Steel City Emergency Vets

Steel City Emergency Vets


THANK YOU!!!!!! For Saving my Life. My Momma Is so so so thankful to have me home and safe. She said you are heros!

Sorry I was so Spicy.
I've tried to post my thoughts on my unhappiness about my 2 visits with my cat Fifi. You charged me $825 for multiple tests. With no diagnosis. 2 days later i took her to the vet for regularly scheduled shots. The first thing they tell me that she is in heat. I googled in heat and she checked all the boxes. I know you have expense. But u made a huge mistake. I will agree to 50% of your charge . If u dont agree to this, then we can go public. Just want to be fair.
Dr Carla. My visits on January 28/29. For total of $825 we u have discussed. No diagnosis from your office. It was my first female cat. You didn't diagnose "in heat" . i took my cat 2 days later to regular vet and the first thing they diagnose is that she is in heat. Your office should have easily diagnosed this. Before the $825 charges
I've offered to split the charge 50/50. You offered me 20% refund. Horsecrap. A lot of people yell me to get 100??% refund. I just want to be fair. But i can be ruthless
Not because of the money. Just to be fair.
We transferred our extremely sick kitten from out-of-state to Steel City ER Vets and received the most amazing care. Dr. Carrie Beers was quick to get tests ordered, reported diagnostic findings quickly, helped get him stabilized, and suggested a plan of care. The entire staff was so helpful from when we called even before our arrival. We could not have asked for better care during our time of panic. Thank you Steel City!!
Butters came in today with some issues.

Due to parvo and other complications, he hasn’t eaten or voluntarily ate on his own in a week.

After the visit, I came home and put food down for all the dogs, and he went straight to it! This is a really great sign! Thank you all so much for everything
Thanks Dr Carlo for saving Dante’s life last night!! My baby was crying so I rushed him to this hospital last night . His bladder was about to rupture from stones . The staff was great with friendly loving service taking care of him. Debra Hajj
Fantastic staff!!!!
Our 5 lb Yorkie developed bloody diarrhea Sunday and might have become critically ill except for your excellent care. With our primary vet's clinic closed and the general populace practising social distancing we were short on options, then we found a notice referring us to your emergency clinic, thank heavens. Your staff was very helpful and reassuring over the phone. Later in the day when we brought her to your clinic for treatment there was no waiting, rather a staff member came to our car immediately to begin the physical assessment and took our pup straight inside for intervention. We were able to perform our business over the phone, and everyone concerned was exceptionally kind and professional. Thank you again for all your compassionate treatment of our fur-baby and ourselves! 💕
If you ever find yourself in need of emergency care for your furbaby I would highly recommend Steel City Emergency Vets. They took really good care of my Molly and she is almost back to her normal bouncy self. They explained all the necessary procedures, were very caring, compassionate and professional.
Just wanna say I am very Impressed with Dr. Tricia Bradac and her whole team. I'm a RN who had just come off shift and had found my cat hurt. They were very friendly, professional, but most importantly compassionate, not only to my pet but me as well. They are amazing. I would highly recommend them.
Glory be to God for an Amazing Vetinarian (Dr. K) and pleasant Staff.

We are an after-hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic that provides excellent care by using state of the **NOW OPEN**

Steel City Emergency Vets is Birmingham's new state-of-the-art pet ER.

We are a team of talented and compassionate people who are available to take care of your pet's urgent medical and surgical needs on nights, weekends, and holidays.

Operating as usual

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To be on the front lines, to speak for pets and pet parents when they can not, that’s invaluable. You are invaluable. Thank you.

Happy Veterinary Receptionist Week!

Help us thank our veterinary receptionist for all they do! They’re the first and last face you will see and speak with at our clinic! They give it their all and never fail to have a smile on their faces. We couldn’t make it without them! ❤️🐾

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Our puppy pool was a popular spot today at Mutt Strutt! We hope you all were able to come out, stop by, and grab a few goodies!!🐾


Come join us for a fun filled day, tomorrow, at Homewood Central Park!! We’re looking forward to seeing you and your pup!!


Come join us this Saturday, April 23rd, at Homewood Central Park for Mutt Strutt! We will be set up inside the Vendor’s Village with prizes for you pups! Make sure to stop by.


How do you plan to enjoy the spring days with your pet?

Share with us pictures of your cats and dogs enjoying the sunshine and springtime activities!


You would not believe what foreign objects both cat and dog patients like to ingest! From sewing needles, fish hooks, toys, hair ties, strings, thumb tacs and rocks to list a few.

Our team had a training workshop today on Endoscopy; just one of the many services that we have to offer for our patients. 🐱🐶

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Please help us vote on this years Deck the Door winner! Comment either Door 1 or Door 2 or comment underneath the picture of the door you like best!

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Happy Birthday, Steel City! We’ve loved being a part of your families for the last four years, and we’re so grateful to be trusted with your precious babies!

Steel City Emergency Vets updated their business hours. 08/27/2021

Steel City Emergency Vets updated their business hours.

Steel City Emergency Vets updated their business hours.

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We can’t let the day pass without wishing a Happy National Dog Day to some of the Steel City Pups!

Post a picture below of you and your furry friend!❤️🐾


Celebrating Memorial Day with your pets.

Memorial Day weekend is a great opportunity to spend time with family, outdoors, enjoying the unofficial start of summer. But it is important to keep your pets safety in mind at all times. Below are a few tips to help you and your family get through the weekend safely while having fun!

• Play it safe with food – don’t feed table scraps as some may be toxic to your pets. And keep alcoholic beverages away!
•Swimming can be a fun past time, but not all pets are good swimmers. Keep an eye on them and no gulping chemically cleaned pool water.
•Only use sunscreen and insect repellent designed for animals. Some we use could be dangerous to our pets.
•Make sure there is plenty of shade for your pet if celebrating outdoors. And always have a full water bowl available.
•Make sure gates and doors are kept closed at all times. Many pets go missing during holiday weekends because they are either anxious from all the activity or they are given an opportunity to wander during the chaos.
•Fireworks can be scary (and dangerous) for some … keep your pet indoors and safe if fireworks are being used.

Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Holiday! Steel City will be open should you need emergency vet care!

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This weekend we celebrate the Front Desk Rockstars, the Chaos Coordinators, the Lobby Guardians, the Multitasking Magicians, the Unsung Healthcare Heroes we know and love as Veterinary Receptionists. We, here at Steel City, could not make it without ours! 📞🖤🐾


Attention Clients!!!

Please pardon the construction currently taking place in our parking lot. When you arrive, you may be asked to parallel park or park in an adjacent parking lot. Give us a call upon arrival and one of our employees will be happy to assist. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.



We are here for your pet's Veterinary Emergency needs. As a reminder, we are here overnight during the week and 24 hours during the weekend:

Monday-Thursday 6:00PM-7:30AM
Friday 4:00PM-Monday 7:30AM


We will be open normal hours tonight (6pm-730am). Our phone lines are open now (205) 413-8989. Everyone please stay safe and weather aware, and remember, pets are a part of your family too - they wouldn't leave you, so please don't leave them ❤


We love your pets at Steel City Emergency Vets!


Steel City Emergency Vets will be open for normal business hours tonight (6pm-730am). Stay safe and keep your furry friends warm!


Happy New Years from the crew here at Steel City! We hope this year is your best year yet!!🎉💥


Congratulations to our 2020 Deck the Doors winner! Thank you all for voting! #sixfeetpeople #socialdistance

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We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Our Deck the Door competition was close, so close that we have a three way tie. We are reposting the final three in hopes y’all will help us determine this years winner! Please comment either 1, 2, or 3 under the post or comment “vote” underneath the picture of the door you think is the best!


With the rush of the holiday season, here is your reminder of our extended hours! We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Steel City Emergency Vets is always trying to have a little fun in the midst of the 2020 chaos. Please vote on your favorite door so we can see which team wins! Comment either under the picture or comment 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 on the post itself. Ready. Set. GO!


Warning, this post is packed with emotion but is heavily edited and excludes person specific details beyond myself:
I have worked strictly in emergency related veterinary medicine for awhile now. It is my passion and there is not a day that goes by that there aren’t both fun and difficult moments and cases. There are a million opportunities to leave good and bad rants on private and social media about the experiences in a days work, as I’m sure there are in many fields. As some of you may know, National Veterinary Technician Week just ended Saturday. That week was just capped by the constant reminder that there are many people out there who don’t really understand veterinary medicine and don’t have to, yet it seems they frequently forget that the true veterinary professionals have 2-12+ yr degrees but insist that Dr. Google or their friend who was a breeder once knows best! Also, NO ONE IN VETERINARY MEDICINE IS JUST HANGING OUT TRYING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY! It turns out medicine and supplies cost money! Employing a vet costs money! Why? Because they are actually doctors!!! Employing a technician cost money! Why? Because they are actually schooled/trained to take care of the situations given to them. We aren’t government funded. Stop asking for everything to be free. So many things to be said right now but my deepest sympathy and acknowledgment goes out to my Techs. I am a veterinary technician and the hospital admin of my emergency clinic. I just want to say thank you to my techs and all vet techs out there in honor of last week for being strong enough to swallow the pill of the constant stress, misunderstanding of clients, difficult cases, long nights, passion fatigue, all the gross things, the nights you were cussed out simply because you were the first person that reached out to help out a distraught human being before they could find reason when they were dealing with a difficult situation, thank you for being skilled enough to get an IV CATHETER in that seizing neonate, thank you for decompressing the GDV, thank you for making all the best well-being calls for the mommas and babies involved in a dystocia or C-sec, thank you for transfusing the deathly anemic patient, thank you for intubating providing oxygen to the airway obstructed Patient, thank you for a million things, Thank you,... for knowing what the heck you are doing. But also... to those fur baby owners who are patient even when they don’t understand and to those that do and have established a verbal pat on the back to my staff.. much appreciated. Some days, it’s you who boost our moral for the day. My hatred for media is strongest when it comes to reviews.
The truth, good or bad is just fine in my book, but it’s insane that 99% of the time, the bad reviews (In many fields and other companies as well), all come from a lack of explaining or elaborating the truth. Lies for attention should be a crime. Thank you

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I am so blessed to have such a devoted group of hard working, talented, dedicated, charismatic, and compassionate techs/nurses care for patients here at SCEV. You are family and are truly appreciated by myself and thousands of others you have impacted.

Photos from Steel City Emergency Vets's post 10/13/2020

Every clinic has its own style. It’s no news that ours is unique. But what the world should understand about this team of techs is that they don’t just show up for just another at day their job. They show up and invest another minute, another hour, another day, with their skills and knowledge around the clock in efforts to make a difference in their patients’ lives, quite literally. Its a whole new level of literally contributingt their blood, sweat and glory to this business that is a family to us all. A standing ovation to you because of that moment you: threw out your back rushing an animal half your weight to the table for CPR because that was it’s last chance; that moment you had thick, pungent fluid draining down your arms while helping that 2 minute old pup breathe for the first time; the moment you were on the longest shift ever and could hardly remember your first name, but you pushed and helped with one more surgery because that bloat wouldn’t have made it ‘til morning. No words will ever amount to the emotions you may feel when you are at your hardest trials, but to the technicians that make Steel City Emergency Vets… Thank you. You truly are Number 1.

Happy National Veterinary Tech Week! 2020 has been crazy and our team has been amazing! Thank you to each and every one of you for all that you do! This week is for you!


We here at Steel City Emergency Vets are currently only offering curbside services, except in end of life circumstances. Please be advised a mask will be required upon entrance of the facility due to the current orders from the Jefferson County Health Officer.

Thank you for your compliance and understanding!

Pests are becoming a big problem during the COVID-19 pandemic 06/13/2020

Pests are becoming a big problem during the COVID-19 pandemic

Steel City Emergency Vets very own, Dr. Caver, has made National news with her experience in treating snakebites!

Pests are becoming a big problem during the COVID-19 pandemic Across the country, more people are seeing an increase in pest problems, which experts believe is linked to more people staying home due to the pandemic.


We are so happy we could help out The Hoover Police Department K9 Unit!! Thank you for all you do for our community!!


Don’t let snakes take a bite out of your Memorial Day festivities! 🐾🐍


Dr. Morty is on duty tonight at Steel City Emergency Vets!

What Alabama pet owners should know about coronavirus 03/25/2020

What Alabama pet owners should know about coronavirus

What Alabama pet owners should know about coronavirus Here's what animal lovers need to know about COVID-19.

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