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Deaf Global Solutions

Professional Consultation for Parents with Deaf Children.. Advocacy at IEP Meetings.. Professional Advising Sessions.. Professional Development Seminars..

Deaf Global Solutions, a Deaf owned company with Deaf-centered employees, provide services to meet your needs. The services are: Professional Consultation to Educational Institutions, Legal Firms, Governmental Agencies and Medical Corporations; Professional Advising Sessions; Assessments; Educational Workshops; Professional Development Seminars; Public Speaking Engagements and; Advocate at Individ

Operating as usual 05/18/2018

Why America's Next Top Model's Nyle DiMarco and Apple CEO Tim Cook Met with Deaf Students "Being here on the California School for the Deaf campus for Global Accessibility Awareness Day is really special for me," Nyle DiMarco said


National Deaf Patient Care Council

National Deaf Patient Care Council, on behalf of WTDP, wants to conduct a poll to see what our community thinks of this issue: Should VRI be used for emergency communications in hospitals and clinics?


National Deaf Patient Care Council

National Deaf Patient Care Council, on behalf of WTDP, wants to conduct a poll to see what our community thinks of this issue: Should VRI be used for emergency communications in hospitals and clinics?


Jay 03/18/2018

Hiring deaf employees can be incredible for your business What most employers do not yet understand is that deaf and hard of hearing people are working in almost any field one can imagine, and…


Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc.

CEO Christopher Soukup on why we need more visible Deaf leadership everywhere imaginable.

Where do you want to go? Who do you want to lead?


Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc.

U.S. District Court Says Endrew’s IEP Must Be Appropriately Ambitious Under New Standard


Why ASL?

Signed and produced by Justin Jackerson Mayberry, Rachel (1998) The critical period for language acquisition and the deaf child's language comprehension: A p... 12/11/2017

Why American Sign Language (ASL) Should Be Used Before Speech Therapy and Hearing Aids • SJS As Social Workers and Social Work students, why do we advocate for food stamps and other welfare programs to help those in poverty, even when society tells us that the poor will only take advantage of these things? Why do we insist on exposing r**e culture, even when everyone is shouting at us that?...


Deaf Focus - I-LEEAD DBA

Deaf Education Summit in Baton Rouge, LA January 26-27, 2018 with guest presenters: Nyle DiMarco, Julie Rems Smario, and Joshua Castille.

STUDENTS: $25.00
Conference is OPEN to 6th-12th Grade Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing Students to attend Nyle DiMarco's first Keynote on Friday morning and have lunch with deaf actor, Joshua Castille. (9am-1pm)

2-DAY Conference Registration* (For General Public and Professionals**)
Early Bird Special - $150
After January 1st - $180

2-DAY Conference Registration (For Parent of DDBHH child)
Early Bird Special - $90
After January 1st - $125

'Dine with Nyle' Banquet on Friday evening.
6:30pm -10pm & Open to Public
2-Day Conference Registrants pays only $50.

*DeafBlind Attendees: Cost for your SSP to attend - HALF PRICE.
**CEU’s offered.


Maryland Governor's Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Dr. Lisalee Egbert, who is the vice president of the ASDC - American Society for Deaf Children and a current member of the Maryland Advisory Council on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, recently discussed the need for practitioners to have increased understanding of Deaf and hard of hearing children.

In a recent Psychiatry Advisor article, Dr. Egbert emphasized that "it is time for truly sensitive, culturally competent psychiatrists and mental health professionals to begin addressing the needs of this underserved population."

Check it out:



Families- Gallaudet University/Boston University wants to know families' thoughts about learning ASL- what works and what does not. #whyisign #askmewhyisign

Link to the online survey:

Hello. I’m Dr. Julie Mitchiner. I am a professor and a researcher at Gallaudet University with the Department of Education. I am excited to announce a new research study I am conducting in collaboration with Dr. Amy Lieberman at Boston University.

Our study is for hearing families with deaf children who use ASL (3 years old to 18 years old).

We want to learn more about hearing families’ experiences learning ASL- especially what was successful and what challenges you faced. We hope to use the findings from our research to develop materials or programs for families to effectively learn ASL.

Our study involves an online survey, and an optional follow up interview.

The survey will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The online survey will ask: 1) general information about your family and your child/ren, 2) experiences learning ASL, 3) ratings on perceived language skills, 4) opinions on belief statements on ASL and language development, and 5) reflections about family goals and expectations related to ASL development.

Families who complete our survey are also invited to participate in a follow-up one-hour interview and to participate in ASL assessments. The interview will provide more in-depth information about families’ experiences, perspectives and beliefs towards ASL for their family. The ASL assessments will help us to identify families’ competence in ASL.

Families will be compensated with $25 Amazon gift card for follow-up interviews.

If interested, go to this link below to complete the survey. Please do share this with other hearing families who have a deaf or hard of hearing and who use ASL.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact us through email: [email protected] and [email protected]


CAD (California Association of the Deaf)

California Association of the Deaf proudly presents our Roadmap to Kindergarten Readiness: CAD Language Policy for Deaf Children Ages 0-5

Image description: Issuu magazine cover with black and white photo of a parent's right hand. A child's hand is holding the parent's pinky finger while a baby's hand is holding the parent's thumb. It is titled California Association of the Deaf - Roadmap to Kindergarten Readiness CAD Language Policy 0-5. 09/18/2017

What’s Going on Inside the Brain of a Bilingual Child? Kids are showing reading gains in dual-language classrooms. There may be underlying brain advantages at work.


The Encompassing Landscape of Deaf Education


*Professional Consultation to Educational Institutions, Legal Firms, Governmental Agencies and Medical Corporations
*Individual Professional Advising Sessions
*Group Professional Advising Sessions
*Educational Workshops
*Professional Development Seminars
*Public Speaking Engagements
*Advocate at Individualized Education Plan Meetings



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