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Alfa Chemistry is an analytical testing company that provides one-stop testing, analysis, and techni


and services involve breaking down and analyzing a product to determine its components, ingredients, and manufacturing process. This can be useful for companies looking to replicate a competitor's product, improve on an existing product, or identify any potential issues or concerns with a product.

Why is microbiological testing in medical device manufacturing important? 04/26/2024

Why is important in manufacturing?

Why is microbiological testing in medical device manufacturing important? Careful planning during manufacture means accurate microbiology testing methods developed, ensuring medical device safety, a paper reports.


is essential for ensuring the safety, quality, and efficacy of pharmaceutical products. Microorganisms can contaminate pharmaceutical products during manufacturing, packaging, or storage, which can pose serious risks to patients, including infections or other adverse reactions.


and erosion resistance of salt marsh substrates: Which method to use?


is a critical tool in materials testing and engineering, helping to ensure the performance, quality, and safety of materials and products in various industries.


involves evaluating and analyzing the non-metallic inclusions present in steel materials to assess their impact on the material's mechanical properties and potential for .


Effect of on Behavior of LZ50 Railway Axle during High-Temperature Tension.


is a process that determines the elemental composition of a sample. This can be useful in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, environmental testing, food and beverage production, and more. Elemental analysis services typically involve techniques such as atomic absorption spectroscopy ( ), inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry ( -MS), and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy ( ).


Microwave-sustained inductively coupled atmospheric-pressure plasma ( ) for the of complex matrix samples.


Identification and quantification of polystyrene microplastics in marine sediments facing a river mouth through .


show high-temperature superconducting are ready for fusion.


With the increase in global trade and a shift away from the traditional face-to-face relationship between food producers and buyers, there is a greater need to create that are clear and trustworthy. #:~:text=FAO%20promotes%20Food%20Labelling%20as,prepare%20and%20consume%20it%20safely.


Recent Techniques in for Composition Database.


Applications of include determining the composition of organic compounds, elucidating the structures of complex molecules, studying protein-ligand interactions, and characterizing biomolecular dynamics.


is an essential process that evaluates the magnetic properties of various materials to ensure their quality and suitability for specific applications. It can help determine the material's magnetic strength, coercivity, magnetic permeability, and other critical factors that are crucial for the effectiveness of magnetic components and systems.


In essence, services provide comprehensive support to food businesses in accurately representing the nutritional value of their products on labels, fostering consumer trust, and helping consumers make informed choices about the foods they eat.


The aim of is to provide consumers with information about the nutritional value of the food they consume so that they can make informed choices about their diet. This analysis can also be used by food manufacturers and regulators to ensure that food products meet certain nutritional standards and labeling requirements.


Non-Destructive Inspection of High Temperature Piping Combining Ultrasound and .


in Metronidazole Raw Material Using Head Space Gas Chromatography.


Study of adsorption and immobilization of Cs+, Sr2+, Co2+, Pb2+, La3+ ions on Na-Faujasite zeolite transformed in solid state matrices. .


Valorising cassava peel waste into plasticized polyhydroxyalkanoates blended with polycaprolactone with controllable and .


is the process of running electronic probes through the length of various types of tubes or along the surfaces of materials in order to find flaws in them.


Differential Thermal Analysis ( ) is an instrumental technique used for studying the physical and chemical changes that occur in materials as they are heated or cooled. When a material undergoes a physical change, such as melting or crystalline transformation, or when a chemical reaction occurs, energy is either absorbed or given up. If energy is absorbed the temperature of the material increases. If energy is liberated the temperature decreases.


is used to measure the bond strength of a material, typically an adhesive. Contact T,C&A Lab for your strength testing needs!


Mass spectrometry ( ) combined with ionization sources such as electrospray and matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization can be used to accurately characterize .


T, C&A Lab has the capability of performing a variety of , including , , instrumented, drop-weight and tear testing.


A416 and ASTM A1061 test provide testing guidelines for .

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The properties of metal at high temperatures are very different from those at room temperature. T, C&A Lab can conduct high temperature mechanical properties on various materials.


The metallurgy of standardized large low alloyed Ø20 mm steel studs welded on plates of different generic structural steel grades is comprehensively analyzed by quantitative .

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