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Who did you vote as Hoover's Best? See the winners in our 2019 reader poll here or in our June/July print issue. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Moss Rock Tacos & Tequila
Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe
Firebirds Wood Fired Grill
Edgar's Bakery
Tortugas Homemade Pizza
Jim 'N Nick's
Superior Grill Birmingham
BluffParkAL .org
Bluff Park Art Association
Prince Of Peace Catholic Parish-Hoover, Al
Hope for Autumn Foundation
Moss Rock Preserve
James Spann
Greenvale Pediatrics
Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry
Samuelson Orthodontics
Pure Dermatology & Aesthetics
Schaeffer Eye Center
LakeCrest Chiropractic & Wellness
Stone Salon and Day Spa
Sapphire Nails and Spa
Spa at Ross Bridge
Hoover YMCA
Itty Bitty Bakers
Von Maur
At Home
Hoover Florist
Bluff Park Hardware
Odyssey Early School at Inverness
Valleydale Animal Clinic
Stephanie Millard, Lake Homes Realty
Ryan Goolsby State Farm Agent
Regions Bank
Hoover Toyota
Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers
Anthony's Full Service & Express Car Wash

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You saved me today!! Miracle. Worker. THANK YOU!!!
The real enemy today is inflammation! What could you remove from your diet to be healthier today?
My journey began with another chiropractor about 4 months ago. Was told that my pelvis was tilted one way on one side and a different way on the other, impingements were present in several places, and my kneecaps were not in the proper place. Realizing this treatment plan was going to be a sizeable investment both in time and money I decided to seek out a second opinion. (Honestly, felt kind of like I was at a cattle call with the first guy.) This is how I met Dr. Drew. His diagnosis jived with the first one, but his approach was so much better! First of all, he did not want to do duplicate XRays. He tried to save me money and exposure to radiation by having by having me pick up my first set of XRays from the other place. Secondly, he was quick to say that he did not work miracles but did believe he could help me. His estimation of treatments required was fewer than the other guy, but we were still in for months of multiple treatments per week. I gladly started treatment immediately.

After about 3 weeks Dr. Drew advised that I was not getting the kind of relief he expected and ordered an MRI. Kind of freaked me out and I tried bargaining with him explaining that I had actually not been resting and icing like he recommended. He was supremely patient and convinced me to have the MRI. The test showed that I had a congenital condition called Diastematomyelia which had never been diagnosed. My spinal cord was split and tethered. Apparently the condition is rare and we began a frantic search for a neurosurgeon who had actually performed the surgery before. Dr. Drew was with me every step, answering questions, sending referrals, and calming my nerves. This condition left untreated could eventually have caused more loss of strength and coordination, incontinence, and paralysis.

Today I am 3 weeks post op. 2 surgeons operated on me for 8 hours. All signs as of now indicate that the surgery was a complete success. Dr. Drew, through his unwavering commitment to patient care, got this journey started and I owe him a debt of gratitude. The only argument that I have with him is that I believe he is a miracle worker in getting this condition diagnosed.

btw - Mel is awesome and keeps the office running like a well oiled machine! :-)
didn't know if you subscribed to Robyn O'Brien, she is great, I really like this one..
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Great Website!

We believe in full, vibrant health for life. Our goal is to create a true wellness lifestyle in our patients and our community!

Operating as usual


Running On Coffee All Day?☕

We all know coffee is a popular way to boost your energy levels, but are you looking for an alternative? Here are a few different options to boost your energy levels!

✔️ Black tea

✔️ Coconut water

✔️ Apple cider vinegar

✔️ Matcha

Consider these alternatives if you are trying to limit your coffee consumption but still need a little pick-me-up! ✅

#coffee #caffeine #energy #chiropractic


Stay Active 🏃‍♀️

Many people have become significantly less active during the pandemic, with some stopping exercise altogether. There have been many changes to work and home life, but don’t let that stop you from staying active and healthy! Take a look at this handout to learn about current exercise guidelines, and give your body the healthy activities it craves! 🙌 []

#exercise #health #chiropractic

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Spring Into A Healthier Weight 🙌

With warmer weather quickly arriving, you may be considering shedding a few pounds. Weight control is an excellent measure for overall health and helps prevent back pain and arthritis. Take a look at this infographic for some tips for healthy weight loss! []

#weightloss #chiropractic #health

Source: []


Feeling Weak? 👎

Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones become weak and brittle over time. As if that wasn’t enough of a concern, new research shows that rotator cuff tears are also significantly higher in those with osteoporosis. For more information about osteoporosis, take a look at this infographic! ✅ []

#osteoporosis #bonehealth #chiropractic

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Conservative Multimodal Approach 👍

New research has shown that a conservative multimodal approach is more effective than steroid injections for low back pain, including spinal stenosis. We pride ourselves on providing a diverse multimodal arsenal to combat pain, including manual therapy, spinal manipulation, rehabilitation exercise, and education. Give our office a call today to see what chiropractic care can do for you! 📞

#chiropractic #chiropracticcare

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Relieve Back Pain with Core Exercises 🙌

A strong core is necessary to keep low back pain at bay. If we lack proper core stability, we increase stress on our joints, ligaments, and discs. Performing core exercises has been shown to reduce low back pain, improve low back muscle endurance, and improve function. Check out one of our favorite exercises for a strong core - the side bridge. ▶️ [

#corestrength #backpain #chiropractic

Source: []


Chiropractic Care for Headaches! 🙌

Did you know our office treats headaches and migraines? And did you know that it’s one of the most common conditions we see? If you are suffering from headaches, visit us! Stop dealing with the pain and put it to rest. Give our office a call today! 📞

#headaches #migraines #chiropractic


Sleep Awareness Week! 💤

Did you know this week is Sleep Awareness Week? Daylight savings time may be affecting your restfulness this week, so follow these tips to improve your sleep:

- Reduce or eliminate caffeine intake
- Avoid drinking water right before bed
- Limit electronics use before bedtime
- Consider breathing exercises or meditation
- Avoid exercising too close to bedtime

Take a look at this infographic for some tips to position your body optimally for a good night’s sleep! 👍 [

#sleepawarenessweek #healthysleep #chiropractic


Get Outdoors! 🌳

As the weather is warming up again, it's time to get back outdoors! Being outside can bring many benefits to your health, such as Vitamin D from the sun, lessened anxiety, and improved sleep. Go out and enjoy the day! Your body will thank you! 🙌

#outdoors #health #exercise #chiropractic


Benefits of Adding Celery To Your Diet 💚

It’s National Celery Month! Celery is an excellent source of antioxidants and supports digestion and gut health. So, next time you open the fridge to grab a snack, try some celery!

#nationalcelerymonth #celery #health #chiropractic


Working From Home? 👩‍💻

Many of our patients have reported increased lower back pain when working from home, and new research confirms that association. The good news is that you can modify your positioning and daily activities to limit excessive strain and injury. Check out this informational handout to learn about the optimal laptop workstation setup. ✅ [

#workingfromhome #backpain #chirpractic

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Are You Drinking Enough Water? 💦

Health experts say you should drink about eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Why? Because water has many health benefits including weight loss, reduced headaches, better physical performance, and constipation relief. So pick up a glass of water and get to drinking! 👍

#water #hydration #healthtips #wellness


Poor Sleep Contributes to Low Back Pain 🛌🏻

Sleep is crucial for recovery and healing. And according to recent research, poor sleep quality makes low back pain more likely and more intense. For tips and tricks to improve your sleep quality, check out this infographic! ✅ []

#sleepquality #lowbackpain #chiropractic

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Warm-ups Before Exercising or Sports? ⛹️‍♀️

A new study found a 36% lower rate of ankle and knee injuries in basketball players that performed an optimal warm-up routine before playing. Consider adding a warm-up routine to your next workout to prevent injuries! ✅

#warmup #exercise #chiropractic

Source: []


Put an End to Your Neck Pain ❌

Several factors make neck pain more likely, including a high BMI, daily computer use for more than 8 hours, a monitor positioned outside of the midline, and stress. Try incorporating the following tips.

✔️ Maintain a healthy weight

✔️ Take frequent workstation breaks

✔️ Manage your stressors

For more detailed information on setting up your workstation to avoid pain, take a look at this infographic. ✅ []

#neckpain #workstation #chiropractic

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Knee Pain? 🦵

A new study found that increasing ankle range of motion reduces the loads placed on your knees. Tight calves could be limiting ankle mobility and contributing to knee pain. If you are experiencing knee pain, give our office a call today to see how chiropractic care can help! 📞

#kneepain #anklemobility #chiropractic

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Boost Your Core Strength! 💪

Did you know that improving core strength can help reduce the incidence of low back pain? Before you get down on the ground and start pumping out crunches, consider these exercises we recommend instead! 🙌 [

#coreexercises #corestrength #backpain #chiropractic

Source: []


Mediterranean Diet Ranked As Best Diet!

The U.S. News and World Report has released their annual ranking of diets, and the Mediterranean diet has topped the list for the fifth year in a row! There’s a reason that is. Check out this infographic for a quick summary! []

#mediterraneandiet #diet #health #chiropractic

Source: []


Stuck At Your Desk All Day? 👨‍💻

Did you know that prolonged desk work and poor posture can lead to what’s known as upper crossed syndrome? This results in forward head posture, tight chest muscles, weak back muscles, and increased wear on our spine. The good news? You can take steps today to change. Take a look at this valuable handout to learn some simple exercises for upper crossed syndrome. ✅[]

#uppercrossedsyndrome #poorposture #neckpain #chiropractic

Source: []


Ankle Mobility → Knee Injuries? 🦵

Did you know that limited ankle mobility and tight calves can contribute to knee injuries? If the ankle doesn’t have enough range of motion, more stress is placed on the knee, eventually leading to strain and injury. Do you have tight calves? Consider this stretch to improve your ankle range of motion. []

#ankle #kneepain #chiropratic #stretching

Source: []

Our Story

LakeCrest Chiropractic & Wellness was founded with a heart for health and one lofty desire: to offer a hands-on, drug-free approach to healthcare, all while changing our community through a socially conscious business.

How do we go about doing that? We put patient care first. ALWAYS. Everyone is different. Every situation is different. Every BODY is different. We focus on the individual: what is working, what is not, what is improving, and what needs to change.

And what else?

We believe in giving back. We have been blessed with the best patients on the planet (seriously!), and want to honor them and our community. That’s why for *all* of 2018, we’ve partnered with The Foundry’s Pack-A-Sack program, and for EVERY new patient we see we’re donating a weekend worth of meals for a child in need.

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