Gorsegner Brothers Hardwood Floors

Gorsegner Brothers Hardwood Floors


We had the pleasure of working with Dan and Gorsegner Brother throughout the entire process of restoring our existing hardwood floors and stairs to perfectly match the newly installed Red Oak. Dan and his team were responsive and thorough from the moment we received our estimate until the project was completed. Highly recommmend. Thank you Dan!!!
The quality of the floors are outstanding. The customer service is less than satisfactory based on my experience with the program manager responsible for the installation. Dust containment be wise it took three trips of requests to remove the dust. The shoe molding I paid for was not completely installed. Great floors poor customer service.
Saw your story on APP....Keep up the good work

Welcome to Gorsegner Brothers Hardwood Floors! Since 1951, Gorsegner Brothers has been providing quality hardwood flooring to the greater Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Now in our 59th year, we are expanding to new territories and seeking to bring the quality of our years of experience to new customers throughout New Jersey.

Dan Gorsegner 04/28/2021

Dan Gorsegner

Thank you for this wonderful article Pam Castellon Gubitosi!


Dan Gorsegner A Business That is All in The Family Dan Gorsegnor did not plan to be in the family business at first. He was following in his Mom’s footsteps to become an educator. He studied kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movement) in college. After


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Today is the first day of Pediatric Cancer Awareness month.

It's hard to believe that 8 years ago our Natalie Grace was 3-years-old and just a few weeks into her chemo treatment for high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Not a day goes by where I don't think about how lucky we are to have our now healthy 11-year-old girl with us here today.

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We want to know, which one is your favorite (and we're not talking about the kiddos here : )? Type A or B into the comments. THANKS!

A. 7" Character grade white oak
B. 2 1/4" Select red oak


😂Volume is imperative for this 6-second video!😂


➡️➡️Another 3pm live video for you today! This time Dan the Wood Man and his daughters Hannah and Natalie will be talking about other options that G-Bros offers such as trim, rail and stair work!

"See" you at the showroom! 👀


Proud to support my wife's foundation. She and her team are doing wonderful things for the childhood cancer research community as well as the many local families effected by this horrible disease. Thank you to our business partners who have stepped up to support this important cause as well, it means the world to our family.

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Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home if you can, and THANK YOU ALL!!!!

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Hello all! At 3:00pm today Dan the Wood Man and his helper Hannah will be doing another live video, this time to teach you how to properly clean your hardwood floors (believe it or not we get asked this all of the time)!

Spread the word and we'll "see" you then!

Brittany Marie Sabathe-Raynor Travis FasciaMatt Casey Bona US Professional


🐶 The Gorsegner girls said there needs to be more fun and silliness on this page, so with that their dog Faithy Gorsegner is asking to see a photo of your pet!

Post a photo of your pet(s) in the comments below and bonus points if your pet is hanging out on your hardwood floors! 📸


👋👋👋WE'RE GOING LIVE today at 3pm! We've been getting some calls for our virtual estimates (thank you : ) but the number one question coming up is how to properly measure your space.

So during this quick live video Dan "The Floor Man" 🤣Gorsegner will be giving you all a quick measuring tutorial so that your numbers are spot on and so that we can send you an estimate that is as accurate as possible.

Dan's kids have been VERY excited about helping the business out, so don't be surprised if you see a "helper" or two (clearly Natalie and her pet tiger are already learning the tricks of the trade).

Thanks all!


While Gorsegner Brothers Hardwood Floors was established in 1951, the original business name was John Gorsegner Hardwood Floors. We know that you can do the math, but of course this wasn’t Dan’s dad John that many of you know so well in our community as the former Chief of the Middletown Fire Department, but of course we’re referring to his father John who started it all.

In 1947, just a couple of years after returning from the war where he served as a heavy equipment operator (825 Engineering Group within Patton’s Army), John Gorsegner was in the process of looking for work when he ran into his brother-in-law John McQueen at a bus stop in Red Bank. McQueen, who was working for a contractor specializing in hardwood flooring, asked Gorsegner. if he had interest in helping him on a few of their flooring jobs. Without hesitation Gorsegner took the regular work being offered to him, logging in as many days, nights and weekends as he could. With all of the time and effort John spent working on these jobs, the next natural move came just four years later when he decided that the best thing for his family was to take a chance by going out on his own.

With that, in 1951 “John Gorsegner Hardwood Floors” was born and he had landed a huge job in Neptune installing and finishing the floors of 668 homes at “Hamilton Gardens.” While we don’t know for sure how long this project took John and his two helpers (Earnest “Red” Harelson & Eddie Morton), it’s estimated that they likely completed approximately five homes a week over the course of about five years.

By around 1957 Dan’s dad, John Jr., was old enough to start helping with the business after school and on weekends (John’s younger brother Fred joined them just a few years later). When the boys were capable of doing more than just lugging equipment and clean-up work, John Sr. would have them lay the floors in the closets of any of the homes that he was working in.

In 1969, shortly after John Jr. returned from his service in the army where he too worked as an engineer running heavy equipment, John and Fred took over the business after their dad had experienced multiple heart attacks making it impossible for him to continue working (John Sr. passed away in 1985 from a ruptured aneurysm). Eventually in 1982 John and Fred changed the business name to “Gorsegner Brothers Hardwood Floors.” For years, Gorsegner Brothers operated out of John’s home, until in 1985 when they were able to afford to lease a small building on Highway 36 in Belford. However, just seven years later, after having lost their lease, they moved the company to Atlantic Highlands (which at the time was also more affordable) where it remained until January of 2017 when John’s son Dan would move the business to Holmdel.

Around 1988 when Dan was just 12-years-old his dad began taking him along on jobs just as his father had done with him. By 1990 Dan was at a point where he could actually help his dad on the jobs by sweeping and vacuuming the floors after the sanding had been done (yup the pre-dustless sanding days). Additionally, Dan was the lugger so he’d use his young arms to carry material and equipment to and from the truck and job site. By the time Dan had graduated from high school and was off to college (West Chester University), he could officially sand & finish floors from start to finish all on his own. In fact, while away at school, it didn’t take Dan long to realize that he could pick up a few extra bucks by taking on some side jobs. So with that he saved up to buy himself a trailer, then with some old, unused equipment he began taking on jobs around his campus area.

Dan graduated from West Chester in 1998 with a major in Education and Kinesiology and from 1999 - 2002 he utilized that degree and worked as a physical education teacher at Fair Haven Elementary. However, in just those three short years, Dan knew his heart wasn’t into teaching and that what he truly wanted was to work with his father and uncle at the business full time. “I always appreciated the craft of the flooring industry, but I also really loved the thought that I could be the third generation to carry Gorsegner Brothers forward.”

John and Fred retired between the years 2012 and 2015 passing the Gorsegner Brothers torch on to Dan. Currently the company consists of five sanding crews, four installation crews, one prep/delivery crew and an office staff of five. While Gorsegner Brothers started out as solely a hardwood flooring company, the team now offers so much more than flooring installation to include stairs, rails, trim, and painting!

Stay tuned for more on the G-Fam’s history as both Fred and John share some heartwarming memories of their father and the business he worked so hard to build.

Also, if you feel so inclined, a like, comment and/or share would be GREATLY appreciated!

Photo circa May 20, 1967 John Sr. proudly stands in front of his very first lettered van.


To our Friends, Family, Loyal Customers and Neighbors—

We are all in the uncharted waters of the COVID-19 storm and it is at this time, like many of our fellow small business owners, that we as a company must adjust our sails to make some tough decisions.

With a heavy heart, as of last Friday March 13th, we began layoffs affecting all 25 people who work amongst the Gorsegner Brothers office staff and crews. My grandfather started this business back in 1951, and it breaks our hearts to know that this decision will ultimately put a financial strain on our entire team and their families (as well as our own). But like so many others, it had to be done in order to keep Gorsegner Brothers afloat so that hopefully soon we can bring everyone back to conduct business as usual.

While our doors will officially be closed for the next few weeks, we will be joining the virtual world in an effort to provide you with estimates from the safety of your/our own home. Simply email us at [email protected] with your phone number and a brief description of the work you’re looking to have done, and we’ll reach out to discuss your project. Then once we’ve collected all the necessary info—we’ll send you our proposal.

In addition to our “virtual” estimates, we are still booking future work. So don’t hesitate to call and/or email us to secure your installation, sanding & finishing, and/or stairs & rail dates. Thanks to call forwarding, you will be able to reach us via phone between 8-4pm Monday-Friday @ 732-291-SAND.

We are well-aware that the services that we provide are luxuries, not necessities. With that, we are humbly asking you, our home community of Middletown and our surrounding communities, for some help.

If you haven’t already, please like and follow our page, comment on and share our posts. Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to our family and sharing the history of our business. We will even be teaching you a few tricks of the trade (stay tuned for a tutorial on how to accurately measure your room ;-)).

Our hope is that our local, family-run hardwood flooring business will stay on your radar. And then when the day comes that you’re ready and able to have your flooring done, you will call us.

Lastly, while we don’t have much to offer to our community in this specific time of need—we do have a box truck that we are happy to put to some good use during this time. So if you are a restaurant owner and need help delivering left-over goods to our local pantry or to organizations like Lunch Break, the Backpack Crew etc., —please don’t hesitate to reach out as we would love to help. Same goes to any of our local foundations who are making a difference—if you need a truck to help with deliveries, just give us a call.

We wish you all good health, peace, patience & happiness during these trying times.

With Lots of Love from our Family to Yours…
Dan + Andrea Gorsegner

Visit our website:


gorsegnerbrothers.com 03/19/2020

What’s The Best Way to Clean Wood Floors? | Gorsegner Brothers

Your shoes step on a lot during the day and if you don't take them off when you come into the house, you could track in viruses and other germs.

Find out how to clean hardwood floors the right way for a healthy home.
Happy mopping!


gorsegnerbrothers.com Wood floors tend to take a beating. Find out how to clean wood floors the right way and keep them looking like new all year long!


Need a trim? We provide a number of options for the trim around your floors, doors and ceilings. By adding moldings and baseboards, you can create a detailed space and enhance the architectural style. Click here to learn more: http://bit.ly/2wXfLSG


"May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go." -- Irish Blessing


In an effort to protect the health and safety of our employees and customers from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, we are taking proper safety measures by actively monitoring the situation and following the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

These safety measures include, but are not limited to the following:

~ Reinforcing illness protection and hygiene for staff by having employees wash hands often for at least 20 seconds, staying home, alerting us if they are feeling unwell, avoiding unnecessary contact with others, and to avoid touching their faces.

~ Increased routine cleanings in our showroom, emphasizing high touch areas like doorknobs, handles, countertops, etc.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust our operations as needed.


Finishing Friday with our favorite floor finish, Bona! Try saying that five times fast.


Did you ask for an indoor slip 'n slide?


👀 Staring at our stairs? It's okay, we get it. Our amazing team is at it once again with their incredible stair transformation project.

gorsegnerbrothers.com 03/10/2020

Painting Estimate - Gorsegner Brothers

are on the way! Put your refund to good use with some long overdue home improvements like painting the living room! Click the link below to get your free estimate.

gorsegnerbrothers.com Nothing enhances beautiful hardwood flooring like a fresh coat of paint, and we are excited to add professional residential painting to our portfolio of services we offer. Installing or improving wood flooring goes hand-in-hand with an expert paint job—streamline your project by letting the Gorseg...

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We specialize in the installation, refinishing and maintenance of all types of hardwood flooring.

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Monday 7am - 4pm
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