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Help us welcome our new team member and counselor, Camille Jones.

Camille Jones, MSW, LICSW-PIP is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who holds a Master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Social Work. Camille is at the service of individuals coping with the following: anxiety, depression, general life stressors, self-esteem issues, and building or maintaining healthy relationships. Camille is passionate about empowering clients to develop into their best selves and having their vision of the best quality of life possible!

To schedule a session with Camille, you can contact our office at 205.982.3586 or reach out via email at [email protected]


Back again with another post on mental wellness. There are so many scientific benefits to connection with others such as lowered anxiety and depression. Did you know that being in connection with those who make us feel seen and loved actually helps regulate our ventral vagal nerve which can also lead to improvement in our immune systems? Amazing, right! How are you making time to connect with others who help you feel seen? Comment below!


Mindfulness seems to be a buzz word as of late but few truly understand what it means. In a society that praises busyness, mindfulness can be difficult to practice. Mindfulness is a practice that allows us to be fully present and accepting of our current state of being. What are some ways you practice mindfulness? Comment below!


2021 was a whirlwind of a year. It's no wonder that January is Mental Wellness month. Follow us as we highlight different tips on how you can improve your mental wellness.


It’s our Three Year Anniversary✨

Three years ago, it was just Jessica and I (Erica), and a vision to serve the community of Birmingham through the provision of mental health counseling. In these three years, we have slowly added to our team of counselors, each equipped with a varying backgrounds and training in the field of mental health. We do not take this milestone lightly and are so thankful to the team who works alongside us and to the clients who bravely show up each session to work through life’s hardships.

It’s an honor to be serving the people of our city for THREE YEARS. We hope for many more 🎉


To all of those who have served. We thank you 🇺🇸


Today is world mental health day. We invite you to invest in your mental health. We’d love to hold space for you when you’re ready.


Our team is growing! We are currently hiring for a Licensed Therapist position as well as a Medical Billing and Coding position. Please send all resumes and cover letters to [email protected].


So many times in therapy, we hear clients share feelings of hopelessness when it comes to their current life situation. One thing we can tell you, it does get better. Therapy provides that space where you don’t have to be okay while also holding on to the hope that you will the light at the end of the tunnel.


It’s Monday! Start your week off with a deep breath in, a long breath out. This is YOUR week. You’re capable of handling anything that comes your way.


It takes a lot of courage to seek counseling. It takes a lot of courage to open up to a stranger.
It takes a lot of courage to revisit past traumas.
It takes a lot of courage to begin again.


Today, with deepest gratitude, we remember those who served with honor and sacrifice for our country.


Did you know that tracking your moods can help identify trends, patterns, and possible mental health diagnosis. By understanding the patterns of our moods, we can then manage them better and make more informed decisions regarding our mental health. There are several different ways to track your mood. Whether it’s through a traditional calendar or an app on your phone, the creative possibilities to track your moods are endless. Are you tracking your moods? If so, how? Leave your mood tracking tips below👇🏻


Mother’s Day can spark more than joy for some. We understand if it’s a hard day for you. Here are some ways to cope through those difficult emotions. Everyone of them valid.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

We know that mental illness doesn’t discriminate. Everyone is struggling with a battle of their own. We are committed to normalizing mental health experiences and providing adequate care and approaches to working through them.


Monday Motivation from one of ICC’s counselors and co-owner, Jessica Hendrix. “Be the person your pet thinks you are”



Gentle reminder, here. Healing doesn’t happen over night or in the course of a day. It takes time and work. Be patient with yourself and give yourself grace. One day you’ll look back and see how much has changed for the better. Until then, keep moving forward and loving the person that you are right now❤️


Repeat after me 🔁


Repeated exposure to traumatic events equates to a therapeutic term known as “complex trauma”. There are many factors that happen to us, our brains and our body, when exposed to repeated traumatic events. Be kind to yourself. Take time to rest. What we’re witnessing over in our world, social media, and personal lives can take a toll on our mental health. It’s okay to step away for a second and just breathe.

@arielleestoria with @get_repost


Along with Covid came the rise and urgent need for Telehealth services. While Telehealth was an option for some, it usually came at a high price and was not covered by insurance. There are many advantages to being able to conduct therapy sessions through the Telehealth platform. However, the main concern is making sure client’s have created a safe therapeutic space to conduct their sessions. We’ve created a template to help you check off your list of to-do’s prior to meeting with your therapist through the Telehealth platform.

💬Communicate to loved ones or others in your shared space that you will need an hour of quiet time to conduct your Telehealth sessions.
🎧Consider using headphones to eliminate outside noises and to keep the sessions confidential.
🚪Shut the door to your room to also help reduce outside noises that could be distracting.
🔈Reduce outside noises as much as possible. Some ideas would include turning the television off, getting in a private/closed space, put the animals away, etc.
🛋Get comfy. It’s important that you feel comfortable in your space. An uncomfortable space can lead to a distracted mind.
🚘 If you can’t find a private space within your home, consider using the privacy of your vehicle. The beauty of Telehealth is that it is available wherever you bring it. Many clients report that they prefer the privacy and comfort of their vehicle.

Don’t see something on this list? Let us know how you create a safe space for your Telehealth sessions in the comments below⬇️


Did you know that March is also National Social Work Month. We asked our counselor, McKenzie Huggins, who has a degree in Social Work, why she chose this as a career. Read her response below🗣

McKenzie writes, “I always knew I wanted to work in a profession where I could have the opportunity to impact others in a positive way. When feeling uncertain about my career prospects my Freshman year at Auburn, I was encouraged by a friend to sign up for an introduction to social work class.

By taking this class, I was exposed to learning about the history of the profession. I connected with the core values of social work, including social justice and the dignity and worth of every person. I was excited by the diversity of career opportunities that exist within the field of social work. Through my experiences in the field, I have had the opportunity to work with children with behavioral concerns and trauma histories, terminally ill individuals and their families, individuals pursuing treatment in inpatient behavioral health settings, and now individuals pursuing outpatient therapy. I know that therapy can be difficult and intimidating at times. I am regularly in awe of the resilience, courage, and vulnerability of the individuals I work with. I truly consider it to be a privilege to do the work that I do.”

We are so honored to have McKenzie as a part of our team and continuing the amazing work of social workers here at Iron City Counseling.

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Today is World Mental Health Day. We hope to help normalize the discussion around mental health. If you’re struggling, k...
Today is World Mental Health Day. We hope to help normalize the discussion around mental health. If you’re struggling, k...
Today is World Mental Health Day. We hope to help normalize the discussion around mental health. If you’re struggling, k...
Today is World Mental Health Day. We hope to help normalize the discussion around mental health. If you’re struggling, k...
Today is World Mental Health Day. We hope to help normalize the discussion around mental health. If you’re struggling, k...
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