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How To Get and Maintain A Career In HVAC/R 06/13/2022

How To Get and Maintain A Career In HVAC/R

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How To Get and Maintain A Career In HVAC/R Since so many people reach out to me on our social media pages asking how to use SkillCat to get into the HVAC/R field, I think its high time I wrote a blog on the subject. Step 1: The first thing you'll need to do is obtain your EPA 608 license. Start by downloading the SkillCat app in your app sto...


Hey guys! I'm trying to get some new info on job searches and am wondering if you could help me out? If you're searching for a job or remember what it was like when you were, what's your process? Like what's your go to sequence of job search steps?


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A Little More About SkillCat's Apprenticeship Program 06/06/2022

A Little More About SkillCat's Apprenticeship Program

A Little More About SkillCat's Apprenticeship Program I know, I know... SkillCat has all these new programs being released at the same time and it's hard to keep up! Let me break down our latest endeavor for you, so you can better decide whether to join! Like most of our initiatives, our apprenticeship program is FREE! All you have to do is go to Skill...


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What is SkillCat Pro and Why Is It Free? 06/02/2022

What is SkillCat Pro and Why Is It Free?

What is SkillCat Pro and Why Is It Free? Our new program has garnered a lot of questions and the best place for me to answer them will always be in our blogspot. Most of you are asking "what's the catch?" First, Ill give you a tour of the program, then Ill tell you how its free. Short answer? THERE IS NO CATCH! As a company in general Skil...


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The Immense Importance of Patience In Training 06/02/2022

The Immense Importance of Patience In Training

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The Immense Importance of Patience In Training Those of you who have been here a while, know that I'm a stickler for training. My belief is that career training (especially in the trades) should be free, readily available and encouraged by EVERY employer for EVERY employee! What I don't talk about a lot is the best training practices, and what k...

The Worker Shortage: How did we get here? 05/31/2022

The Worker Shortage: How did we get here?

The Worker Shortage: How did we get here? Probably the hardest hit the skilled trade industry has taken since the Covid 19 pandemic, is the loss of good workers. According to the USBLS, almost 8 million skilled trade positions became vacant during the pandemic, in what is now being called "The Great Resignation". Sure, half of those have be...


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The Major Disconnect Between Workers and Management 05/26/2022

The Major Disconnect Between Workers and Management

The Major Disconnect Between Workers and Management In every occupation we find the common issue of cultural disconnect between the work force and those who drive it. The trades are no different. It boils down to human morality, integrity, and capability on an individual level, so what can companies do to bridge that gap and get everyone on the same....


Hey HVACR's!!! What area do you think most new techs struggle the most to learn? Refrigeration? Wiring? Drainage/condensate? Gas? Maintenance? Service? Install? I want to hear ALL your thoughts!!!

**Pic for attention, of my first week in HVAC when I wired the entire solenoid before I realized I never went through the MC hole and had to do it all over again 🤣**

HVAC Supply Chain Woah's 05/20/2022

HVAC Supply Chain Woah's

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HVAC Supply Chain Woah's Every tech, business owner, and supply house alike has had some sort of issue due to the break in our supply chain in 2022. Though it began due to the Covid-19 pandemic with worker shortages as sickness befell our brethren and or their families, many new obstacles have come into play since. From mat...

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