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New Year’s Eve has arrived! Our commitment for this year, next and beyond is to ensure that you’re always receiving quality care from our team!


Did you know that your oral health has a huge impact on the rest of your health? Take a look at this article to learn more: https://bit.ly/3DL19Cy


Recovering from sugary holiday meals? Start by making sure you’re using a soft-bristle toothbrush and spending two minutes each time you brush.


Merry Christmas! All of us wish you and your family warm holidays and memories ahead. And remember: Keep brushing and flossing twice a day to keep the cavities away.


Is it painful drinking hot drinks or eating cold ice cream? You may be battling with tooth sensitivity. Never fear–here are a few solutions: http://ow.ly/e3Y950HfLXl


Happy Monday! Let’s start off this week right leading up to the holidays by making sure you have your six-month or annual cleaning scheduled. Contact our team today!


During the holidays, it’s important to remember the things you’re grateful for! Having a healthy smile means a long-lasting smile.


Not taking care of your mouth can lead to many problems: bad breath, gum disease, cavities, sensitivity and even tooth loss. But the good news is these issues are preventable. Here are six dental health facts you should know. https://bit.ly/3c6E7e4


Oh, dentis-tree, how lovely are your smiles!


With all the sweets and treats around this holiday season, it’s hard to resist certain temptations, but be mindful of your smile to keep it bright!


If your have gone from pearly white to dull and yellow as you age, don’t worry- there’s good news! When it comes to your teeth, age doesn’t have to come before beauty. Click here to learn how to care for aging . https://bit.ly/3wHTNO0


It’s that time of the year! Be sure to floss, floss, floss for a shining and healthy smile during the holidays!


Starting the morning with a hot cup of coffee is what gets us through the rest of our day, but be sure to balance it out with lots of water to protect your smile!


Gum disease is more common than you know, but what is it, and how does it impact you? http://ow.ly/EZB750GSoTu


Did you know mouthwash doesn't just freshen your breath? It also kills bacteria in your mouth and fights back against plaque! Ask us what kind of mouthwash is best for your smile.


We wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


The relationship between your oral health and your overall health is closer than you think! Visit our office to ask any questions you may have.


Is it time for your bi-annual dental checkup? Let's work together to make sure you have the best smile in time for the later holidays!


Your body is more vulnerable when you’re pregnant, which means you’re more prone to gingivitis and gum disease! Be sure to let us know about your pregnancy during your next visit.


Did you know a poor diet negatively affects your smile, too? Ask us about healthy alternatives to protect and strengthen your teeth and gums!


When we ask if you’ve been flossing, we just want the best for your smile! Floss minimizes plaque and bacteria buildup, so make sure to floss at least once a day.


It’s no secret that to***co is extremely harmful for your teeth. All methods, from ci******es to chewing to***co, break down your teeth and gums to the root. Ask us about efficient ways of quitting today.


Sugar cravings may be addicting, but too many sweets will drastically impact your dental health. Here’s how to fight back against those cravings: http://ow.ly/QYgp50GIAfM


Ask us about some safe and reliable over-the-counter pain relief options until you’re able to visit our office to treat your discomfort.


The end of the year is fast approaching! Have you used your insurance benefits yet? Don’t let them go to waste!


Don’t let dental emergencies take you by surprise! See ways you can prepare for a dental accident: http://ow.ly/mxWp50GxLoE


Happy Halloween! Have a spooky time, but don’t let your smile get too spooky from all the sweets and treats!


Experiencing a toothache? If your mouth is aching, schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible so we get to the root of the problem!


Notice any red spots while you’re flossing? Your smile is trying to tell you something! Learn more here: http://ow.ly/ELCS50GxLjx


There are only a few days left to get your smile ready for Halloween! Be sure to brush your teeth every morning and night – and don’t forget to floss!


Do your ache? A is one of the most acute pains in the body. Set up an appointment with us today to tackle your pain!


may become incredibly painful, but not all stages of tooth decay are the same: http://ow.ly/wklp50Gpzzu


Your is always important, no matter your age! Set up an appointment with us today to talk about creating and maintaining your best !


Did you know that October is National Dental Hygiene Month? Celebrate your and schedule your next appointment today!


Looking for a brighter, whiter ? Check out this journal entry from the ADA to see the different options for : http://ow.ly/KW0b50GpzxT


Your plan is essential to us! We take pride in keeping you in the loop about any procedures you may need, so set up your next appointment today!


We’re the Plaque Busters! Give us a call to fight back against stubborn bacteria build-up and give you a shining smile this Fall season!


Poor dental health impacts the rest of your body: http://ow.ly/Rue750GhgiR


Do you have a dental care plan set? Ask us about the best options for your smile!


Clean teeth are happy teeth, so set up your next appointment for your cleaning today!

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Caring for your teeth and gums is essential, but not everyone knows how to. Here are some standard steps to make sure you have the best dental care possible: http://ow.ly/lfIc50Ghggs

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Our dentists take pride in patience, efficiency, and thoroughness; let’s work together to create your best smile! Set up your next appointment today!

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Fun Fact Friday! The enamel is the hardest substance in the body, which protects the nerves on the inside of each tooth.

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Loose teeth are signs of growing up as a child! As an adult, it’s a cause for concern. Learn more: https://www.colgate.com/en-us/oral-health/threats-to-dental-health/the-many-causes-of-loose-teeth

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Start your week off right! Brush, floss, eat right, and schedule an appointment with our team for your routine cleaning today!

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Your smile deserves the best, so be sure you’re giving it the best! Enjoy dental-healthy foods like carrots, bananas, and apples this weekend.




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