Spinosi's Hair Studio

Spinosi's Hair Studio


Thanks I will be in S D California next month xxoo

My goal is to make sure my guests needs are met with unique, updated, and refreshing looks that are suited for their everyday lifestyle. I am a blonde specialist, using some of the newest techniques, offering a sun-kissed look or that dimensional blonde.

I am a passionate, fun loving stylist who offers a relaxing experience in Hoover, Alabama. I am an Olaplex Advocate and I specialize in blonding techniques, such as Balayage and Dimensional Color

Operating as usual


Has this dry air done a number to your hair?

If you’re struggling with dry, frizzy hair I have a solution for you!

Olaplex N° 6 Bond Smoother, leave-in reparative styling creme and Olaplex N° 7 Bonding Oil cocktail together has been a lifesaver for not only my clients’ hair but my hair as well! I love it because it helps protect & repair your hair! Bonus it eliminates frizz boost shine, leaves hair soft, smells fantastic, & helps with static.


Has this dry air done a number to your hair?

If you’re struggling with dry, frizzy hair I have a solution for you!

Olaplex N° 6 Bond Smoother, leave-in reparative styling creme and Olaplex N° 7 Bonding Oil cocktail together has been a lifesaver for not only my clients’ hair but my hair as well! I love it because it helps protect & repair your hair! Bonus it eliminates frizz boost shine, leaves hair soft, smells fantastic, & helps with static.

Photos from Spinosi's Hair Studio's post 01/18/2022

Hair transformation from long to this cute inverted Bob!

I forgot to take a before pic but Andrea was so sweet to send me the one she had taken prior to her haircut. So take a swipe over to see how long it was before I got my hands in it.

It can be scary to take a lot off your length, but if your ready I say, “Do it!”. It might just be your favorite hairstyle ever. You just never know until you try it and remember hair grows back, 1/2 “ a month on average.

Have you been thinking about a big chop? Hit save for inspiration to take to your next haircut appointment if you are

Styled with Olaplex N° 6 Bond Smoother & Olaplex N° 7 Bonding Oil


HaPpY New Year! ✨

May this year bring us all an abundance of love, happiness, & good fortune!


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! 🎄 ❣️

There’s nothing better than spending it with family and having a little Starbucks to get you started! 🎄❣️


A little Holiday flair for my adorable client, @mlackore98

Dimensional copper with a splash of blonde. What should we name this color? I’m in love with this fun transformation we did on her! Normally she is on the icy side but we stepped on over to the warmer side for the Holidays! 🧡🧡

Styled with my faves for that reparative smooth healthy shine! Olaplex N° 6 Bond Smoother for protection, eliminate frizz, & hydration. Olaplex N° 7 Bonding Oil for heat protection & boost of shine!

Foilayage: Wella Blondor & Trionics Hair Care, Actuator
Gloss: Redken SEQ 8GG & 7C
Protection: Olaplex
Style: Olaplex N° 6 Bond Smoother, N° 7 Bonding Oil

@sephora #dimensionalcopper #moneypiece


Hey Lovelies! It’s almost a new year and I see some new faces following me here and thought I should introduce myself!

First let me just say, I have to start my day with a Dr. Pepper! I stop every morning before work and get a carbonated DP! I feel like I am not awake until that very first sip! Lol Who else can relate?

On a more personal note that I don’t share very often or definitely on social media. Like a lot of hairstylist, they just knew they wanted to do hair from a young age. That wasn’t me, I wanted to be first a fashion merchandiser, then I wanted to be a pediatrician bringing little bundles of joy into the world but realized, I couldn’t even pronounce all that medical lingo. Ha Ha I did however make my way into the beauty industry. I started out doing nails for many years and found I enjoyed playing with hair over time. As time flew by & I had gone back to college and I was married, I discovered I wanted to do hair but became pregnant and left school again. Between being a wife, working, & having a new born I felt my plate was happily fulfilled until jumping forward 6 years, my life drastically changed! My husband passed away. I had to make some difficult decisions and that’s when I decided I’m going back to school, follow your dream, right? I went back to school but this time, Cosmetology School. It was the best decision ever! I fell in love with this Industry, putting smiles on clients faces, continually learning as I grow, and most importantly, being able to support and having the flexibility to be there for my son and watching him grow up into this beautiful young adult.

Lastly, I love finding unique places to take photos and this historical rusty caboose had me at, “jump on”! Lol

Now that you know a little bit more about me, leave one fun fact about yourself in the comments below! I would love to get to know you more! Thank you so much for all your greatly appreciated support and following my journey!

Muah! 💋


Did you know that you can’t just find a tube of “mocha brown” hair color anywhere in my studio?

There’s no “dark chestnut” or “strawberry blonde” either, or anything else that you may find in a box on a shelf at the grocery store.

Every color I create is totally customized based on science, the color wheel, and experience!

Just call me your own personal chemist making your dreams come true one formula at a time...

Fall vibes for this beautiful client! 🍂 I touched up her roots, added depth, and some foilayage pieces!

Color: Goldwell & Trionics Grey Be Gone
Paint: Wella & Trionics Hair Care
Protection: Olaplex
Style: Olaplex N° 6 Bond Smoother & Olaplex N° 7 Bonding Oil

Photos from Spinosi's Hair Studio's post 11/03/2021

“I wish I could get my hair to look like this at home!”

I hear this all the time in my chair and I have good news for you. You absolutely can achieve your post appointment hair at home!

Here’s what you need to achieve your style at home! Cocktail a pea size of Olaplex N° 6 Bond Smoother with a few drops of Olaplex N° 7 Bonding Oil together and emulsify them in your hands before applying to your clean damp hair before you start to blow dry! This will ensure a smooth shiny finish while protecting your hair from any heat damage! For Debra, I then took my Hot Tools 1 1/4” curling iron and gave her some loose beach waves.

If you would like to see a styling tutorial on this process, let me know below!

Technique: Foilayage
Paint: Blondor & Trionics Hair Care
Strength: Olaplex every step
Toning: Olaplex N° 4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo
Style: Olaplex N° 6 & N° 7
HotTools 1 1/4” Curling Iron



Happy Halloween! 🎃

I’m honestly really excited for the next couple of months ahead of us because of the holidays with family & friends!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is having a pumpkin spice latte and a warm burning fire in the fireplace. It’s just so cozy and it reminds me of the days when my son, Alec, was little and we would curl up watching movies until it was time for him to go to bed. Oh, the good old days!

Do you have any special memories or favorite things this time of year? I’d love to hear in the comments even if it’s just something small.


There’s one thing every client should know about me! I love to have fun with the foils while doing hair. I always have several patterns of foils on hand and I like to switch them up, alternate btwn them or use one of the newest fun colors / designs I just got! I think it just makes it fun when brightening up clients hair! Who loves all the fun foils besides boring silver?

For this babes hair, I did a babylight retouch and gave Larking a bolder face frame! After finishing up her Olaplex treatment, I used Olaplex N° 4P Blonde Enhancing Toning Shampoo and left on for about 2 minutes to achieve this cool beautiful tone. I then cocktailed my favorite styling products Olaplex N° 6 & N° 7 for her smooth shiny frizz free blowout & used my 5/8” HotTools curling Iron for a tighter long lasting curls.

Paint: Wella Blondor & Trionics Hair Care Actuator
Toning Shampoo: Olaplex N° 4P
Tools: Styletek Beauty Foils & 5/8“ HotTools Pro Curling Iron
Styling: Olaplex N° 6 Bond Smoother & Olaplex N° 7 Bonding Oil


A little foil fun for your weekend! 😂

I love it when my clients and I get to have fun and they are all in. We just have to spice things up! Not only did I alternate between these beautiful pink and teal foils, I even put a few little braids in to keep the hair together! I thought it looked a little Rastafarian, right? Ha

Come back tomorrow for the final results!

Technique: Babylights
Paint: Wella / @Trionics Hair Care
Protection: @Olaplex
Tools: @Styletekbeauty


Calling all Blondes…

Do you ever feel like your blonde has lost its brightness and has a dull yellow tone to it?

I have the solution for you! Take my beautiful client Ashley! She came in for her highlight refresh but this time I did something a little different on her. Can you guess what it was? No, I didn’t put a glaze / toner on her but I did use the new Olaplex N° 4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo on her for the 1st time.

Yep, that’s right and look at the results that were achieved! Bright and shiny blonde hair. It removed unwanted brassy and yellow tones and can you believe it only took 1-3 minutes to reach this brightness!

I also used Olaplex N°6 Bond Smoother and Olaplex N° 7 Bonding Oil for frizz control and heat protection during her blowout!

Don’t own rights to music

Photos from Spinosi's Hair Studio's post 10/12/2021

Guess who’s face was on NYC Time Square, Nasdaq’s Jumbotron? Yep, I can’t believe it myself!

I am so proud of @Olaplex and to be one of their advocates! The other week when they went public on Nasdaq was such a huge celebration for us all! 🎉

My journey with Olaplex started years ago when they first came out with this revolutionary patented scientific technology to rebuild & repair broken bonds in the hair. This makes the hair healthier and stronger which is the building block of all hair care.

I first saw one of our international ambassadors, @Guytang use this on his clients and his creativity and hair results was phenomenal and I thought, I have to get this “Liquid Gold” it was magical!

From that day on I have used it on every client, every service because I completely believe in it and have personally seen such magical results.

My journey with Olaplex started by using the very 1st professional strength haircare products, to now N° 0, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, NP for all consumers. Eventually I was invited to became one of their advocates and let me say, it was one of my happiest days to become part of such an incredible loving, supportive, educational company that I can call family!

Congratulations Olaplex and to the future! You have impacted not only my heart but the whole beauty industry! Thank you for all that you do! xo❤️

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