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This stuff is awesome! Hit me up to score some Wise Owl Paint salve. Use it on painted, sealed, or raw wood, leather (works great on old boots and shoes), dashboards, headlights, old/smelly drawers, removes oxidation from hardware, squeaky doors, hair frizzies, cuticles, tires, plastic toys, and so many other uses. This is non-toxic and all natural. I use it instead of Pledge-type products. It's got so many different uses; it's pretty wild. Visit my page or message me at Charmingly Incorrect Design
Come join us and try all the chili recipes!
Your "Blue" is to die for. Blue and White is my heart-flutter color combo that I always gravitate towards. So pretty.
Saw your decorated pumpkins in person today. Absolutely gorgeous!
Love your logo ♥️
Congratulations! What an exciting venture!
Hello! I'm Gina from Vintage Charm Homestead, a fellow neighbor of yours at Rejoice Resale and, I just wanted to give you a warm welcome! Your work is beautiful and, I look forward to meeting you in person someday soon.
Love the name

Not Perfect, Just Better! We bring new life & innovative design to whatever calls to us. We re-love & restore furniture, keeping it out of landfills.

Because it's the best & environmentally friendly, we are a Wise Owl Paint & Cling On! Brushes stockist. Contact us via email, Facebook, or online at

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Charmingly Incorrect Design updated their address. 03/09/2022

Charmingly Incorrect Design updated their address.

Charmingly Incorrect Design updated their address.


Incredible Encanto-Inspired Upcycling

Thinking of Spring reminds me: Don't be afraid of COLOR! What's with only neutrals in home decor? Snooze! Let you color freak flag fly! It'll make you feel good. Start with a small piece or a canvas, and learn your inner color style. Trust me! If you need help, info or encouragement, I'm here for you. #wiseowlpaint


Green EZ Strip & Clean Furniture Stripper & Finishing Cleaner (Degreaser)

Where are my furniture people? Have you heard the awful advice about using oven cleaner to strip wood? DO NOT DO THAT! It's so unsafe and unhealthy. If you want a green stripper, seriously, biodegradable, no smell, but works incredible, Wise Owl has it. Use the finishing rinse to clean dirt and old finishes from wood. Sound too good to be true? Not this time! Here's our Wise Owl Creative Director doing a live demonstration on our solvent-free stripper. Watch, then contact me to try it.
#furnituremakeover #wiseowlpaint #paintstripper


Raised Stenciling with Saltwash and Wise Owl Paints

Want to take your skills to a higher level? Try a raised stencil! It's easier than you think. Calle from Calle's ReDesigns did this fantastic demo on using salt wash and paint to take a boring cabinet door and make it a showstopper! I can get you everything you need: Salt Wash, Wise Owl paint, Cling On! Brushes, and even hook you up with a perfect stencil design from Cutting Edge Stencils! Check out Calle's video, and be sure to give her a thumbs up:

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The POINTY SISTERS are here!! These sharp ladies are available NOW in two sizes (PS10 and PS14). These amazing, pointy tip brushes are great for getting into all those details!

Their middle sister, size PS12, will join them a bit later. She's a diva and still has to get her hair done! 😂

Let me know which of these fabulous ladies you need.


What are your 2022 painting, refurbishing, or crafting goals?

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Seasonal Salve Scent Alert! Cozy + Currant.
Comes in tonic (glass bottle with pump) or salve tins (4 or 8 oz.). Make your home look and smell like the holidays. I can get it in your hands, so message me!

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New One Hour Enamel colors PERFECTLY create your Sigature Color! These 4 colors come in smaller pint sizes or standard quarts. Use as they are or mix them with other OHE shades to create your custom color & stand out from the rest! You've got your perfect color in your mind, now make it happen with Wise Owl Paint's fast drying, super-strong One Hour Enamel paint. You've got this creative thing down! #wiseowlpaint #onehourenamel #signaturecolor #custompaintcolor #furniturepaint


Back in Stock: Heavy Metals Gold Dust is a beautiful bright gold guilding paint. No topcoat needed! PLUS, you can add any of the Heavy Metal Metallics to our One Hour Enamel shades to make them shimmer or give dimension. Message me to get yours.
#wiseowlpaint #heavymetals #metallicpaints #metallicpaint

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From mass-produced to one-of-a-kind! No antiques were harmed in this garage sale find. Incredible what a little effort and a fresh coat of paint with embellishments can do, isn't it?
#wiseowlpaint #onehourenamel #makeupvanity #refurbishedfurniture #makeupvanitytransformation😍 #oohlala




How-To Salve to top-coat paint and protect wood… and some cool tips and tricks for using Salve on drawers

MUST WATCH: Use Wise Owl Furniture Salve for all the things! Here is our Creative Director, Mark, demonstrating how to use salve to EASILY seal and protect painted and unpainted pieces, eliminate smells from older furniture, moisturize and protect drawers, AND fix drawers that stick. Salve has hundreds of uses from paint, natural wood, leather, stainless steel, and so much more! I can get it to you asap. It's a game-changer!


How-To Add Cutting Edge Stencils to drawer fronts using One Hour Enamel in “Snow Owl”

DID YOU KNOW? Wise Owl Paint has joined with Cutting Edge Stencils. That means you can get some of the best Cutting Edge Stencils from your Wise Owl Retailer! That's ME! Let me know which you'd like to try. Mark uses a palm stencil in this video, but I LOVE the Mandela stencils. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍


A little Friday snark! 😉

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I love seeing my customers' finished projects! Pat did an incredible job painting and decoupaging this cabinet. Her message: "Hi there! I have started painting and decoupaging my kitchen cabinets with the Smoky Quartz I got from you. I love Wise Owl paints. I did 2 coats of grey primer on cabinets. Used white primer under papers. Two coats of smoky quartz on door backs and cabinets.
2 coats of Wise Owl Varnish under papers. Ironed on papers and put 2 coats of 1 hr enamel clear to seal papers. Thank you so much! I love Wise Owl! All great products. I’m starting the other side of kitchen cabinets tomorrow.
Just wanted to show you the finished project ... Thank you again."❤️🌻😎


Kids are Back to School, so now is the time for the quickest, most-effective, "curb-appealingest" (new word, you're welcome), inexpensive home beautification project! Update that dated front door with a gorgeous new paint color! I have it, and you need it: Wise Owl paint One Hour Enamel is made especially for doors and cabinets. The finish is harder than trigonometry, and the results are stunning! Real Estate experts say "blue doors sell houses." But any of the Wise Owl Paint One Hour Enamel colors will bring a "wow" from your neighbors. Watch them copy you after you've painted your door. Only thing is, your paint will be prettier, smoother, and more durable than any paint they will use. 😍

Mobile uploads 08/25/2021

SALVE FANS! For a limited time, bug repellant salve!! Use on your patio furniture, enhance your deck, or even yourself! No harmful chemicals, moisturizing and keeps the bugs at bay. Oh, and the tea tree and mint scent is incredible. Ask me to get you some while it's still here!

Are you dreading going outside during mosquito season? Not comfortable using bug sprays that are packed with chemicals? That's how we feel, so we came up with a solution!

Our new seasonal Tea Tree & Mint Salve is very effective against mosquitos, bush flies and biting midges. Now you can rejuvenate your outdoor furniture while ensuring a pleasant, bite-free night.

Our Salve is all natural, so we put it on everything—including ourselves! Can also be used on wood, metal, leather, plexiglass, and more! Available now at!


Look what got a Share on the Wise Owl page! It's so pretty. Now, we're going to be adding a butcher block top to match the stools. It's going to be AH-Mazing! Next weekend it gets the upgrade. I'll post a pic when it's done.
#wiseowlpaint #onehourenamel #trendingcolor #charminglyincorrect

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Who remembers this sad buffet? Well, it's all patched up and painted in Wise Owl's One Hour Enamel Seeded Eucalyptus. Gorgeous gold hardware and matching stools make a great island or breakfast bar. Back side has a beautiful compass rose in gold metallic. My son and his gf took it home before I was able to put a natural top on to match the stools. Guess they wanted to make sure nobody else grabbed it!
#wiseowlpaint #seededeucalyptus #onehourenamel #sopretty #refurbishedfurniture #refurbished #trendingcolor


Hi! Happy Sunday! So, honestly, I haven't painted large pieces in a while, but earlier in the year I took a plunge and got myself a Stingray paint sprayer from Wise Owl. I finally got a chance to use it. Now, I've been pretty faithful to my handy HomeRight sprayer, but OH, MY GAWD! This sprayer is incredible! No air compressor needed, it is quieter than my HomeRight (in my opinion & hubby was happier), and much easier to clean. But, comparing it to my old sprayer isn't fair because the Stingray is a whole 'nother class than previous sprayers I've used. Wow, I want to paint everything now... Look out, world!
If you're looking to improve your painting business, give me a holler -- I'll hook you up with one of these beauties. Best tool I have in my arsenal, hands down.

How-To Paint Furniture | One Color Brush Stroke Free Finish 05/23/2021

How-To Paint Furniture | One Color Brush Stroke Free Finish

Watch Wise Owl Paint Creative Director Mark DeRemer show how to get a smooth, brush stroke-free finish. I can get you any brush or product he shows. Subscribe to the Wise Owl Paint Party channel to get tips, tricks, and demos on all types of techniques. Plus, Mark is a pretty cool guy. 😎

How-To Paint Furniture | One Color Brush Stroke Free Finish Welcome to the Wise Owl Paint Party. On today’s video we're sharing our steps for how to paint on a one-color brush stroke free finish. We’ll walk you thro...

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The best curb appeal update is a front door painted in a fresh color that stands out and gets noticed. Paint your door, then watch your neighbors follow your lead. Wise Owl Paint's One Hour Enamel is specially formulated with industrial-strength protection for doors and cabinets. I can get it for you!
This great color us called Metrocity. Here are just a few of the available colors:
#painteddoor #wiseowlpaint #curbappeal #paintedcabinets #frontdoor #frontdoorcolor


Especially after painting or crafting all day. Am I right?


Wishful thinking...


I wasn't sure about this, but I couldn't stop watching. The end result was pretty cool. I'm not really a "barn door" kind of gal (and my husband does NOT like "farmhouse distressed" one stinkin' bit), but I know many of you like the look (ahem, Erin). For folks who would like a "barn door" look without hiring a contractor or buying reclaimed wood, this might work. It could really spruce up many of those hollow, flat panel doors in older homes, or used on a storeroom, bathroom, or metal door in a boutique or shop. Heck, even in a rental. After all, it's removable. What say you?

Thank you to The Silver Farmhouse for posting!


Get painting or crafting! Make those messes to make something beautiful.


Where are my Cricut or Silhouette Crafters? What do you think about this idea? Re-love and re-use a baby changing dresser that is no longer needed. I think it's kinda brilliant!


Can you see it? A rotating "She-Shed! The great George Bernard Shaw had a writing shack to get away from people so he could work. He put it on a turntable to follow the light -- Brilliant! I'd love something similar so I could follow the light, too, while painting.

Charmingly Incorrect Design updated their information in their About section. 02/27/2021

Charmingly Incorrect Design updated their information in their About section.

Charmingly Incorrect Design updated their information in their About section.

Charmingly Incorrect Design updated their business hours. 02/27/2021

Charmingly Incorrect Design updated their business hours.

Charmingly Incorrect Design updated their business hours.

Wise Owl Furniture Salve And Its Many Uses 02/27/2021

Wise Owl Furniture Salve And Its Many Uses

Learning can be fun: Wise Owl Salve and the NEW Tonic has hundreds of everyday uses -- no exaggeration! Want proof? Take a look at this fun video by Mark, Wise Owl's Creative Director. He and his daughter made this fun video to show you so many uses. Don't forget: I can get this amazing product in your hands.

Wise Owl Furniture Salve And Its Many Uses This is just a fun video Maddy and I made, where we walk through many, albeit not not all, uses of Wise Owl Furniture Salve. We had a blast, were a bit goof...


I LOVE using Wise Owl Paint's One Hour Enamel and premium quality options for painting furniture! Not just Chalk Synthesis Paint... we've got Heavy Metals Gilding Metallic Paints and THIS stunner by! One Hour Enamel in Abyss! Gah-Gorgeous! Want to take a look at all 24 OHE colors? I can help you and walk you through the entire process. DM me!

Our One Hour Enamel isn’t just for cabinetry. A sleek finish in Abyss OHE transforms this buffet by into a gorgeous charmer! Did we mention no need to topcoat??? 🙌 Available in 34 colors in quarts and gallons via your nearest retailer by tapping:


Salve on a butcher block table!

Check out Drew with River City Relics as he demonstrates applying Wise Owl Furniture Salve and Tonic (salve in liquid form!) to an old butcher block table. Did you know Wise Owl salve or tonic are food safe? Use the unscented for best results on items that will be in contact with food like butcher blocks or cutting boards. Salve and Tonic are so versatile! Leather, painted or unpainted furniture, sealed or raw wood, metal, plastics, fiberglass, stainless steel appliances, patio furniture, and so much more can benefit from this incredible product. Easy to apply, and no mess. Hit me up to get your hands on it -- see what the excitement is all about!

Not Perfect, Just Better!

Bringing new life and innovative design to whatever calls to us. We reuse, upcyle, and make the old and ugly pretty again.

Now a Wise Owl Paint and Products Retailer! Contact me with your “how to” and “with what” questions.

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint was born from a need to bring things back to life. There is a sense of pride that comes with rescuing an item from the trash; or "upcycling" it to make it a cherished piece again. Wise Owl premium products make your vision come to life.

We are dedicated to the environment:

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