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I recently had a revealing conversation with a potential client who was on the brink of burnout and depression despite being a seven figure business owner working with high net worth clients. She shared with me her frustration at the lack of time to focus on growth of her business and no time for herself and her family. Her main goal for working with me was; ‘I want to have my life back!”

Her story is one that many entrepreneurs can relate to—drowning in a sea of non-key decisions and tasks that don't contribute to either revenue growth or fulfillment… and working with clients they know are less than ideal… just for the money.

The first step we took was to step back and evaluate her use of time. It is a little bit like keeping a food log but instead of writing all you eat you write all the tasks you do. It became clear to her how much money she is losing in her business because of her involvement in the minutiae and micromanaging. It was eye opening!

Helping successful women create clarity in their business creates almost immediate results. That is why I’m so excited to share our signature method to success during our one day event for women in real estate who want to work with elite clients and have the energy to enjoy their success. This is not another feel good event with generic content. We will go deep.

Reserve your seat. You will leave with the plan and tools that you need to be the top producing broker and a go-to expert in your industry… and a new community of women leaders.

To reserve your seat and see the event's full itinerary click the link in the comment.

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I’m very excited to share with you that we are hosting an exclusive one-day event for successful women in real estate. The theme is: Become Wealthy and Recognized.

You will learn the secrets to working with elite clients and building a bespoke concierge business. The event will be held on January 18 at the luxurious Breakers West Country Club. To reserve your seat and see the event's full itinerary click the link in the comment.

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You would probably not invite people who you don’t like to your home. The same goes for your business, you want to work with people who you really like!

“The rich and wealthy” shouldn’t be the only factor that defines your ideal client. Other demographic, economic and psychographic factors are also important when crafting your ideal client avatar but what is most important is truly understanding that your client is the center and the hero in this story… it is not you.

Like in the movies the hero needs to win. You need to be the person who helps the hero win. Knowing what wakes your client up in the middle of the night, what they really struggle with and what they want is your key to creating personalized experience they really want.

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One of my mentors, Joe Dispenza, said; “GRATITUDE IS THE ULTIMATE STATE OF RECEIVING.” I know that gratitude is a powerful manifestation tool in my private life and in business. I invite my clients to practice gratitude daily to create their manifestations.

It is a great way to elevate your energy and creativity!

I’m sharing with you my favorite gratitude quotes and I wish that the ritual of gratitude becomes a daily practice for all of us and that it brings us the manifestation of all our desires.


Sean and I wish you and your family the Happiest Thanksgiving filled with the energy of togetherness, love, celebration, and gratitude.

Thank you for being a part of the LDV Elite Family. We are grateful that the Universe orchestrated the crossing of our paths...

We are so blessed to celebrate our Thanksgiving in Palm Beach together with our daughter, Sonia, and of course, Dolce, our forever grateful (and demanding!) Havanese.


Thank you for being a part of the LDV Elite Family.

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Discover the 4C’s to attract high net worth clients:

The first ‘C’ - CLARITY:

Knowing what you want and how to get it creates clarity. This is what you need to turn your thoughts into visions and your visions into reality.

Second ‘C’ - CONFIDENCE:

In order for you to break through to the luxury market, you need to transform your limiting beliefs about money, deserving and receiving. Building self-empowering beliefs leads to self-confidence!

Third ‘C’ - CLIENTS:

Your client is the hero in this story… it is not you. Like in the movies the hero needs to win. You are the person who helps the hero get what he or she wants.

Forth ‘C’ - CONCIERGE:

Concierge is most of all the art of creating personalized experience. High net-worth clients pay for results and convenience and want to work with experts who offer an distinctive “all included” experience

The 4C’s to attract high net-worth clients.

Click the link in the comments to discover how to work with elite clients.

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“Why is it okay for others, including people with less skill and experience, to sell multi-million dollar projects to high end clients but not for you?” The answer is that limiting beliefs and mindset impact your confidence. This creates a lack of trust in your own abilities and your clients can feel it!

Your self-limiting beliefs lead to self-sabotage. Your limiting beliefs have power over you because you choose to believe in them.

It is eye opening to write down all your old beliefs on a piece of paper. What is even more powerful is asking yourself “Are my beliefs true?” and challenge the validity of these beliefs.

You can start shifting your mindset and start changing your life story today.

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Intentionality is a favorite practice that I teach my clients! It helps you slow down and evaluate things through a clearer perspective. You quickly realize that you can accomplish more by taking fewer, more impactful actions. You start asking yourself; “is this step in full alignment with my vision, direction and desires?”


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What most successful women in real estate really want are three things:
- make more money by closing more high end deals,
- establish themselves as top producing brokers and work with more high end clients,
- have the time and energy to enjoy their success… and travel more!

If you are reading this and feel that this is exactly where you are in your business, we invite you to read our article, HOW TO ATTRACT HIGH NET WORTH CLIENTS . You will discover how our clients achieve their goals by following; THE 4C’S TO ATTRACT HIGH NET WORTH CLIENTS SYSTEM.


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Most successful women making 6 or 7 figures in their business often don’t have time to take vacation, spend time with their family or have time for themselves. To make more money they feel they must work more hours, manage more deals and have less and less freedom and balance in their lives. The feeling of being overwhelmed, doing most of the work themselves is their main source of frustration.

The questions that many women keep thinking about are: “What does success actually look like?” and “Is growing your business really worth it?”

If you are reading this and feel that this is exactly where you are in your business, we invite you to read our article, “HOW TO ATTRACT HIGH NET WORTH CLIENTS”. You will discover how our clients achieve their goals by following; THE 4C’S TO ATTRACT HIGH NET WORTH CLIENTS SYSTEM.


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Our new article “How to Attract High Net Worth Clients” is out!

Most of the women in real estate we coach are hard-working and great at what they do. Even though they are making six-figure incomes, they are often working on smaller transactions with clients who are indecisive, drain their energy and don’t respect their time.

The questions that they keep thinking about are: what does success actually look like and if growing their business is really worth it.

What they really want are three things:
* make more money by closing more high-end deals
* establish themselves as top-producing brokers and work with more high-end clients
* have the time and energy to enjoy their success… and travel more!

If you are reading this and feel that this is exactly where you are in your business, we invite you to read our article, HOW TO ATTRACT HIGH NET WORTH CLIENTS. You will discover how our clients achieve their goals by following; THE 4C’S TO ATTRACT HIGH NET WORTH CLIENTS.


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I’m asked often; What is the secret to getting high net worth clients if you are in real estate or provide luxury services?

It goes without saying that you need to be the best at your craft.

What I teach all my clients who work on transactions over $5 million is something that you hear very often. It is actually hard to believe in today's media centered reality…

Here is what I tell my private clients:

Social media is not the tool that works if you want to attract and work with the 1%!
This simple truth helps my clients build luxury businesses serving high end clients and save a lot of time. Social media is great for brand positioning and you might want to have your presence there.

But if you really want to work with the 1%, I have news for you, the real high net worth clients are not following your posts!

That is what we teach our clients how to do. There are 4 key secrets that you need to master to get to the high end market.

In our article that comes out on Wednesday we will share with you THE 4 C’S TO WORK WITH HIGH NETWORTH CLIENTS.

DM us your email address to receive your copy first.

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Saying that certain real estate investments are recession-proof is a bold statement. But any time you have scarcity in a market and, like in Florida, no income tax, it sets up your investment for success.

One of the strategies that can be very effective for top real estate brokers is to specialize in properties that are unique and highly sought after, these properties will always gain value despite the economic challenges.

What properties fit this profile in your area?

Economic downturns in real estate offer buyers with cash the opportunity to make an investment that will pay off once the market picks up again.

Taking the long view is a smart approach for any type of investment, in the long run, it is cyclical. If you wait, it’s going to turn out fine.

Happy weekend!

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Sean and I are in Nashville for a two day live intensive to work with our own brand strategist and bring branding strategies to empower our clients to be the best in their industry.

There are two elements to start with when it comes to building a distinctive brand; your story and your uniqueness. Building your brand is a journey to discover your greatest potential.

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St Barths real estate market is celebrating a recent record sale of $136 MM!!! This is the biggest deal ever for all of the Caribbean Islands. The property, acquired in 1957 by the grandson of John D. Rockefeller, was recently bought by Adam Sinn, a 45-year-old American, for "around $136 million" according to The Wall Street Journal, citing a source with knowledge of the details.

If you are interested in serving the world's top 1% elite clients as a real estate broker and expert and are looking to uplevel your vision, confidence and mindset reach out to Sean and me to schedule your complimentary business strategy session.

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As a business coach working with high end real estate brokers I travel the world and always find the time to check the market trends in my current destinations. Today I’m sharing with those of you who work with high net worth clients why St. Barths is a great investment for the most sophisticated clientele.

1. Over the decades St. Barths has established itself as a stable and well-run luxury real estate market with a proven record of growth on investments.

2. Many world known billionaires have their vacation homes in St. Barths. As Tony Robbins often says, Proximity is Power. The Island is a great destination to be in a great company of global elites and enjoy luxurious dining, shopping and yachting. There is an abundance of world class restaurants with great chefs, designer boutiques, and charming marinas filled with mega yachts.

3. St Barths, more than other Caribbean Islands, is very safe and known for well-maintained infrastructure, including roads, and utilities.

4. The great news for luxury real estate brokers, their clients and investors is that the French legal system in St Barths, provides a clear and transparent framework for property transactions and the St Barths real estate market is served by experienced professionals who easily navigate the complexities of transactions, ensuring a smooth and secure process.

High demand, limited land availability, a favorable tax environment, and professional support make the island an attractive destination for property investment.

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St. Barths is well known for its luxury real estate that attracts high-net-worth elites and celebrities looking for privacy and exclusive retreats. Sean and I are spending the next few days here and will be sharing with you the latest market trends that make this French Island a perfect real estate investment for your elite clients.

Here is what your clients might be interested in:

St. Barths is proven to be a very stable and safe real estate market because of small inventory and limited land availability. These two factors drive up the value of existing properties and play a big role in St. Barths as the Island is very small.
The size of the island creates a natural barrier for new, especially big size, developments which support the existing property values and prevent high volume tourism.

The island’s reputation as a luxury destination ensures demand for vacation rentals generating income for the property owners… if the high end clients desire to share their special place with a selected group of high profile individuals.

If you are working with high end clients, St. Barths can be a great opportunity for you to help them discover a paradise lifestyle, a stable and safe luxury real estate investment on and to position you as an international real estate expert serving the rich and famous.

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For most real estate agents, the most important piece of advice is moving into the high-end customer space. This decision can make all the difference in your career.

This decision also requires some changes and clarifying who your ideal client is. The biggest mistake many brokers make is “trying to attract and work with everyone.”

When you talk to everyone, you talk to no one. You are confusing your clients and The Universe.

Your brand message needs to resonate with the people you are serving.
Your decision on who you are serving brings clarity to you, your clients and your potential referral partners.

Making a decision is a powerful commitment, you need to own and make the first step. The first step is, as my clients say, “put pen to paper.” Write it down … I’ve made the decision to work with high-end clients and close high end deals.” Take some time to really take it in.

Cheers to your success!

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Sotheby’s international Realty recently announced their new brand campaign, “Nothing Compares to What's Next". It empowers buyers and sellers to dream again. The message is inviting consumers to dream about "what's next" and positioning Sotheby's International Realty agents as advisors who will help them move into the next chapter of their lives.

Innovative messaging and positioning can create fast ROI for large companies as well as for an individual broker or a team.

Previous Sotheby’s campaign, “Nothing Compares" outperformed industry benchmarks by three times and drove an almost 12% increase in positive brand lift, awareness, and favorability.

Helping high end real estate brokers build a distinctive and unique brand that connects you with your ideal clients is exactly what we do at LDV Elite.

Reach out to schedule your complimentary brand evaluation and strategy session.


I’m honored to be a part of the Women's Leadership Council of Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is to empower, inspire and educate the current and next generation of professional women in our community.

Together with our amazing team; Susan Kaplan, Tina Thompson, Astrid Mangan, and Kiana Rivera and Doug Evans from the Chamber we are bringing a new idea into life.

Stay tuned for more details, invitations and programing.

If you have questions, contact me or Kiana at the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce directly.

Cheers to our new community of women supporting other women!


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De-code yourself!

Limiting beliefs is like a program, a code that seems to be more powerful than your will power.

You want to be positive and believe in yourself but it doesn’t show in the results you have in your business and the way you show up in your personal life.

In the past, limiting beliefs were running my life. They truly made me feel powerless and the many positive thinking and self-help books were not helping.

From your limiting mindset you seek approval from others and try to prove yourself, you are expecting to fail and give up easily because you do not believe in yourself as a winner.

The truth is that you can not de-code yourself by DYI.

I now know, from years of experience, that in order for us to de-code ourselves we need a person who has the skills to help us build new beliefs. I was fortunate to work with the best coaches in the industry to learn how to transform my own limiting beliefs. It was life and business changing!

I also know how to help my clients do the same and it elevates every aspect of their lives.

If you feel that your limiting beliefs are limiting your ability to work with high end clients, make more money with more ease and build the lifestyle that you love, reach out to me.

I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

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Do you agree with America Ferrera's powerful summary of how it is to be a woman in the movie Barbie? Here it is:

“You have to be thin, but not too thin. And you can never say you want to be thin. You have to say you want to be healthy, but also you have to be thin. You have to have money, but you can't ask for money because that's crass. You have to be a boss, but you can't be mean. You have to lead, but you can't squash other people's ideas. You're supposed to love being a mother, but don't talk about your kids all the damn time. You have to be a career woman but also always be looking out for other people.

You have to answer for men's bad behavior, which is insane, but if you point that out, you're accused of complaining. You're supposed to stay pretty for men, but not so pretty that you tempt them too much or that you threaten other women because you're supposed to be a part of the sisterhood.

But always stand out and always be grateful. But never forget that the system is rigged. So find a way to acknowledge that but also always be grateful.

You have to never get old, never be rude, never show off, never be selfish, never fall down, never fail, never show fear, never get out of line. It's too hard! It's too contradictory and nobody gives you a medal or says thank you! And it turns out in fact that not only are you doing everything wrong, but also everything is your fault.”
When will we take the time to go deeper and discover our own beauty, our unique gifts and talents, and the power of the source that we are? I invite you to start today.

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Would you invite people who you don’t like to your home? If you are like me, you would not. The same goes for your business. You want to attract and work with people who you really like! When my clients get clear about who they really want to work with, these clients start to appear! They start to recognize themselves in their marketing message; and they feel and believe that: “This is for me! She is talking about me and exactly what I’m struggling with and looking for!”

When you are working on changing your mindset to more positive it can be challenging in the beginning. You need to confront your old thought patterns and recognize our own limiting beliefs.

The foundations that you need to develop if you want to successfully work with high end clientele and have the time and energy to enjoy your success are: a clear vision about what you want and an empowered mindset based on self-beliefs.

In my new article “Shift Your Beliefs And Chance Your Business And Your Life” I share: How Self-Limiting Beliefs Lead to Self-sabotage and Self-Empowering Beliefs Lead To Self-Fulfillment.

To read the article click the link in the comment.

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We are celebrating our anniversary a bit later this year.

I always smile when I think about when Sean and I first met. It was 15 years ago at our favorite American Hotel in Sag Harbor in The Hamptons.

Everything felt easy and right from the beginning.

11 years ago, in the middle of Manhattan at The Plaza Hotel… a walk from Central Park, we said “I DO!”

Thank you for the happiest 15 years in my life!

You are my everything.

Happy anniversary, My Love!

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I was so grateful to have an audience so open to learn, receive and participate at my presentation for the Business Impact Symposium last Friday! If you’re a speaker you know how energizing it is when you know that your work has the potential to inspire and transform someone’s way of thinking, their mindset and show them that there is more… That our potential is truly unlimited when we know how to access it.

I was invited to speak on: “Who Are You Selling To?” But the presentation went way beyond the subject of an ideal client. There are two parts of business and personal journey that need to be discovered before you start working on your ideal client Avatar.

You can only attract your Ideal clients when you first are clear about who you are and what you really want in your business and when your mindset matches the mindset of the people you want to work with. When you take the time to analyze that you will see that there are so many more creative ways to do business, more ideal and appreciative clients, and more ways to create balance to enjoy your success.

Thank you for inviting me to share my work!

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I’m not good enough” is one of the most common self-limiting beliefs that I hear.

Other examples of these limiting beliefs are; “Making money is hard,” “I can’t,” “I don’t have time,” “You can either be happy or rich,” “I’m a fraud,” “I’m too old, too young,” … the list is ENDLESS. The irony is that there is an unlimited number of limiting beliefs.

When I moved to the US I realized that I had a lot of limiting beliefs, especially around money, deserving and receiving.

Because I had to overcome my limiting beliefs I know how it is to have them and how our life can transform when we let them go.

It was overwhelming; but, at the same time, the difficulties that I had to go through coming from a Communist country allowed me to have a different perspective, be more resourceful, and find totally different solutions that other people did not see.
Overcoming limiting beliefs can become a source of strength and give us the ability to think outside the box.

In my new article “Shift Your Beliefs And Change Your Business And Your Life” I share what you can do to start developing a new mindset.

To read the article click the link in the comment.

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I’m a few minutes away from getting on the stage as a guest speaker at the Hispanic Business Impact Symposium: The Power of Thinking Forward. The topic I was invited to speak on is: “Who Are You Selling To?”.

I’ll be sharing practical tools on how to build your Ideal Client Avatar, identify your ideal client’s needs and goals so you can attract them consistently and close higher level deals with more ease!

Stay tuned.

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Stroll magazine's 5-year anniversary celebration last night was a great way to connect with wonderful people. Thank you , , , for inviting us.

Great to meet you !

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Your beliefs impact how your clients see you and if they will choose to work with you.

Imagine if you are talking to a potential ideal client and your belief is “they will not buy from me” or “they won’t work with me”… these clients can feel it!

Working on transforming your old beliefs is essential to being successful working with high quality clients.

In my new article “Shift Your Beliefs And Change Your Business And Your Life” I share what you can do to start developing a new more empowered mindset.

To read the article click the link in the comment.

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My new article “Shift Your Beliefs And Chance Your Business And Your Life” was recently published in the September issue...




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