Bluff Park Animal Clinic

Bluff Park Animal Clinic


Dr. Eric and Bluff Park AC the best place to take our pets! Each and everyone there go above and beyond to help with any situation that we could possibly be dealing with. The time, energy and patience they possess is so very unexpected.
Honestly I thank you all from the bottom of my heart because you are definitely God sent to us!!
Come out and support Two by Two Rescue 6th Annual Barktobrtfest.
It is through tears, a vicious headache, and a broken heart that I have to fill in all of you sweet samaritans on how the Bluff Park search for an injured kitty's family and story ended. Firstly, my huge huge huge thanks to so many of you. The person who saw her and was helping Luna, you are a saint. Thank you so very much. Brihanna, who I have known through her work with Luna at our Bluff Park Animal Clinic Vet office, you are an angel. Thank you so much for retrieving Luna, in the wee hours of the morning and getting her to the doc. It is horrific that Luna got hit by a car. But it would have been torturous to have never found her or to have discovered her run over by many more cars. This 7 mo gorgeous luminescent kitty has not once strayed toward the road. She crouches at the sound of a car, thus we were shocked that she was even near the street. We so appreciate Brihanna getting the word out. My darling neighbor Fran saw the post and texted me. I knew immediately. Yes, Luna had a very old tag on. The high high energy girl couldn't keep a break away collar on thus went through all the current tags. So, she had an old tag on for some identification and thankfully it helped with the trail back to us. Thank you Brihanna for your efforts, your kindness and compassion, thank you for giving Luna a chance. Thank you Dr Rice (who also knew Luna) for your prior care for Luna and for your great judgement today. She gave Luna pain medicine and sedated her, hoping to keep her comfortable, to better assess her injuries and prognosis, and to afford some time for the trail to find us/her owners. I was able to go see her, talk to her, pet her, play music to calm her. I'd like to think she knew I was there. It was a very difficult decision, so hard to not second guess oneself, but a jaw surgery wouldn't have been sufficient. She took the full impact to her head. There was so much swelling that the consensus was her head injury gave her a lesser chance of recovery or a future quality of life. Dr Rice, Brihanna, the assisting Vet Tech... were all so kind, so professional, so compassionate, patient, just couldn't have been better to walk through this heartbreak and ending.
Luna is in kitty heaven. I picture it as paradise. I believe Luna may be back, possibly in some other form. It gives me peace to know that because she experienced such saints, angels, professionals and loving care that her soul will be loving and grateful. She will come back and pay it forward. This year has been such a hard year, for all of us. There has been so much pain and suffering in so many forms. It is such a gift to be reminded that there are many many good people, with kind selfless hearts out there still. My deep thanks to each of you and the staff of the Bluff Park Animal Clinic. Rhonna (R. Jeanine White) and Jonathan Phillips, of Park Ave.
Hello, your phone number is not working. When I dial 823-3034, I get a message that the number isn’t working.
Thank you guys for taking such great care of our baby boy Tib!! 🥰🥰
My fur-babies had check-ups today and the social distancing process worked so well! I called when I pulled up, techs came out to get them, the doctor called after evaluating, I paid via phone and the dogs were brought back to the car. As always, everyone was so helpful and Dr. Ballard took the time to answer every question. I love Bluff Park Animal Clinic!
My cat has been injured and may need to be put down. Funds are hard to come by these days. Are you offering payment options?
Phone is not answering. Not even an answering machine. Just that line can’t be connected at this time.
UPDATE Saturday Oct 19th Odenville Rescue
Mom Daisey has been spayed! No more kittens for her. The vet said it was obvious she had had several litters; she will be picked up today to recover in foster care
Prince (B&W male), Sunny (orange tabby male), and Juno (gray tabby female) are in foster care. All are on oral antiobiotics and eye meds for a couple of weeks
The 6 smallest ones are ALL female! Ophelia, Odessa, Oakleigh, Octavia, Ohana, and Olivya already look so much better after 4 days of antibiotics! They are now in foster care and acting and playing like normal kittens!
But folks we still need your HELP. The vet bill, even with a generous discount from Bluff Park Animal Clinic (cannot thank them enough!) has come in around $1200. This includes vaccinations, rabies, testing, deworming, boarding and medication. To date we've had approx $545 donated thru FB and direct to the vet bill (Bluff Park Animal Clinic - 205-823-3034). As you can see there is still a ways to go. No amount is too small. It all adds up. Thank you as always for your support!

UPDATE - Odenville Rescue (Thursday afternoon 10/17)
Phase 2 Progress - all 10 tested combo negative (yay!!)
the youngest 6 are on oral antibiotic and eye meds
all have been given flea treatments (they were INFESTED)
still to be done this afternoon - FVRCPs, full physical exam for any issues and fecals

Current estimate for the total bill for the boarding and all of the above, and reflecting a great willingness on part of Bluff Park to help keep the cost down, is around $900. Anything you can donate would help. You can donate through FB or by contacting Bluff Park Animal Clinic directly at 205-823-3034. Thank you!

UPDATE - Odenville Rescue (Wednesday evening 10/16)
Phase 1 complete.
8 kittens, 1 teenager and 1 adult safely @Bluff Park animal clinic. Well mostly complete. One sweet adult male still to be brought into the Haven fold.

As feared every kitten suffering from matted eyes, round wormy bellies, fleas and clogged noses. When first arrived a couple were so lethargic feared they were dead. Thankfully they were not. The adult (barely) female they said may be pregnant “again.. she’s always cranky when pregnant”. When I asked how many litters she’s had before they were not even sure. 😭

Phase 2 underway - safe and sound at Bluff Park the vets will assess them this evening and tomorrow. We know that an addition to the basic vetting and vaccinations these kittens are going to need medication and the adult and teenagers spayed and neutered. If you would like to help you can donate through Facebook or you can contact Bluff Park vets directly and pay toward the Kitty Kat Haven & Rescue Odenville cats. At this point we don’t know the total bill. We will know more on that tomorrow and will update. Adding here are a few pictures from today. Bluff Park Animal Clinic - 205-823-3034

Some of you may recall our post a couple of weeks ago about sweet Leela who was brought to us with a severely infected eye (she ended up losing it) and little Shenanigans who was in such bad shape after being hit by a car that we had to let him go.

Well in that same situation are other kittens, teens and adults. There were more but when we followed up on them yesterday, just a couple of weeks later, there was a horrifying account of recently 3 kittens killed in the road, another killed by being accidentally shut in a car door and another killed by a dog. Heartbreaking!

PHASE ONE: Today the plan is to try and get at least the surviving 6 kittens, 3 teens and possibly 2 young adults. They will be boarded overnight at Bluff Park animal clinic and vetted tomorrow.

Appreciate good wishes and support!
Thank you for keeping my goldendoodle safe and sound after he was brought in by a Good Samaritan . We weren’t even charged for his overnight stay! ❤️
Just want to say how wonderful Dr. Skocelas and staff were this whole last year of Mr. White's life. Loving care for both me and my best boy. Ends are never easy, but it was very gentle end for a grand kitty. They accommodated us so many, many times. I am so grateful.
want to see something interesting? WATCH THIS:

Bluff Park Animal Clinic provides quality veterinary care in the Bluff Park area near Hoover, Vestavia, and Homewood. Our Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am-5:30pm
Doctors Hours are: Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:30pm (Appointments Only)
Saturday Hours: 8:00am-12:00pm (Walk-ins Only)
Sunday we are closed

Our Doctors are:
Dr. Eric Skocelas
Dr. Buddy Ballard

Operating as usual


Holiday Hours:

Closed Friday, Dec. 24th - Sunday, Dec. 26th

New Year
Closed Friday, Dec. 31st - Sunday, Jan. 2nd


*edited* we have had a very generous response, thank you to the BP community and our clients for helping us- you guys are amazing! We should be good on blankets and towels, but we still could use newspaper if anyone has any. We know a lot of people do not get the paper anymore, but whatever you have would be appreciated!

If anyone happens to have any extra newspaper and old towels, we would love to have any donations for our dogs and cats! Feel free to drop them off at the clinic any time- We are running very low! 😺🐶


Our Lobby is now OPEN!!

If you would rather do curbside, please call us at 205-823-3034


Happy Memorial Day!
We hope everyone has a wonderful day! We are closed but will re-open tomorrow at 7am.


We will be closed Monday for Memorial Day!


BPAC is looking to hire a part time receptionist. The job will require 10-15 hours per week. Including Saturday mornings. Must be flexible to help cover other shifts when needed. Job requirements would be:
1. Good communication skills
2. Basic computer skills
3. Able to multi-task
4. Able to lift up to 30 lbs
Please e-mail us your resume at [email protected]
Thank you!


Our phones and internet are working again!


Our phone lines and internet are still down with no estimated time when they will be back up and running. Since we have no phone lines working, we ask that you walk in and talk to the receptionist when you get here. We apologize for this inconvenience and will update everyone as soon as we can!


We just wanted to let everyone know that currently our phone lines and internet are all down due to the weather. We are open but we do not have a way to answer the phone. We will update this post if anything changes or we decide to close.


We just wanted to let our clients know that we are currently taking shelter downstairs in the clinic due to the threat of possible tornadoes. We have turned the phones off for now as we do not have access to a phone currently. We will probably be down here for at least 30 minutes just in case anyone is trying to reach us. Thank you for your understanding, everyone stay safe out there!


Due to the severe weather threat today our office will be closing at 1pm. If you have any medical emergency please call Veterinary Specialists of Birmingham at (205) 967-9107.


Due to the icey roads and the safety of our employees, doctors, and clients, we have decided to remain closed the rest of the day. We will try and reopen by 1pm tomorrow. Please remember to call the clinic before you come in just to make sure the staff was able to make it in. We also would like to reassure all our clients that all the pets boarding with us are all warm, and being cared for by a local employee who has managed to get to the clinic! We hope everyone enjoys this snow day! Stay safe!


The clinic will be closing at 4pm today due to the potential for icey roads. We will reopen (depending on the weather) tomorrow at 1pm.


"Due to the potential of winter weather, the clinic will not be opening until 1pm tomorrow 2/16. For Wednesday appointments, please call the clinic before coming in. We will continue to keep everyone updated on possible early closing times or later opening times. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! We hope everyone stays safe tonight and tomorrow. If you have any questions, please call us at 205-823-3034."


We will be open tomorrow from 8-12pm. No appointment needed. New Year's Day we will be closed. Saturday, January 2nd we will be open normal hours (8-12). Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas from BPAC!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day!🎄


We will be open tomorrow from 8-12pm. No appointment needed. Christmas Day we will be closed. Saturday, Dec 26th we will be open normal hours (8-12). We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!


We will be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving, but will re-open Friday for normal business hours. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Due to an employee testing positive for Covid-19 we will be closed tomorrow, Saturday November 7th. We will remain closed to the public until we have done a thorough deep cleaning. Tomorrow we will allow pets to be picked up from boarding, but we will not be seeing patients. Monday we will re-open on a limited schedule for drop off appointments. Unfortunately we will not be letting clients inside the building until further notice. We will continue to clean, wear masks, and follow all the CDC guideline precautions. Thank you for your understanding! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any emergency please contact Steel City Emergency Vets at 205-413-8989.


Starting tomorrow Nov 4th, we will be allowing one client per patient into the facility for yearly exams and sick visits only. We will remain curbside for retail and short visits. Please remember to call when you arrive for your visit. Due to Covid-19 if you are showing any signs of a fever, cough, etc. or have been exposed to Covid-19 within the last 14 days we kindly ask that you do not come in. Also, masks must be worn in the clinic at all times. If you have any questions please call! Thank you for your patience!


UPDATE- our phone lines are fixed so everyone should be able to get through with no problems! Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding!

We just wanted to give everyone a heads up about our phones just in case anyone has tried to call us or will be calling us in the next 24 hours. We are having a third line added to help with the large influx of calls and right now there are some issues. We have only one phone line currently, but this should be corrected by tomorrow afternoon. If you call us and there is no answer, we ARE open normal hours! We just ask that you be patient and try back later. If you come to the clinic tomorrow for anything we will try our best to come outside and get you checked in so that you don't have to call. If you do have basic questions and cannot get a hold of us on the phone, feel free to send us an e-mail at [email protected]. Thank you all for your understanding!!


Happy 4th from the BPAC family! We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe day!


This sweet little boy was just found on Savoy Street this afternoon by a good samaritan in the neighborhood! She was concerned about him being declawed and outside alone so she brought him to us for help. He unfortunately is not microchipped but is a fairly young neutered Male grey tabby. He is extremely friendly and obviously belongs to someone who we know is missing him! He is staying with the nice lady who found him. Please contact us if you are missing him or know who he belongs to! We are open 7:00am- 5:30om M-F so if you need to contact us after hours, please message us through FB and we will try to respond asap!


In honor of Independence Day we will be closed Saturday July 4th! We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th of July!


First and foremost- For anyone who saw the firetrucks and police at the clinic tonight, everyone (animals included) is okay and safe! We just wanted to let everyone know that our machine that we use to sterilize our surgery tools had a small electrical fire shortly after we left the building tonight. We are blessed to have a wonderful fire department right down the street that was able to get to it very quickly and handle it. There was no fire damage to the building, only smoke damage which was confined to one room away from any animals. We are very thankful for everyone's concerns!


We would like to let all of our clients know that we are now taking Bath and Nail Trim appointments again! Our lobby is still closed, so we will continue our Drop Offs only. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a nail trim or bath please call us at 205-823-3034


Staying safe from CVID19! We have plenty of cones for anyone who needs them!😂😂 hope everyone is safe!

Edited to Add- this is just satire, please don't really use these as protective wear because it won't actually prevent the spread of germs!



Due to recommendations of the CDC concerning Covid-19, we are no longer accepting Bath, Nail, or other Non-essential appointments at this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to continue exceptional medical care for those in need.


Attention Clients:

Starting Friday, March 20th

Due to the Covid-19 Virus we are closing our lobby and only allowing drop off appointments. This will be the same for Saturdays. If your pet has an emergency please call the clinic as soon as possible. With this new policy, we ask that clients call and schedule a drop off appointment if possible. Upon arrival, please call the clinic and a BPAC staff member will come out to your car and get your pet. We please ask that your dog be on a leash and your cat be in a carrier. This is for your pets safety. You are welcome to wait in the car or drop off and pick up later in the day. After we are done with the appointment a receptionist will call you. Everything will be done over the phone. This will be the same for clients just wanting to purchase products. We will still see “walk-in’’ drop offs as well, but there might be a little longer wait since we will see the appointments first. If anyone is feeling unwell or has been around someone who is unwell we ask that they remain at home, unless they have an emergency. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.
Please call the clinic at 205-823-3034 for all questions, concerns, and scheduling.


Due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, The Bluff Park Animal Clinic is taking precautions. As of now we will continue normal business hours. We please ask that everyone refrain from physical contact with the BPAC staff (hugging, handshakes,etc.). We also ask that if you are unwell or have come in contact with someone who is unwell, that you please keep your pet at home unless it is an emergency. BPAC is increasing our daily cleaning, so that we can help prevent the spread of this virus. If you wish not to come inside the clinic, please schedule a drop off appointment. Once you arrive at the clinic please call, and we will send someone out to you. For your pet’s safety, please make sure your dogs are on leashes and your cats are in carriers. You will be able to pay over the phone at time of pick up. We also would like to make clients aware of our online pharmacy! Clients can not only order medications, but also prescription dog/cat food. Everything can be shipped straight to your front door. There is a link that says Shop Now on this page that will take you straight to the pharmacy.
We know that this virus situation is changing daily, and we will continue to update our clients on what BPAC will do in the future. Again, we will keep our normal business hours so we can continue to serve our clients and their pets!
We hope all of our clients stay safe, and if you have any questions or concerns to please call the clinic @ 205-823-3034.


Happy New Years Eve! We will be closed all day tomorrow. We hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Day!


Merry Christmas from BPAC!! We will be closed today, but back to normal hours tomorrow.


"Cleo" needs a home for the holidays! She is a spayed 6 year old tabby. Up to date on shots. She would be a GREAT lap cat! If you are interested in giving Miss Cleo a good home please contact the clinic at 205-823-3034 !


We would like to let everyone know we will be closed Thanksgiving day! Normal business hours the rest of the weekend.


***Update- His owner was found, and has picked him up! Thank you everyone who shared this post!***

This sweet boy was just brought into Bluff park Animal Clinic at 9:15am. He was found at the intersection of Delcris and Oxmoor about 9:00 am today. He is a male, intact Golden Retriever around a year old. He is wearing a collar but has no tags and is not micro chipped. He has a distinctive mark on him that the owner should be able to describe for proof of ownership. Please contact us immediately if you know who he is or who he belongs to! 205-823-3034

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