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Bringing generations into the outdoors! We are the trusted source for family hunting, fishing, wing

Photos from Family Expeditions's post 03/06/2022

We love an amazing getaway to the Italian Alps, paired with some hunting of course!


Photos from Family Expeditions's post 02/28/2022

The furriest (and largest!) of friends we made on our last trip to Alaska!


Timeline photos 02/25/2022

Quail hunting is the ultimate "team" sport: you need to be a great shot and your dog needs to be a great flusher!


Our newest blog post answers a question we have been asked for years: when should you start travelling with your children?
If you have multiple children, this blog will help you navigate how to decide when to take your youngest on a trip!

Photos from Family Expeditions's post 02/17/2022

Contagious excitement! This is one of the reasons we believe in hunting: it supports local communities through job creation and the contribution of meat.

Timeline photos 02/14/2022

The thrill of an Argentina Dove hunt! This is one of our favorite hunts because of the fast paced action. It's hard to keep up!


Timeline photos 02/11/2022

Have you ever had Alaskan Crab claws fresh out of the water? In our opinion, nothing compares!


Experience the wonders and diverse culture of Namibia on an amazing photo safari and cultural safari adventure!

We love so many countries around the world, but there is no where else like Namibia! This desert country offers you a variety of unique destinations for the avid adventurer.

Your safari might include hot air balloon rides over the desert; seeing Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, and more; river cruises; visits to the famous Himba people (known as the red people); Etosha Game Park; the Skeleton Coast; Dune surfing; dune hiking; Namib Desert; sossusvlei; desert creatures tours; dolphin cruises; private game reserves and more.

These safaris, ranging from anywhere between 8 and 21 days, can be tailored to what you want to experience and see on your trip. Visit our website for more information!

Photos from Family Expeditions's post 01/27/2022

The outcome → the process

Photos from Family Expeditions's post 01/23/2022

On the Amazon the Peacock bass fly just like their namesake!
This was one of Kevin's favorite trips he has been on. Experiencing the jungle of Brazil while fishing for some of the most beautiful fish in the world is hard to beat!

Timeline photos 01/19/2022

Spanish Driven Partridge hunts: where comradery is grown!


We love few things more than watching a baby elephant learn to use its trunk! Good thing its big sibling and momma were there to show him how it's done!

Photos from Family Expeditions's post 01/13/2022

Kevin Slaughter's bear before it ended up as a 9' mount on our wall! This Alaska snowmobile hunt was such an amazing experience for him. A challenging hunt from start to finish, he persevered through the elements to get his awesome 9 foot bear. What an experience!

Timeline photos 01/08/2022

Looks miserable, but we will put up with it if we have to!


The Dallas Safari Club show has officially begun! We are excited for a weekend of helping families, couples, and groups plan their dream trips around the world.
Come visit us at booth #2730!

Photos from Family Expeditions's post 01/05/2022

Hunters Namibia Safaris is one of our favorite places to send families, whether they are all hunters or not! Marina, your elegant and engaging hostess provides a beautiful experience for everyone. ⁠
We have been to Hunters Namibia over 6 times as a family, and we cannot speak highly enough of the traditional hunting, accommodations, and the outdoor education that you will receive. ⁠
We often compare it to the movie "Out of Africa" because it is classic Africa in every way! ⁠
⁠We will be representing HNS at the Dallas Safari Club show this Thursday - Sunday in Dallas. Come visit up at booth 2730!

Photos from Family Expeditions's post 01/03/2022

Hunters Namibia Safaris is one of our favorite places to send families, whether they are all hunters or not! Marina, your elegant and engagin hostess provides a beautiful experience for everyone.
We have been to a hunters Namibia at least 8 times as a family, and we cannot speak highly enough of the traditional hunting, accommodations, or the outdoor educations that you will receive.
We often compare it to the movie "Out of Africa" because it is classic Africa in every way!

Photos from Family Expeditions's post 12/10/2021

Belize: Where world-class fishing and ancient history collide.


We are so proud to work with destinations which seek to make a big impact on their local communities.

One such destination is our South Africa Luxury Hunting Safari – Eastern Cape. They have founded and fund a boarding school in their local community which seeks to take children who are orphaned or vulnerable and put them in an environment where they can learn and be safe.

Our daughter, Josie, was able to volunteer there for a few weeks the summer of 2015, and my husband and I had the privilege of visiting! This was just one part of their daily routine that we enjoyed watching!

Timeline photos 12/04/2021

The perfect spot for an evening game of pool after a successful quail hunt!

Timeline photos 12/02/2021

Most people want to schedule their own excursions throughout Italy. But, we recommend working with our Italian travel guide who lives in Rome to plan your adventures and even add in some hunting.


When you plan your excursions with Leone, you receive:
- The most up to date information on tourists sites, cities, as well as private access to places no tourists can visit
- The best recommendations and reservations for restaurants and unique sites to visit (they live there - they know the best spots)
- Someone on the ground with you to tell you the most interesting details and take care of any bumps which arise while traveling

We work with a fantastic guide in Italy who has not only provided our family with unforgettable memories, but many of our clients. Give us a call to talk about this incredible experience!

Timeline photos 11/30/2021

The perfect southern quail hunt for everyone in the family!


It's not every day that a Kudu joins you at the firepit, but that's just what can happen at Hunters Namibia Safaris!
For more information on this destination click this link:


Our newest hunting destination in Zambia is officially live on our website! This dangerous and plains game lodge provides an incredible opportunity for fair-chase and free range hunts on properties just shy of 900,000 on GMA land in most instances or even larger areas. This is a true bush experience at a camp with staff who celebrate you and are attentive to your needs.

And did we mention they also boast some of the largest free range Sable in the world?

Check out this new destination:

Timeline photos 11/21/2021

Hungary: an entirely unique duck hunting experience. Here the high-flying mallards reach speeds in excess of 70 kilometers per hour - a true test of your shooting skills!

Timeline photos 11/17/2021

Take a hint from this lion and take some time for some R&R!
In our latest blog post you can read about some of our travel recommendations based on which countries are open and what their current Covid requirements are!

Timeline photos 11/16/2021

Are you ready to catch your first bonefish?

Photos from Family Expeditions's post 11/01/2021

Argentina is officially open, and our wingshooting and big game destinations are ready for guests!⁠
If you have been dreaming of a trip to Argentina now is the time to book it! Many of our lodges are already booking 2023/2024 due to previously delayed trips. ⁠

Call us today so we can start putting together the trip of a lifetime!⁠

*All travelers to Argentina must be vaccinated and provide a negative covid test within 72 of traveling.

Timeline photos 10/31/2021

Nothing makes us happier than providing clients with unforgettable family trips!

Timeline photos 10/27/2021

Family Expeditions believes in under-selling and over delivering!
We have adopted this motto because we want every trip to be more than what you want it to be.

Timeline photos 10/21/2021

We like Rainbows in the sky, but we prefer them when they are hitting our fly!🎣

Photos from Family Expeditions's post 10/18/2021

An amazing destination for hunting and touring, Italy is your one-stop shop for family fun!
Hunt for Roe, Chamois, European Red Deer, Mouflon, and Wild Boar and then tour Rome, Florence, Tuscany, and so much more!

Timeline photos 10/16/2021

We want you to be ready for your trip in every sense, from packing the right clothes to making sure you are a sharp shooter.
That is why we work with this shooting school in Texas. Here you will learn from military veterans who will teach you everything you need to know to take your shooting to the next level - whether you are new to shooting or just want to improve your shooting skills.
You won't find better people or training anywhere!

Timeline photos 10/12/2021

Most caribou hunts require you to rough it in tents on the open tundra (burrr), but we have found the crown jewel in Caribou hunting lodges!

This amazing destination not only boasts beautiful Caribou (+ Moose and Bear) with a 70-95% success rate, but a welcoming lodge that you and your companions will call home for the duration of your hunt.

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