Out This Guy Is Wearing Professional Gear And That Makes A World Of Difference!

Timeline Photos 10/10/2013

A Tee Shirt Is Like A Straight Jacket To A Rider! Our Jerseys Are Super Lightweight and Wick The Sweat Away So They Can Dry While you Ride. You Will Agree That The Return You Will Get In Enjoyment And The Sick Rides, Are Worth The Investment. Don't Be This Guy!


These aren't grandpa's cycling jerseys! Ours are custom made for off road and on and have been tested in the most extreme conditions by hard core riders!


PushCrank.com will be up soon, but for now, you can still order your own custom INDIVIDUAL jersey! Design your own and get it or them fast and in a quality most brand names don't even possess.



Houston, TX

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Monday 9am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 6pm

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