S. Himmelstein and Company

S. Himmelstein and Company has been designing and manufacturing the world’s best torque measuremen This means that the output signal does not clip at full scale.

The Himmelstein Advantage:

Best Real World Accuracy of Any Torquemeter, Torque Sensor or Torque Transducers. Himmelstein and Company has been designing and manufacturing the world’s best torque measurement transducers and instrumentation since 1960. Our products offer significant advantages over competitive models, enhancing their overall performance under real world conditions, not just in t


Our laboratory recently completed the NVLAP on-site accreditation process. The first on-site since 2019!

We provide calibration services for your torque sensors to: ⬇

➡ Extend the life of your torque instrumentation
➡ Help you achieve efficiency and maintain accuracy
➡ Save you from possible downtime

See our updated certificate and scope http://bit.ly/TorqueCal


Measuring and applying correct torque to equipment can prevent costly breakdowns and improve efficiencies in all types of drilling operations, such as:

✔ Leg load balancing for jack-up oil rigs
✔ Torque monitoring and/or calibration of make-up/breakout machines
✔ Load distribution and balancing for winches and hoists, and
✔ Measure actuation torque for valves
✔ Top drive torque measurement and control, in-line measurment of torque as PMI of motors, pumps, compressors and more

Because of its extremely high immunity to noise interference, high
safety margins, and maintenance-free design, the MCRT® 39000X has been certified by both ABS and DNV to become a standard for oil field use.

Find out more! Link in the comments 🔻


Talk about dedication!

Hard-working, kind, and oh-so-knowledgeable - it's people like Steven that make work fun.

We all learn from his vast experience of torque sensors and engineering.

Steven welcomes all questions and goes above and beyond to help customers and employees alike.

If you are looking for torque solutions, call 1-847-843-3300


What do we recommend to aerospace engineers?

Flanged reaction torquemeters can be utilized in testing and verification of actuators and actuation systems.

They will...

➡ Measure inline torque
➡ Test aircraft flaps
➡ Efficiency test electrical actuator-based systems
➡ Measure stem thrust, stem torque, motor torque and speed

Find your solution at https://bit.ly/800MEASURE


Did you know we built an environmentally controlled room which contains a coordinate measuring machine?

Here's why:

✔ Better performing torque sensors for you!
✔ Extremely accurate measurement of parts manufactured
✔ To confirm our parts are within tolerance

See it in action. 😎


The need for torque related knowledge in the electric vehicle industry is absolutely crucial. Why?

Torque is used in many automotive manufacturing applications:

👉🏼 Combustion engines
👉🏼 Map controlling
👉🏼 Coastdown testing
👉🏼 Road load
👉🏼 Braking
👉🏼 Durability testing

and more. You get the point.

We'll help you choose the right sensor for your electric vehicle application.

Contact our experts for assistance 1-847-843-3300


Why is torque key in pump system installation & maintenance?

We’ve written a white paper just for you!

Find out:

🔸 How to achieve pump reliability and efficiency
🔸 What you can do to reduce vibration and attain better accuracy
🔸 Why a bearingless torque sensor offers significant advantages

Read our white paper to find out why accurate measurement of torque is a game-changer.

Link in the comments 🧐


Most know I'm the person who posts all this stuff, so I guess it's my turn. 😅

I'm Cyndi Rude, Marketing Something-or-Other at S. Himmelstein and Company. 😉

And I do have a sense of humor...

Now and then I'm tempted to just stand at a show or on a street with this sign.

Why? Because I truly believe Himmelstein makes the world's best torque sensors.

It IS their tagline, you know❗

Ask my WHY I believe this. Contact info in the comments. ⬇


Automotive Manufacturers: Learn how to improve your product development and reduce costs:

We offer a complete solution that provides:

🔸 High accuracy
🔸 High mechanical overload
🔸 High electrical overrange
🔸 Tight temperature compensation
🔸 Vibration protection
🔸 Easy installation

Find your best solution here http://bit.ly/2aKz0BZ


When torque measurement with fast response is critical to establishing motor and/or gearbox efficiency 🔻

The Ultra-Precise Digital Torquemeters - Model MCRT® 48800V/49800V provide:

✔ 0.02% Combined Nonlinearity and Hysteresis
✔ Torque Ranges from 2.8 to 42,400 Nm
✔ Analog and Digital Outputs
✔ 400% Overload and 300% Overrange
✔ Tight Temperature Compensation

Dual range torque sensors are also available.

See the specs http://bit.ly/TorqueUp


We realized it is Get to Know Your Customers Day!

As such, we are reaching out to you to see how we can be of better service and what we can provide to make your life easier.

Let us know if you have questions we haven't addressed below.

We truly want to provide the torque measurement solutions you need.

Contact us at 1-847-843-3300 or http://bit.ly/ContactSHC


Accuracy and performance matter. All the time.

Our torque sensors can become highly specialized to your desired application. Features include:

👉 Accuracy ratings from ±0.01% to ±0.1%
👉 Torque ranges from 0.07 Nm to 2.5 mNm
👉 Overload ratings from 150% to 1,000%

Considering the above, you may want to talk to our experts so they can assist you with your application.

Check out our variations of torque sensing options.

We have over 60 years of experience providing solutions for the most critical measurement challenges.

Make your first call count — call us! Phone number and contact link in the comments.

We are always happy to help! 😊


Meet Brian Hansen, another of our wonderful employees 😊

Brian repairs all Himmelstein mechanical products. Included in this process he 👇

🔸 Talks to our customers, explaining their options for repairs and sometimes new equipment
🔸 Does final quality checks of Himmelstein products before they leave our premises, and
🔸 Collaborates with our engineers, shop department, sales department, and calibration department

Brian is an all around great guy and works hard for us. So happy to work with him!

Find out more about our repair services. Link in the comments.


Engineers, do you want more than our word that our torque sensors will fulfill your needs? 👌

We can provide proof. 🧐

CAD models enable us to provide that.

Don't have the software to view a STEP file?

Here's a tip: sharecad. org will open it for you! 😎

We are totally willing to help you as much as possible.

We're here when you need us. See contact info in the link below 👇


We don't talk about reaction torque sensors often and they're important too!

Do you know what reaction torque sensors are good for?

💥 Yielding valuable information about how a process is running
💥 Improving product consistency
💥 Providing load, hence material properties
💥 Measuring torque transferred to ground
💥 Indicating safe operating limits, maximum loads and breaking points

We've been manufacturing torque sensors since 1960.

Contact us when you want help. Link in the comments. 🔻


How torque sensors optimize the performance of the pumps in your power plant


🔶 Accurately measure mechanical power
🔶 Determine the efficiency
🔶 Lower cost of operation

For information about how our line of torquemeters can help you with your application, see the link in the comments❗


How to make sure your torque instruments maintain optimal performance.

Talk to us about our world-class calibration services!

We provide the following:

🔸 Technicians fully trained in calibration procedures
🔸 Use of NIST-traceable equipment
🔸 Resolution of instrument operational issues
🔸 Use of original replacement parts

Calibration certificates summarizing results and certifying ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation are always provided.

Click the link in the comments to see our services and certifications.


If you want more torque sensing options at a lower cost


The MCRT® 48200V series provides:

🔶 Combined nonlinearity and hysteresis of ≤±0.2
🔶 ±10 or ±5 Vdc Analog Output with 0.02% Resolution
🔶 14 bit Engineering Unit Output via Com Port
🔶 PC Interface Software and Cable
🔶 Strain Gage Sensing in Robust Compact Assembly
🔶 High Strength Alloy Steel Shaft
🔶 200% Overload Capacity

All come with an ISO 17025:2017 accredited, NIST traceable bidirectional calibration. 👍

Find out if a compact torque sensor is right for you. Link in the comments. 🏸


Got gas? We can help you with that!

We offer several inline rotating torque measurement products well suited for use in the oil and gas marketplace for:

✔️ Performance testing of mud pumps
✔️ Optimization of electric motors
✔️ Measurement of top drive torque
✔️ Monitoring pinion gear torque on jack-up vessels

Have a different application?

Contact our experts to discuss! 1-847-843-3300


Talking 'bout employee appreciation!

We'd be lost without Jeff Pendzimaz. He keeps all of our orders on track assists wherever he can. 💯

Jeff is truly a prized employee. 😀


Why would you use a torque sensor in the automotive industry?

Automobile manufacturers require the data from torquemeters so they can 👇

(1) Test vehicles under a wide range of circumstances before they are sold to the consumer

(2) Develop more efficient vehicles in the future

Contact us to see how we can help solve your torque application.


Aeronautical and aviation industries trust our torque sensors for 👇

✅ New and rebuilt components and subassemblies
✅ Efficiency testing of aircraft hydraulic pumps, valves, motors and cylinders
✅ Gear pumps, vane pumps, piston pumps, fuel transfer pumps and centrifugal pumps
✅ Proper assembly and mechanical efficiency, pressure and flow capacity, load sensing, compensator pressure setting and leaks
✅ Actuator testing applications

Find out why! Link in the comments.


Are all torque sensors created equal?

It might be easy to say yes, considering they all measure torque, but torque sensors can become highly specialized to their desired application.

Torque sensors all measure into a signal that can be used by another device.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences:

They can be...

👉 Rotary or reaction
👉 Shafted, flanged, or designed for special purposes
👉 Low capacity or high capacity

and have...

👉 Accuracy ratings from ±0.01% to ±0.1
👉 Torque ranges from 0.07 Nm to 2.5 mNm
👉 Overload ratings from 150% to 1,000%

Considering the above, you may want to talk to our experts so they can assist you with your application.

Phone number and contact link in the comments.

We are always happy to help!


Do you want to learn how you can measure with more efficiency and greater accuracy?

Our ultra-precise torque sensors have…

🔶 +/- 0.02% combined nonlinearity and hysteresis
🔶 200 to 1,000 overload
🔶 2.82 to 42,400 Nm torque ranges
🔶 Dual range and low capacity options

Relied on by leaders in aviation, automotive, transportation, pumps and more-all industries in which torque sensing is critical for the protection of machinery.

Contact us. We’d love to help you with your application. Link in the comments. ⏬

Photos from S. Himmelstein and Company's post 04/12/2022

Are you looking for quality information about torque sensors?
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Contact us with any questions. We’re happy to help!

1-847-843-3300. Link to contact page in the comments. ⬇️


Ever wonder why you should measure torque?

Here are 5 great reasons:

👉 See how your machinery is performing
👉 See early warning signs
👉 Helps filter high frequency noise
👉 Automatic shutdown
👉 Overrange measures….

Our nifty little infographic breaks it down easily for you.

Check it out on our website! Link in the comments ⬇️


Are you looking for torque measurement with fast response that is critical to establishing your motor and/or gearbox efficiency?

And do you need them to characterize performance and develop performance curves?

You are in luck! Ultra-precise and accurate torque and speed measurement for determining mechanical output power is available!

See our solutions. Link in the comments.


Why is our tagline “The World’s Best Torque Instruments Since 1960”?

Well, how many companies receive and answer emails like this…

“Hi, I have an old Himmelstein MCRT Torquemeter, model 2-04TH or 2-04TII, I can't tell the last two characters. Do you have a data sheet for this model? It's a 25,000rpm, 50 LB-IN model.”

The 2-04TH is over 43 years old and it’s still in use!

So we sent the data sheet and we’re happy to do it.

How many other torque measurement instruments do you think are still in use 43 years later?

Let us know when you’re ready for the best torque measurement solution for your application.


Here are 4 things we want to do for you:

1️⃣ Find solutions for your application and deliver them.
2️⃣ Listen to you like you've never been heard before.
3️⃣ Give you time to ask questions and provide answers you need.
4️⃣ Be there for you after sale.

You are not just a customer. You are why we are still in business.

Contact us any time and thank you! 🙏


Fun on a Friday…

This is a really great use of the bearingless rotor ⤵️

Steve’s halo

Enjoy 😊


Twisting and turning?

Protect your equipment by measuring torque.

There are many variations of torquemeter designs, however the same elements are used for reaction (non-rotating or static) and rotating (or dynamic) sensors.

Contact us when you need to discuss solutions.

Find out how to reach us in the comments.


Here are the questions we get asked most often.

→ How do I protect my torque sensor from torque spikes?

We have designed our torquemeters for infinite fatigue life provided they are operated at below ½ the overload rating.

→ Can I operate my torque transducer in the overload range?

This is not advisable. Operation at higher torques won't damage the unit, but frequent operation in that region will reduce the sensors fatigue life and may ultimately result in a fatigue failure.

Don’t go it alone. Our engineers are always happy to help. Shoot us an email or give us a call if you need help. 1-847-843-3300 or [email protected]

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Are all torque sensors created equal?It might be easy to say yes, considering they all measure torque, but torque sensor...
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