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Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC


Sean did a great job for us cleaning out a clogged line. Thanks Sean!
"The plumber was here."

Thank you to all of the Union Reps and Contractors who helped participate in one of our biggest series of mock interviews in a long time for our Women Build Illinois and our Welding Programs!

It means the world to have so much industry support for our students!

Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council
IW Local 63 Apprenticeship School
LiUNA Local 225
Painters DC14
Painters DC30
Aldridge Electric, Inc.
Chicago Department of Aviation
Bulley & Andrews
Command Group
F.H. Paschen
Grand Kahn Electric
Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC
Illinois Tollway
Milhouse Engineering & Construction Inc.
Power Construction
Smart Concrete Technology
Taylor Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Union Pacific Railroad
W.E. O'Neil Construction
Just want to say this place is amazing!! Called and made an appointment, Matt came the next day - simple job, but he was very professional and very down to earth nice!! My wife was impressed that he took his shoes off at the door! The work was completed in a timely manner and Matt was great to explain just what he was doing. A Great experience - My New Plumber!!!!
The Showcase team would like to thank everyone that came out to celebrate with us at our Grand Opening Events on Thursday & Friday. Your support, kind words and love were absolutely wonderful!
We would like to give a big shout out to Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC our neighbors. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and a part of your amazing family!
A special thank you to Laura for hosting her Homeowners Plumbing Crash Course. You did an amazing job of teaching us so many helpful tips.
We also thank Hog Wild BBQ in holland the food was so delicious.
We are looking forward to the year ahead.
Our neighbors are absolutely the best! You are welcome to meet anytime and share our chocolates Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC.
Bryan Fry was here last week to help with a clogged toilet. He went right to work and had it unclogged very quickly. He also recommended a bio safe treatment regiment to keep things running smoothly. I would recommend Great Lakes Plumbing for all your needs.
Thanks Bryan Fry, for getting the toilet clog cleared so quickly and for recommending Bio Clean to keep all the drains clean.
He was very informative and professional.

We call Great Lakes anytime we need a plumber.
Thanks Again
Check out what Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC is doing next week! What a great opportunity to learn more about the plumbing in your home and how it all works!
Shout out to crew today. Were going to hook-up to city water. But BPW had some wrong info. Did a great job plumbing the house and fighting with the drain vent. Part 2 to be determined.
A week late but a shout out to Brandon and Matt for the great work and service. See you guys next week too.
Just have to say thank you AGAIN. You guys have came to the rescue for me several times in the last five years, and I'm so thankful for you. Your guy is here fixing my busted valve as I write this. I cant thank you enough and cant recommend you enough. I absolutely love your company. Have had nothing but good experiences with you all. Thank you so much for being an honest, personable and reliable company. Hope you all have a nice holiday weekend!!
Another service truck idea ... :-D

Cleaning out the fish tank and I accidentally flush the fish tank filter down the toilet. My dilemma is do I call The Plumber now or wait and see if it goes all the way down.
What's the most offbeat, oddball installation you've done (that you can talk about)?
Another fun interview with Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC aka “The Plumber is Here!” Find out the most unique thing he has ever unclogged from a toilet and what sets him apart from other companies. Customer service is of utmost importance to Mark and based on all of his highly recommended customer reviews it shows. Realtors this would be a great recommendation for your clients. Comment👇👇👇 your funniest/worst plumbing or clog experience and be entered to win a $50.00 gift card. If you don’t have a story give us a ❤️ and lucky you! Winner will be announced Monday 11/9 at 7pm.

Need plumbing assistance? Don't worry, The Plumber Is Here! Our team is committed to fast, friendly, If it's plumbing related we do it!

We offer residential, commercial, and new construction services. Our team handles water heaters, faucets, tubs, showers, water and sewer hookups, drain cleaning etc. We service all areas around Holland, Saugatuck, Zeeland, Grand Haven, Grandville, Jenison, Hudsonville, and beyond! Call or message us for more information.


And from this weeks episode of “I fixed it myself”. Stay tuned next week for a new episode of “ I saved so much money”


Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC Need plumbing assistance? Don't worry, The Plumber Is Here! Our team is committed to fast, friendly, and quality service. We believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients and offering professional services to the West Michigan area.


It’s cold out there! Have you winterized everything? Have you pulled your hoses off of your faucets? Have you blown out your outside shower or your winter cottage? If you forgot, we will be there for you.


We would love to sell these if we could find them!!

Photos from Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC's post 10/27/2023

Not sure if this would qualify as “art” but I know it qualifies as crappy plumbing!


Looking for a plumber who works around the clock? We can do that! A little bending or a couple fittings, who cares…


Don’t wait to change that water heater until your basement is flooded! Unless of course your going to flood your basement with sewage because then your going to be replacing it anyway.


In all my years I have never seen a well like this. The larger part is about 6’ deep, the round part is cement and goes more than 25’ deep, I can’t imagine how they did this many years ago, very surprised it’s no full of water. Just when I thought I had seen it all


I loved hearing all the comments about the bidets! About 20 years ago, I said “every house in America will have a bidet within 10 years” and I was wrong, it seems like there is a stigma about the bidet! 
Here are some benefits from using a bidet
You could use approximately 70% less toilet paper
Using a bidet is more sanitary than wiping 
Potential of your sewer plugging up, especially if you have old lines is much better if you’re using less toilet paper.
I know people personally, that have had hemorrhoids their entire life until they started using a bidet
There are inexpensive cold water bidets, or there are much more expensive warm water bidets that also have a remote control and will blow dry your backside dry.
Once you are using a bidet, you will likely just use toilet paper to dry yourself 
You likely can buy a bidet for $40 or less and install it in 30 minutes or less
 you will definitely be much cleaner if you use a bidet over toilet paper 
You owe it to yourself to try a bidet, I only know about four people that have tried it and have not loved it, all the other people are using them to this day .
Thanks for participating. Let me know if you have any other questions. !


Let’s do a survey, answer with a number

Concerning bidets:
1: never tried one
2: tried it, didn’t like it
3: use them, and can’t live without them
4: tried it and liked it, don't have one

For Clarification we are talking about toilet seat bidets, not the stand alone one you see a lot in other countries


5 minutes after a customer says. ‘We never let hair go down the drain”
Photo credit unknown

Photos from Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC's post 09/28/2023

National sons day? I got some great ones!
Taylor Devisser Brendin DeVisser Joey Boerman

Photos from Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC's post 09/28/2023

An oldie but goodie! Still waiting on a correct answer to how much water leaked out of this fitting to wear the brass away? I’m still a big fan of copper however customers still make the choice, and from what I see 95% still pick plastic. If you have blue poly service to your home start saving your change!


Great use of some old kegs! Not 100% sure what the keg on the wall is for.


Slow or gurgling drains? Call us.
We can get those cleared for you.

Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC Need plumbing assistance? Don't worry, The Plumber Is Here! Our team is committed to fast, friendly, and quality service. We believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients and offering professional services to the West Michigan area.


We have a couple of tickets available to give to one of our fans for tonight’s beach boys cover band at ridge pointe church. If your interested tag a freind and we will pick someone to receive them starts around 6:00 pm tonight Wednesday 8-16-23

Photos from Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC's post 08/14/2023

Here are some pictures of an anode rod from a water heater, who has an idea without asking google what an anode rod does?


What are a couple of common items that fall into toilets and require a service call? Give it your best answer.


Caption this!


Happy Birthday to Laura!!! The best thing about her having a birthday is she takes the day off and we don't have to deal with her!!! JK


Old water heaters going home


What’s the difference between these two flappers? Hint: the one on the right is new out of the box….

Photos from Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC's post 07/06/2023

Remember when tankless water heaters became the the new thing to have? That was fun, welcome to the next new thing, heat pump electric water heaters, I predict that you will see a huge increase in these units, we are putting them in on a regular basis now.


I’m not sure that I would be caught riding this anywhere!!!


Happy Father's day from all of us at Great Lakea Plumbing!


If it fits it fits!


The importance of the throne depends on how high it is !


When you failed to plan!


Let's give Jared a big happy 21st birthday shout out! We appreciate you!


Just realized it’s hug your plumber day!!!!


Just to confirm, this would creep me out!


On this week’s episode of “ I fixed it myself” or was it on an episode of “ duct tape did not work”? Photo credit unknown


Coolest faucet ever!!


Ultimate efficiency! Photo credit unknown


Always make sure your tv is mounted securely to a plumbers pipe!

Photos from Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC's post 03/31/2023

It’s amazing what you see on google maps! I guess we were there before!


Question if the day! Your finding yourself running out of hot water, not every day, but occasionally, we know we can replace that baby with a bigger tank or a 24/7 tankless, what are a few other ways to try to remedy the issue without replacing?


So true!

Photos from Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC's post 03/16/2023

Just your yearly reminder that feminine products and any type of wipes do not go down the drain!!!

Photos from Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC's post 03/14/2023

Just a little reminder about what chlorine tablets can do to your toilet flappers.

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Sean D caught this cat drinking from the faucet, do people really leave the faucet dripping for their pets? I would like...
Sometimes I am amazed about the lack of common sense and poor workmanship! #ThePlumberIsHere
Can’t imagine why my tub doesn’t drain!#ThePlumberIsHere#draincleaning
When you’re backed up you’re backed up!  We have all the tools to fix you up! #theplumberishere#draincleaning
This is from way back, one of our customers had water coming in his house and he had rigged up this system to get the wa...
Oldest toilet I have ever seen
We wash as many as 100 towels per week here, the good thing is they seem to fold themselves!
Thursday morning shenanigans!  See what we found in this toilet!
Drains be plugged up! We can fix that.  Don’t be grossed out!#theplumberishere
Thursday morning shenanigans
33 years, I have never seen this piping, here we are replacing product that never should have been installed.
Just a video of an office dog dreaming about drain cleaning……..or maybe just fixing a leak.




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