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Never Quit Dreaming


Thank you Never Quit Dreaming for the fun experience! We enjoyed learning about the animals at the Hakipuʻu Education Center.
This sounds like a great program in central Oahu for kids interested in music and DJ-ing! Never Quit Dreaming

**Disclaimer: This program is not music therapy and is not affiliated with HI Notes Music Therapy. Please contact Kris Dung directly at the number on the flyer for more information.

Never Quit Dreaming's mission is to create recreational activities and unique experiences for specia

Never Quit Dreaming's wish is to create recreational opportunities for special needs children in Hawaii.


We ❤️ giving our players a big league feel. But for families who engage in our opportunities and now can be called “softball moms” or “basketball dads” and restore a little of what is possible 😢,

“Thank you thank you THANK YOU so much for this opportunity! My daughter absolutely LOVES being a softball player and she’s a natural. I honestly didn’t think I would ever get to be a “softball mom” but here I am every weekend.

Last week at the first practice I cried and cried. To see sooo many people loving up on my girl and understanding her and being patient with her make my heart burst. I am so so so proud.

I will never be able to thank you enough. ❤️”


It’s always the stories along the journey, that we will remember the most. For the time being, we are really enjoying the ride of a lifetime 🌊.

“My son has never played sports before. He went to his first baseball practice last weekend and had so much fun. He was definitely nervous but his volunteer was so good with him. he can't wait to go back this weekend. He even told his classmates that he was on a baseball team called Never Quit Dreaming and he wore his jersey today for school. He packed his new back pack and bat in the car because he wants to go practice after school. Thank you for a wonderful experience! Can't wait for the rest of the season!”

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NQD would like to send out a special Mahalo to the 2023 Hawaii Softball Gatorade Player of the Year Taryn Irimata.

As a recipient of the prestigious award, Taryn and Gatorades “play it forward campaign” provides a grant to non profits who supports youth sports. Taryn graciously selected 🥹

In Hawaii, the culture is always to find ways to give back and we are so appreciative of all the Hawaii athletes who have spent their time on our courts and fields. You all have made sports possible for our special needs community.

Unlike many non profits out there, the money from the grant won’t go to administrative costs or pay for anyone’s salary, we think Taryn should decide what she wants to do with the monies.

And how fitting is the year we decide to roll out a softball program is the year a Gatorade softball player of the year elects NQD as a recipient.

NQD is really a fairy tale story and we hope everyone is enjoying the journey.

Photos from Never Quit Dreaming's post 07/19/2023

NQD would like to send out a special Mahalo to the 2023 Hawaii Softball Gatorade Player of the Year Taryn Irimata.

As a recipient of the prestigious award, Taryn and Gatorades “play it forward campaign” provides a grant to non profits who supports youth sports. Taryn graciously selected 🥹

In Hawaii, the culture is always to find ways to give back and we are so appreciative of all the Hawaii athletes who have spent their time on our courts and fields. You all have made sports possible for our special needs community.

Unlike many non profits out there, the money from the grant won’t go to administrative costs or pay for anyone’s salary, we think Taryn should decide what she wants to do with the monies.

And how fitting is the year we decide to roll out a softball program is the year a Gatorade softball player of the year elects NQD as a recipient.

NQD is really a fairy tale story and we hope everyone is enjoying the journey.

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Swing by our day on July 29, from 8am - 10am. Our special needs families can shop early in a positive, less stressful environment as families prepare to send their kids back to school with a new set of crocs and jibbitz.

Be one of the first 15 families to come through and receive a backpack, valued at $295 🤯.
Who does those things?!?!? NQD of course.

Huge shout out to and for their in kind donation of bags to send Hawaii’s keiki back to school. has a collaboration with one of the biggest South Korean Rappers


Simple testimony from a parent.


I just want to extend a BIG THANK YOU for the effort to set up Fourth of July activities. My son is 5 years old and has special needs. His grandmother is visiting from the mainland, and I was trying to think of a way to spend the holiday in a way that would be a treat for both of them. The option to spend the day at Secret Island was perfect! That's a beautiful place for my mother to see during her vacation. My son was able to play in the water, and he explored some of the outdoors by walking along the paths and climbing on large fallen branches. He was a bit apprehensive at first about the new environment, but I could tell that he was happy after a little time getting familiar.

The fourth of July was one of the most fun holidays for me when I was a kid. I'm so very glad that that it was a fun holiday for my son too.

NQD will never fully understand your story. But we can promise you we will be along side of you providing activities and events that were never seen before.


Please join us in giving a warm welcome to 3 of our summer interns - bryleigh, kai and nicholas.

As recent high school graduates NQD is turning the keys over to these individuals (for the summer 😉) in hopes to further NQD’s quest.

They have been working on re-vamping our website, collaborating with businesses, offering events such as volleyball 🏐, golf ⛳️, gaming 🎮 and an early shopping day at Krocs - Waikele.

We are excited to guide these individuals and can’t wait to see their 💡 ideas come to life.


This is the Hunt Ohana. They are on summer travel from to the . While searching for activities for their special needs son, they discovered our secret island adventure and felt it necessary to make a pit stop 🛑 on Oahu 🏝️.

They were welcomed into the Ohana and they immediately felt a sense of belonging and inclusion. Their children ran around, paddle boarded, kayaked and made a couple of friends along the way.

The family left me with this statement, “we have been on travel to many places around the world, and have never found anything like NQD. To feel welcomed, like you belong, we would move to for opportunities like this”.

Mahalo Hunt Ohana, wishing you safe travels along the way. Don’t forget to spread the word on the little 💎 you found, in the middle of the 🌊, called .


Video game 🎮 social anyone?

Come by drop your kid off for a fun filled day of gaming. Compete, share ideas, and share gamer tags..
Play on “old skool” consoles like Super Nintendo, playstation 2, Nintendo wii, etc.

Stay for a few mins. or all day. We would be happy to meet you.


Wallabies Volleyball v. 2023

Join us as NQD rolls out the only volleyball program in Hawaii dedicated towards our special needs community.

Event: Wallabies Volleyball v. 2023
Date: July 8 - August 12
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am (1 hour sessions)
Location: Kawaiahao Church
Cost: $120 per participant
Registration: Link in Flyer


We absolutely ❤️ progression stories. This is our friend Kaison. Kaison can struggle with the unknown. When he first came NQD’s movie events he would cry in the lobby refusing to go in. Throughout the movie he would be uneasy as he often found comfort laying on the floor.

Over this past weekend our dear friend took in the movie , sat in his seat and watched the entire movie. When the movie was over he was so proud of himself he said “I did it. ✋ high five”.

Mahalo and the Mililani team for allowing our families an opportunity to watch movies without judgement. And a special shout out to his parents for continually to navigate Kaison. We are sure there were many tears, and frustrating days, but today we celebrate you and your never ending will to


What is the magic of a jersey?.
Since 2018, the firebirds are the first and only special needs baseball program within the state of the island of Hawaii.

We have heard numerous stories where on a Saturday morning - instead of morning cartoons (80’s and 90’s 👶) the first thing these players will do is throw on their jersey and wait all day in anticipation to play the game of ⚾️.

As you may or may not know our jersey was specifically designed by a prior baseball player who is autistic, but his design lives on throughout all those who don the jersey.
Each player is issued a legacy number meaning they keep that number forever, leaving their footprints on our program and 💕 . Once no longer a participant the numbers are then recycled for all new participants. Can you believe we have over 150 players who have come through the program?

This year we are introducing a “pink” alternate for specifically for our girl softball 🥎 players.

A new feature on this years jersey is the stars on the back. This symbolizes the number of seasons a player has played on the firebirds team, a select few have “5” stars, as they have been a participant in every season we have played 🤯

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NQD will be hosting two sensory sensitive movies this weekend. Come join us to watch Elemental as we lower the sound and dim the lights.
Saturday @12:45
Sunday @ 12:40
Mililani consolidated theaters
Any businesses want to sponsor future sensory sensitive movies? DM us.

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NQD has been trying to put this summer puzzle together. So if you are bored and looking for a day of fun/ relaxation, come hang out with us at Kualoa Ranch.

June 25 - secret island beach day filled with calm waters, kayaks, standup paddle boards and a sandbar.

July 4 - team building in the morning, a with a mobile challenge course to promote self discovery, teamwork, leadership skills.
Then we’ll head off the to secret island to finish our day with a dip in the ocean.

🌈 ☀️ 🏝️
Just another activity.


What do you say we change the game? For many of our sports programs we are male dominate… but girls are players too!

So let’s flip the colors, change the ball ⚾️ to 🥎. And introduce Hawaii to the Lady Firebirds?

Allowing our special needs females a chance to have their own identity and to be mentored by Hawaii’s softball community.

So far we have 9 softball players ready to roll.

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Headed to the beach or pool this summer? Hit us up… thanks to and , we have snorkel sets, water shoes and goggles to give away.

Yes you read that correctly, free of charge. DM us to claim your swim gear.

Snorkel set - Youth size 9 - 13
Snorkel set - Youth size 1 - 4
Water shoes - Youth size 11
Water shoes - Juniors size 5
Goggles - Adult (3 pack)
Mahalo again for coordinating this donation drive.


NQD kicking off the summer with a sensory sensitive movie - .

Information and Registration link in flyer.

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Annual Firebirds ⚾️ is upon us. Who’s coming with?

Firebirds Baseball v. 2023
Date: August 5 -September 24
Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Location: Mililani District Park
Registration Link: on flyer

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It was a beautiful day in Hawaii nei. spent our Sunday back at the for the last bows buddy. On a special Mother’s Day, the family took a weekend trip to Oahu to participate in our bows buddy program.

and from met .zeigler also from Maui..

places much effort in making an experience worth remembering and we hope today is etched in their memory bank for a very long time. They also went home with custom UH baseball jerseys with their names , made by .

Mahalo for the engagement opportunity for our special needs community. Families are bummed bows buddy 2023 has come to an end and can’t wait for bows buddy 2024.


She said… would you like to be friends 🥹

Our special needs parents spend many countless nights, hoping, wishing for their child to be included and accepted. Maybe somewhere along that magical journey they’ll find that one friend, where everything just clicks.


As the new year turned, a parent asked if we knew any martial arts programs. We searched and searched and couldn’t find one…🤷🏻‍♂️ in typical fashion we found a club who is willing to teach our community.

In partnership with club, NQD is excited to expand our programs to now include Judo. Participants will be mentored by judo athletes from .
Special needs/ disabled individuals will learn discipline, self defense and the art of throwing and tumbling.

Sign up at

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as our special needs individuals turn into young men and women, they are often over looked and under appreciated for their differences…

More often than not, they are unable to meet society standards or expectations. Hold jobs, graduate from college - unlikely. Can they find a place in this world 🌎? Absolutely.

Here are three students. Through the communities support, they are able to borrow computers and laptops to create graphics or designs, they work on taking their designs and press their art on tshirts, mugs, bags, etc. and share their artwork with the community. They are supported by friends and family who purchase items through their online stores. Individuals will complete and fulfill the order, and 100% of the revenue goes back to the 👩‍🎨 👨‍🎨

All we ever wanted was to give individuals an opportunity and families a little hope 💭

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It’s was never about the activities we produce or the events that we sponsor. It was always about allowing families to share memories with their child/ children.

I picked up my first golf club at 12 and my dad took me to the driving range because our neighbors invited us. I still suck at golf, but it is something my dad and I can bond over.

Today, we saw many families and their children hit at a driving range for the first time and hopefully, it will be saved in a families memory bank.

Mahalo , and for your belief that together we can make a difference in the lives of special needs individuals and their families.


Mahalo for recognizing the work that does. is most proud of being a local non-profit, that has been

What started out with a few pipe dreams from a couple directors, has turned into opportunities, experiences and many many firsts for our community. We hope you’re enjoying this magical ride we call

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What does mean to our special community?

Maybe, just about everything…

they put it on a sign, 😳, it must be true.


With the support of and ,
is introducing our special needs community to the game of golf.

Remember, is the
official golf program provider for the Hawaiian Islands. However, we accept all special needs individuals interested in the game

Mahalo for providing NQD the bridge to get our community onto the golf course.


On Saturday was gifted a monetary donation from . We are eternally grateful for this organization for their unwavering support.

This organization also provide us with volunteers for our ever growing sports programs
⚾️ 🏀 ⚽️ ⛳️ 🏐 . Without them, we would have to limit the number of athletes we would be able to service.


in collaboration with introduces the “Bows Buddy Program”. After every Sunday home game our special needs individuals will be invited onto the turf of the Les Murakmai Stadium where your individual and their families will be matched up with a UH baseball player to hang out, socialize, laugh, and engage in Baseball related activities - throwing, hitting, running bases, etc.

As we continue to build out this legacy we know we can not do it alone, and having Coach Hill and his staff, players be part of our journey are memories that will be etched in these families lives. Coach and UH for opening up your hearts ❤️ and sharing your talent with our community. 🌈 🤙 🏝️

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Last year approached with an idea. 💡 They would operate a ⛳️ where a portion of the 💰 💰 would be used to assist .

The president asked where our biggest need is… we said we have had the most difficult time getting our golf program off the ground. Why is that the case???? We don’t have a way to transition kids from plastic clubs to real clubs… said we will take care of that, let us buy jr. golf clubs, we want to grow the game of golf and we would ❤️ to support the special needs community.

Mahalo and all their sponsors for their belief that makes a difference in the community and in the lives of special needs families.


And then we had two artists. The J & J connection swung by today to print their art creations on a canvas bag. These adults are given an opportunity to be their own taking their creations and sharing it with the 🌍.

For many special needs adults in this situation, holding a full time job or continuing their education may not be in the 🃏. But through NQD maybe, just maybe we can give them a skill that they can use for the rest of their lives 🤷🏻‍♂️

Mahalo and for the design studio equipment to allow these individuals to live out their dreams.

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In 15 years, when we close this story book chapter on , your directors will sit at , eating loco mocos, 🍳 drink some ☕️ we will reminisce about how this small non-profit, in a small town called could create a ripple, positively impacting the lives of many special needs individuals, their families and everyone that has engaged with our dreams 💭

The story of Zander will surely come up. Zander, our friend who loves baseball, but loves people more was asked to be part of the 2022-2023 Mililani Trojans JV Baseball team.

As this team and their season did not have that Hollywood fairy tale ending in a championship 🏆 know that you have found that ever elusive victory within. That putting someone’s needs above your own - allowing someone to have a sense of belonging, a sense of hope and something to look forward to is the secret to and life. You Trojan Nation and your coach found that.

The best part of this story is… as the season came to an end, Zander was asked won’t you miss the players? He said, I’ll see them in 7 months at - belonging, hope and something to look forward to.

Yea is a thing… and if we ever had any doubt of rolling it back, I guess we have to… the community looks forward to that magical 8 week season under the ☀️ 🌈.. Trojan Nation, and all of our volunteers, this special needs community is counting on you.

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Today was a special day in Firebirds history. To be invited to by head coach Rich Hill to meet his players and be guided through baseball activities will be something all of our players will remember for the rest of their lives.

Players smiled from ear to ear. Parents captured moments with pride and joy and most fathers reminisced on how they never got to step 🦶 on the turf at Les Murakami 🤣🤣.

We are grateful and appreciative to the for taking time out of their day to interact and include our special needs community, through the game of baseball. Until next time 🤙


AYSO VIP Soccer v. 2023 is upon us. Be a part of the largest soccer program for special needs individuals living on Oahu.

We will see you on the pitch. 🥅 ⚽️


Help us spread the word. Competitive Basketball for our special needs community. Participants should understand basic fundamentals of basketball and be able to shoot at 10ft. rims.

Sign up today. Games start January 29.

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21.. for most in the , 21 symbolizes a right of passage. It’s the legal drinking and gambling age.

For our families, #21 is the milestone where individuals age out of the department of education. The question is what happens to their family member?

Some may head off to college, some may even be able to hold jobs, but for many, their abilities may prevent them from either.

This is our friend Joy. We have worked with Joy over the past couple of months, she loves to color and today she received her first t-shirt order. She took the skills she learned to create, print / press and ship out her order.

The monies are not much, but it gives her the independence to eat at her favorite restaurant- , pay for a movie ticket 🎟, or save up for that video 🎮.

She is on her way in becoming her own .

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for sharing your talents with our community. This morning spent time sketching out our participants favorite comic book characters.

A couple of our favorites included devouring a turkey 🦃 protected by . And and getting along. In what universe does a hedgehog 🦔 and a 🐈 car get along? In of course.

Be on the lookout for next drawing session.

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Back in September, NQD was contacted by the . We shared a deep love for ⚾️ baseball, and they loved that we operate a baseball program for special needs individuals… the only program in the state for this community, but the are kinda 😎

In October, the Reece Toyama hosts an annual golf ⛳️ tournament where proceeds 💵 generated from the golf tournament are gifted to one selected non-profit. This year was the humble recipient.

On a day filled with remembrance, golf, food and drinks, your NQD Directors competed fiercely… how good were we.. 55/60.

Mahalo Derek Toyama and the Reece Toyama foundation for finding NQD and recognize the work we do in the community.

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People often ask… where did we begin? Before we met all of you, our journey began in 2014 at the Waipio Soccer complex. Our first season under “VIP” soccer consisted of two families and three soccer players.
Here are 2/3 of that team. We are always excited to run into our “old” friends and are excited to watch them progress though life.

NQD has come a long way since 2014, with the support of parents who dream with us, and the support of the community, offers the most activities and events for special needs families in Hawaii.


NQD x is back with another fun tutorial of drawing your favorite comic book characters. Reserve your spot today! 🎨

See you Saturday Morning.

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🙏🏼 . Over this past weekend NQD invited the community to join us at our Halloween 🎃 👻 Maze.

What started out with some cardboard, zip ties and paint 🎨 , turned into a weekend of smiles, laughs and memories. We met some new friends and reacquainted with some old ones.

Mahalo for continuing to believe that NQD is a positive influence within the community.

Mahalo Amodo family for sharing your family, love, creativity and passion for Halloween mazes.

Mahalo to all those part of the NQD family who came through to lend helping hands, we would not have been able to pull this off without you.

Lastly, 🌈 to all those who came out to support us and for continuing to believe that we make a difference in your families growth and journey.

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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