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Genesis Nail Spa in Homewood

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Congrats to our tenants and friends for their recognition in Homewood Life's "Best" 2020 list!

Best Chef: Mark Driskill from Ash Homewood

Best Nail Spa: Genesis Nail Spa

Best Chiropractor: Witt Chiropractic Clinic LLC
Come make history with Spring Valley School on Tuesday, September 17 as we raise scholarship dollars for students with learning differences in need of a seat in the classroom where they learn best!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the possible benefits YOU could walk away with by the end of the night, thanks to our local community supporters!

* Take a wine blending class at the Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook, Autograph Collection
* Enjoy a round of golf at the Greystone Golf & Country Club
* Make some memories with a portrait session from MomenTaker Photography
* Treat yourself at Genesis Nail Spa
* Plan a Staycation at the Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa
* Stroll the sidewalks of Homewood on a spree of shopping, dining and sweet treats Cookie Fix, Ashley Mac's, Gianmarco's Restaurant, Mia Moda Boutique, JJ Eyes
* Check catering off your list for your next social event with Sorelle

Which package has YOUR name all over it??

Genesis Nail Spa is located in Homewood.


What a month! Just a few days left and our sweet staff is hanging in there!!! Bye bye June, let’s welcome J U L Y!

We will be closed:
Monday July 03 & Tuesday July 04!!!

We will reopen on Wednesday July 05!

Our staff needs a break and this will be perfect! We will still continue to be a little short in July, but we’re hanging in there.

Also, this blue is perfect for Fourth of July! nails are 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Photos from Genesis Nail Spa in Homewood's post 12/19/2022


CHRISTMAS EVE: 9:30am-3:00pm
NEW YEARS EVE: 9:30am-3:00pm
JANUARY 02: Closed

January 9th-14th we will be closed to remodel genesis. FINALLY! We are so excited and cannot wait to show a newer and better us. ❤️❤️❤️

for letting me try the tortoise shell on her nails. 😘😘


MY DREAM TEAM! Although we’re missing a few but thankful to call these people friends and family. This year was a very hard year. Being short staffed and working with inflation for any small business is been tough for survival. And waving through an environment with different work personalities is tough. But this team came in clutch. We finally got a vibe we love. Working through it. And helping genesis to keep standing.

Each one of my team member came through for me. For genesis. For you guys. And I can’t celebrate them enough. We spend more time together than we spend with our families and so it’s not always good. We have rough patches too. And yet here we are. So proud. So thankful. So blessed. Even on stressful days…I am reminded to feel blessed and I am.

Thank you community for loving on our staff. They truly do work hard. And some days the smiles and laughter of our team and our clients is what gets us through.

Happy Holidays my team. Y’all are truly the best.


Last year due to shortage in staff we weren’t able to open on Sunday’s. BUT what a blessing this year has been with a welcome of staff added to our amazing Team!

We will open 3 SUNDAY’s this year to make room for all the holiday chaos! Our books are slowly filling up! So please call 205-802-0639 to book those appts. And guess who you’ll be seeing all 3 of those Sundays!!! Kevin & I…that’s rare in itself! Who’s coming to visit our first Sunday opening? DECEMBER 04!!! Book them! We’ll see y’all then! What should our first giveaway be?? ❤️❤️❤️


We had our potluck today at genesis and made these cute cookies for us!

To my team…I’m most thankful for y’all! For hanging in there and leading our salon to the best every single year! We got the best crew. Even if we get on each others nerves. 🤣🤣

Cheers for the holidays.

WEDNESDAY: 11/23 9:30am-5:00pm

(Non Instagram team: Sophie, aapril, David, Tina, Tan, Quynh, Bella, jimmy)


HI GEN FAM! We have got some exciting news around here! Our custom made tables and chairs are almost ready! Kevin and I are thoroughly planning a time frame to remodel our salon! But we’re not going to just bring you new chairs and tables…we’re hoping for a facelift of the whole salon!

We will have to wait til the holiday chaos is over of course. But Kevin and I wanted to thank y’all for loving on us. Sticking through with us. And will continue to journey onto a new course with us. 2023 will be good! So with that we ask you to hang tight. Be a little more patient with us. Genesis team cannot wait to show you a better us!

In the months to come you’ll see us clearing out and starting to make room to remodel. Bare with us! We love y’all and so thankful for new changes.

- Genesis Management!

Photos from Genesis Nail Spa in Homewood's post 10/02/2022


Ms Joanie one of our very dear client wanted to remind everyone to get your mammogram done and make sure to get checked.

She wears these ribbons proudly. And we’re proud to spread the awareness.

❤️❤️ ❤️


wanted a fall color and I think this was perfect!

Got a tint of red. Some brown. And some orange. Say less you guys!! ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Genesis Nail Spa in Homewood's post 09/27/2022

Something classy and sexy about some neutral n**es and some lines. ❤️❤️❤️

Ask me how long it took me to draw them lines though …🙈🙈🙈

thanks for traveling through and coming to see me.


Thank you for being my hand model. Taking pictures of nails are awkward. So I’m trying to perfect that. 🤣🤣🤣

Colors: 3 coats funny bunny and 1 layer of Pearl chrome. (Hailey Bieber trend!)


Many say it’s not fall yet. You can tell by the heat. But for you early birds…did y’all feel that breeze this morning. It was so nice!

I’m going to welcome fall colors! Because who doesn’t love a smooth transition! The color picked was


And I’m just going to call it. It’s my fall color for this season! Also the fall flowers add just enough. But not too much. Love it! Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of the week.

PSA: it’s homewood homecoming and Samford bid week! Y’all know what that means? Genesis will be hopping. Make those appts y’all! 😘😘😘

Photos from Genesis Nail Spa in Homewood's post 09/03/2022

I really need to be better at posting these beautiful nails. Before they get lost in my millions of photos with my kids. 🤣🤣

On a side note: I love when I get messages and people send me inspo photos and I try to draw those inspo onto their nails. Usually ending our mani session with a “I love them. They’re perfect!” And another satisfied client added to my list!

I like being challenged. I like learning. Because this is my craft. If I’m not constantly learning then what are we really doing here! Nail art has been a thing for me. But don’t get me wrong. There are some inspo I’m like “hey let’s be real..I’m not the one!” 🤣🤣

1st photo: these flowers are my newest obsession

2nd photo: testing me every session. These color Ombre nails are life!

3rd photo: the tye dye tested my abilities and challenged me. And I love it! Look how great they turned out!

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We will be closed Monday September 05. And will reopen again September 06 on Tuesday! We love y’all and thanks for continuing your support of genesis. ❤️❤️❤️


The HAILEY BIEBER trend has been taken us by STORM! And I hear you! I’m here for it!

The trend is 2 coats funny bunny and add a PEARL CHROME.

BUT have you guys done the MERMAID CHROME! The iridescent on top of any base color is so pretty!!! And SO SO FUN!!!

did my favorite!

What else is trending? What else would y’all like to see? ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Genesis Nail Spa in Homewood's post 07/05/2022

Cosmic stardust. I like the name of the drink and love the N A I L S that accompanied it! had a vision with her color scheme and my job was to bring it to life.

Needless to say I NAILED IT! ❤️❤️❤️

Sending all cosmic vibes to thank you for modeling. ❤️❤️


We will be C L O S E D for 4th of July. We will reopen on July 5th @9:30am.

We hope you all enjoy a wonderful time with your family.



The hottest colors this year I would have to say is bright pink and orange! And they just make you feel the happies inside!! Wishing you all a fantastic happy 4th weekend!

thanks for always being my hand model!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Genesis Nail Spa in Homewood's post 06/29/2022

and I have been planning this design for a few weeks now. And I will say …

This is by far one of my favorites to do! It was fun. Made me learn a new technique. And look how absolutely GORGEOUS it turned out! Absolute favorite!!! 😍😍😍

No filter needed.

Love you thank you!!!


Congrats to our friend

I love a good nail pic with a gorgeous ring. Cheers to you my friend!

For Maggie’s nails we did a n**e base. A holographic pigment powder and then I sprinkled it with some gold speckles. Ahhh it’s so beautiful!!! 😍😍😍😍


Simple. Yet sweet. Flowers are all the trend this season. And I love it!

I bet you guys will never guess the two colors I mixed to get this color! 😉😉😉

thank you for modeling!


“Thank you guys so much for today!!! We enjoyed our time!!! It’s been a while since we have been able to do mother and daughter’s pedi’s (pandemic) so we felt safe, especially with you your entire staff wearing masks!! I’m a licensed cosmetologist so it feels great to go to an establishment that’s big on sanitation! Thanks for accommodating us and thanks for being both friendly and professional!! 🤎”

Sometimes our days are long and rough. It’s stressful running a business. And the people pleaser in me wants to make everyone happy. From my team. To everyone who walks into our salon. When we hear/read reviews like this. It really adds the caffeine to my coffee so I can keep going. We truly have the best clients in our community.

thank you for the kind words. ❤️❤️❤️

Hopefully some gold sprinkles to y’all’s day!

10 Best Nail Salons in Alabama 06/17/2022

UHM excuse me? Best of Alabama??? What an HONOR!!! How does this happen? It’s because we got the best clients in town. That’s why!!! And our amazing TEAM!!!! Ahhh so over the moon about this!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

10 Best Nail Salons in Alabama Keeping your nails looking their best doesn’t just happen by accident. In Alabama, you can rely on the help of top-notch nail salons that can he

Photos from Genesis Nail Spa in Homewood's post 06/11/2022

The TRIFECTA in dip powder is probably my favorite neutral!


Thanks for taking the pic for me. ❤️❤️❤️


When I first managed Genesis (2014 maybe?) my goal was to win best of homewood and best of birmingham. My goal was to set genesis different from other salons. I wanted high end quality customer service and high end quality work. Genesis have changed a lot throughout the years. But the idea of my dream is still there. A lot of staff come and go. Some move on to better things. Some have stayed with us a long time. But Genesis by meaning …is origin. The beginning. And I feel that way now more than ever. Even with difficulties. Changes are continuously coming …but our origin. Our original dream for genesis is still there.

We have won BEST OF HOMEWOOD …FIVE TIMES!!! You guys have nominated. Voted. And here we are.

Our regulars who ask about us. Check on us. Tell us we’re doing great. Telling us we’re the best. YOU ALL have made this business bloomed. You all have supported us through a pandemic. You all put us on a map where out of towners who are looking for a nail spot…come to us. You guys have been amazing to us.

Of course. Our small and mighty team. The best. Even the ones who have moved on. I feel like everyone who has worked for us has helped us built genesis into something amazing.

Kevin and I come from humbled beginnings. We know what got us here. And without our community I don’t know if we’d be blooming the way we have. Blessed to win this. It still brings me butterflies. And thank you. Thank you. And more thank you. We are so loved and we hope to continue to do right by y’all. ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Genesis Nail Spa in Homewood's post 05/27/2022

My friend is traveling soon and sent me some inspo! And of course I had to do it! Love this!!!



In Honor of Memorial Day we will be closed May 30, 2022.

We will reopen on May 31, 2022 @9:30am.

Thank you for your continuous support. We appreciate it. ❤️❤️❤️



M O M: the hardest and lowest paid job BUT the most rewarding job.

This Mother’s Day, Genesis is doing a giveaway to honor moms. You deserve a moment of self care, a moment to get away and be pampered. I have met the most amazing moms at Genesis and you’ve all given me support and prayers to raise my 3 little ones! I’m wishing you all a mothers day filled with amazing memories. And a well deserved break!

Giveaway will be a ULTIMATE PEDICURE and a book from that was generously donated for this.


1. Like our page
2. If you know a mom so deserving of this, tag her!
3. If you’re a mom, tag yourself
4. Multiple entries allowed

Winners will be randomly chosen tomorrow at 10am!


When sent me 4 different design pictures and told me “dealers choice” …I was so excited! It was a no brainer which one I would pick because …

1. Favorite color is pink
2. I love flowers
3. Color for spring makes me happy

This turned out really great! We also took her shape from coffin nails to almond. Here’s the thing guys…it’s okay to try new things. And anyone who sits in my chair and tells me “go for it kristine” makes me super ecstatic!



⭐️⭐️G I V E A W A Y⭐️⭐️

May 2-6 is teacher/ staff appreciation week! Please show those educators how amazing they are and how they totally rock! Genesis will be doing a giveaway. Here’s how to play!

1. Like our page
2. Tag an educator
3. Tell me why they’re amazing
4. Multiple entries allowed
(If you’re an educator…tag yourself!)

**the person you tag is the one who will win a gift card for a CLASSIC PEDICURE**
(But never fear there will be something for you too…so nominate away!)

DEADLINE: I will pick a winner tomorrow @ 8pm!

“It is not what is poured into the student, but what is planted, that counts.” E.P. Bertin

FUN FACT: I was an early childhood education major. (This is why I love teachers and why they deserve this giveaway!)


Something so simple. But makes me so happy. Flowers & Pink ❤️❤️❤️


It’s a windy Monday…and I’m scrolling through the pictures of everyone’s hands in my photos! 🤣

*something simple but just a little fun! And I love it! A perfect pick me up Monday!*

Model: thank you for living it up with me and know that I love these subtle new changes in you. 😉


This is my new favorite mix! It’s perfect! Pdang and I call it the TRIFECTA! But if you know me, you know I mixed it! Send me some DMs of what color you think I mixed! And get $10 off your next appt if you get it right! If i have used this on you then you can’t guess it. 🤣🤣

* I used 3 different colors
* One of it is bubble bath!

Also, thank you for letting me use your hands as a model! And also HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY to you and your husband! ❤️❤️❤️


always up for some fun stuff and I am living for it! ❤️❤️❤️

Easter is around the corner! How did we get here already? Lately it seems my drive is testing my ability and my techniques in how I work. You know how to find a good manicurist? One who is always learning! And trying to better themselves. With that comes passion and drive. Even with 20 years of experience under my belt…I am still learning.

❤️❤️❤️ as always thank you for always supporting us. 😍😍😍


I’ve probably known since she was a teen and went to homewood! I have loved watching her grow into an amazing young lady. From teen, to college graduate and now adulting! She’s strong in her faith and adamant about what she wants in life. But when she sits in my chair she just lets me do whatever I want and I love it! Give an artist a blank canvas yall…and let them do what they do best!

This design is so simple. And I just love the green! Don’t be afraid to try new colors guys! It’s only 2 weeks! It’ll be fine. And trying something new is something we all need to do! ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Genesis Nail Spa in Homewood's post 03/15/2022

I have been dying to try this design for about a year now and waited for the perfect person to tell me “let’s do it!”

nails were inspired by and I absolutely loved how it turned out!!!

Hannah will be getting married in June and so she wanted to have fun with her nails before her big day. I’m so grateful she let me work on my technique and let me picked what I wanted to try.

Thank you for letting me have so much fun today!


allowed me to be creative today and I am obsessed!!

(Please don’t judge my imperfect straight lines. I am working on it 🤣🤣🤣)


Hey Genesis Fam! In the beginning of this year we posted notice that we will be having an increase in price come March. Today the new prices will be implemented. Due to increase of supply prices and shortage of them we had to make this decision. Kevin and I debated for weeks about the prices. We believe they are fair, competitive to the salons around us and to the quality of our work.

You might also notice that for the time being we are currently not doing acrylics due to shortage in staff. This could be temporary or permanent depending if we can find artists who love to do acrylics.

Once again Kevin and I are humbled by the support and love we receive in this community. And thankful we are still able to run our business. We love you all and thank you.

If you have any questions please message me. And I’ll try to get to them. -Kristine


It’s a beautiful Thursday!!! And everyone’s getting ready for spring. Guess the color you all!!! Oldie but a goodie. Coffee on me to whoever guess it right!!! as my hand model. ❤️❤️❤️


Hi all!!! If you don’t know who these faces are …it’s because we’re usually MIA butttt we’re slowly making our way back! gave us a good break!!!

Kevin and I (Kristine) have managed and owned genesis for 6 years. But have worked at genesis for longer than that. In the process of owning genesis we expanded our family too. You’ll see our oldest Maddy, Asher in the middle. And Bailey on the right.

Kevin and I both have 20 years each of experience as a manicurist. If you’ve ever been in Kevin’s chair…it’s the busiest chair. He’s often answering calls. Working on a client. Booking appts. And greeting clients at the door.

And if you’ve ever been in my chair I’m usually talking about my kids. Or mixing colors. Or catching up with some of my clients who have become my best friends and greatest support system.

Kevin is the man behind the labor. He takes care of the front. All the things we need and gets it done. As for me I work our social media (or lack thereof 🙈). I work in Human Resources and Public relations. The mommy of the shop. 🤣🤣🤣

Over the years we’ve seen our clients grow. From teens to young adults. To young professionals. To marriage. To having kids. To retiring. We live for it. And we love it all. So many of our clients have prayed for us during our hard times. And know that we pray for all of you too. Thank you for always supporting us. Giving us so much love. We can’t wait to continue and grow with you all. When you see us. Don’t be shy. Say hi! 😍😍😍

Ashtynn Bree Photography


Thank you for letting me get creative on her nails! How many of you can guess the discontinued green that she’s wearing? Coffee on me if you guess it right!!!

Edit: not discontinued color. 🙈🙈🙈

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