Andy's Produce (House Springs)

Andy's Produce (House Springs)


Support local..
Thank you Andy's Produce (House Springs) for always supplying us with the freshest fruit
We are excited to have our meat in the following Andy’s Produce locations:

Andys Produce 3-Washington location
Andy's Produce Too - Union, MO
Andy's Produce (House Springs)
How much is palm tree
How much is your palm trees
Hands down the best T-bone steak i've ever had!! This new fresh local steak selection is no doubt the best meat around!
Your local farmers markets have no shortages & are literally bursting at the seams with fresh produce. It’s also way less expensive than the large supermarkets. Go check out Andy's Produce (House Springs). & .
Supper tonight! Ham and bean soup from Oak Meadow Farm, fresh off the skillet sautéed blue and gold oyster mushrooms from Forgotten Kingdom Fungi and baked asparagus from Andy's Produce (House Springs)!
Do you have some decent rhubarb? My plants aren't quite producing enough yet (only 1 year old), so I need a fix!
These grapes are beautiful, magazine quality!! They are so sweet and delicious! Cheap too!! Go get you some at Andy's Produce!! Try them frozen, if your teeth can handle it! Yummmm.
Lots of beauty and yumminess from Andy’s Produce.
Everything from Andys, except the deer roast.
We really enjoyed our lucky pots of gold! Thanks andys!
I didn’t know if you saw my comment on the original post about these.....but may I get 12 in dark chocolate? Please and thank you
Who won the contest? When is the next one. Thank you
Thank you Andy's Produce! The horses will love their treats!
Had fun down at Andy's Produce today

Family business that has been here for 31 years!!!! During Missouri's homegrown season we have everything Missouri can offer. Come out and visit us!

Welcome to Andy's Produce, located in House Springs Missouri, we sell fresh fruits, vegetables, local honey all year around! We also sell seasonal items such as roses, chocolate covered strawberries, Easter Flowers, flowers, vegetable plants, fruit plants, pumpkins, Christmas trees, all kinds of stuff to fill your holiday needs. We also sell firewood all year around, and usually have a good supply

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Jalapeños are 0.99 a basket come and get ‘em guys!!!!!!!

Vine Ripened tomatoes are just 0.99 a pound!! CRAZYYYYYY DEALS🍅🍅🍅

Photos from Andy's Produce (House Springs)'s post 09/23/2023

The fridge is STOCKED on this warm day!!!

Fruit cut ups $4.99 each or TWO FOR 8!!!🍉🍉

Berry Trays are $12.99!!🫐🍓🫐🍓

We have cannoli’s!!! $4.99🍭

Delicious Riveridge cider!! 3.99 🍎🍏🍎🍏


Goodnight and sweet dreams! 🤎🍁🤎

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‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Fall is in the Air‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

We have every kind of pumpkin or ghord you can think of down here at Andy’s right now!!!!!
We have big ones, small ones, tall ones, skinny ones, fat ones, bumpy ones, flat ones, wide ones, orange ones, green ones, black ones, white ones, warty ones, and sooo much more!!!!!

All the pumpkins and Ghords are individually marked depending on size, stem size, and there appearance!!!

We have so many Mums in as well!!!! If you are a fan of the tri-color Mums we have the most of them that we have ever had here at Andy’s so definitely take advantage of that!!!!!!

We have some of the biggest Mums we have ever had too as well these babies are absolutely huge!!!!!!!!!

The 8 inch mines are 6.99 or 3 for 20.00!!!!!!!
We just got in a bunch of them yesterday morning!!!!!!!

Come on down and see us at Andy’s this weekend!!!!!!

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Come buy check it out first day off fall and we are ready


Good afternoon folks we are down here at the Fenton Farmers Market will all kinds of great things!!!! Come on down and see us and the other awesome vendors!!!!


Good morning folks!!! We will be back at the Fenton farmers market tonight down by the river from 4-7 come on down and see us this evening!!!! We will have all kinds of Mums, pumpkins and other fall items!!!!!

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So many fruit trays


Check it out

Photos from Andy's Produce (House Springs)'s post 09/19/2023

Good morning folks and happy Tuesday!!!!!!! It’s a beautiful morning and looks like a perfect day to come and shop at Andy’s!!!!!

We have all your fall needs!!!! Mums and pumpkins are arriving everyday and they just keep getting bigger and prettier everyday!!!!!

8 inch Mums are still 6.99 or 3 for 20.00!!!!!!

We have great big Mums like the one Austin is holding for only 39.99!!!!!!!

12 inch Mums for 29.99!!!!

Hanging Mums for 24.99 and they are absolutely beautiful!!!!!

The pumpkins are vary in prices depending on stem size and the size of the pumpkin!!!!!


Photos from Andy's Produce (House Springs)'s post 09/17/2023

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday!!!!! It is another beautiful day outside today man o man we are getting blessed with these beautiful days!!!!! It’s a perfect day to come on down to Andy’s and take advantage of some awesome deals!!!!!!

Strawberries 99 cents each!!!!!

All salad mixes are only 99 cents each!!!!!!!

Big containers of spring mix and spinach only 99 cents!!!!!

Broccoli is only 49 cents a lb!!!!!!!

It’s roast season folks and we have local roasts and they are big and delicious!!!!! 8.99 a lb!!!!!

Our cooler case is stocked with all kinds of goodies like Carmel apples, cake rolls, all our homemade dips, cut up fruit, and so much more!!!!!

Come on down and see us today!!!!


Good morning folks and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Andy and the boys are here to tell you guys about all of our awesome deals!!!!

We have all kinds of different salad mixes and fruit and veggie snack trays only 99 cents and 1.99 for the bigger ones!!!!!

Starbucks coffee is only 1.00 today!!!!

Strawberries are still 99 cents!!!!!!

Broccoli 49 cents a lb!!!!!

All stocked up on our Carmel apples, mums, and pumpkins come and see us folks!!!!!!!!


Hey folks we are down at the Fenton Farmers Market right here next to the river come on down and see us and all the rest of the awesome vendors down here!!!!!!

Photos from Andy's Produce (House Springs)'s post 09/14/2023

We just got a huge load of Mums in folks and we have our best help out here to help unload all these beautiful Mums!!!! Come on down and see Nico and Andy and get all your fall decor!!!!!!!


Less gooooooooooooo 7.00 box get while they last


‼️‼️‼️THE MAZE IS OPEN ‼️‼️‼️‼️

It’s that time of year folks the maze is open and fall is in the air!!!!!!

We also have some crazy deals right now too folks!!!!

Strawberries 99 cents!!!!!

Broccoli 49 cents a lb!!!!!

Blackberries 1.99!!!!!!

Vine ripe tomatoes 1.49 a lb!!!!!!

Box of tomatoes 24.00 a box!!!!!

Concord grapes are in and delicious as always!!!!

Pumpkin Pie dip is a new item we just got in that is absolutely delicious!!!!!

Like and share this video for a chance to win a great big mum!!!!!!!!


Come check out the maze

Photos from Andy's Produce (House Springs)'s post 09/09/2023

I’m ready are u


It’s falll

Photos from Andy's Produce (House Springs)'s post 09/06/2023

Good morning and Happy HUMP DAY!!!!!! We are halfway through the weeks folks and the weather is absolutely beautiful!!! Fall is in the air and so are the deals!!!!

Starbucks coffee 2.99 each!!! That is a steal folks!!!!!

Ripe strawberries Perfecr for freezing or jelly 4.00 a tray!!!! Definitely get your moneys worth out of these bad boys!!!!

Blueberries 99 cents or 10.00 a tray!!!!!!

Plumcots 1.99 a bag!!!!!

Don’t forget our local soda 1.99 or 2 for 3.00!!!!

Concord grape juice is in right now folks and it is to die for!!!!!!

We are stocked up on our local meat from Schneiders Farm and we are also all stocked up on our Royal Red Shrimp and Crab legs!!!!!!

Photos from Andy's Produce (House Springs)'s post 09/06/2023

Folks don’t forget about our delicious fruit and veggie trays!!! These babies have so much on them I can barely pick them up!!!! They are perfect for a family party, school event, or just a snack for the family!!!

You can call in and order them at 636-671-1201 or on Facebook my personally messaging us!!!

12 inch 24.99 for fruit and veggie!!!!

16 inch 34.99 for fruit and veggie!!!!

18 inch 44.99 for fruit and veggie!!!!!


Mary Jo Boyet. U won the big mum come on down and get any time we will not ask u for ur credit card or anything else come on down


Brady Snavely Orlando’s Produce


Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday!!! The strawberry competition has came to and end with Orlando’s Produce in St. Peter’s which is my nephews store we lost but this was the only time I will ever be fine losing because it goes to a great cause!!!!! My nephew who is a great guy is going to donate 500 dollars as well to St. Jude!! We love to try and help out the community as much as we can even if it is with a little friendly competition!!! Even one of his workers Brady is going to donate 100 dollars himself!!!!!

Like and share this video for a chance to win a big huge mum!!!!!!!

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FALL IS IN HERE AT ANDYS!!!! The weather is absolutely beautiful out right now!!!!!!

8 inch mums are back to normal price 6.99 or 3 for 20.00 which is still an awesome deal!!!!! Watch on Facebook and we will be running more deals for the mums like we did yesterday!!!!!

Be sure to come and check out our awesome hay bale pumpkins!!!!! The maze is under construction as we speak so be sure to be aware for that too on Facebook as we will post when that is open as well!!!!

Pumpkins and Ghords are slowly starting to arrive so watch out for them too!!!!!

Photos from Andy's Produce (House Springs)'s post 08/31/2023

Good morning folks and Happy Cody Schrader day!!!! In honor of Cody and Mizzou playing today we are still doing the trays of strawberries for 7.00 a tray or 99 cents each!!!!! Also like and share this post for a chance of winning a big Mum!!!!!

Blueberries are also 99 cents each!!!

Pickling Cucumbers 15.00 a box!!!!!!

Cauliflower 30 cents a head!!!!

Andy’s homemade Carmel apples 7.99!!!!

It’s that time of year where the weather changes and everyone starts to get sick don’t worry we’ve got you covered with elderberry syrup and apple cider vinegar!!!!

We are all stocked up on our hand squeezed lemonade as well!!!!

Damnson plums are in!!!!!

Confined grapes are in as well in delicious as always!!!!

Remember to like and share this post for a chance to win the big mum and don’t forget to watch Cody and Mizzou tonight at 7 o’clock we will pick the winner tomorrow morning!!!!!!


Our winner of the crab leg giveaway is Krista Hughes and her daughter!!!!! Congratulate them on this awesome prize!!!!!!

Photos from Orlando’s Produce's post 08/30/2023

Good morning folks and happy HUMP DAY!!!! Andy and the boys are here to tell you guys about some of our awesome deals and that today is a special day!!! Today is Cheryl’s birthday and she is turning 30 years old!!!!!!!

Mums today and today only are 5 for 25.00!!! That’s 5.00 a piece they are usually 6.99 that is an awesome deal!!!!!

Strawberries 99 cents or 7.00 a tray!!!!!

Blueberries 5.00 a tray!!!!!

Cauliflower 30 cents a head!!!!!

Box of pickling cucumbers 15.00 a box!!!!!

Also if you come in and buy strawberries you have a change of being picked to win two bags of crab legs!!!!!!!!!!

Come on down and celebrate Cheryl turning 30 years old by taking advantage of these awesome deals!!!!!!

Photos from Andy's Produce (House Springs)'s post 08/30/2023

‼️GOOD MORNING so here is one of our biggest sale days of the year! ‼️‼️‼️

Cheryl is Turning 30 today, and she wasn’t very excited about it so Andy’s decided to let everyone know by doing some pretty wild sales!!!

STRAWBERRIES.99 pack or 2 trays for 14.00
BLUEBERRIES 3.00 a case
8 inch MUMS 5 for 25.00 (she’s pretending she’s 25.00 today)
Starbucks drinks 3.30 each
A lot of these Prices are today only!!!! Especially the mums this will only happen today!!!

Come out today for a super fun day at Andy’s help Cheryl get excited about turning 30!!!

Andy’s is also in competition with Orlando’s Produce they think they can sell more Strawberries then us let’s show him wrong!


Photos from Andy's Produce (House Springs)'s post 08/28/2023

Labor Day Weeknd is this weekend folks!!! Who knows how many more days your gonna get to hangout at the lake or pool this year before it gets to cold, so let us here at Andy’s do the work for you so you can enjoy that pool or lake as much as you can this weekend!!!!

You can call in your order at 636-671-1201 or message us on Facebook!!!!


Hey guys Andy and the gang is here to tell you guys about all our awesome deals and to announce the winner of the mum giveaway!!!!!!! Make sure to pay attention to our Facebook because we will be doing those all season long so always like and share we greatly appreciate it!!!!!!!!

Photos from Andy's Produce (House Springs)'s post 08/28/2023

Have you seen these beauties colors!



Good morning folks and happy Sunday!! We have some great news we are hiring here at Andy’s for the fall and winter!!! You can come down to the stand or contact us on Facebook by personally messaging us. We will give you all the details of the job when you contact us or come down to the stand!!!

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Monday 8am - 7pm
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