Real Meals 4 Dinner

Real Meals 4 Dinner

Healthy food can be easy a nd delicious!


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Real Meals 4 Dinner added a Sh op on Website button to their Pa ge. 11/03/2021

Real Meals 4 Dinner added a Sh op on Website button to their Pa ge.

Real Meals 4 Dinner added a Sh op on Website button to their Pa ge.


Can you eat chicken piccata a nd pasta on your "diet"? It's a go od thing I'm not on a diet !


Super simple veggies most combo fajitas:

boneless chicken breasts
2 sirloin or fla nk steaks
2 medium onions
2 r ed bell peppers
2 poblano peppers
2-4 jalepeno peppe rs
1/2 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
M rs. Dash Fiesta Lime
Salt & Pepper
Spr ay olive oil

Slice onions and peppers, hal ve jalapenos. Spray broiler pan with oli ve oil (or coconut oil). Layer onio ns and peppers. Sprinkle chicken and stea ks with seasonings, place on top of veggi es, seasoned side down and season t op. Place jalepeno halves around meat. Sprink le with cilantro and spritz with oli ve oil. Bake at 350⁰ for 30- 40 minutes until done. Let rest 10 minut es, slice and serve with tortillas, on a b ed of cauli-rice or on a sal ad. Mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash and asparag us are great additions!
and !


Beachbody Kids Workouts on Vimeo

During this unprecedented time, Beachbody wan ts to continue helping families stay healt hy and sane by offering some f un ways to expend energy together. Wi th schools out and no formal rece ss or P.E., we hope you’ll u se these workouts to make family fitne ss fun and a part of yo ur daily routine with our free selecti on of Beachbody Kids Workouts from Beachbo dy celebrity trainers Tony Horton, Shaun T a nd Leandro Carvalho. This is a tempora ry service where we make these fr ee to access. For access to a ll our content subscribe to Beachbody On Demand. Join the web’s most supportive communi ty of creators and get high-quality too ls for hosting, sharing, and streaming vide os in gorgeous HD with no a ds.


Who needs a two week FR EE trial of hundreds of workout vide os? Yoga, Barre, Insanity, Dance and ev en kid friendly programs you can u se as PE!


Happy Friday! I am going to fini sh out the week strong! Great fo od day yesterday. Breakfast- egg, turkey sausa ge 2% colby jack and tomato on toast ed DK bread. Lunch- leftover minestrone wi th chicken and pasta added and topp ed with parm. Snack- veggies and humm us. Dinner- more leftover minestrone. Water- 135 oz. Steps- 5,905.
and !


Good morning and happy Friday e ve! My 3 day cleanse is ov er and time to get back to my norm al routine. Don't get me wro ng, I was still eating pretty du rn good on my cleanse. I ju st missed meat and dairy. Breakfa st- chocolate shakeO with kefir, almond mi lk, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Lunch- Asi an Cashew Salad (recipe in the comment s). Snack- strawberry shakeO "pudding". Dinner- 2 bow ls of yummy homemade minestrone soup a nd a handful of roasted cashews. I al so treated myself to a lemon cakebi te that came in my Believers B ox yesterday. I gave them to hub by. He ate 2 and I cav ed and had the 3rd one. It w as soooo worth it. I ate it a nd enjoyed every second of it! A nd I was down a full pou nd this morning!
Water- 162 oz
Steps- 5,14 7


Good morning and happy humpday! Tod ay is the last day of my clean se and I'm really feeling the purge/det ox of it. Yesterday was awesome a nd on track. Breakfast- pumpkin spice shak eO with kefir, banana, almond butter, ch ia seeds and almond milk. Lunch- steam ed veggies with FG everything, vanilla sha ke with strawberries and almond milk. Sna ck- cucumber salad (tasted way better th an it looked). Dinner- garden salad wi th spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkin see ds and cranberries and Tuscany dressing. W as way too full for my dinn er shake so I skipped it.
a nd


Good morning and happy Tuesday! My ha nd is healed and I am ba ck! I started 3 Day Refre sh (3 day cleanse) yesterday to g et me ready to jump back in to Barre Blend so my food wi ll look a little odd for a coup le of days. Breakfast- pumpkin spice shak eO with kefir, banana, almond butter, ch ia seeds and almond milk. Lunch- steam ed veggies with FG ranch and bac on. Vanilla shake with strawberries and almo nd milk. Snack- veggies and hummus, cucumb er salad. Dinner- 2 bowls of homema de fresh green beans and vanilla sha ke with cocoa powder, decaf coffee a nd almond milk.
Workout- 3DR Yoga D ay 1
Steps 6,835
Water 165 oz


Shamrock ShakeO:
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
scoop vanilla shakeO
1 cup fresh ba by spinach
2-5 drops peppermint EO
or 1/8 t sp peppermint extract
1 cup frozen cauli-rice

Pla ce all ingredients in a blender. Ble nd at high speed until smooth, stoppi ng and stirring if needed.



Copied from another page:
Just in ca se you were thinking about grabbing a lar ge 22-ounce McDonald’s Shamrock Shake today… y ou may want to know that it contains:
•8 20 calories
•23 grams of fat
•15 gra ms of saturated fat
•1 gram of tra ns fat
•115 grams of sugar
•260 milligra ms of sodium

Still want it?
a nd


This is some great info fr om Ilana Muhlstein Nutrition and something to ke ep in mind if you are tryi ng to lose weight.

There’s a b ig difference between “healthy” and “healthy f or weight loss. “ While there is alwa ys room to treat yourself to t he choices on the top row, th ey could be holding you back if you’ re eating them often and your go al is weight loss.

🍯 1/2 cup grano la, (even organic varieties) are around 210 calories
1 @costco cookie is also 210 calories.
➡️Bo th have similar amounts of added sug ar too.

🍣 1 sushi roll = 3 8g of white, refined carbs
🍞 3 slic es wonder bread = 40g white, refin ed carbs
➡️These carbohydrates break down to simp le sugars in your body and a re one the biggest culprit of weig ht gain.

🥣Açaí bowl = 1 is usual ly about 380 calories with 31g sugar
🍩2 frosted Hostess donuts = a litt le more calories but still less sug ar, 28g!
(1 = 230 cals, 2= 460 cals.
➡️Aç bowls may claim to have “natur al sugar,” but when it comes to weig ht loss and metabolism, excess sugars do unfortunate ly still store as fat.

For more on readi ng labels and choosing foods that actual ly do help promote weight loss, g et and start the @2Bmindset


Woke up to a weight lo ss and I'm hoping for another! Breakfa st- vanilla shake with kefir, banana, strawberri es, greens and almond milk. Lunch- leftov er chicken fajitas and veggies with cauli-ri ce picadillo, brown rice and avocado. Worko ut- Barre Blend Week 4 Booty Ble nd. Snack- post workout Recover with blueberri es, ice and water, veggies and humm us. Dinner- pan seared chicken with saute ed asparagus, mushrooms, onions and peppers. a nd then to !


No internet all day yesterday d ay but that didn't stop me fr om getting my workout in! Breakfast- pumpk in spice shakeO with kefir, banana, gree ns, almond butter and almond milk. Lun ch- green salad and leftover egg ro ll in a bowl turned low me in. Workout- Barre Blend Core Blend. Sna ck- post workout Recover with mix ed fruit and coconut milk, cottage chee se and tomatoes and a couple clementin es. Dinner- chicken soup followed by a Peppermi nt mocha shakeO as a dessert treat .
and then to !


Had some major internet issues th is week and it looks like a coup le days didn't post. I'll start wi th Thursday. Breakfast- vanilla shake with kef ir, greens, strawberries and almond milk. Lun ch- mojito lime chicken on rice a nd peppers with green beans. Workout- Bar re Blend Cardio Blend. Snack- post worko ut Recover with strawberries and coconut mi lk, veggies and hummus. Dinner- beef e gg roll in a bowl (no pi c). Water 128 oz. Steps- 6,940.
a nd then to !


Still struggling with the late nig ht munchies and my scale has notic ed! Not really going up but it 's not going down either. I measu re and take progress pics this weeke nd so we shall see. Breakfast- pumpk in spice shakeO with kefir, banana, gree ns, almond butter and almond milk. Lun ch- taco soup with avocado and 2% Mexic an blend, Beachbar and a clementine. Worko ut- Barre Blend week 3 Booty Ble nd. Snack- post workout Recover with pomegrana te, coconut milk and diet cranberry a nd another clementine. Dinner- baked chicken wi th cucumber salad and green beans. Th en near bedtime I got a chocola te craving so I made some SF coc oa. That was OK but I follow ed it with a cheese stick. :( Ste ps- 6,951. Water- 134 oz.
and th en to !


Back on track and motivated! Breakfa st- pumpkin spice shakeO with kefir, gree ns, banana, almond butter and almond mi lk. Lunch- leftover raviolinis and cucumber sal ad with Tuscan dressing. Workout- Barre Ble nd Phase 2 Week 3 Classic Fu ll Body Blend. Snack- post workout Recov er with coconut milk, banana, pineapple a nd cranberry (really could have used a sh ot of rum 🤪) then some shri mp and cocktail sauce. Dinner- creamy shri mp poblano on cauli-rice topped with avoca do. Water- 124 oz. Steps- 5,724.
a nd then to !


Since we lost internet Sunday nig ht and didn't get it back unt il late last night, I'm going to cr am both Sunday an Monday into o ne post. Sunday: Breakfast loaded hashbrowns wi th sausage. Lunch- pot roast with veggi es. Dinner- more pot roast. Water- 98 oz. Steps- 4,000 before we went o ff the grid. Monday: Breakfast- pumpkin spi ce shakeO with kefir, banana, almond butt er and almond milk on the de ck with hubby (notice the roost er by the gate). Lunch- chicken cutl et sandwich on Killer Dave's Good Se ed bread with lettuce, tomato, onions a nd honey dijon and turnip fries. Sna ck- Peppermint mocha shakeO with greens a nd coconut milk. Dinner- leftover pot roa st. Steps- 5,138. Water- 116 oz.
a nd then to !


Good morning and happy Sunday! Yesterd ay was awesome because I finished Bar re Blend Week 2 Phase 1! I 'm going to stretch it all o ut with some yoga in a b it and maybe do some roll-n-release to gi ve my body a lil TLC. Breakfa st- eggs over veggies with fig j am on a Killer Dave's toasted Engli sh muffin. Lunch- cucumber salad with Amy 's Tuscan dressing and basil raviolinis in marina ra with onions, mushrooms and peppers topp ed with ricotta and pesto. Workout- Bar re Blend Lean Legs Blend. Snack- po st workout Recover with coconut milk, bana na and pineapple, hummus and veggies. Dinn er- chicken cutlet sandwich with honey musta rd on a romaine "bun". Water- 118 oz. Steps- 4,936.
and then to !



Made it through Friday without deraili ng! Breakfast- vanilla shakeO with mixed tropic al fruit, kefir, greens and almond mi lk. Lunch- chicken vegetable soup and grill ed sammy. Workout- Barre Blend Core Ble nd. Snack- post workout Recover with cocon ut milk, banana and pineapple then slic ed tomatoes and hard boiled eggs. Skipp ed dinner for some wine. It w as wonderful but my head is feeli ng it today!
and then to !


Still struggling with some right-before-bed cravin gs. This happens a lot with me wi th a new workout routine. I thi nk I just need to load mo re protein right after my workout a nd maybe sturdier carbs somewhere. I'll ke ep playing around to see what's goi ng to work for me. Breakfast- pumpk in spice shakeO with kefir, banana, gree ns, almond butter and almond milk. Lun ch- easy chicken paella. Workout- Bar re Blend Cardio Blend. Snack- post worko ut Recover with coconut milk, veggies a nd hummus with olives and feta. Dinn er- roasted red pepper and tomato bisq ue. Hubby has a grilled Canadian bac on and mozzarella sammy with his. I end ed up eating a slice of Canadi an bacon wrapped around a cheese sti ck before bed. :(
and th en to !


I managed to over caffeinate myse lf yesterday and was having trouble controlli ng my heart rate so I figur ed cardio would not be a gre at idea. I still kept my nutriti on on track! Breakfast- chocolate shakeO wi th kefir, greens, blackberries and coconut mi lk. Lunch- leftover chicken pepita with Brusse ls sprouts, carrots and potatoes. I w as still a bit hungry so I add ed a Beachbar. Snack- veggies and humm us. Dinner- steak au poivre with carmeliz ed onions and mushrooms over cauliflower a nd roasted green beans. Water- 128 oz. Steps- 3,756.
and then to !


I have been craving proteins a nd wanting late night snacks so I mov ed my workout to just before lun ch instead of mid afternoon, added sturdi er carbs to lunch and we a te dinner an hour later. It seem ed to help. Breakfast- vanilla shakeO wi th kefir, blackberries, greens and almond mi lk. Workout- Barre Blend Week 2 Boo ty Blend. Post workout- Restore with cocon ut milk and it sure needed r um after booty day! Lunch- cucumber sal ad with Tuscan dressing and spaghetti a nd meatballs. Snack- hard boiled eggs a nd beets. Dinner- pepita crusted chicken, roast ed Brussels sprouts and steamed carrots. Wat er- 120. Steps- 6,519.
and th en to !


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