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Specializing in Chiropractic Care, Strength Training, Rehabilitation, and Nutrition to maximize your Health and Wellness needs. Magic City Chiropractic

Magic City Chiropractic and Wellness offers a very unique approach to chiropractic care, health, and wellness.

While here, our patients feels the old charms of yesteryear come to life as we provide the much needed time and attention like old family doctors of the past. While delivering specialized time, we offer modern and highly specialized equipment to aid in our patients healthcare. Dr. Albano sees patients ranging from children, teenagers, families, athletes from every sport, professional athletes, col

Operating as usual


We are back after 6 months of Medical Leave. I would like to thank everyone who kept me in their thoughts and prayers during this ongoing journey.
Please call the office to schedule your appointment so we can resume your Chiropractic needs!


Thank you to all Law Enforcement Officers across the Nation.
You are Deeply Appreciated, highly Respected, and Supported beyond measure. We have your Back Blue!
"GOD Bless the Peacekeepers, for they shall be called the children of GOD."

Photos from Magic City Chiropractic's post 12/30/2021

Your day doesn't get any better when you have help like this!
Thank you Courtney and Taylor for bringing John David to visit us at Magic City Chiropractic!


Wishing Everyone the Most Special Gift of Good Health and Happiness this Christmas. Take nothing for Granted, and live each day with a Full Heart following CHRIST.
Merry Christmas from Magic City Chiropractic!


Remembering Pearl Harbor and the America who stood Together against such evil Tyranny
on December 7th, 1941.
We need that America Back!


Patriots Stood Together 20 years Ago in the Fight Against Terrorism.
May we Honor those Lost then by Continuing the Fight for Freedom Against Tyranny today.
GOD Bless America.


Due to recent injuries, I have unfortunately had to take a Medical Leave of Absence. I completely ruptured my right patella tendon and completely ruptured my left distal bicep from a fall. I am pushing my Therapy hard and will be back soon to serve your Chiropractic Needs!
Sometimes Life knocks you down unexpectedly. The Only choice you have is to come back STRONGER!
#holdfast ☠


Never Fear the Overwhelming Places to Achieve your Dreams. The Price is High, But You only Live Once.
HOLD FAST and STAY THE COURSE as Iron will Sharpen Iron.
So Keep it STRONGER!
#magiccitystrong ☠


1997 APF Senior Nationals!
Atlanta, GA June 21-22.
Who else was there????
I was helping Shelby Robbins.
I know Jon Grove was there too.
Miss these old VHS Tapes! ☠


Happy Independence Day!
Never Forget the Cost of Freedom.
We will be Open Monday, July 5th.


Bone and Joint Integrity can be Compromised, especially as we age. Strength Training will
Stabilize Structural issues combined with Chiropractic Care, and Physiotherapy.
Ask any seasoned Powerlifter.
Be careful and Train Age Appropriate!
STRONGER is BETTER in all aspects of your life. ☠


If you go to a Chiropractor in Hoover or the surrounding area, go to the guy who will never be outworked until all patients are seen with Quality Care.
AND, then TRAINS at 2AM because STRONGER is BETTER!
One who Loves America, Stands for Old Glory, Respects our Veterans, is Old School, and BACKS THE BLUE. ☠


This Memorial Day, Thank You!
GOD Bless America 🇺🇸.
#respect #honor


Restore Healthier Body Function by Donating Blood every 8 weeks.
Most importantly,


Say your PRAYERS
STAND for The Flag
Back The Blue
Test your GRIT
Be KIND, but NEVER weak
Know your WORTH
ALWAYS stay Trained Up.
Your No Stronger than your Foundation. ☠


We'll make you STRONGER!
HOLD FAST, Get Adjusted.☠
#backtheblue #patriot


Your NO Stronger than your Foundation.
Stay Trained Up, Get Adjusted.
#magiccitystrong #elite


Stay Trained Up!
#magiccitystrong ☠


Stay STRONG Patriots!
GOD Bless America.


Keep it STRONGER! ☠


Wishing you a Christmas
that is Merry and Bright!
Praise to our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ today and everyday!


Hmm...No Lifting, No Gifting!
Keep it Stronger Everyone! ☠


So this is me every year shopping!
and Merry Christmas!🎄
#magiccitystrong ☠


Saving Lives one Pint at a Time!
Stay Healthy, Stay STRONGER! ☠


"Hard times produce Hard men. Hard men produce Good times. Good times will produce Soft men. Soft men produce Hard times, thus the snake will eventually bite it's own tail."
Hold Strong Patriots! ☠


Remember the Alamo!
Hold Fast Patriots!
#wethepeople ☠


On December 7th, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan, and Germany declared war on America soon after. On this day we Honor our Soldiers lost and those who went on to Defend American Freedom from Tyranny. God Bless America!
#keepamericastrong 🇺🇸


At Magic City Chiropractic
we say Merry Christmas and
God Bless America!
#magiccitystrong ☠


No other feeling than a heavy bar in your chalked up hands as you
Hold Strong while others sleep.
Keep it STRONGER everyone! ☠


Me and my Little Bear wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
#magiccitystrong ☠


This President Fights for America!
GOD BLESS and Keep the FAITH
as we celebrate this Thanksgiving!
Stay Trained Up and Keep it Stronger!
#magiccitystrong ☠


Stay Trained Up because STRONGER is BETTER! ☠




Happy Veterans Day and may
Thank You for Your Service!



Our Story

Magic City Chiropractic

Hoover’s Magic City Chiropractic offers a very unique approach to Chiropractic Care, Supplement Health, and Physiotherapies needed for increased Wellness. Our patients feel old charms of yesteryear come to life as we are Not an “In and Out” clinic. We want Quality of patient care over Quantity of patient volume. Patients realize this and come here quite often.

Dr. Albano is a retired World Powerlifting Champion having bench pressed well over 705 lbs COMBINED with being your Chiropractor. No other Chiropractor in Birmingham, Hoover, or the State can match his experience both as a Board Certified Chiropractor AND a World Champion Powerlifter to explain proper lifting among other things.

We specialize in the majority of Families in the Hoover area who have the same problems as the Athletes we see. Some patients even drive out of state to see Dr. Scott.

From Infants, to Adolescence, High School, College, the Professional Work Force, our College and Professional Athletes for patient care. If it’s Spine Misalignment, Disc Issue, Joint Pain, or Muscle related...............Dr. Scott C. Albano “HAS YOUR BACK!”

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In observance of Easter weekend we are closed for time with family. Please enjoy your time with your loved ones and favo...
Merry Christmas from Magic City Chiropractic #magiccitystrong!
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Happy belated 122nd Birthday to Chiropractic! Keeping people healthy naturally. #chiropractic #magiccitystrong www.magic...
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A new baby came by to visit us today. Say hi to Jax#puppylove #magiccitychiropractic
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Here's a great example of why Olympic Weightlifters and Crossfitters need to get adjusted at Magic City Chiropractic! Do...



3049 John Hawkins Parkway, Suite 116
Hoover, AL

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10am - 7pm

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